Film wax for depilation

Wax hair removal is associated in many women with soreness and burns. Film wax is free from the drawbacks of traditional wax strips. Depilation procedure is simplified, the quality of hair removal becomes higher. Granular wax takes the contours of the body and eliminates the hair on the folds and anatomical unevenness. The wax in the cartridges acts even better - it is suitable for the treatment of the bikini area and even the skin on the face, applied with a thin layer and consumed sparingly.

Preparation of the skin for the procedure

  1. Apply hot wax should be on the fat-free skin. To do this, the surface is washed, rinsed with water and wetted with a towel. It is necessary to refrain from the procedure if there are wounds, ulcers, abrasions, burns on the skin.
  2. Degrease the treated surface using a non-alcohol based face lotion. Apply the composition to dry skin.
  3. If keratinous particles are visible on the surface, then the skin is scrubbed before the procedure. To dry the treated surface using talcum powder or powder.

Wax instructions

Film wax is designed to treat large and small surfaces on any parts of the body. Prepare the mixture at home is not difficult. But the effectiveness of the procedure will be the higher, the better the preparation. It is necessary to heat the composition to the optimum temperature and properly treat the skin before depilation.

Stage 1. Melting wax

With the help of wax-melt, a composition for depilation is prepared, be it granules, cartridges or a thick mixture.

  • The equipment allows you to prepare an impressive amount of wax - from 1 kg or more. But such wax waxes are used in beauty salons. If the tools are missing, use a water bath. The granules melt at 40 ᵒC. Begin to work with wax, reached a creamy state.
  • Women learned to stoke wax in the microwave. With a 1000W microwave power, the melting procedure takes 30-40 seconds. Heating of the mixture is made in glassware from heat-resistant glass. Similarly, heat the sugar mixture for shugaring.

Stage 2. Application

The temperature of the composition before use should be within 37-45-C.

  1. The wax is spread on the skin with a spatula. The direction of movement is not regulated. Previously, wax mixtures were applied by hair growth, and removed against growth. Modern films "bind" hairs, regardless of their growth.
  2. After distribution of the mixture, a piece of wax is left, for which the film is attached for removal. The period of cooling the mixture does not exceed 10 minutes.
  3. If the wax ceases to stick, then the composition of the time to remove. Removing the film in small areas (armpits, face, bikini area) occurs in one step. The remaining wax is removed with vegetable oil.

Manufacturers Overview

Modern films do not cause burns, are easily distributed, are removed at one time. Manufacturers use paraffins and rubber components. Natural oils protect and nourish the skin, azulene heals and counteracts inflammatory reactions.

Let's call the top five popular tools for home depilation.

Tool in the form of cartridges. Recommended for hard hair. It is characterized by ease of use, fast setting, dense texture. Cling hairs of different lengths, recommended for treatment of the legs. Among the advantages of wax:

  • economical consumption
  • low melting point (up to 40 ᵒC)
  • affordable price,
  • pleasant aroma.

Wax is suitable for beginners who are just learning waxing waxing. The product is easily removed along with vegetation and does not irritate the skin. Similarly wax Cardi.

White Line Natura

Aromatic wax for gentle depilation is recommended for the treatment of the bikini area. The disadvantage of the composition is a high melting point - 48 C.

According to the instructions, liquid wax is used to treat large areas - local removal of the viscous mixture is complicated due to the impossibility of spot coating. The product is enriched with oils and natural ingredients that soften the skin.

Film Wax Depilflax

This composition can even be used for eyebrow correction, but with experience with film wax. Classical hair removal technique - film is removed against hair growth. Using paper or cloth strips to remove wax will make vegetation correction as accurate as possible when performing intimate depilation or eyebrow shape improvement. With regular use of Depilflex film, hair growth slows down, repeated procedures are required in 2-3 weeks.

Depileve Film Wax

Spanish wax based on paraffin and resin. It includes synthetic components, has a low melting point - 38 C. Removed without paper strips. Under the influence of warm wax hairs do not break and are gently removed with the bulbs. The composition affects the hair with a different structure, is economical, does not cause irritation. The film is used not only by women, but also by men in preparation for sports performances or before a beach holiday.

Depilica Professional

The wax in the form of a paste with a low melting point. Suitable for sensitive skin and sensitive areas.

The advantages of the product are:

  • minimal soreness
  • cure in 3-5 minutes,
  • no ingrown hairs with regular use
  • plastic texture.

Contains milk peptides for fast regeneration. Wax does not require the use of auxiliary cosmetics to moisturize, nourish, relieve irritation.

Olga: It was possible to try wax in granules and in the form of paste. But I still returned to the proven shugaring. The action is similar, but cooking pasta from sugar and lemon juice is several times cheaper. I also heat it up - either in the microwave or in a water bath.

Angelica: I don’t understand why to spend time on preparing a sugar mixture, if pasty wax is in the range of 300-600 rubles, and it’s much less fussing with it. Removes without pain, ingrown hairs do not observe. I use Depilica as a paste.

Alla: I buy Italwax six months. Wax in cartridges is more convenient than other tools. Distributed and deleted without problems. No burns. The temperature before applying is not much higher than the body temperature. Irritation is excluded. Over time, the hair regrowth period increased. Depilating once a month.

Benefits of using film wax

  • Film wax is used for any bodily zones, it is able to have a sparing effect, with such wax you will almost not feel discomfort.
  • For the procedure of hair removal with film wax strips are not required.
  • The newest wax film allows you to remove the maximum amount of hair, it does not disregard even the shortest and thinnest hairs. Previously, not every professional beautician took on the work of hair removal using wax tools, but now film wax can be used with convenience even at home.

The positive points of hair removal with wax

  • Almost complete removal of all excess hair.
  • The affordable cost of such wax, if you prefer to carry out the procedure at home, and the low price for the procedure of hair removal with the use of wax.
  • Hair removal with the help of wax at home in comparison with many other ways of eliminating excess vegetation differs in long-lasting results, provided that the procedure was carried out correctly - new hairs will not grow any time soon.
  • The procedure of wax hair removal does not waste your time and is carried out quickly, and in the salons, as well as at home.
  • Wax hair removal treatment is suitable for all hair types.
  • After several hair removal procedures using wax, the hairs become softer and thinner, their growth is minimized, and the amount of hair is reduced.
  • Properly performed procedure eliminates redness, irritation and itching of the skin.

Negative points of hair removal with wax

  • The main disadvantage of hair removal with wax is the pronounced pain of the process, especially in the bikini area, where the skin is very thin and sensitive. If you are not used to the discomfort that waxing can cause, then you should reconsider the need to use wax to remove hair. Occasionally, irritation can occur when using waxy hair removal.

Lack of hair removal with wax is a painful process, especially where the skin is very thin and sensitive.

  • In the course of hair removal with the help of wax, all hair, including the most fluffy and soft, is removed, and dark and tough long hairs grow instead of them.
  • It is practically impossible to remove waxing short hairs less than 5 millimeters.
  • Within 3-4 days after the wax removal of hair, there are noticeable red dots.

Contraindications to the procedure

  • Diabetes mellitus - in this case, even minimal skin lesions heal for a long time, as a result of which there may be a risk of developing infectious problems.
  • Varicose veins - a rather rigid procedure will not benefit the legs affected by this ailment.
  • Allergic reactions to wax components.
  • The presence of warts, papillomas, moles and other skin lesions.

The most popular brand of film waxes

The choice of means for removing hair in general, and especially film wax, is now extremely rich. In most points of sale of cosmetics, hygienic products and body care products you can find hot and warm waxes, as well as means in the form of discs and special granules. Before you start using any type of film wax, it is important to understand that the first procedure for waxing hair removal is always quite painful. Women with sensitive skin, sometimes even taking painkillers for the first procedure, but after a few sessions the case should get better.

Among the good producers of film wax for hair removal are brands:

  1. Cristaline film waxes that can be used in any area of ​​the body. Cristaline brand products are great even for delicate and sensitive skin.
  2. The famous brand Depileve produces a variety of wax options, but hot waxes are especially popular with them. All products are created for a specific skin type.
  3. Rica is a great option for women who are aesthetically pleasing to everything. Nobody will be indifferent to the delicate structure of hot film wax of this brand and delicate fruit aroma, thanks to which Rica has a lot of fans.
  4. Tessiltaglio brand products do not have a wide range, but according to the women who used them, the quality of such waxes is simply excellent.

Depileve Film Wax

Use and effectiveness of film wax

The use of film wax is gaining increasing popularity all over the world, it is used even at home. The melting point of such wax is reduced compared to hot wax, but film wax is reasonably safe and effective, but it is important to apply it correctly. If you follow all safety rules, you will achieve excellent results.

The wax is applied in this way:

  1. The wax is applied to the surface of the skin with the help of a wooden spatula. Apply a thin layer of wax, then wait until it hardens.
  2. After that it is necessary to remove the formed film by a sudden movement of the hand.

Film wax is ideal for use on delicate areas of the body, for example, in the armpits and bikini area. Among other things, this wax is consumed quite sparingly.

Film wax is ideal for use on delicate areas of the body.

After penetrating the hair follicle, any melted wax envelops the hair and hardens with it. After removing the layer of frozen wax, the hair is removed from the root, which is why the pain is felt. The hairs are removed from the follicle, and the skin remains smooth for a long time. A razor, for example, cannot give a similar effect.

Obviously, the use of film wax is not a difficult process, but some dexterity may be required. If the first time you have something wrong, practice, and do not need to despair. Over time, you will learn to cope with hair removal quickly and efficiently.

If you are trying to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions, prior to the start of hair removal, you can test the sensitivity and tolerance of the components:

  • Sunday is applied on a small and inconspicuous skin area.
  • The applied tool is aged for 24 hours.
  • If during this time there is no itching, irritation, redness, rash and other skin reactions, then we can assume that the use of wax is safe for you.

Watch the video: Armpit depilation with HOT FILM WAX "Italwax" (December 2019).