Basics of shugaring bandage technique and its effectiveness

Banding technique shugaring is a method of hair removal, which uses sugar paste and strips of cloth or paper (bandages). This method allows you to safely get rid of unwanted hairs on the body.

Features of the method

This method is best suited for the following cases:

  1. Long hair length. They are removed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Large areas of the body. For example, epilation on the legs and back.
  3. Hard to reach body parts. The method is applied in the deep bikini zone and from the inner thighs.
  4. The presence of scars and stretch marks on the body surface.
  5. Dry and thin skin. The surface of the body is not injured.
  6. Places of sweat. This option is suitable for the treatment of armpits.

The main feature is the painless procedure. This is important for people who for some reason cannot bear pain. Paste is applied to the skin against hair growth, and is removed - in its direction. This technique eliminates the possibility of hair ingrowth and minimizes irritation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the bandage method:

  1. The ability to carry out hair removal on any, even sensitive part of the body.
  2. Almost complete lack of discomfort and pain.
  3. Ease of implementation.
  4. The ability to remove vellus hair.
  5. Ability to process large areas of the body.
  6. Hair removal of any length.

  1. Breaking hairs. Occurs when paste is improperly removed.
  2. The appearance of hematomas. It is the result of improper application and removal.

Compliance with all rules allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Required materials and tools

To carry out hair removal will require the following tools and materials:

  1. Sugar paste. Available for sale in finished form. It can also be cooked at home.
  2. Talc or baby powder. They are applied to the skin for better adhesion of the paste to the surface of the body.
  3. Disinfectant or special depilation fluid. At home, you can use Chlorhexidine or alcohol.
  4. Stripes. You can make them yourself or buy a ready-made set. The bandage can be single and reusable.
  5. Spatula or spatula for applying paste. In the salons use disposable tools, at home after each procedure they should be processed. Paste can be applied by hand, but it has a rather soft texture, so it is more convenient to use the spatula.

  1. Wood. The disadvantage is a one-time use. They are affordable and pleasant for the body and hands. Paste is applied evenly.
  2. Metallic. Reusable advantage, since they can be sterilized. Disadvantages - cold surface, before using it is recommended to heat the tool in your hands.
  3. Plastic. Cheap, disposable (if they are used by 1 person, you can wipe with an antiseptic). They may break, scratch the skin, unevenly distribute the paste.

  1. Fabric. Reusable advantage. They can be washed and ironed.
  2. Paper. The most affordable option. They are used once, because the paper is torn during removal. Most often used on small areas of the body (face, bikini area, armpits).
  3. Polymer. An expensive but convenient option. They are suitable for reusable use, do not deform and fit well to the skin.

At home, you can make cotton strips of cotton or cut sheets of paper.

Pasta tips

On sale there are several options for pastes. The advantages of the purchase of funds - the desired consistency and hypoallergenic. The price of pasta depends on its composition. For epilation of deep bikini and other sensitive areas, it is recommended to purchase a product of medium or low softness.

Cheap funds are not made from sugar, but from fructose and glucose. Supplements protect the skin from inflammation and slow down hair growth. Attention should be paid to pasta of medium or high price category, since they are more harmless and natural.


The day before the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from peeling and using scrubs in order not to injure the skin. Procedures such as tanning and tanning should also be postponed. Recommended hair length - from 3 to 5 mm. If the hairs are shorter, the procedure will be less effective. Removing too long hairs can hurt.

The surface of the skin is cleaned with soap or treated with an antiseptic. For this purpose, you can purchase lotion with mint or birch leaf extract. Mint is used to cool the skin, and birch has disinfectant properties.

After that, talcum powder should be applied to the surface to degrease the skin. This can be done with a paper napkin or cotton pad. These products dry moist skin areas and ensure adhesion of the paste to hairs and skin. Baby powder can also be used for this purpose, but it is recommended to choose a product without fragrances and other additives to avoid irritation.

Pasta (both homemade and purchased in the store) should be heated to a temperature of + 40 ... + 50 ° С. For this purpose, you can use a water bath or microwave. The first procedure is recommended not on delicate areas, but on the legs, since it is an accessible and less painful part of the body. Too long hair should be trimmed with a trimmer.

Performance technique

Stages of depilation with sugar paste:

  1. Apply a thin layer of paste to the skin with a spatula. Carry out the procedure against hair growth.
  2. Fastening bandages. Place strips on top of the mixture, slightly pressing them into the paste. On the one hand, it is necessary to leave free edges, for which it will be possible to pull.
  3. Removing strips. Take hold of the loose edges of the bandage, pull the skin in this place, make a sharp jerk in the direction of hair growth. The remains of the mixture can be washed off with water.

For 1 time you can not get rid of all the hairs in a given area of ​​the body. For maximum effect, it is recommended to repeat this procedure 3 or 4 times.

Subsequent skin care

After each procedure, the skin needs care. It is recommended to treat it with an antiseptic and not to apply any cosmetics during the first day. A few days after epilation, it is forbidden to visit the sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool, as infection may get into open pores. Skin should not be tanned, otherwise pigmentation may occur.

After processing the underarm area is prohibited to use deodorant. It is recommended to treat the surface with talcum powder. After epilation of the bikini area, it is recommended to wear underwear made from natural fabrics to avoid irritation. Several times a week, the skin surface must be treated with a scrub. Such actions will get rid of ingrown hairs. The skin should be regularly moisturized with special creams and lotions.

How to make a paste for bandage shugaring do it yourself

The following ingredients are required:

  • sugar - 50 g,
  • lemon juice (from ½ lemon),
  • water - 1 tbsp. l

Recipe for cooking pasta at home:

  1. Mix all ingredients, heat in a water bath over low heat.
  2. Stir constantly, 4 minutes after boiling remove from heat.
  3. Cooked pasta should have a light honey color and liquid consistency (but thicker than water).
  4. Check readiness: should drip paste into the water. If the contours of the drops are clear, the mixture is ready. After 10 minutes, you can begin to apply the product.

To test the mixture, it is recommended to try to roll it into a ball. If the tool will stick to the hands, it should be dowry. Overheat the mixture should not be, because in this case, the moisture evaporates, and the composition becomes thicker. From the first time it may not work. It will take several attempts to cook the paste of the desired consistency.

What can replace bandage strips?

For the first procedure, you can use not purchased strips, but made by yourself. In this case, you can save money, because there is a risk that the result will not meet the expectations. To replace the bandage, you can use:

  1. Office paper. Its advantage is that it is quite dense. The paper should be cut into strips of the desired size. It should be borne in mind that this material is not intended for shugaring, so it can tear. Newspapers and notebook sheets are not suitable for this purpose, since they are too thin. In addition, they are painted with paint, which can cause irritation on the skin. In the absence of office paper, you can use parchment.
  2. Fabric strips can be replaced with cotton. Synthetic material is not suitable for this. The best option - the old bedding, but there is a risk that the material will not stand and lose shape.
  3. Terry towel can also be used. Its villi stick to pasta more intensively. The disadvantage is that pain can occur during removal.

These recommendations can be useful when the paste is ready, and the bandages are over.


  • problems with blood vessels (varicose veins, the presence of blood clots, poor blood clotting, vascular fragility),
  • skin diseases
  • damage to the skin,
  • presence of moles, warts, papillomas, etc.,
  • diabetes,
  • epilepsy,
  • heart disease,
  • hypertension,
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding period.

It is recommended to test on a small area of ​​the skin to check the reaction of the body.

Natalia, 39 years old, Moscow: “This method is more like waxing than wax because pain is almost absent. The skin becomes smooth, even small hairs are removed. ”

Kristina, 28, St. Petersburg: “I buy pasta in cartridges. This is convenient, because when applied, hands do not get dirty and it does not spread. I put tissue strips on my feet, and in a few minutes I sharply tear them off. The legs stay smooth for a long time, the hairs after this procedure grow much slower. ”

Irina, 30 years old, Severodvinsk: “I tried this method of epilation for the first time. I used the finished pasta, but next time I'll try to cook it myself. The hairs are gone the first time. ”

Oksana, 25 years old, Kostroma: “Salon procedures are quite expensive, so I decided to make hair removal with the help of strips at home. The result was impressive, because the effect lasts a long time. "

Nina, 26 years old, Omsk: “With the help of shugaring I tried to get rid of the antennae over the upper lip. Together with the hairs, dry skin was removed and pores were cleansed. ”

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