Laser hair removal

Does hair grow after laser hair removal: how many sessions are needed

When men, complaining about their heavy share, sigh: “You don't need to shave every day!”, I want to strangle the mourner. Because my consumption of blades and shaving gel is much greater than that of my “strong” half and I also have to use my barber’s home arsenal daily.

This man can not think about smooth legs, shorten hair in the groin area only when they begin to interfere with him, and casually demonstrate overgrown armpit. But the natural hair of a beautiful lady is usually perceived as a flaw. And, nothing can be done, you have to fight him.

The procedure of laser hair removal is the destruction of hair follicles. At the same time there is no damaging effect on the skin. By the action of a laser on the hair follicle, the hair is destroyed, falls and no longer grows. The laser destroys the dark pigment melanin in the hair.


To completely get rid of hair (from 70 to 95 percent) you need to undergo a course of procedures with an interval of 1.5 - 3 months.

In cosmetology clinics they promise that after several sessions the hair will not grow from 2 to 5 years, but is it really so?

1. Herpes, purulent rashes on the skin

2. Decompensated form of diabetes

3. The presence of cancer tumors

4. Tanned, dark skin

5. Infectious processes in the acute stage

6. Pregnancy and lactation period

7. Predominantly gray, red or blonde hair in the area to be treated.

1. Varicose veins

2. The abundance of moles, warts, age spots

3. The presence of injuries, abrasions and cuts on the skin

4. Respiratory viral infections

5. Allergic reactions in the acute stage

6. Hormonal disorders

7. Poor tissue regeneration

The main advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal - quite an effective method of hair removal. Its use solves the problem of excessive vegetation in atypical places, especially in women - on the face, neck and chest. During the procedure, patients experience a minimum of discomfort. Hair over the upper lip can be removed in just 20 minutes, and in the bikini area - in 1-1.5 hours. In addition, laser hair removal is carried out regardless of the season, only a few weeks before it is not recommended to actively sunbathe in the sun without the use of protective cosmetics.

The laser beam has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so allergic reactions after laser hair removal are extremely rare. The skin during the procedure on high-quality equipment is absolutely not injured, since the laser radiation is completely absorbed by the dark pigment of the hairs and does not affect the surrounding skin.

Compared with bio-epilation (waxing, waxing, caramel and tar), the laser apparatus is less painful for patients. Yes, and the result is saved for life, if you spend a few high-quality procedures. Mechanical shaving leads to inflammation and hair ingrowth, which is not the case with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is very similar to photoepilation, but scientists have noticed that the effectiveness of laser radiation is much higher.

If you want to get rid of excess vegetation, then you need to know the difference between photo-epilation and laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal uses monochrome radiation - this is light with a fixed wavelength. The effectiveness of the laser effect on the hair is based on the fact that all energy comes from waves of a certain length. Therefore, using a laser, you can choose the wavelength individually, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person: hair color, skin type and condition, and to predict the results of its impact. Laser radiation affects only the hair and does not injure the skin, and also does not cause allergic reactions and irritations, which is confirmed by the reviews about this procedure.

Most often for laser hair removal is used alexandrite laser, the wavelength of its radiation is 755 nm, since this type of laser is considered the most effective and safe even when used on light and sensitive skin.

Photoepilation systems use krypton lamps with a wide range of radiation to affect hair. This range also covers ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so during hair removal, you must use light filters in order not to transmit radiation waves that are dangerous to humans. The range of radiation effective for removing unwanted hair is from 600 to 1200 nm. At the same time, it is almost impossible to avoid heating the tissues, which can cause microburns on sensitive skin, but this does not prevent the use of this procedure in the bikini area. Therefore, before going through the procedure of photo epilation, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and study reviews about photo epilation.

How does elos hair removal differ from laser?

Elos hair removal is one of the most modern methods of removing unwanted hair, with which you can achieve a complete cessation of hair growth or a significant slowdown in their growth rate. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to go through several procedures of epilation. The number of these procedures is determined individually depending on the amount of hair, the genetic and hormonal characteristics of the body, as well as the type of skin.

Elos epilation, unlike laser epilation ,. Therefore, Elos hair removal is used for the most sensitive areas of the skin - the face, the bikini area. Reviews of this procedure are based on the action of not only the light pulse, but also the current. During the epilation of Elos, the discomfort is minimized - the patient feels only a slight tingling in most

Before the procedure of laser hair removal is necessary:

  1. For some time, refrain from sunbathing: about 4-6 weeks not to sunbathe on the beach and in the solarium, and in the summer period to constantly use the means for a safe tan.
  2. Within 2.5 months prior to the procedure it is forbidden to carry out any methods of epilation (wax, shugaring, etc.). Only shaving is allowed.
  3. If you are prone to herpes, then in 3-5 days, start taking antiviral drugs, even if there is no obvious sign of the disease.
  4. Holders of dark skin are recommended for 1-1.5 months to treat the skin with whitening creams. According to experts, it improves the results of hair removal.

In addition to the mandatory implementation of these items, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the causes of excessive hair growth (if such is of course present). And most importantly, the procedure should be carried out only in specialized clinics and offices, and only by experienced professionals. There is no such concept as laser hair removal at home, and if someone offers this procedure “at home”, we recommend that it bypasses this specialist.

Laser Hair Removal Precautions

  • since the procedure causes pain, it is necessary to take care of anesthesia, which can be applied as an anesthetic cream applied an hour before the session,
  • It is necessary to use special goggles during manipulation,
  • skin should be clean and dry
  • the duration of the session depends on the area that needs to be processed,
  • when the manipulation is completed, a special anti-inflammatory, emollient and moisturizing agent is applied to the treated areas.

How to care for your body after hair removal

After removing unnecessary vegetation, redness of the skin may occur, which can last from several hours to days. You can relieve painful symptoms with sedatives such as Panthenol spray, ice, or “soothing wipes.” Usually such phenomena after the use of rays are extremely rare, so the need for these actions does not arise.

- Looking for what. The epilator is a unique alternative to the electric razor. The principle of operation of any device is as follows: several pairs of metal discs rotate and, touching, seize hairs as tweezers, removing them from the root.

The advantages of such machines are not only in the fact that they pull out hundreds of hairs per second, but also in long-lasting effect. The period of hair regrowth stretches for a month. Although the epilation process takes two to three times more time, which at first glance may seem like a minus, you should take into account the fact that on average the machine has to shave the legs 8 times a month, and the epilator is used 3 times in 2 months.

The lack of such hair removal in the pain and duration of the procedure, especially in sensitive and sensitive areas. Therefore, when choosing an epilator, you should pay attention to the presence of anesthetic components in it: cooling, massage, skin stretching system.

Cooling takes place using removable water containers, which are pre-frozen and then inserted into the device. Simultaneously with epilation, the process of cooling the skin, which reduces pain, occurs. Some epilator models come with a special cooling glove with a gel that can be used several times.

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the area of ​​the treated area. Accordingly, for different zones it can vary significantly.

Average prices for laser hair removal in Moscow range from 1-2 thousand rubles for small areas (upper lip, shoulder, hand) to 3-6 thousand for more voluminous ones (thigh, shin, bikini area). A complete disposal of hair on a man’s back or chest can cost as much as 7–10 thousand rubles.

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Women are always ready to talk about their successes and failures in the fight against the appearance of unwanted hairs on the body. For lovely ladies, this topic is really a priority, especially in the summer season, when you want to show off in an open bikini swimsuit. Therefore, on thematic Internet forums you can find a lot of topics related to the discussion and reviews of laser hair removal. Generally, Most of these reviews are positive, which is not surprising: according to cosmetologists, about 90% of women consider this method of getting rid of hair the most effective to date.

How much does the procedure cost and what do they say about it?

Prices for laser hair removal in the Laser Beauty clinics start at one thousand rubles. The advantage of our pricing policy is that the client pays a fixed amount for a specific epilation zone: there is no dependence on the spent outbursts and time, and there are no “surprises” in the calculation for the procedure - the pricing policy is transparent and clear.

Would you like to read reviews on the procedure of laser hair removal left by visitors of our centers of aesthetic medicine? This can be done in the "Reviews" section. And we will be very happy if after your visit to Laser Beauty you share your opinion about us on our website or in the Book of Comments and Suggestions!

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed

Laser hair removal is a long process: the course of procedures for removing unwanted vegetation stretches for a year or more, and the hair all the time continues to grow. How does this method work and how many procedures are needed to completely eliminate the problem of unwanted hair?

At one time, the laser is not able to get rid of all unwanted hairs. Laser exposure is most effective against hairs in the anagen stage, or active growth. Such hairs at the time of the procedure are 20-30%, the rest of the hair follicles are in a state inaccessible to the laser.

Hair after laser hair removal falls out within 10-15 days. These are hairs that were active at the time of removal and on which the laser bulbs were fully affected.

Gradually other bulbs are activated, which at the time of the procedure were dormant, and the hairs grow from them at their normal pace. They are subject to repeated treatment with a laser. So in a few tricks all hair follicles are processed, and the hair stops growing.

How many sessions of laser hair removal is necessary, the specialist decides. This is influenced by the client's phototype, the area of ​​growth of unwanted hairs, their rigidity, growth rate, and hormonal levels. A specialist in the first session will definitely hold a consultation, during which he will talk about indications and contraindications, possible risks, subsequent care, laser hair removal and how many sessions are needed to process the body hair area of ​​interest.

In the process of working with a client, an expert can adjust the duration of the course to a greater or lesser side depending on the individual response of the client to the laser. If hormonal treatment is performed during the course of epilation, the number of sessions may also vary. Should be prepared for such changes.

How effective is getting rid of excess vegetation, can be judged by the popularity of the procedure. How much hair does not grow after laser hair removal depends on the characteristics of the body. If you complete the course, you can count on a period of more than 5 years of absence of unwanted hairs. At the same time, supporting hair removal sessions are held 1-2 times a year in order to eliminate newly appeared single hairs on the treated areas and to ensure smooth skin.

Hair removal zones and number of sessions

The coat has a different density, hairs vary in thickness, the amount of melanin and growth rate depending on the area where they grow. Thus, the thickness of the hairs on the legs and thighs is different, therefore, for their complete removal you will need a different number of sessions of laser hair removal. When hair falls out after laser hair removal, depending on the growth area, the table below indicates:

Back, arms, belly, hips4-5

The table is valid for women, men should add to the specified number of procedures 2-3 visits due to the physiology.

Among men, the correction of the bristle line is popular, which makes it possible to achieve a natural and well-groomed beard without constantly maintaining its shape. Typically male services - treatment of the neck in front and behind, ears and temples, chest and hands, adjustment of the shape of the eyebrows. A stable result on the face and neck will require at least 6-8 sessions, on the body - at least 8.

Does hair grow after laser hair removal?

Immediately after the laser exposure, the hairs remain in place, and this is normal. The laser acts on the bulbs, which ensures a long-term effect, not only along the length of the hair. The latter, which is no longer associated with the follicle, remains in the skin, and as a result of metabolic processes it is gradually pushed out to the surface, from where it is easily removed.

During the first procedure, the master tells how much hair falls after laser hair removal, so this will not be a surprise for the client. You can wait for hair loss within 1-2 weeks, after which untreated onions begin to wake up. Visually, after the first session, the vegetation will be much smaller.

If, after 2 weeks, body hair remains, it means that an error was made during the procedure: the wrong machine was chosen or the wrong parameters were set, as a result of which the laser energy was not enough to destroy the follicles. If the hair does not fall out after laser hair removal, the client should contact the institution where the service was provided, with a claim to poor-quality service.

Administration and master are interested in customer loyalty throughout the course and are ready to meet. It is possible to conduct a second session on favorable terms.

If for any reason it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the skin between sessions, then you can shave the hair after laser hair removal. However, the recovery period should be sustained so that the skin can recover from the procedure. If you shave immediately after laser hair removal, you can get microdamages to the skin, which is hello to inflammation and redness. Perhaps even the formation of focal hyperpigmentation, the treatment of which is long and expensive.

It’s better to immediately clarify with a specialist about whether to shave after laser hair removal or use other methods to remove unwanted vegetation. There are hair removal methods that cannot be used. There are reasons why you can not pull out the hair, apply shugaring and wax depilation. If shaving does not affect the bulb, then pulling out a hair injures the follicle. The laser acts less effectively on the injured and weakened follicle, which reduces the effectiveness of the procedure several times.

How often can I do the procedure

The optimal length of hairs for laser processing is from 3 to 5 mm. For the subsequent procedure, the hairs need to be grown back to the same length, therefore the time between sessions is individual and depends on the growth rate of the hair. The interval between the first and second laser effects is from 2 to 4-6 weeks. As hair grows slower, with each subsequent manipulation, the time interval between treatments increases up to 10-12 weeks.

How it works?

The procedure of laser hair removal involves the use of special technical means (diode, ruby, neodymium and other lasers), whose beam penetrates deep into the skin for a short distance (up to 4 mm) and affects the hair follicle. It is damaged and the hair dies off naturally. Since the light beam absorbs exactly melanin (the pigment, the amount of which depends on the hair color), the procedure is effective for owners of darker hair than blond and gun hair.

Modern lasers are safe, do not damage the skin and are practically painless. For each of the four color types of skin (from light to dark skin), individual laser parameters are selected, which prevents possible burns and skin pigmentation.

Since this procedure is quite expensive, the biggest motivation of customers to try it is the duration of the effect. How long does laser hair removal last? Reviews indicate various factors affecting this indicator.

What does the effect depend on?

Laser hair removal is a permanent procedure. During the treatment of hairs with a laser, they become thinner, lighter, more fluffy, i.e., practically imperceptible. This means that even laser hair removal cannot guarantee 100% hair removal forever. How much is enough depends on the methodological and literacy of the procedures.

Thus, the laser affects only the hair in the active growth stage, that is, those that can be seen. This is about 30% of the total hairline of a particular area. To remove the rest, you must wait until they grow back. Therefore, you need to go through several hair removal procedures. Most often it is from 4 to 8. But in some cases - more than 10. The frequency of sessions is a month and a half.

After the first visit to the beauty salon, customers note a decent effect - the skin is smooth, without irritation, without black spots, broken off and ingrown hairs. After conducting all the necessary laser hair removal courses, the effect remains for several months (up to a year) depending on the individual characteristics of the skin and the hair growth rate. But, as noted, the next grown hairs will be much less visible. And for them it will be enough supporting procedures for hair removal about once a year.

There are nuances in the question of how much laser hair removal is enough. Customer reviews suggest that men will need fewer procedures (including supporting ones) to get rid of unwanted hair. People with a high level of work of the hormonal system need a greater frequency in carrying out hair removal. Notice that brunettes will also be more likely to apply for such a procedure than blondes.

Laser hair removal

The most popular area for hair removal are legs. In these places, the procedure is as comfortable as possible, but it takes the longest time because of the size of the area treated by laser hair removal. How long the effect lasts depends directly on the completeness of the passage of all stages.

Since the treated area is quite large, it is necessary to undergo an average of 8 procedures to completely get rid of hair. The period between the stages each time increases to two weeks. So, from the first procedure to the second should be 4-6 weeks, after the second - 6-8, after the third - 8-10.

During this time, grows 100% of hairs, which are gradually removed. New hairs grow depending on the individual characteristics of the person. On average, after going through all the required courses of epilation, the smoothness of the skin is maintained for 1-2 years. In the future, it is enough to perform supporting one-time procedures.

To get rid of such unpleasant consequences of shaving or waxing, such as ingrown hair, black spots on the skin, irritation, laser hair removal helps. Photos provided by clients show that thinner and less noticeable ones grow on the site of old hairs over time.

How long does laser bikini hair removal last?

The most sensitive area where you get rid of unwanted hair is a bikini. Laser hair removal is used for a number of reasons:

  • it is a less painful procedure than using wax in this area,
  • inflammatory processes, ingrowth and coarsening of hair, like after shaving, are eliminated
  • hair removal is possible in the most inaccessible places.

Additionally, laser hair removal can also numb the most sensitive areas. How much is enough? Customer feedback suggests a slight difference from the leg area, since the structure of the hair in these areas of the body is almost the same. But the speed of the procedure, of course, is different. For processing the zone of a shallow bikini about 20 minutes is enough, deep - 30-40.

How much laser hair removal is enough: reviews on the procedure in the hands and underarms area

The most fertile, according to the responses of people, a zone for the practice of laser hair removal, are the armpits. Here is the greatest contrast between the color of the skin and hair, which greatly "facilitates" the laser. In addition, the zone itself is small, so you need a minimum number of procedures (up to 4) until you completely get rid of unwanted vegetation.

Hair removal on the arms (most often on the forearm) is also effectively handled by laser hair removal. How long its effect lasts depends on the structure of the hairs. But since they are softer in this area, they will be less noticeable and noticeable even when they grow, than on other parts of the body. The feasibility of using just such a method for hand epilation is also confirmed by the fact that this area is undesirable to shave. After all, after such a manipulation only the number of hairs will increase, they will become more rigid, which is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also unpleasant to the touch.

Laser facial epilation

Epilation of different parts of the face has recently become very popular. Women want to get rid of not only the hated "antennae", but also unwanted hair on the jaw, chin, cheekbones, forehead or eyebrows. The use of a laser for facial hair removal has its own nuances.

The most common problem until recently was the impossibility of removing this hair by this method. But now many cosmetology centers offer to use the latest diode lasers designed specifically for such purposes. The laser can relieve the client of vellus hair, not only on the face, but throughout the body. The effect lasts a little less than in classic cases - about 2 months. Nevertheless, this is the longest result, compared with other methods of depilation.

Fluff hair is also partially in the active growth stage. Depilation of soft hairs is faster. So, it will take 15 minutes to the upper lip area, 20 chin and whiskey 30. And the whole face cleaning procedure will not take more than 45 minutes. The first session will save up to 20% of hair, including ingrown hair.

For removing light or gray hair, this method is ineffective. In such cases, experts suggest using nano-hair removal. It also applies to long-term methods of getting rid of vegetation and is designed specifically for poorly pigmented hair. The procedure consists in treating the epilated area with a special compound (like a cream), which penetrates the skin and destroys the hair follicle. Get rid of such hair can be up to a month. It differs comfort use. But in order to avoid undesirable consequences, you should always consult with your doctor first and follow all the necessary measures, as indicated by the beautician.

Laser hair removal zones of the abdomen and back

Not only women, but also men resort to laser hair removal. Both those and others know that to deal with unwanted vegetation on the body, especially in the abdomen or back, is problematic. These zones are not subjected to shaving, because this method even after the first procedure leads to unpleasant consequences (inflammation, irritation, and enhanced hair growth). And waxing is a very painful way. And it helps to get a temporary result.

Vegetation on the chest, white line of the abdomen, in the sacral area, on the back and shoulders allows you to eliminate laser hair removal. Customer reviews of cosmetology centers indicate that this method is virtually painless and gives results for years. Of course, it takes more time for epilation of the body of men - from 40 minutes to the abdomen and up to 1.5 hours to the back. This is due to the amount of hair on their body. Epilation of the lower abdomen of women takes about 20 minutes, and up to 30 minutes - the sacral area or décolleté.

Before and after

There are certain rules, the observance of which will not only protect against the negative effects of the procedure, but also affect the result and the duration of the effect. Before epilation should:

  • 2 weeks before the procedure, do not sunbathe, stay in the sun without sunscreen, do not use tanning,
  • do not remove hairs by other available methods,
  • take into account the length of the hairs, which should be 1-2 mm (longer, you first need to cut or shave and grow to the desired length),
  • 10 days before this do not use alcohol-based skin care products,
  • immediately before epilation, do not treat the skin with creams, deodorants or antiperspirants,
  • Undergo the procedure a week after the critical days.

After laser hair removal also need to follow some rules:

  • by appointment of a specialist to use skin restoring agents,
  • within 2 weeks exclude exposure to the sun without protective equipment, tanning beds, tanners, baths and saunas,
  • in the case of hormonal drugs, neuroleptics, antibiotics and other drugs, visit the attending physician and consult on the possibility of abandoning them during the recovery period after epilation,
  • Do not remove any crusts on the skin on your own in order to avoid pigmentation or scarification.


Like all cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal has its own contraindications. It is not recommended in such cases:

  • oncology,
  • diabetes,
  • skin diseases (including sunburn and burns),
  • epilepsy.

This is a list excluding such a procedure in any case. There are also relative contraindications. They allow for hair removal after consulting a doctor and after the termination of the acute phase of the disease:

  • birthmarks on the epilable surface,
  • recent tan
  • varicose veins,
  • catarrhal and viral diseases,
  • allergies
  • age (before puberty),
  • skin damage
  • menstruation,
  • hormonal changes (including pregnancy).

What does the cost depend on?

Such an expensive procedure (relative to other methods of hair removal) has several factors affecting its price. In addition to the traditional and well-known - the level of the salon, qualified specialists, the quality of technology - there are common pricing points.

First of all, this is the specifics of the work. Some salons take money depending on the area of ​​the treated surface (the larger the body part, the higher the cost), others - the number of laser flashes. In this case, the client is better to decide in advance where to apply. If a small area with sparse hairs is treated (armpits, for example), then it makes sense to turn to cosmetic centers of the second type. In other cases - the first.

The price of the procedure also depends on the area being treated. The more sensitive and complex it is, the higher the price. For example, a deep bikini zone will cost much more than a shin zone, with the same surface area being treated.

In general, reviews of this procedure converge to one conclusion that, given all the standards of the procedure, taking into account all indications and contraindications, this is quite an effective and safe method. With all this you need to be a realist, even with such a good way as a laser hair removal. The duration of the effect depends on many factors, it is much longer than that of all known methods of hair removal (sometimes, up to two years, it allows you to forget about such actions). But the method does not give a 100% guarantee that the hairs will never be disturbed again.

Operating principle

The procedure for removing unwanted hair with a laser is a common type of service in modern cosmetology with a wide range of possibilities. And this popularity of this method is due to the fact that the effect after laser hair removal exceeds all expectations. How effective will be the laser hair removal performed will depend directly on the level of training and qualification of the specialist.

In order for laser hair removal to be successful and the duration of the effect consistent with the assurances of specialists, one preliminary procedure should be carried out before the session. it skin testing for perception of laser irradiation. It will determine the 100% safest and most effective method of removing unwanted hair.

The specificity of laser hair removal is a sequential radiation effect on the hair follicles, which are gradually cauterized and eventually destroyed. In one procedure, a small amount of hairs can be processed, since the area of ​​coverage of the laser beam has its limitations.

Therefore, the use of laser hair removal occurs often locally: above the upper lip, on the neck, in the armpit cavities and in the bikini area. When the beach season is ahead, girls are reasonably interested in how much a bikini laser hair removal is enough.

During the procedure, the device affects only hairs 3-5 cm long. The choice of this particular size is not accidental. Thus, the specialist smoothes all doubts of the client about whether laser hair removal is effective and painless. The duration of the procedure depends directly on the size of the area where unwanted hairs should be removed.

Result of laser hair removal

Many representatives of the fair sex are interested in how long the effect of laser hair removal on various parts of the body lasts.

Laser hair removal of the hair over the upper lip is of particular concern to the girls, so the question remains as to how much the effect of the series of procedures is enough. We hurry to assure that there are no reasons for excitement.

How much time is required for laser hair removal and how many sessions are required depends on several factors:

  • individual features of human epithelium,
  • type of laser equipment used
  • which parts of the body undergo the procedure.

A professional specialist will in any case orient his client in the number of upcoming sessions. The type, color of skin and hair, as well as the speed of their growth are taken into account.

Result after the first procedure

The effect of laser exposure is already visible after the first session, but its degree depends on the type and color of the epithelial tissue, as well as the structure of the hair. On the question of whether hair grows after laser hair removal, it is impossible to give an unambiguous positive or negative answer.

For example, fine hairs disappear after the first flash, while the hard ones leave behind a small burnt area from the former rod. Such roots cannot be intentionally pulled out in the first week after the procedure. It is during the seven-day period that the hair bulb dies off completely, and then the hairs fall out on their own.

The procedure of laser hair removal is considered successful if it is possible to remove more than 30% of visible hairs. Regarding how long the laser hair removal, the opinions of experts diverge. Yes, the laser destroys the hair follicles, but only those that are in the active growth phase. According to statistics, there are only 1/3 of them. Regarding the remaining 2/3, then the laser has no effect on them, because they are in "sleep mode". That is why several procedures are often prescribed. Learn more about how many procedures are required and how often they need to be done.

The result after a series of procedures

Within a month, sleeping hairs begin to germinate, and the procedure is repeated again. After the second session, newly grown hairs noticeably thin out and change color, becoming brighter. Complete hair removal requires a series of laser procedures. On average, 6-8 procedures are needed to achieve the desired result.

The interval between treatments should be no more than 6 weeks. A cosmetologist will say more precisely, as the speed of hair growth should be taken into account. For example, in the case of men, the number of procedures will be large, since this is due to the peculiarities of the hormonal status.

What determines the duration of the effect

Laser hair removal is a radical and unique procedure. Its technology is the passage of energy through the hair shaft and is converted into heat. Under the influence of temperature, the more sensitive follicle is destroyed, and the skin remains intact.

Hairs contain more melanin than skin, so they absorb most of the laser energy. Part of the hair during the procedure is burned, and the hair follicles are either partially damaged or immediately destroyed when they are first treated by a cosmetologist. Therefore, laser hair removal and has such a long duration.

How long the hair does not grow after the procedure

Do not be deceived that, after one course of laser hair removal, hair in inappropriate places will no longer be. To make the effect permanent, you need to come to your beautician for a correction 1-2 times a year. In addition, laser hair removal is as safe as keeping its effect.
How much hair does not grow after laser hair removal depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

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