Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal of the underarms

We are constantly looking for ways to look stunning and spend a minimum of time on it. A new way of hair removal is a real find if you have very delicate skin and shaving is not suitable. In this article, you will learn which laser is better, the cost of the procedure and skin care after laser armpit epilation.

How it works

Underarm Laser Hair Removal - Deprivationvital activityfollicles in the armpit with a laser beam. Specialist gently cauterizes the hair follicles, which contributes to their decay. In the future, on the treated area of ​​hair growth completely stops.

Unfortunately, in one procedure, you can clean a small area of ​​skin, so this method is most often used for underarms, intimate areas or to remove antennae. Remember that this procedure can be carried out only in the salon of a patented cosmetologist!

Instruments for this procedure are:

  • Ruby (the result can be obtained if the skin tone is light and the hair pigment is dark. It will take several sessions).
  • Alexandrite (removes hairs on dark and dark skin in fewer sessions).
  • Neodymium (penetrates deep into the skin, is able to remove lighter hair).
  • Diode (the most effective device, but the procedure takes a lot of time).

Laser epilation is performed in the following cases:

  1. Dark colored unwanted hairs.
  2. Individual tendency to hair ingrowth.
  3. The skin is hypersensitive to other methods of epilation.

Contraindications to the procedure

  1. On the skin there are rashes, herpes, inflammations.
  2. You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. You are treated by an oncologist.
  4. There are infectious diseases.
  5. Varicose veins
  6. Skin after tanning.
  7. The hair is predominantly red or gray.
  8. There are hormonal disorders.
  9. Menstruation (it is better to contact the beautician for a few days before or after, then the pain will be weaker and the risk of hematomas will be excluded).
  10. Exacerbation of seasonal allergies.
  11. Taking tetracycline and drugs of its group.
  12. Violation in the process of regeneration of the skin.
  13. Somatic diseases of the skin.

What is important to do before epilation

At the consultation, a skin phototype is determined taking into account the hair and skin color, an individual susceptibility to sun exposure is established. Before visiting a beautician, you need to exclude contraindications: visit a therapist.

Now, many cosmetologists first of all make a free test of the laser's effectiveness on the patient's skin, which significantly reduces the number of clients dissatisfied with the procedure. During epilation, local anesthesia is used. As a rule, cream or gel is applied half an hour before the session. Three days before the epilation, it is necessary to shave the armpits. The shorter the hairs, the more effective the result will be, but you don’t have to do it the day before.

How is the procedure

During the session, the specialist and the client must use safety glasses. The beautician slowly sends a special apparatus that generates laser impulses to unwanted hairs and the skin around them. During epilation, pain is extremely rare, in most cases there is a slight burning sensation.

After the first session, hairs may remain that will disappear on their own in about a week. It is possible to contact the beautician again only after those hairs that were in an inactive state grow back, this process is individual.

Full disposal of unwanted vegetation in the armpits will require 3-5 visits to the salon. Recommended intervals between repeated sessions:

  • After the first visit - 4-6 weeks
  • After the second - 6−8 weeks
  • After the third - 8−10 weeks.

Skin care after epilation

After the epilation session, it is categorically impossible to wet the skin that has undergone laser treatment, apply creams, lotions and ointments, and also do not use deodorizing agents. Creams for the fastest skin regeneration can be used only after consulting a cosmetologist who has performed hair removal.

The first 2-3 weeks after hair removal can not visit the bath and sauna. If you are taking a full course, you should not attend a tanning bed between sessions and avoid direct sunlight without protective cream on damaged areas.

Possible complications

It is worth considering that a few hours after laser manipulation on the skin can keep redness and itching is easy. Do not immediately panic, but if these symptoms persist for more than a day, consult a doctor. Complications can occur only for the following reasons:

  • Low qualifications cosmetologist.
  • Faulty or outdated equipment.
  • Violation of safety procedures.
  • Neglect of the client list of contraindications.

What complications can occur after poorly performed armpit hair removal:

  • Burn (mostly it is obtained due to improper cooling process during the procedure).
  • Urticaria, dermatitis (allergic to painkillers and ointments).
  • Herpes.
  • Folliculitis (occurs in patients who are prone to sweating or have visited the bath in the first week after the session).
  • Conjunctivitis, partial or complete loss of vision (caused by poor-quality protective glasses).
  • Hyperpigmentation (carrying out the procedure on tanned skin or visiting the tanning bed after).

Cost of armpit laser hair removal

This procedure is expensive, but the result is worth it. The final price depends on your chosen zone. For example, one session of armpit epilation will be about 3500 to 8000 rubles, the full course - about 25000 rubles.

Many salons make a good discount if together with the axillary hollows you do some other hair removal: the price immediately drops by 20-30% of the original cost.

Principle of operation

By the name of the procedure, it is not difficult to guess that the effect on the hair occurs with the help of a laser beam. The device operates consistently, but its effectiveness becomes one hundred percent not from the first session. The laser burns the hair follicles, and in the place where the procedure took place, the hair stops growing, but at one time the location is limited to a small area of ​​skin. You can determine how many sessions you need, strictly in an individual order - depending on the thickness, structure of the hair and the type of laser. Let's talk about the latter in more detail.

Types of lasers used to work with the armpit area:

  1. Ruby. We can say that this is the weakest option. However, it is also the most outdated, so the number of procedures required for complete hair removal with such a laser will be maximum. The effect will be achieved only if you have fair skin and dark, rather thick hair.
  2. Diode. Its principle of operation resembles the previous version, but due to the fact that it has greater penetrating power, the effect is achieved a little faster (if you count on the number of sessions), but the duration of one procedure can take up to 30 minutes.
  3. Neodymium The laser is good because it helps to get rid of blond hair, including if you have recently sunburned, and the degree of hair is far from southern people, then this option is quite suitable for you. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, which is easily irritated by alternative methods (epilation or depilation).
  4. Alexandrite. Today, this species is considered the most common. It is faster, more powerful and more versatile. In principle, it is suitable for any skin type and for any hair color, ranging from light brown to black. One procedure can take only 10 minutes.

Direct indications for the procedure:

  • Ingrown hairs It is painful and dangerous. Underarm irritation can be disastrous, since the sweat glands are closely intertwined with each other and infection can result in severe inflammation. It is possible to pick up such a dangerous disease as hydradenitis.
  • Folliculitis. This is another infectious disease in which the hair follicles themselves are affected. Lack of proper treatment can lead to purulent inflammation, which again will not end with anything good.
  • Dark thick hairthat remain visible even after you use the razor.
  • Injuryapplied to the delicate skin of the armpits when waxing or shugaring.
  • Irritation from a shaving razor that causes severe discomfort after each treatment.


  • Gray, too thin or very blond hair.
  • Fresh tan. It is better to do similar procedures before the holidays.
  • The period of pregnancy and lactation are also direct contraindications, since the consequences may affect the development of the fetus or the newborn.
  • Acute form of cardiovascular disease.
  • Oncology.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cold or viral infection, both temporary and chronic.
  • Pigment spots or moles located in the treatment area with a laser.
  • Also, the procedure does not make children under the age of 18 years.

Even if you really want, in these cases, no self-respecting clinic will not conduct you this kind of operation. This can be very dangerous and it is strictly forbidden to ignore the recommendations.


  • A couple of days beforeas you go to the specialist’s office, your hair will need to be shaved off. The shorter the length of the hair, the more noticeable the effect of the procedure. Do not forget to use shaving foam to cut the hair at the root and with minimal harm to the delicate skin of the armpits.
  • On the day of the procedure and one day before this, no oils, creams, deodorants or other cosmetics can be applied to the skin. Breaking this rule can cause burns.
  • Also, at least a couple of weeks is to dose the sun.. Sunburn will be a contraindication to the procedure, so no direct sunlight and tanning beds.
  • Of course, the procedure will have to prepare, but the result will remain for a long time, so you can be patient for a week.
  • Approximately 10-14 days Before you visit the doctor’s office and the laser beam illuminates your armpits, it is recommended to stop taking antibiotics.
  • As for cosmetic care products, you can use them, as long as there is no alcohol in the composition.
  • Important! During the procedure, you and the beautician should be wearing safety glasses. If they are absent, vision problems may arise later.

Subsequent skin care

Of course, in addition to the excellent cosmetic effect, the laser is harmful, because it is quite a strong intervention. To eliminate unpleasant consequences and just enjoy the result, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Can't scratch armpits for a couple of days after the procedure. Too sharp or hard movement can provoke inflammatory processes and only further intensify the itch.
  • Do not use soap or shower gels with a strong odor or exfoliating granules in the composition. Only a soft, creamy remedy or, even better, plain water. For the first days, limit it to this.
  • Use healing ointments in the first days after the procedure. They accelerate the regeneration and do not allow the infection to penetrate inside.
  • If you have hair left who have not retired after the first procedure, in any case, do not pluck them out with tweezers or do not try to get rid of them. It only provokes growth and the long-awaited result can be lost.
  • Abstain from sports, visiting pools, spa, baths and saunas. Anything that makes you sweat profusely for the next couple of days should be removed from the to-do list. Violation can threaten folliculitis.
  • Purchase in advance non-alcohol deodorant. Too dry, or especially irritate the skin after laser treatment is not worth it.

Unpleasant consequences

  • If this was the first procedureWithin 24 hours, a burning sensation or even some soreness in the areas affected by the laser may persist. If the sensation does not pass after the expiration of the day, consult a doctor.
  • After the first sessions you may have small pustules. It is important that these are separate inflammations, not a “flock”. Otherwise, you should immediately use the services of a specialist.
  • Quite possibly, That with the wrong approach or choice of the laser apparatus, the effect will be invisible. If after epilation you didn’t see any difference at all, it is worth changing the approach.
  • Hyperpigmentation - this is not quite the norm, but it does not cause fatal consequences. The reasons that can provoke such changes lie in the wrong care after the procedure. It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions precisely.

One of the most frequently discussed topics are issues related to pain. The procedure itself does not differ any painful feelings. Even people with a high pain threshold tolerate all manipulations quite easily.

Many patients also complain of redness and hypersensitivity in the first days after laser hair removal. This is normal because the skin reacts negatively to this kind of intervention. These side effects are quite fast and by themselves.

Hot disputes often arise about how many procedures are needed to completely get rid of unwanted hair. There is no universal answer, in each case everything will be strictly individual. On average, the number of sessions can go up to 5.

In general, the procedure for laser correction of the armpits can be very useful, but most importantly, proceed with caution. Be sure to check the certificates of the master, the reliability of the clinic and that you have direct contraindications.

Do not neglect the importance of care after the procedure and the preparatory stage before.

Take care of your beauty and health, because in this case they walk, holding hands. One wrong manipulation can entail a chain of serious consequences.

See more on laser hair removal in the armpit zone in the following video.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser armpit hair removal

This procedure has the following advantages:

  • relative painlessness
  • harmlessness and minimal trauma,
  • there is no risk of infection
  • saving time
  • efficiency,
  • the beam does not destroy tissue cells,
  • eliminates ingrown hairs,
  • high removal rate at a time,
  • This is a popular and frequent hair removal for men,
  • no complications
  • effect duration

The procedure, despite positive reviews, has disadvantages,

  • high cost of the procedure
  • after the first session, the benefits are almost invisible,
  • the result is observed after a few days
  • compliance with the rules after laser exposure.

About the procedure of bikini hair removal can be found here.

How does the procedure of laser hair removal in the axillary region itself

Immediately before applying the laser, you should consult a cosmetologist or a dermatologist. The specialist will determine the skin phototype and the presence of contraindications. This will help to properly configure the device, determine the number of sessions and their approximate cost. Knowing the pain threshold, the doctor will choose the level of anesthesia.

Typically, the work surface is lubricated with a cooling gel that can minimize the sensation of pain. The procedure is done in 1-1.5 minutes on clean, dry skin. The client must wear protective glasses before exposure. To be in a sitting or lying position.Laser exposure may cause a slight tingling or burning sensation. However, this does not cause much discomfort. In 95% of the procedure is considered painless. After it, most of the hair will disappear by 4-6 days. As they grow in the remaining hair follicles, the following sessions will be prescribed.

For laser hair removal on legs, see this material.

During the procedure, the specialist is obliged to monitor the condition of the skin. If any problem occurs: severe redness or burn, the session should be immediately terminated.

Do I Need to Shave Your Armpits?

Standard shaving or wax depilation does not give a lasting smooth skin effect. Only laser hair removal will give a long result - from 4 months to 2 years, depending on the structure of the hair. Shave them right before the laser procedure. In some cases, this is done between sessions.

Before the first epilation, the armpit area is cleaned with a conventional razor. This is done in 2-3 days so that the length of the hairs is not higher than 3-4 mm. If between procedures their growth increases, the specialist may recommend shaving in a certain period of time. If you follow all the recommendations, the effect will be amazing. About the effect of neodymium laser in cosmetology, find out in the article.

Shaving should be done only with a new blade and avoid cuts. In this case, the procedure should be canceled until the wound is completely healed.

The skin in the armpit area is quite sensitive, so hair removal can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations. However, comparing other methods, this one is practically painless. The feeling of pain depends on the individual characteristics of the client, including the level of pain threshold. The lower it is, the more painful the laser epilation session will be. The quality of the selected device and the experience of the beautician also influences the customer's feelings. Choosing the most modern devices with a nozzle for cooling the skin, you can get the most comfortable procedure for hair removal: without irritation, redness and burns.

How to care for skin after

Within 2 weeks you should follow the rules that do not recommend:

  • bath and sauna,
  • taking a hot bath and a sun tan,
  • antibiotics and hormonal drugs
  • use of creams containing alcohol and deodorants,
  • remove remaining hairs with tweezers or wax.

Daily application of moisturizing underarm lotions will soften the skin and relieve irritation. It should use only the tool that recommends the beautician. From the correct care will depend on the result of each procedure.

How many procedures are needed for laser armpit hair removal

How long does the result last and how often should the procedure be repeated until the hair is completely removed? In one session it is impossible to remove all the hair. For this they require several. Everything will depend on the quality of the laser equipment, as well as on the individual characteristics of the body.

After the first laser exposure, only a specialist will determine the approximate number of procedures. It usually takes from 5 to 8 sessions. When hirsutism their number may be greater. The interval between the methods of the first and second laser irradiation is 1.5-2 months. Each subsequent increases the interval of "rest" for 10-15 days. After 3 sessions, the amount of hair germinates by 20-30%.

How long does the session last?

Hair has a specific growth cycle, lasting from 1.5 months to 3. Only 20-30% are visible on the skin surface. The rest are under the skin. After the first procedure, only ingrown hairs can be removed. The percentage of destroyed follicles varies from 3 to 6. It depends on the individual characteristics and hormonal levels. A session can last from 15 minutes to 30. You can find the most effective and best laser for epilation here.

How often can you do

Since underarm hair grows quickly, using a razor raises a short-term effect. After the first course of laser exposure, the skin remains smooth from several months to several years. Therefore, the frequency of PE depends on hair growth. The removal course is held 1-2 times a year.

With smoothly shaved skin, pain is significantly reduced during the session.

What is laser hair removal

This procedure is a modern method of removing vegetation on the body using a special device. When laser hair removal uses a special device that emits energy. This energy penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and destroys the follicle, in other words, the rays completely destroy the roots of the hairs.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

As a result of exposure to these rays, the hair dies off and gradually falls out. Since the roots are damaged, new hair does not grow.

Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of the vegetation on the body for a long time. How effective this procedure can be judged by the number of positive reviews and the growing number of people using this method of hair removal.

Does it hurt laser hair removal

It is necessary to apply only to experienced craftsmen.

The skin of the armpits is very sensitive, and laser armpit hair removal is always accompanied by unpleasant sensations. But, compared to other methods, this practically does not cause pain. However, some patients claim that the process is constantly accompanied by severe pain, after which the skin begins to ache. This is possible, since the painfulness of the procedure depends on the characteristics of the human body (skin sensitivity, hair thickness, etc.), the experience of the master and the quality of the device.

Important! It is necessary to apply only to experienced craftsmen. You should not save on this procedure, as the use of poor-quality device and the inexperience of the master can cause skin inflammation, infection and damage to the skin.

How many sessions will be required

Remove all the hair in one session is impossible. To permanently get rid of hairs, you need to go through several sessions. How many sessions are required for complete hair removal depends on the type of laser hair removal, individual characteristics of the human body and the quality of the device.

Usually, after the first session, the doctor can already determine the approximate number of sessions and the interval between them. Most often, 8 sessions are enough for complete hair removal, but some people need more than 10 sessions.

It is impossible to remove all hair in one session.

On average, the interval between sessions is 2 months. After the first procedure, the skin rests for 1.5-2 months. After 2 and 3 procedures, the interval is 2.5 months. After 2-4 procedures - 3.5 months.

How long is the result saved

Many people think that epilation of the armpits and other areas with a laser will permanently get rid of vegetation. But this is just a marketing ploy. This procedure allows you to get rid of excess vegetation for a long time, but not forever. Since the radiation destroys the hair follicle, but it does not affect the inactive bulbs. Because of this, after a couple of months, the hair will begin to grow again. But they will be slightly noticeable, as brighten and weaken.

Post-procedure mode

After laser armpit hair removal, patients should observe these rules for 2–3 weeks:

  1. Do not use saunas and baths.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight on the armpits and the nearest area.
  3. Should completely refuse to take antibiotics and hormonal drugs.
  4. It is undesirable to use deodorants during this period.
  5. It is forbidden to remove the appeared hairs with the help of various depilation creams, you can only use a razor.
  6. Every day, you will need to soften the armpits code with a moisturizing lotion. You can use only the lotion that advises the beautician.

Care for armpits after the procedure should be permanent. It is necessary to adhere to all these recommendations, otherwise the consequences of negligence cannot be avoided.

How much is enough

Get rid of unwanted hair forever - impossible. Laser radiation has the ability to destroy hair follicles in active growth, but does not affect the "sleeping". This is what allows the hair to grow again and how long the result lasts. However, its color will become less noticeable, and the thickness become thinner.

Contraindications to laser hair removal in the armpit area

Although the procedure is quite popular, it has contraindications:

  • diabetes,
  • inflammatory process on the skin of the armpits,
  • oncological diseases,
  • sunburn,
  • varicose veins
  • warts and moles,
  • open wounds and cuts,
  • hormonal disbalance,
  • antibiotics,
  • exacerbation of allergies.

We should also separately consult whether it is possible to do laser hair removal during lactation.

It is not recommended to use a laser for ARVI and other viral diseases.

With mastopathy

This pathology is classified as a benign mammary gland. The cause of its occurrence is disruption of the hormonal system. An imbalance in the body provokes the growth of connective tissue, which leads to swelling. This increases the sensitivity, there are pain. Conducting a laser procedure can exacerbate discomfort. Experts strongly recommend to refrain from hair removal in this way.

Before laser hair removal in the area of ​​the armpits and the thoracic in the presence of pathologies should consult a breast doctor.

With monthly

This question does not have a clear answer. The gynecologist may recommend to postpone the depilation for several days. In each individual case, the time interval will vary. "Critical days" can trigger allergic reactions, swelling, redness. However, every woman makes a decision, based on her own feelings, to do hair removal during menstruation or not.

Possible consequences and complications

For sensitive skin types, reddening may occur after epilation. But do not be upset, they pass in 3-5 hours. Incorrectly chosen mode of exposure to energy on the skin and incompetence of a cosmetologist can also lead to complications:

  • burns
  • activation of herpes,
  • allergic urticaria.

If you are planning a vacation, separately agree on whether you can do hair removal in front of the sea. Failure to follow the regimen recommended after laser hair removal causes inflammation of the hair follicles. This may be due to the increased secretion of sweat glands. A person may partially lose his eyesight if he has not protected his eyes with special glasses.

After laser hair removal, armpits hurt

Despite the cooling system in modern laser devices, sometimes after the procedure, the client feels pain. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Knowing the features of your body, you can ask the beautician for additional anesthesia. After the procedure, pain in the area of ​​the armpits disappear in 2-3 hours. Find out about the contraindications and consequences of diode epilation here.

Interesting video about armpit laser hair removal

Armpit laser hair removal: how it works

A popular way to get rid of unwanted hair with a special laser device is referred to as hardware techniques. The principle of its operation is quite simple: the beam damages the hair follicle, then the hair falls out, and later begins to grow much slower and becomes thinner over time. The laser apparatus affects only the hair follicles, while the skin is not affected by it.

There are 4 types of laser devices:

  • Alexandrite. Suitable only for people with fair skin and hair. Do not use dark-skinned and dark-haired women. Also, it is not suitable for tanned skin.
  • Diode. This type of laser was invented in 2007. With it, you can remove hairs for people with any type of skin and the color of vegetation on the body. The procedure with the use of such a device proceeds faster than with alexandrite.
  • Neodymium. Suitable for use on dark and tanned skin. The device literally explodes the hair follicle due to its rapid heating.
  • Ruby. This type of laser belongs to the earliest developments in this field. To date, the use of this device is limited, since it can be used only on dark hairs and fair skin. In addition, the speed of exposure of this device is low compared to others.

An armpit laser hair removal device is brought directly to the site with excess vegetation

Alexandrite and diode lasers are the most popular today. Epilation with their use has several advantages:

  • Comfort procedure. With classical methods of depilation, the delicate skin of the armpits is easily damaged. And with laser exposure unpleasant consequences in the form of irritation and redness are minimal or absent altogether.
  • Long lasting effect. After laser hair removal, it is much longer than after standard shaving or wax depilation. The hairs become weak, their growth slows down after the first session. The effect is noticeable for 1–2 months (depending on the characteristics of the hair structure).
  • Efficiency. If you calculate how much money a woman spends on a shaving machine, shaving foam, wax depilation or shugaring during her life, then the cost of a dozen sessions of laser hair removal will not exceed this amount.

Features of preparation for the procedure

To get the desired result from the procedure, you need to carefully prepare for it. First of all you should know: the greater the difference between the color of the hair and the skin, the better the hair will absorb the laser beams. Therefore, in the event that you decide to undergo a course of such hair removal, do not sunbathe and do not visit the tanning salon for 2 weeks before the procedure. Also, 14 days before going to the salon, do not do wax depilation and do not remove vegetation with a razor. Only a day or two before the procedure, shave off hairs in the armpits. Immediately before the session, clean the skin on this area from deodorant.

The armpits are a fairly sensitive area, so you can use special creams for pain relief (it is worth agreeing with a specialist). Modern devices are equipped with cooling systems, which reduces the pain, but still many women experience discomfort during the procedure.

How many sessions will be needed

Laser radiation affects only those hairs that are in a state of growth, that is, only 5–30% of all vegetation in the epilated area. Because of this, the procedure must be repeated periodically to achieve perfect smoothness. Laser-affected hairs will grow more slowly or disappear altogether. But there will be others who were in a “sleeping” state at the time of the session. The period of hair changes can take from 8 months to 2 years.

As a rule, after 4 sessions, new hair appears much less (less than 40% germinates). At the same time, no one can guarantee that there will be no vegetation after all of the full course. This is influenced by many factors, including endocrine disorders, hormonal changes, etc.

Important to remember. As a rule, after a full course the skin remains smooth for 6 years. But you need to adhere to an important rule: you cannot use other methods of depilation between sessions. The only thing that is permissible is the shaving of the armpits with an ordinary machine.

The number of sessions required to achieve perfect smoothness varies. Everything is very individual and depends on the characteristics of the woman's body. When you first visit the salon you will not be told the exact number of procedures. This will become clear at least after the fifth session. Usually, 6–9 laser hair removal procedures are required to achieve the desired result.

After the first session, it may seem to you that the laser-affected hairs began to grow.But in fact, it falls out of their internal particles, which were located in the remote follicles. This continues for 1–4 weeks. Do not remove such hairs with a razor or tweezers, do not wax the depilation. Wait a week and use a body scrub. This will help get rid of the falling out hairs.

After the first session, vegetation in the armpits is still present.

After a couple of weeks, the skin will become perfectly smooth, but a little later vegetation will appear on it again. These will be hairs that “entered” into the growth stage. Think of it as a signal that you need to visit the salon again and repeat the hair removal. In the armpit zone, new vegetation usually appears after 1.5 months.

Sometimes after the first two sessions, the hair begins to grow very quickly. But do not worry - it is a stimulating effect from exposure to the laser. After mass germination, hair is much better removed.

After the third session, new hairs become thinner and softer.

Contraindications and recommendations

As with any hardware procedure, armpit laser hair removal has its own contraindications. Among them:

  • oncological diseases,
  • tuberculosis (active stage),
  • blood diseases
  • diabetes,
  • infectious diseases,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • sensitivity to light
  • thyroid dysfunction.
  • the presence of birthmarks on the skin that will be subjected to the procedure,
  • flu and SARS,
  • acute herpes
  • varicose veins,
  • the presence of burns on the skin
  • propensity for keloid scars,
  • scratches on the skin,
  • age before puberty.

In some clinics, laser hair removal is not done to clients who have not yet turned 18, or ask for written permission from their parents. Also note that sometimes women have an individual intolerance to this procedure. Therefore, to start, ask a specialist to treat you only a small area of ​​skin. And for the fair sex with too light or gray hair procedure may be generally useless.

On a note. Before laser hair removal, you should visit a doctor who will make a conclusion about your state of health.

Reviews of women on laser armpit hair removal

I hate excess vegetation. Almost the only option for many years was a depilatory cream, but how tiresome it is to remove unnecessary hair every 2 days! And then I decided to try the miracle method: laser hair removal. Hair after a session does not fall out immediately, but after a week or two. About a month you can live in peace, and then the hairs begin to appear again, with each session - more and more thin and slightly pigmented, but nevertheless, they grow. If your skin does not tolerate standard methods of hair removal and material capabilities allow, laser is a fairly effective way to remove hair. In other cases, it is possible to do without it, preferring cheaper and proven methods.


Hello! Nature rewarded me with thick, fast-growing, strong and healthy hair. Under the arms. And now it has happened! Our collective farm was finally brought a miracle machine, on which I had high hopes! He promised to remove all my vegetation absolutely FOR FREE and FOREVER! A couple of weeks the hairs grew in their usual rhythm, I was already beginning to be indignant, when suddenly they began to disappear. Fall out to put it simply. Until not completely disappeared. After the second procedure, the hair began to grow. I really did not like it. After the third - disappeared again, and after the fourth - began to grow again. After the last procedure began to grow after about six months. Believe me, you forget about hair! Forget about shaving! I have done five or six procedures and today two years have passed. So I tell you: hair grows, but, firstly, there are few of them, secondly, they are weak and thin, and thirdly, they grow more slowly. I shave my hair with a regular razor from the “All three pennies” stall once or twice a week, if I remember, and usually every couple of weeks.


When I was 29 years old, I decided that, perhaps, it would be enough to be hostage to depilation and it’s time to end shaggy once and for all. Two or three seconds before each flash your skin is frozen (in the place of the supposed flash). In the first couple of times, when there are still a lot of hair follicles, a characteristic click is clearly heard during a flash and a smell of burning is felt. Laser-irradiated hairs begin to fall out only after 14–21 days. Then you go absolutely smooth for a couple of weeks. In the second procedure, the flash power is increased. And for me it was just torture. To say that it was painful - to say nothing. I could not hold back tears and shuddered at every flash. The beautician suggested that I come some other day and use Emla cream before the procedure. After each procedure, more and more follicles are killed. The percentage of newly growing hairs becomes much less. Armpit hair has become thinner, softer, less.

Lina malinova

If you decide to do an axillary laser hair removal, visit the salon with a good reputation. Before the procedure, you should be examined by a specialist who will study the structure of your hair and determine the degree of skin sensitivity. Given these characteristics, he will create for you an individual plan for laser hair removal. Do not forget to consult with a general practitioner regarding the possible presence of contraindications. Only in this case, the procedure will be safe and efficient. Be beautiful!

Watch the video: FINAL LASER HAIR REMOVAL RESULTS AFTER 6TH TREATMENT Underarms & Bikini Line (December 2019).