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Blefarogel in cosmetology: properties and application

Ophthalmologic remedy Blefarogel 1 is a bioactive drug that helps to remove bags under the eyes, puffiness, and also restore skin elasticity and freshness. It has a calming effect on irritation, moisturizes the epidermis. The drug is applied along the eyelashes, on the lower or upper eyelid. The tool has many beneficial ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Blefarogel for eyes

The skin on the upper and lower eyelids is considered the most sensitive, it is more susceptible to the influence of the external environment. Eye Gel Blefarogel 1 accelerates blood circulation, eliminates itching, burning. Thanks to the active components of the composition, the metabolic processes in the dermis are improved, the production of sebaceous glands is stabilized, mimic wrinkles are eliminated. Because of the latter property, Blefarogel for the eyelids began to be actively used in cosmetology. The drug is indicated in the following cases:

  • with blepharitis (inflammation of the epidermis on the eyelids),
  • when wearing contact lenses, long work at the computer,
  • to eliminate the age signs of aging, bags, bruises under the eyes,
  • with barley.

Blefarogel for the skin around the eyes is shown to everyone, because It contains hypoallergenic substances with moisturizing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory function. The drug consists of aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, water, preservatives and carbomer. The tool is more often used as a prevention of inflammation of the eyelid skin than for cosmetic purposes. The table below shows the main components, their properties:

Hyaluronic acid (90%)

It has a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect, gives the skin elasticity. The component is used in all anti-aging creams.

The substance has a vegetable origin, nourishes the skin with amino acids, vitamins. It is considered an excellent antiseptic, removes swelling, normalizes the production of sebaceous glands.

Softens the skin of the eyelids, protects the epidermis from external influence.

Promotes cell division, destroys their cornified layers, creates new ones.

It has an antiseptic effect, is used as a preservative.

Used as a thickening agent.

Blefarogel application

The drug is made in Russia, used for the treatment and prevention of ocular edema, elimination of dry eye syndrome, with barley, blepharitis, demodicosis. They also prescribe a drug for people who work at night, spend a lot of time in front of the monitor screen. Reviews cosmetologists say that to eliminate wrinkles, it is recommended to use a similar tool - Blefarogel 2. The composition is almost the same, but it contains more ingredients that are beneficial for the skin of the face.

From bags under the eyes

Hyaluronic acid from bags under the eyes helps better than other means. It normalizes the water balance in the skin of the eyelids, moisturizes it, gives elasticity, and is suitable for the treatment of blepharitis. Thanks to aloe, blood flow improves in the dermis layers. Because of this, swelling under the eyes blur, the skin becomes even shade. The total impact of the two main components of the composition globally affects the bags under the eyes.

For the treatment of allergic blepharitis, it is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment with medication. Otherwise, judging by the reviews, for a better effect and a quick removal of edema, it is recommended to apply the gel with light massage movements. This will improve circulation, and the outflow of secretion of meibomian glands will return to normal. After applying the cream:

  1. production of the tear film becomes stable,
  2. the feeling of tired eyes is eliminated.

The drug contains components that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract are used in almost all modern cosmetic creams. Blefarogel 2 and 1 slow down the aging process, saturate the skin with collagen. However, the preparation is useless for deep wrinkles of old age, it will be more effective to make botox, hyaluronic injections of beauty together with the gel.

To get rid of wrinkles around the eyelids, you need to spread the cream once a day, not forgetting about the massage, to speed up the blood flow. The effect is not immediately noticeable, but after 2 weeks of regular use. The course of using Blefarogel - 1-1.5 months. You need to apply the gel before bedtime, on a pre-cleansed face. Then you need to apply the tool on a cotton pad and literally press it into the place of wrinkles, then make a light acupressure.

Blepharogel is indicated for eye diseases: treatment of demodicosis, barley, blepharitis, dry eye, for relieving fatigue after a lens / computer / artificial light. To get rid of the growth in the form of barley, you need to smear a sore spot 3 times a day, and also take care of hygienic care. It is important to observe sterility, to wash hands before each use. Barley resorption begins after a week of use, the course of treatment is a month. Then you need another week to use the drug for the prevention of barley.

With eye inflammation

A dangerous form of eye inflammation is Demodex (one of the causes of demodicosis). There are other types of irritation: blepharitis of different etiologies, eye fatigue, dryness syndrome, pollinous blepharoconjunctivitis. It is recommended to use every morning after washing and at night. If you have any illnesses, you should immediately change the bed linen, it can be a source of infection. Avoid:

  • to paint the eyes of someone else's mascara,
  • use untreated tools (tweezers, eyelash clips),
  • close contact with infected people, pets.

Blefarogel 1 - instructions for use

Before applying Blefarogel, you must remove the lenses, wipe off cosmetics with lotion, and wash with warm water. The course of treatment with a gel is determined individually; it cannot be stopped until the manifestations of the disease disappear. Work order:

  1. Spread a little gel on the hand and evenly distribute over the eyelid.
  2. Let it soak in a circular massage motion. The duration of the procedure is at least 2 minutes. Movement should be soft, so as not to injure the skin of the eyelids.
  3. In chronic blepharitis, doctors should use the remedy in the morning and evening.
  4. For the prevention of eye diseases, the agent is used once a day - before bedtime. This will help relieve eyelid fatigue, remove bags, smooth facial wrinkles.


Among the indications can be identified individual intolerance to the components in the composition. The presence of allergic reactions to Blefarogel can be checked in a simple way. Take a little gel and apply on hand, leave it for half an hour. If no itching, redness or burning is detected after this period, then the drug can be used without a doctor's prescription.

The drug Blefarogel in some clinical cases does not help with severe chronic inflammation. In this case, additional remedies are prescribed to reduce symptoms. Even in patients there is an individual intolerance to the substances in the composition, then it is necessary to select the drug based on the proposed analogues. Popular alternatives to Blefarogel (sulfur preparations):

  • Dexodem Cream liquid is used to treat all areas of the face, not just the skin of the eyelids. The drug has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin elasticity.
  • Demazol. The composition includes chamomile extract and olive oil. The components soften the skin, saturate it, prevent the development of demodicosis, eliminate the manifestation of acne.
  • Blefarolion. It is a liquid essence that is suitable for nourishing the skin of the eyelids with moisture. The tool eliminates dead epithelium, reduces the risk of developing eye infections.

Teagel or Blefarogel - which is better

Both drugs have significant benefits. Teagel removes serous mucus from the eyelids, eyelashes, helps to remove dead cells, saturates the epidermis with useful substances. The tool is considered hypoallergenic, does not cause itching. Teagel absorbs better, does not leave marks on the face. But hyaluronic acid from the bags under the eyes, wrinkles are contained in Blefarogel.

Below is a comparative table with the advantages of each tool:

  • can be used for cosmetic, therapeutic, prophylactic purposes,
  • unobtrusive smell
  • eliminates mimic wrinkles,
  • slows aging
  • Buy blefarogel 1 can be at an affordable price.

  • large volume, the tool is consumed slowly,
  • does not cause allergies
  • well absorbed
  • not addictive,
  • no preservatives
  • treats chronic demodicosis.

Specify the actual prices from the table below:

Price in Moscow and the region, rubles

Blefarogel, bottle, 15 ml

Teagel Steri-Fri gel for eyelid and eyelash hygiene, 30 g

Dexodem PHYTO cream-gel 10 ml

Demazol, cream, 10 g

Blefarolion, for eyelids, 15 ml

Victoria, 33 years old I work as an accountant in an office. Sitting work has many drawbacks. Recently I noticed that my eyes began to get very tired. It’s impossible to concentrate on doing tasks. A familiar doctor said smear eyelids with Blefarogel cream. It is a cheap drug, no complaints. After a week of application I began to feel much more cheerful.

Andrew, 42 years old After the vacation, he found that his eyelids were swollen. Soon itching added to the reddening. The doctor diagnosed blepharitis in advanced degree. Prescribed various ointments and creams. I was helped by Blefarogel and Teagel together. I smeared their eyelids 3 times a day, after 2 months the swelling passed, which was very pleasing. Now I use for the prevention of blepharitis.

Julia, 22 A month ago, was driving in a car with an open window. The next morning I wake up and feel something unpleasant near my eye. I looked in the mirror - barley. For a young girl this is a disaster, I decided to quickly get rid of. Tried a lot of money, helped dexodem. Blefarogel didn’t notice a strong effect, maybe it is needed for prophylaxis.

Skin problems

The skin of the face is constantly exposed to the following factors, which worsens its condition:

  • direct sunlight
  • bad environment
  • dry air and hypothermia
  • sharp temperature drops,
  • errors in the use of cosmetics or face care products.

In this case, the woman does not always think about the care of the areas around the eyes. And after all, it is here that the skin is the most delicate, easily damaged. This skin requires the most thorough care.

As a result of inadequate care of the skin around the eyes, the following problems appear:

  • peeling,
  • swelling and folds
  • dark circles
  • bags under the eyes
  • redness of the eyelids
  • itching and tearing.

Conjunctivitis, blepharitis, demodicosis, ie such diseases that cause pathogens that enter the body through microcracks in the skin.

Blefarogel not only combats these disorders, but is also a prophylactic agent for eye diseases.

Drug release form and its effect

Hygiene is available in the form of a gel, packaged in plastic bottles. Its volume is 15 ml. This amount of the applied means is calculated exactly on 1 course. The gel does not have a pungent odor. It does not spread over the surface of the skin. Capacity itself is convenient to use.

The bottle is packed in a cardboard box. A leaflet with a detailed description of the drug and the storage conditions of the drug is attached to the product.

To know about the effect of the drug, it is worth considering in more detail its main components:

  1. Aloe vera. This component of plant origin is used in many cosmetics, especially for age purposes. The skin around the eyes while receiving adequate nutrition, thereby eliminating eyelid fatigue.
  2. . Many are familiar with this substance in beauty shots, which are made mostly mature ladies. With the help of Blefarogel can achieve results similar to these injections. You need to systematically apply the gel on the skin under the eyes, and premature wrinkles will not bother you. Hyaluronic acid is an important component in this preparation.

The tool successfully copes with blepharitis, while experts recommend to apply the gel for the prevention of the disease. In particular, it is necessary for those who:

  • long sitting at the computer
  • uses contact lenses for vision correction,
  • susceptible to allergies in the mucous eyes.

Anti-wrinkle blepharogel is used daily. This tool is very carefully applied to the area around the eyes, it is necessary to prevent its contact with the mucous membrane.

Do not forget that Blefarogel is a drug. Therefore, Blefarogel 2, which contains in its composition of medical sulfur, should not be used without consulting a doctor. That is, Blefarogel 1 for wrinkles can be used as a cosmetic and prophylactic agent. While the second drug is used only for medical reasons.

  1. If you use contact lenses, then after applying the gel should not wear them for about half an hour. The tool must be completely absorbed into the skin and well absorbed by the epithelium. Otherwise, it is possible for the remnants of the gel to penetrate the mucous membrane, which leads to its burning and tearing.
  2. If a person is allergic to a number of medicines, then blepharogel from bags under the eyes for the first time should be used with extreme caution. If you know that one of the components of the drug is contraindicated to you, then you should not risk it. It is better to completely abandon the use of funds and do not apply Blefarogel under the eyes.

Instructions for use

Before use, first clean the skin and apply the agent in a rubbing motion. This should be done 1-2 times a day. To achieve the desired result, you must use Blefarogel for 30-35 days. Maximum 45 days, but not longer.

If demodecosis was diagnosed, then Blefarogel 2 is applied 2 times a day on the eyelid area and in the eyelash growth zone. This is done with a cotton swab. After that, the gel is rubbed into the skin with massaging movements for 1-2 minutes. It is advisable to first clean the skin at the site of application of the medicine tincture of eucalyptus or calendula. Make sure that Blefarogel 2 does not get in your eyes, because it will cause a burning sensation.

Blefarogel 2 is also used against wrinkles. This is due to the fact that the drug has a moisturizing effect, with the result that the skin becomes elastic and elastic. But at the same time Blefarogel 2 is not able to stop the aging process. The process of applying Blefarogel is as follows:

  1. The gel is applied to the skin with wrinkles in a thick layer and rubbed with massaging movements. This is done 3 times a day. The effect will be noticeable in a week. The course lasts for 3 weeks, after which a monthly break is taken, and the procedure is repeated again.
  2. The need for daily use due to the rapid result. Apply the product before going to bed, so it will be better to act. Remember to cleanse your face before the procedure and then apply a nourishing cream. After 20 minutes, you can begin a session of applying the gel. Where there is a collection of wrinkles, rub the gel carefully.

Analogs of Blefarogel

There are a number of medicines that are similar in purpose and properties to this drug. Blefarogel has the following analogues:

  • Demazol - this cream is designed for the eyelids, has a wide spectrum of action, it is used for edema, burning, itching, redness, inflammatory processes,
  • Floksal - antimicrobial eye drops,
  • Blefarolion is used for eyelid hygiene,
  • Teagel - a product for everyday care of sensitive skin in the eyelids, which is well suited for people who use lenses for vision correction.

The pursuit of youth and beauty is the goal of any woman, no matter what age she is. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right care product. But to do it yourself and even without knowledge of the questions of cosmetology is not recommended.

In traditional medical practice, Blefarogel is used to treat demodicosis and blepharitis. But, in addition to its pronounced therapeutic properties, this tool has a cosmetic effect. This allows you to use Blefarogel bags under the eyes, as well as small wrinkles and dark circles.

Composition Blefarogel: the main active substances

Blefarogel contains special components that help to perform certain functions. This tool has a complex effect on the eyelid skin and provides a good cosmetic effect. The area around the eyes begins to "shine" after several weeks of use. The gel contains the following active ingredients:

  1. Aloe juice . This plant has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, aloe juice helps to detoxify the skin. It contains salicylic acid and various amino acids. In addition, this substance is an excellent anti-aging agent. Also, a similar component has anti-edematous properties. This is what allows you to use Blefarogel from bags under the eyes. In addition to these properties, extract from aloe helps to eliminate fatigue and improve metabolic processes. Due to the fact that the drug penetrates through the skin to the mucous membrane of the eyes, it removes their dryness.
  2. Glycerol . This component not only moisturizes, but also softens the upper layers of the dermis around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid in combination with glycerin helps to create a barrier on the skin. It looks like a film and prevents the penetration of pathogenic microflora. The action of such components due to the fact that glycerin binds water molecules. This prevents their evaporation. As a result, the skin around the eyes remains moist for a long time.
  3. Hyaluronic acid . This substance helps to remove inflammation and has an active moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid is the basis of Blefarogel. It not only controls the moisture balance in the skin, but also helps to eliminate inflammation. This action helps to rejuvenate the upper layers of the dermis. This can be seen in a few days.
  4. Water with deionized composition . It has a regenerating effect on the skin, accelerating cell division.

Carbomer, methylparaben and propylparaben are used as additional active substances in Blefarogel. They serve as preservatives and thickeners.

Indications for the use of such funds are:

  • severe eyestrain,
  • inflammation and swelling of the eyelids,
  • peeling of the skin around the eyes,
  • blepharitis caused by exposure to allergies,
  • eye care and protection while wearing contact lenses.

Also, buying Blefarogel 1, the use of which is recommended by many doctors, you can get rid of barley. In addition, this drug is used to prevent such a disease. If you use this tool with the same frequency, you can remove the bags under the eyes.

In addition, the use of Blefarogel serves as an excellent method for perfecting the skin around the eyes. Not everyone knows, but with it you can even add growth to the eyelashes. Just 1.5 months of use is enough for them to become much longer. In addition, this gel helps to effectively get rid of age and mimic wrinkles.

In order that bags under eyes never disturbed, means needs to be used every day. The optimal time for applying Blefarogel is before bedtime. This gel should be applied in a dense layer, in a large volume.

It will be possible to see how the skin under the eyes has changed already after 2-3 days. According to reviews of consumers who have used such a drug, not only bags, but also edema with wrinkles disappear. Although with too deep wrinkles, this tool will not cope.

How to use Blefarogel to act? You should know that applying the tool, you need to gently massage the eyelids. It is necessary to be careful, otherwise it is possible to damage the mucous membrane of the eyes. If the drug still got to this area, you should immediately seek medical help. Before the doctor arrives, you should flush your eyes for 5-0 minutes. In addition, before starting the procedure, remove the contact lenses.

Hyaluronic acid from bags under the eyes

Many women are interested in the question of how hyaluronic acid works from bags under the eyes? The way in which such a substance is used is called redermalization. This technique has been used in beauty salons relatively recently. With this procedure, you can quickly remove not only bags under the eyes.

Hyaluronic acid injections will help to cope with mimic wrinkles. In addition to this component in the preparation is sodium succinate. It promotes better penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. Such "beauty shots" activate metabolic processes, moisturize the area around the eyes, and also improve blood circulation. In addition, hyaluronic acid in combination with sodium succinate contributes to the saturation of the skin with necessary substances.

How many procedures are needed to achieve a great result? As a rule, it is enough just 2 or 3 times so that there is no trace of the bags under the eyes. As for the effect, it will last for a year.

Teagel or Blefarogel which is better to use?

To choose which means are more effective, you can get acquainted with the effect of both drugs. Find out, Teagel or Blefarogel, which is better, you can on the example of their effect on the skin. For example, Teagel contributes to the dissolution of serous mucus in the eyelids, as well as the removal of pollution. It acts on the horny skin particles, helping to prevent their layering. As a result, the skin becomes softer and becomes fresher. In addition, Theagel blocks the emergence of new facial wrinkles.

As for the analogue of this tool - Blefarogel, it has similar properties. The drug has a complex effect on the structure of the skin around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid in the composition helps to cleanse the skin and maintains its elasticity. In addition, this gel prevents the area around the eyes from drying out and moisturizes it.

This tool, like its counterpart, helps to block the early appearance of mimic wrinkles. Blefarogel, as well as Teagel, removes small inflammatory processes around the eyes. In addition, both of these drugs easily cope with traces of eye fatigue. Therefore, choosing what is better Teagel or Blefarogel from bags under the eyes, it is best to focus on the price. The effect of such means is almost the same. Reviews on this topic can read or write your opinion on the forum.

The skin of the face is very delicate, so it needs regular gentle care, especially over the years, when it becomes less elastic. Many women are looking for perfect masks and creams to preserve their beauty. One of these remedies is blepharogel for wrinkles, consider what feedback there are about it, whether reviews have been confirmed by doctors, and what effect to expect from the drug.

What is a drug

This drug is a drug that has a complex effect on the eyelids, it is used for dryness and swelling of the eyelids, for desquamation, barley and other problems of the eye system. Although this tool has a very specific purpose, it is increasingly beginning to apply from the wrinkles under the eyelids. The effect is justified by the fact that the preparation contains hyaluronic acid, and this substance is known to have a rejuvenating effect on the epidermis.

Blefarogel includes the following active ingredients:

  • . This natural ingredient reduces skin irritation and eliminates inflammatory processes. In addition, it accelerates the process of regeneration of dermal cells,
  • Hyaluronic acid is characterized by a pronounced anti-aging property, in addition, it has an antibacterial effect. In addition, hyaluronka retains moisture in the skin, so it does not lose elasticity,
  • Carbomer - artificially derived thickener,
  • - a substance that has a moisturizing effect,
  • Methylalaben is an artificial preservative.

Varieties of the drug and their features

It should be borne in mind that there are two separate types of this drug:

  • Blefarogel number 1 is prescribed for the treatment of blepharitis, that is, inflammation of the eyelids, in which their edges begin to itch, blush and swell. The composition of this type of drug includes hyaluronka, which makes the dermis softer, more elastic, and supports moisture in it. That is why blefarogel number 1 is suitable for eliminating wrinkles,
  • It is prescribed for demodicosis of the eyelids, in which the eyelids are flaky and itchy, as well as for the treatment of barley. Blefarogel 2 from the wrinkles is not used, because it does not contain hyaluronic.

Outwardly, both types of drug are different, so they can not be confused.

Indications for use of the drug

Although initially Blefarogel No. 1 has other indications, it is recommended to be used with the following skin changes:

  • Dryness of the dermis caused by a shortage of nutrients or moisture
  • The formation of small facial wrinkles,
  • Prevention to slow down the aging process of the skin around the eyes,
  • Acne prone skin
  • The appearance of deep age folds on the skin.

Use of the drug in cosmetology

In cosmetology, it is the kind of drug blefarogel 1 that is used: reviews confirm that it allows you to get rid of the following problems:

  • Eliminates excessive dry skin
  • Rid of dead cells,
  • Reduces lethargy of the dermis.

Also, this drug can sometimes be used for the purpose of hygienic care, it is especially recommended if contact lenses are used, as it relieves inflammation.

Instructions for use of the anti-wrinkle drug

The tool is applied twice a day for eyelids lightly slaps. To obtain the maximum effect of rejuvenation, the drug should be used for at least 1.5 months. There are some recommendations for using the product in order to eliminate wrinkles on the face and under the eyes:

  • Before applying the blepharogel, the skin is cleaned and steamed, so the tool will better penetrate deep into the dermis,
  • After the procedure, it is undesirable to apply decorative cosmetics,
  • If, after using the ointment, itching is felt or the skin is strongly tightened, wash it off immediately. Such symptoms may be due to an allergic reaction, in this case it is not recommended to use blefarogel,
  • Do not apply the gel directly before bedtime, because it is completely absorbed by the skin and in the morning the tender skin of the eyelids may swell,
  • Before using blefarogel, you should not put on the skin other cosmetics
  • To blepharogel better absorbed, you can perform light massaging movements, but you should work only with your fingertips, so as not to injure the skin,
  • If you are allergic to one of the components of blefarogel it can not be used,
  • It is forbidden to combine this gel with other similar drugs, which are not directly intended to rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids,
  • If lenses are used, they must be removed before applying the ointment. You can put them on again only after half an hour, when the drug is fully absorbed,
  • Do not use blefarogel with a broken shelf life, if it was stored incorrectly, and if the integrity of its packaging is damaged.

Precautionary measures

Before you apply the gel on the face and the area around the eyes, you must perform an allergy test, smearing a little on the wrist and holding it for several hours. If the skin does not redden, there is no irritation, then the product is suitable for use on the face.

When applying blefarogel forever you need to make sure that it does not touch the cornea. If this happens, the eyes should be immediately rinsed with warm water.

The results of using the gel

In order for the blepharogel against wrinkles around the eyes to produce results, at least 3 weeks must pass, then the first signs of improvement can be noticed. After a full course of blepharogel gives the following results:

  • Improving overall skin tone,
  • Freedom from small mimic folds,
  • Reducing deep wrinkles
  • Active hydration of the skin, especially near the eyes,
  • Getting rid of dry skin
  • Increase the elasticity of the dermis,
  • Getting rid of irritation
  • Skin cleansing
  • Getting rid of blackheads
  • Normalization of blood circulation in the epidermis,
  • Microbial eradication
  • Activation of the respiratory function of the dermis.

When using this gel, it should be borne in mind that it is not intended directly to combat age-related changes, so the manufacturer does not guarantee anything regarding rejuvenation.

Opinions of doctors

Doctors warn patients who are prone to allergic reactions to use blefarogel as a means of rejuvenation. Today, the market of cosmetology offers a wide variety of creams and gels based on hyaluronic acid and aloe juice, which are aimed specifically at fighting wrinkles. Therefore, the use of drugs for this purpose is not too reasonable.

If it is difficult to choose a wrinkle cream on your own, you can contact a dermatologist or a cosmetician for help, in which case the most effective remedy will be found.

The composition of "Blefarogel"

"Blefarogel" is a drug that is prescribed for blepharitis and other eye diseases and ailments associated with the eyelid area. However, despite the direct purpose, this medication has found another use. In particular, it can be used to fight wrinkles around the eyes. "Blefarogel" really helps against wrinkles, because it contains hyaluronic acid, known for its rejuvenating effect.

Among the active components of the drug should be highlighted:

  1. Aloe vera juice. The component helps to remove the inflammatory process and remove irritation on the skin. In addition, natural juice restores epidermal cells.
  2. Glycerol. Contained in the composition for additional hydration of the skin.
  3. Hyaluronic acid. It is a means of retaining moisture inside the skin cells and counteracting the inflammatory process. Also, this substance contributes to the rejuvenation of the dermis, eliminates bacteria and microbes.

If you are going to use Blefarogel to eliminate the signs of aging, then you should take into account that there are two types of drugs:

  1. "Blefarogel 1". The same drug with hyaluronic acid in the composition. This component helps to fight wrinkles, because it develops healthy cells in the skin, and the surface of the skin itself becomes soft and supple.
  2. "Blefarogel 2". Hyaluronic acid is absent in the composition, which is why it should not be used to combat wrinkles in the eyelid area.

What is the drug prescribed

Initially, the gel was not used as a remedy for wrinkles, but because of the widespread information among the people about its beneficial properties, people use it to:

  • eliminate dry skin and normalize the moisture balance in the dermis,
  • fight rashes, irritation and acne,
  • remove early wrinkles
  • reduce visually deep wrinkles that appear in adulthood,
  • make the signs of aging less noticeable and slow down the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

"Blefarogel" is applied in the area around the eyes only after testing for allergy to the components of the product. To do this, apply a little ointment on your wrist, and then wait a while. If you have not noticed redness of the skin surface, unpleasant painful sensations and a burning sensation, then the product suits you.

When using the ointment, make sure that it does not fall on the cornea of ​​the eye. If this still happened, do not panic, but simply wash your eyes with clean water of warm temperature.

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In which cases you can not use the medication.

Blefarogel against wrinkles around the eyes is not recommended for use in the following cases:

  • with weak immunity,
  • in case of an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drug,
  • if you have teary eyes,
  • with sensitive skin
  • in the presence of skin diseases (various dermatitis, eczema and other inflammations),
  • in the presence of open wounds and injured areas of the skin surface,
  • if the skin on the face festers.

Also, do not forget that "Blefarogel" should be carefully applied during pregnancy and lactation. Before using this medicinal product to rejuvenate the skin while carrying a baby, it is necessary to consult a specialist without fail. In most cases, doctors do not advise women to use Blefarogel.

Cosmetic use

Anti-wrinkle blepharogel is used to:

  • moisturize the dermis
  • to regenerate skin cells,
  • to eliminate dead particles in the skin,
  • to give the skin elasticity and firmness.

"Blefarogel number 1" also helps to cleanse the dermis, eliminate rashes and inflammation. Another gel is used to care for the eye area and the eyelids with a preventive purpose, to prevent inflammation. In particular, this is true for those who wear lenses.

How to use "Blefarogel"

There are a number of recommendations that must be considered when using the drug:

  1. The gel is applied 2 times a day, in light movements, similar to patting.
  2. The course of skin recovery with this drug should be at least 1.5 months.
  3. For better absorption of the gel into the deeper layers of the skin, it is recommended to apply it to the skin after cleansing. You also need to steam it.
  4. Before applying the ointment do not use other medicinal and cosmetic products for the skin. In addition, after applying "Blefarogel" you should not make up with decorative cosmetics, so that the eyes are not subject to irritation.
  5. If you have applied the gel for the first time, and then there is a burning sensation, tight skin and severe itching, immediately wash it off. Then you must always see a doctor. It is possible that this is an organism reaction to an allergen. In such a situation, the use of the gel is unacceptable.
  6. Do not apply ointment directly overnight. The drug is quickly absorbed, so in the morning you can get swelling in the eyelids as a result.
  7. For better absorption of the gel, you can rub the product by massaging the skin with your fingers. However, do not push or pull too hard, so as not to damage the skin surface.
  8. Always remove contact lenses before application. Put them on again only when it is fully absorbed (as practice shows, it is at least 30 minutes).
  9. Do not combine the ointment with other similar products of medicinal nature.
  10. Do not use Blefarogel in any case after the expiration date. Never apply to the skin means, if you have reason to doubt the tightness of the package.

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For more information on how to use Blefarogel for wrinkles, see the video:

Result of application

The effect of the use of "Blefarogel" will not be visible on the face immediately. In order to make sure that the drug really helps, you need to use it for at least 3 weeks.

After you complete the full course, the following changes will appear on your face:

  • skin tone will increase,
  • deep wrinkles and small early mimic wrinkles will become less noticeable,
  • the skin will be moisturized, including around the eyes,
  • irritations, rashes will disappear, pores will be cleared of dead cells,
  • blood flow will improve
  • There will be less signs of acne on the skin.

If you use “Blefarogel No. 1” to fight wrinkles, then remember that the medicine is not directly directed against such defects on the skin, therefore no guarantees can be required from the manufacturer.

Blefarogel and medical opinion

Doctors refer to the use of this ointment with some caution and do not recommend it to allergies. Doctors say that today at the points of sale you can find a large number of cosmetics that eliminate wrinkles (including the one that contains hyaluronic acid and aloe extract or juice), which is why you need to think several times before using specific medicinal products. In any case, it is better to play it safe and consult with a doctor, as well as a beautician.

Blefarogel is an ophthalmologic remedy for eye and eyelid skin care. There are two types of the drug: Blefarogel 1 and Blefarogel 2. The first is indicated for treatment with blepharitis, which manifests itself as a peeling of the eyelids, redness and unpleasant itching. The second is prescribed for the treatment of demadekoz, the pathogens of which are pathogenic mites.

In addition, Blefarogel is recommended for daily use when wearing lenses, because it removes irritation, inflammation, dry eyes and "heaviness" of the eyelids caused by their use. Another side effect of the positive nature of the drug is the ability to smooth wrinkles.

In general, the effects of using Blefarogel are as follows:

  1. Prevention and treatment of blepharitis, dermadecosis.
  2. Prevention of the development of the dry eye symptom, which is caused by the prolonged wearing of contact lenses, frequent stay at the computer, hereditary predisposition.
  3. Mild cleansing of the dermis of the eyelids from dead cells and dirt accumulated during the day.
  4. The removal of allergic manifestations that have arisen in response to the application of decorative cosmetics or other factors.
  5. Removing the feeling of fatigue, tension of the eyeballs after a busy day of work.
  6. Activation of eyelash growth, improvement of their appearance.
  7. Smoothing deep and eliminating fine wrinkles through deep moisturizing and nourishing of the eyelid skin.

Composition and properties of drugs

Blefarogel is an ophthalmologic agent that is used in medicine for the treatment of various eye diseases of an infectious, mechanical or allergic nature, for blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and eyelid demodicosis.

The drug is produced in two types - Blefarogel 1 and Blefarogel 2. One of them is aimed at combating infectious inflammation of the eyes, the other is designed to relieve fatigue, dryness, burning sensation and sand in the eyes.

In the unrestrained pursuit of youth and beauty, women often use this drug for cosmetic purposes. To understand whether it really has a miraculous effect, one should study the chemical composition, useful properties, application features and precautions.

Blefarogel 2

The composition of the second agent differs only in the presence of sulfur, which cleanses the eyelids, has antimicrobial and bactericidal action, contributes to the normal secretion of clean tears.

Blefarogel 2 is used in the treatment of blepharitis, demodicosis and other infectious diseases of the eye

Blefarogel 2 is usually used against demodicosis (a disease that is provoked by a subcutaneous mite) and blepharitis. Also, the product is effective in the treatment of barley.

The benefits of Blefarogel 1 and 2

Due to the high content of biologically active substances, the drug has a large range of beneficial properties for the eyes and delicate skin of the eyelids.

  • moisturizes and softens the skin
  • protects against the effects of aggressive environmental factors,
  • has a rejuvenating effect, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the delicate skin around the eyes,
  • saturates with vitamins and amino acids
  • has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • relieves swelling and helps to get rid of bags under the eyes,
  • promotes skin cleansing of dead cells and the growth of new ones.

Indications for use

For medical purposes, the drug is popular as an anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and bactericidal agent.

Indications for use:

  • blepharitis of various etiology,
  • treatment of demodicosis century,
  • prevention of recurrence of barley,
  • excessive dry eyes,
  • puffiness of the eyelids
  • allergic reactions, itching and irritation,
  • disruption of the normal functioning of the glands,
  • elimination of eye fatigue with heavy visual loads and overstrain.

Various features

Since gel is a remedy, first of all, a therapeutic one, it is better to get acquainted with its composition and find out in which cases it is indicated to use it. Immediately make a reservation - under the same name sold two drugs. Blefarogel in cosmetology is labeled "1". Blefarogel for medical purposes - "2". To be competent, a woman must know the difference between one and the other.

  • The first is intended for local use around the eyes. Removes uncomfortable condition after long wearing contact lenses, eye fatigue from sitting in front of the computer for a long time, relieves inflammation from overworked eyelids,
  • The second blepharogel from subcutaneous mite, which is called Demodex. The tick settles on the sebaceous glands, as well as at the base of the hairs on the head and eyebrows. The microscopic parasite is not the only problem from which blefarogel 2 protects. It is within its competence to eliminate blepharitis, with different causes. Blepharitis looks like irritation of the edge of the eyelid, and is accompanied by swelling, burning, itching, pain and frothy tears.

Conclusion: Blefarogel 1 and 2 have both a therapeutic and aesthetic effect, which makes it possible to actively use the drug during eye diseases and for prophylaxis.

The composition of the drug

After finding out how the effect of the two gels is different, we will find out which components are the ingredients of the preparations.

  • First, for active bactericidal action aloe juice is included,
  • Secondly, hyaluronic acid is present in the gel to maintain the elasticity of epithelial cells and restore the water balance of the skin.
  • Thirdly, glycerin - protecting cells from external environmental influences, and softening the skin,
  • Fourthly, specially purified water (deionized), which accelerates cell division, and hence the restoration of integuments, and the healing of wounds on the face,
  • Fifth, a complex of components that enhance the antiseptic properties of the gel and its homogeneous structure.

Blefarogel from Demodex subcutaneous mite additionally incorporates a sulfur compound. This component is responsible for the nutrition and saturation of cells with oxygen, improving blood flow, and also acts as an antiallergic agent.

Drug use

To get the desired result, after using this or that gel, you must read the instructions for the drugs.

  • Blefarogel 1: instructions for use

For the skin around the eyes, the first drug has only a cosmetic and rejuvenating effect. Therefore, the use of the gel is reduced to daily cosmetic procedures. The algorithm is simple:

  1. We clean the face and eyelids from makeup and dirt (you can use the usual milk),
  2. Squeeze blefarogel 1 onto a sponge or cotton pad, apply to problem areas (on the area with crow's feet, on the eyelid under the eyebrow and in the region of the cilia),
  3. We are waiting for the complete drying of the gel.

Blefarogel 1 beautician reviews has only positive. There are practically no contraindications for use, only individual intolerance of the components in the gel composition.

Tip: with deep facial wrinkles, the procedure of applying the gel on the eyelid can be repeated up to three times per day. Do not forget to pre-clean the skin.

  • Blefarogel 2 instructions for use

The second gel can be used for the recovery of the century, and for the face. After cleaning the skin, it is necessary to squeeze the gel on the fingertips. Apply with dotted movements on the eyelids and forehead. Tapping and massage movements rub the drug. The gel can be rubbed both in the eyelids and eyebrows, and under the eyes.

  1. With blepharitis diagnosed - apply the gel 2 times a day,
  2. For prophylaxis, once for the night is enough.

In Blefarogel 2 instructions for use contains an indication of the duration of the use of the gel in cases of disease. Brief and accessible it sounds like this:

  1. The second Blefarogel is used until the symptoms disappear,
  2. The first is a three-week course, after which it is worth taking a 30-day break.

Pharmaceutical performance

We will not discuss what is better - gel 1 or two, because they are used in different cases. Just note the positive changes that every girl is sure to notice:

  • Increase skin tone in the eye area,
  • The depth of wrinkles, facial and age wrinkles will decrease, while shallow ones will initially disappear completely,
  • Irritation and dryness will be eliminated
  • Microorganisms will die, which will restore the elasticity of the epidermis and acne will disappear,
  • The skin will begin to "breathe" more intensely, which will improve the complexion and smoothness of the skin,
  • Effective cleansing will update the epidermis, as it will relieve dead skin from dead skin.

For the face, Blefarogel is an excellent prophylactic and therapeutic agent. True, the manufacturer itself does not guarantee the elimination of wrinkles, since other tasks were initially set. So pleasant and useful effect is rather side.

Preventive measures of skin aging

To slow the aging process of the epidermis, you must adhere to the following tips cosmetologists:

  • Face and neck skin care should be regular, it should be cleansed and moisturized. It is imperative to use natural masks to nourish the skin,
  • It is necessary to limit the use of "heavy" decorative cosmetics, which include powder and tonal cream. This makeup dries out the skin, and as a result, it quickly becomes wrinkled,
  • The rest mode affects the skin condition, therefore it is recommended to go to bed and rest more on time,
  • You should not drink alcohol and smoke, these bad habits have a detrimental effect on the skin, it loses moisture, becomes gray, flabbiness appears,
  • It is recommended to avoid contact with skin ultraviolet rays,
  • You can not use cheap decorative cosmetics,
  • You need to eat right, because the skin receives nutrients from the body,
  • It is recommended to monitor facial expressions and abandon excessive manifestations of emotions, as this leads to the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Apply blefarogel as a remedy for wrinkles should be only after consultation with a specialist.

Blefarogel from bags under the eyes, according to cosmetologists and ordinary people who used this tool, really helps to get rid of edema.Despite the fact that the gel is a pharmacy, its unique composition has led to its active use in daily eyelid skin care.

Composition of Blefarogel 1 and Blefarogel 2

The composition of the first and second preparations includes the same components, with the exception of sulfur:

  • Hyaluronic acid. This component is listed first in the formulations of both gels. This acid is responsible for youth and elasticity of the skin. It binds water molecules, thereby regulating the level of moisture, and helps to keep collagen in the cells of the dermis.
  • Pure juice Aloe Vera. Contains many minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It is actively used, as well as in external means of the cosmetic direction, and is a part of preparations for the use inside. It has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, antioxidant effect.
  • Glycerol. It is a component of many face creams. Its main role is moisturizing and softening.
  • Thickeners and stabilizers: propylene glycol, carbomer, methyllarabene and deionized water.
  • Sulfur. Contained only in Blefarogel 2. It is an antiseptic, also prescribed by doctors as an antimicrobial agent. Sulfur copes with sebum, clogging the pores, regulates the water-fat balance of the skin. Also preparations with sulfur content are effective against demodicosis of the eyelids. Ticks that live in the roots of eyelashes cause this disease.

Why may appear bags under the eyes (swelling)

To eliminate any disease, it is necessary to deal with the causes that caused this disease. Swelling under the eyes can be caused by external factors, as well as indicators of diseases of internal organs or allergies.

External, "non-dangerous" factors for the appearance of edema can be:

  • regular drinking of alcoholic beverages,
  • eating high salt foods
  • drink plenty of water (especially before bedtime),
  • constant lack of sleep
  • eye strain from prolonged computer use,
  • cry.

The appearance of bags under the eyes, caused by the factors listed above, is usually of short duration. Appearing in the morning, the puffiness gradually subsides, completely disappearing in the evening. By eliminating the excessive use of highly salty foods, reducing the amount of water you drink at night, spending more time sleeping and using suitable cosmetics, you can easily get rid of edema.

If the bags under the eyes do not pass during the day and are accompanied by:

  • high temperature
  • frequent urination,
  • pain in the lumbar region
  • pains in the nose,
  • acute headache
  • nosebleed,
  • the appearance of a seal under the skin of the eyelids,
  • constant drowsiness, rapid weight gain, weakness, disturbance in the menstruation cycle.

In these cases, one should consult a doctor as soon as possible, since similar symptoms can be indicators of serious diseases.

Using Blepharogels from bags under the eyes is possible only in the first case. When swelling is a consequence of external factors.

What components of the drug help to achieve a stable cosmetic effect?

Despite the fact that the indications for use did not say anything about the removal of bags, puffiness or the removal of wrinkles, the unique composition of Blepharogels makes this preparation an excellent cosmetic product of daily use.

Aloe juice is contained in many products that are aimed at eliminating bags under the eyes. The whole secret lies in its amazing properties:

  • eliminates inflammation,
  • at the cell level, it restores the metabolism,
  • accelerates the regeneration of the skin,
  • moisturizes and disinfects.

In addition, Aloe stimulates the production of its own collagen, which is so effective in combating aging.

This natural component quickly relieves inflammation, which is often the cause of eyelid edema. And such a property of the plant, as the acceleration of metabolism, helps skin cells to quickly remove excess water.

What gel to choose to get rid of bags under the eyes

Blefarogel 2, due to the sulfur contained in it, is an effective remedy against demodicosis. The drug is prescribed for the onset of symptoms of this disease - itching and peeling of the eyelids. The gel kills ticks and cleans the tear ducts.

For daily care, it is better to use Blefarogel 1. Its systematic use will not only reduce the swelling of the eyelids, but also refresh, tighten and smooth the skin. The risk of a disease of barley will decrease, "dryness of an eye" will disappear.

Blefarogel 2, due to the increased content of hyaluronic acid, is also very effective in cosmetic procedures. But this tool is better to use one-time, preferably in masks.

How to apply the drug

Like all drugs, Blefarogeli (their components) can cause an allergic reaction. If after application the eyelids are scratched and the eyes are reddening noticeably, then the gel should be excluded from use.

Before applying the eye area should be cleaned of cosmetics. Gel is convenient to apply, thanks to a thin spout. The drug is odorless and completely transparent, does not flow.

For one use, you need a very small amount, so that the Blefarogels are very economical. If you apply a lot of money, a feeling of tightness and stickiness will appear. It is applied both on the lower and the upper eyelid with light massaging movements. If it gets into your eyes, it may burn slightly, but the discomfort quickly passes and does not require any additional actions.

When using contact lenses, they should be used no less than 20 minutes after applying Blefarogel.

Do not forget that after all Blefarogel pharmacy drug. And, if there are no special indications, it is better to use gel courses, replacing it with other cosmetics.

Where to buy

These tools can be found in almost any pharmacy. To purchase a recipe is not required. Available in tubes of 15 ml, which are in the package containing the instructions.

On the package, the color of the border indicates the release form of the drug. Blefarogel 1 is pink, Blefarogel 2 is yellow.

In pursuit of beauty, some women go to extreme measures. The latter include injections of botulinum toxin and plastic surgery. However, there are more simple and safe methods to improve their appearance. For example, the use of pharmaceutical preparations. But it is necessary to realize that it is possible to do this only if you are aware of side effects, precautionary measures and other nuances. Pharmaceutical preparations used in cosmetology include Blefarogel. Carefully read the chemical composition and other characteristics of the product before applying it.

What is Blefarogel

Blefarogel is a pharmaceutical preparation for external use, which has a complex effect on the area it treats. The tool has two main varieties:

The preparations have the same composition (except for the sulfur content). Both tools can be used externally, but in different ways.

Interestingly, the gels are completely transparent and odorless. In addition, the drugs have a dense texture, and therefore do not spread over the surface of the face.

The cost of both Blefarogel 1 and Blefarogel 2 varies from 220 to 240 rubles for 15 ml of the product. In different regions, the price may vary, but not significantly. Interestingly, the tool even with regular use is spent economically. For one course of application, usually 1-2 packages are sufficient.

Blefarogel has a certain classification of indications:

Blefarogel was originally developed exclusively for:

  • prevent dry eyelids and combat existing pathology,
  • relieving irritation from the delicate area around the eyes,
  • eliminate inflammations
  • recovery of metabolic processes
  • treatment of certain diseases (blepharitis, demodicosis, etc.),
  • struggle with the feeling of heaviness on the eyelids,
  • eliminate other problems with the eye system.

In cosmetology

Today, the drug began to be actively used in cosmetology. In this case, the indications for using Blefarogel are:

  • Dry skin.
  • The tendency of the skin to form comedones and pimples.
  • Small mimic wrinkles.
  • The desire to slow the occurrence of age-related changes on the surface of the face. However, for this purpose, the use of the product is not recommended for up to 25 years. The fact is that at an early age should not use chemical anti-aging drugs, because the skin simply does not need it.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of Blefarogel (both varieties) contains the following main components:

  • Carbomer. It is a product viscosity stabilizer. Interestingly, carbomer also moisturizes the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid. It has pronounced anti-aging and antibacterial properties. In addition, hyaluronic acid effectively relieves inflammation and prevents fluid from leaving cells untimely.
  • Purified water. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Also, aloe juice fights irritations of various nature and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Methylparaben. Is a synthetic preservative.
  • Glycerol. It has a pronounced moisturizing effect on the treated area.

Skin Benefits

When used externally, Blefarogel has the following skin-friendly properties:

  • Cleansing. Thanks to the use of the means of pollution "out" from the pores faster. In addition, Blefarogel cleans the surface of the face from dead particles.
  • Regenerating. Blefarogel, penetrating deep into the skin cells, has a positive effect on their condition. Metabolism is accelerating, which means that damaged tissues begin to recover actively.
  • Anti-inflammatory. The drug effectively fights small pimples and other inflammations. However, it is necessary to realize that acne, which appeared on the basis of hormonal disruption and other serious pathologies, will not cure.
  • Anti-aging. Blefarogel with regular use returns skin turgor, and also smoothes fine lines. But the tool will not be able to eliminate the pronounced hollows and bulges. Interestingly, the drug also prevents early aging of the skin and the premature appearance of irregularities on it.
  • Moisturizing. Due to the presence in its composition of hyaluronic acid and glycerin, Blefarogel contributes to the saturation of skin cells with fluid. Due to this property, the face looks fresher when used.

The effectiveness of blefarogel in cosmetology

Blefarogel is considered an effective remedy for the skin. However, the result is not immediately apparent, but only 3-4 weeks after regular use of the drug. It is after such a period of time the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and moisturized. Effort and patience will be rewarded with the following pleasant effects of using the gel:

  • Skin elasticity.
  • Smoothing fine wrinkles.
  • Freshness of the face.
  • Elimination of dryness and flaking.
  • Acceleration of blood flow.
  • Elimination of pimples and comedones.

However, it is necessary to realize that Blefarogel was not originally intended for use in cosmetology. In this regard, even with the correct and constant use of the drug, the result may not appear. In this case, we can conclude that the tool does not suit you, and then stop using it.

Duration and frequency of use

You can use the product continuously for 1.5–2 months. If the result is pleasant, but there are no unpleasant consequences, use the drug for 8–9 weeks. After that, it is necessary to interrupt for at least the same period, and preferably for a longer time (up to 6 months). The fact is that the skin gets used to the active influence, because of which it stops responding to the drug properly. In addition, do not forget that the tool still contains ingredients that are harmful to cell health, which is why long-term use of Blefarogel may lead to the opposite of the expected effect.

Side Effects and Precautions

Blefarogel, when used on the skin of the face, has only a few side effects. The latter include:

  • Burning. Most often manifested when the funds on the mucous membrane of the eye. However, the burning sensation passes quickly if the affected area is well washed with warm water.
  • Allergic reaction (rash, itching, etc.).

To protect yourself from the side effects of the drug, observe the following precautions:

  • Do not apply Blefarogel over other skincare products (creams, serums, etc.). Thus, you will not allow the drug to act properly and, most likely, harm the health of the skin.
  • If after using the product there are unpleasant consequences on the skin: tightening, itching, rash, etc., immediately consult a doctor.
  • Do not apply the product before going to bed. The fact is that such experiments can cause swelling of the eyelids and the entire face.
  • Remove lenses before using Blefarogel. You can put on the last again after the drug is completely absorbed (but not earlier than 30 minutes after applying the gel).
  • Check the gel for allergies. Lubricate the wrist with the product, then wait a day. If during this time there is no itching, rash and other unpleasant consequences on the skin, you can use the preparation. But keep in mind that individual intolerance may occur when applying the tool on the face. The fact is that on the surface of the latter the skin is more sensitive.
  • Do not use Blefarogel with similar products. The latter include drugs aimed at rejuvenation of the eyelids and the face as a whole. The fact is that the loading dose of the active ingredients is more likely to harm the health of the skin than it will have a positive effect.
  • Do not use an expired drug. The same applies to the gel, the tightness of the package which was originally broken.
  • Do not abuse the tool. Use Blefarogel exclusively in accordance with the recommended dosage and strictly observe the frequency of use.

In the presence of individual intolerance to Blefarogel, the drug can be changed to one of its analogues:

What is Blefarogel?

"Blefarogel" is a liquid mixture for external use, designed to treat and maintain the general condition of the eyelid skin. Separate elements in the composition of the drug can effectively moisturize, nourish and cleanse the skin.

The compositions of the gels are almost identical, but the second preparation contains sulfur, that is, it is more powerful, curative, and not preventive.

There are two types of drugs - "Blefarogel 1" and "Blefarogel 2". The latter is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the century, as well as to provide antidemodecous and antiseptic action. The first type, in turn, is intended for everyday use and is a hygienic means - removes fatigue, discomfort from wearing contact lenses, swelling and redness.

How it helps against wrinkles: the opinion of cosmetologists

In cosmetology, Blefarogel is most often used in places where wrinkles accumulate (around the eyes) or to treat the entire surface of the face. The reason for the use of the drug for cosmetic purposes is the following positive actions that the product has on the problematic skin of the face:

  • Nutrient supply.
  • Acceleration of metabolism and blood flow.
  • Moisturizing flaky skin.
  • Normalization of the sebaceous glands.
  • Giving the skin softness, firmness and elasticity.
  • Getting rid of puffiness, inflammation, acne.
  • Activation of production of elastin and collagen.
  • Leveling skin texture.
  • Smoothing of small mimic wrinkles.

"Blefarogel 1" contains hyaluronic acid (for smoothing wrinkles in cosmetology make injections), aloe vera juice, glycerin and some other components

“Blefarogel 1” is most often used to fight wrinkles, as it is this type that is used for prophylactic purposes and produces a milder effect on wrinkled skin, while “Blefarogel 2” includes sulfur in its composition and is intended for the treatment of skin diseases.

How to apply in cosmetology

The use of the drug is not for its intended purpose, but for cosmetic purposes it requires strict instructions, the rules of which must be strictly followed:

  1. Test. Before you start using Blefarogel, it is necessary to carry out a test - apply a small amount of the product to the wrist or internal elbow bend and monitor the reaction. If no signs of allergy have been observed for the next 24 hours, then you can proceed to the procedure.
  2. Cleansing. Using makeup remover milk, we wash off cosmetics from a further treated skin area and wash with warm water.
  3. Moisturizing. Apply nourishing or moisturizing face cream to cleansed and dry skin. Leave for 20 minutes until fully absorbed.
  4. Application Using a cotton sponge, we rub the gel into the skin with massaging movements, focusing on the wrinkle accumulations, and then leave the product until it is completely dry.

Tip: to achieve greater effect, you need to drive the gel into the skin with your fingertips.

Reviews of women on the application for the skin

I will not advise him, perhaps, as a medicine, he shows himself, I did not have barley, I can not say anything. But if you hear that Blefarogel helped with wrinkles, do not believe it. The drug is definitely not for cosmetology, here he did not show himself at all.


The gel is very pleasant, slippery, one drop will suffice to smudge even on the whole face, if there is such a desire, but I use only for the eyes. The skin around the eyes has become much lighter, saturated with moisture, and the “crow's feet” almost disappeared.

Monica the Thief

I wash my face, use a tonic, then pshikayu thermal water, apply this gel and do an ultrasonic massage, then apply the cream. Has the gel smoothed my first wrinkles? Not by itself, but in the complex, I think it helped.


The use of Blefarogel for cosmetic purposes is a moot point and the answer is ambiguous, as some women are satisfied with the result, and some note its inaction. It should be noted that in any case, the drug does not completely replace professional cosmetic products, therefore, it is best to use it in combination with other creams or to use the medicine for its intended purpose, without resorting to cosmetology.

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