Preparation for shugaring: 6 steps for successful hair removal

Shugaring is a method of hair removal using sugar. To do this, use sugar paste, similar to the thick stretching caramel. Many clients are afraid of the soreness of the procedure, but with shugaring, this should not be feared. This is a painless way to make the skin in the intimate area smooth and well-groomed. Unlike wax depilation, shugaring guarantees the absence of ingrown hairs and a long-term result. The main thing is to prepare for it.

For natural raw materials and essential oils that are part of the paste, shugaring is equivalent to Spa therapy. The product for hair removal does not require much heat, the maximum sugar temperature is 40 degrees. Therefore, burns and inflammations are excluded.

There are several types of shugaring bikini area.

Classic shugaring. It is a hair removal under the line of underwear. The task of the procedure is to ensure that the hair does not look out from under the bikini.

Shugaring Deep Bikini Zones means removing hair from the pubic zone and groin. In this case, the hairs from the interplacial folds and labia remain, as this is a different, separate procedure.

Brazilian depilation - This is the complete removal of all existing hairs from the intimate zone.

Shugaring removes hair from the root without destroying the follicle. So know that in three weeks the hairs will grow back in the same places.

Shugaring - benefits

Shugaring has a number of advantages:

  1. This is a natural safe hypoallergenic method of hair removal.
  2. Sugar is suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to irritation.
  3. Sugar paste is applied to the skin not hot, but warm (37-40 degrees), which eliminates the possibility of burns.
  4. After shugaring there are no bruises, bruises, this is a pleasant care procedure, after which the skin looks delicate, smooth and healthy.
  5. Thanks to the means used before and after the procedure, shugaring belongs to the category of spa services. Some pastes may include essential oils that act as aromatherapy during a session.

Shugaring: Is it painful to perform the procedure for the first time?

Shugaring is considered a comfortable procedure, because, unlike waxing, hairs are removed in the course of growth, which is much more tolerant of sensations than hard pulling out against growth. After the third visit to the office of a beautician pain completely disappear.

This procedure is not painful, but depilation is depilation. Pulling out hairs, especially in delicate areas, will not go completely unnoticed. The longer the hairs, the harder the procedure will be. Therefore, the hair in the depilation zone should be at least 4 millimeters, and a maximum of 8 millimeters. If natural flexibility permits, scissor pubic and groin hairs, removing the extra length. Thereby you will facilitate the work of the master and show respect.

Experts recommend to sign up for shugaring deep bikini zone from one o'clock to three. It is precisely in this temporary portal that the body bears the pain most easily.

If you are very afraid of depilation, take an anesthetic pill, for example, Nise, 40-50 minutes before your visit to the salon.

Remember that during the menstrual cycle, the sensitivity to the procedure of depilation increases, because of what it may seem that everything is more painful than usual. Therefore, it is necessary to refuse and wait until the complete termination of the cycle. If there is an urgent need to perform shugaring deep bikini during an unfavorable period, then use anesthetic creams and lotions. For example, the local anesthetic "Emla", any sprays and ointments containing lidocaine, will do. Of course, the pain will not go away completely, but it will be noticeably easier to move the hair removal in sensitive areas.

Do not use moisturizing lotions on the day of the shugaring. This will prevent the paste from sticking to the skin, which means that it will take several times to apply the paste to pull out unwanted hairs, which will bring additional pain.

Do not drink coffee and alcohol before depilation of the deep bikini zone, because this will only increase the sensitivity of skin receptors.

How to prepare for shugaring

The method of depilation is simple. Sugar paste is applied to the hair, which solidifies. After a few seconds, it is torn off along with the hairs. Shugaring will be especially effective if you follow a number of rules.

  • Before visiting the salon, take care of a hygienic shower. Do not use scrubs and coarse abrasives on the day of depilation.
  • Check the size of the hairs. The master will not be able to deprive too short hairs, but with long beautician will have to tinker, cutting off the excess with scissors.
  • The length of the hairs should be 4 millimeters, not less! Shugaring is not suitable for removing hairs 1-2 millimeters, paste can not grab them and pull out.
  • Limit sunburn before shugaring. Do not attend tanning beds and do not use self-tanning. Transfer the wrapping procedure to another day.
  • A week before visiting the cosmetologist's office, stop pulling out and pulling out hairs.
  • If you are allergic to sugar (cane or white) and to citric acid, then it is better to choose another method of depilation.
  • Two days before going to the salon, scrub those skin areas that will be depilated. This is necessary in order to avoid inflammation after shugaring and prevent the ingrowth of hair. If the scrub does not fit, clean the skin with a gentle gommage.
  • Do not apply creams and lotions to the skin on the day of shugaring. For shugaring skin must be clean and always dry. For degreasing skin baby powder is used, talc.
  • Tune in to the procedure. Feel free to master. Imagine the end result - smooth skin, beautiful hair and well-groomed appearance in the bikini zone.
  • The temperature of the sugar and the room should be very warm. Usually the exact number is indicated on the can of pasta.
  • Master cosmetologist must have experience with the product, otherwise it will not work.
  • Do not try to remove the hair yourself. In the intimate area, all the hairs grow in different directions. They need to be depilated only in the course of growth, and it is simply impossible to do it yourself, since not all the sites are well visible.
  • Check with your cosmetologist if he works with clients during “critical days”. Finding out in advance this intimate moment, you will avoid an incident that can happen during the procedure.

Contraindications for shikaring bikini area

Despite the fact that during menstruation shugaring of the deep bikini zone can be done, if there is no urgent need, refuse and move to a more convenient moment.

Allergic reactions to sugar, honey and citric acid, the main derivatives for the manufacture of pasta. In this case, use a paste made only from fructose.

Shugaring is a harmless procedure, carried out with the help of natural paste, but still it is better to refuse depilation during pregnancy, as tearing out hairs in the intimate area can provoke uterine contraction, leading to fetal hypoxia and spontaneous abortion.

Diabetes mellitus is also a contraindication to shugaring, especially the intimate area. A paste made from sugar can get into the blood through mucous membranes and raise an already high level of sugar in the patient's body. If you have diabetes, then your option is a paste created on fructose or glucose.

Painful sensations during depilation of the deep bikini zone are able to initiate an epilepsy attack in a patient with this ailment.

If there are problems with the vessels and veins, for example, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, phlebitis - then it is better to refuse shugaring, because a harmless procedure can cause exacerbation of the disease.

If there are scratches, acne, cuts and abrasions in the bikini area, postpone the visit to the beautician until complete healing. Mechanical stress during the shugaring procedure further injures the skin. Otherwise, the risk of infection in the broken skin will be high.

Eczema, fungal infections, herpes and dermatitis are also a direct contraindication to sugar depilation.

After treatment with drugs such as "Adapalen" and "Accutane", drugs with the content of retinoids, hormonal drugs - sugaring is not carried out for a year.

Types of pastes for shugaring bikini area

Sugar depilation is performed by three types of pastes - soft, medium and dense. The first paste is intended for thin hairs that are not in the bikini zone. Therefore, for the depilation of the intimate area masters use only dense paste.

The main raw material for the manufacture of pasta is white or cane sugar, fructose or glucose, as well as citric acid and honey. Citric acid serves as a preservative, it is also needed to prevent the process of caramelization and sugaring pasta.

Dense paste suitable for shugaring both in the cabin and at home. Humidity and air temperature are not critical. Such a paste can be used in a bath, bath or sauna. To heat the product, you need a special wax melt, but an ordinary microwave is also suitable.

Depilation technique - manual. The correct temperature of the applied agent is 40 degrees. Paste impose a disposable spatula against hair growth, and tear off the frozen cake in the course of hair growth. In this case, the skin is not injured, a soft peeling takes place, together with hairs, keratinized skin cells are removed. Leftover pasta is removed with thermal water. At the end, moisturizing and nourishing milk is applied.

When choosing a paste for shugaring deep bikini zone, pay attention to the ingredients. Preservatives and dyes in high-quality pasta should not be. The shelf life of sugar paste should not exceed three years. Natural pasta can not be stored longer. The color of the paste resembles transparent amber or delicate pink rose petals. If the product is blue, green or bright red, then dyes have been added that are not suitable for depilation of the intimate area.

Soft, medium and ultra-dense pastes can be mixed with each other, this may be necessary to create an individual density of the composition. The main thing - to choose the desired temperature. It should not be too cool or visibly hot.

In order for the hairs to grow soft and supple, make a shugaring deep bikini area every two weeks. Start preparing for the beach period in two months. The result after depilation with sugar paste lasts up to three weeks, consider this fact when planning a vacation. Between shugaring do not use a razor or depilatory cream, because it will promote the growth of coarse and thick hair. Do the procedure in the cabin.

Remember that 95% of hair is constantly in the growth stage. So do not overdo the deletion.

Now you know how to prepare for shikaringu bikini. Let the sugar depilation become a pleasant spa ritual, not torture.

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Step One: Choosing a Master

The most important, but not the most obvious stage of preparation for shugaring is the choice of the master. There is a good saying: “A miser pays twice.” When it comes to epilation with sugar, low price is not always a guarantee of quality, and often the opposite, a guarantee of complications or not the best result. Using the services of amateurs or beginners, especially if you go to shugaring for the first time, you may encounter increased pain during the procedure, improper preparation for it, lack of necessary materials for both the procedure and post procedural care. In addition, it is very important that all used accessories are sterile.

Therefore, it is better to go to a proven salon, after reading the reviews about the master, as well as the conditions in which there will be a shugaring. Ideal - masters with medical education and many years of experience.

What not to do before shugaring

Any trauma to the skin is forbidden. Otherwise, during the procedure, the problem may intensify and an infection may occur. Anything that may affect the seizure of the hair, such as increased moisture and oiliness of the hair, is also prohibited.

Therefore, in order to quickly and successfully complete the procedure, two days before epilation it is prohibited:

  • Sunbathe
    Sun baths, tanning beds, tanning cream, chocolate wraps - all this can lead to inflammation and the danger of breaking the skin during shugaring.
  • Use rich creams and ointments
    After greasy cosmetics, body hair becomes slippery, it is almost impossible to grab it with a paste.
  • Sweat before the procedure
    Bath, sauna, sport, active physical work intensify the work of the sweat glands, as a result, the contact of hair with sugar paste worsens.
  • Injure the skin
    Sugar hair removal is allowed only with a complete skin. Otherwise, you are guaranteed irritation, pain during the procedure and subsequent hair ingrowth. In addition, an infection can get into open wounds.
    When taking a shower, do not use a hard washcloth or brush. After them, there are also microtraumas.

Step two: optimal hair length

The length of the hair on the treated area before shugaring is very important. It should be from 4 to 8 millimeters. If the hairs are longer, the procedure will be inconvenient, and it will also be more painful. That is why, you need to go to the master with the above long hair.

If the length of the hairs is very long, you can shorten them yourself just before visiting the salon.

If you go on a shugaring before the hairs grow back a little, at least up to 4 millimeters, it will be hard to grab them with a paste that will affect the “cleanliness” of the procedure. Remember, hair length is not a formality, but a necessity for your comfort and excellent results.

Step Three: Body Scrub and Hard Scourer

For the prevention of ingrown hairs, peeling is necessary before removing them. You can apply a soft scrub before shugaring (which does not scratch the skin) or a hard washcloth. The goal is to remove dead skin particles and remove the fatty film from the skin for better access to the hairs and soft removal. Applying scrubs, especially in sensitive areas, such as bikini and armpits, do not overdo it. It is important not to scratch the skin, causing microtrauma. Shugaring is not done on the inflamed areas, and in itself is already a light peeling.

Tip: Scrubs using natural granules, such as salt or walnut seeds, are more likely to damage the skin than scrubs with artificial granules. This is due to the fact that the artificial granules used for the production of scrubs are smoother. They clean gently. Use these products in sensitive areas. Peeling is better for a day or two before the procedure.

Do I need to shave before shugaring

Directly you can not shave your hair before the procedure otherwise the paste will not be able to grab the hair.

  • About 1-2 weeks before shugaring stop using the shaving razor.
  • If you use the epilator / do waxing, the last procedure should be in 2-3 weeks. During this time, the hairs will have time to grow to the desired length (4-5 mm), so that during the shugaring paste could grab them. Then the probability of irritation will be minimal.

Methods and methods of anesthesia during the procedure of shugaring: how can you anesthetize the skin before sugar epilation

Is it painful to shugaring or not, and if so how much: painful sensations for the first time, when sugar epilating a bikini area and that it hurts more than wax or shugaring

Step four: the right attitude

Before shugaring you need to properly tune. Do not be afraid of anything. Do not think about pain. In fact, the authors of the articles, and often friends, the painful sensations are greatly exaggerated. The pain is certainly present, but it is not so strong. It is especially scary to go on the procedure for the first time, however, regular shugaring significantly reduces pain.

Remember, shugaring is a fairly quick and very effective procedure.

Think about the fact that even during the first shugaring, for example, a bikini zone, the whole process will take no more than half an hour.

During shugaring, imagine what your skin will look like after epilation, how it will feel. Millions of girls agree that the pain is worth what they look like after the procedure. Moreover, they come again and again.

Step Five: care after the procedure

Preparatory procedures before shugaring are very important, as is skin care after shugaring. It depends on the right care in many respects, how your skin will look like before the next epilation.

About a day after the shugaring is not recommended to visit the sauna, bath and solarium.

Experienced craftsmen always talk about this to their customers. Deep cleansing is necessary for the skin twice a week. Use a hard wash, scrubs and peels. It is especially effective to do this after a hot bath, bath or sauna. Be sure to moisturize the skin with lotions and creams.

Such care will help avoid hair ingrowth and premature aging of the skin.

Step Six: Without Ingrown Hair

Shugaring - anatomically “correct” procedure, since the hairs are removed by their growth. That is why, ingrown hair after hair removal, as a rule, does not happen. If the hairs are still ingrown, the most likely cause is accumulated dead cells and fatty film on the skin surface. Do a deep cleansing of the skin as described above and use a lotion to prevent hair from ingrowing. In the future, do not forget about scrubs and you forget about what is ingrown hair.

Some more recommendations

If you chose shugaring, remember that preparation for the procedure will increase its effectiveness and help both you and the master.

Competent training, experienced master, hygiene and proper skin care - the key to success. On average 3-4 weeks, smooth skin will delight you and those around you with its perfection.

Forget about the razor. Its use makes the hair coarse and thick.

Regular shugaring on the contrary softens the hairs, they become smaller, they lighten due to which they will be less noticeable.

Moisturizing skin

Moisturizing is necessary so that there is no peeling after epilation. Carefully moisturize the skin need for 1.5-2 weeks before shugaring. For this fit ready-made cosmetics or household formulations.

Good recommendations received home cream moisturizing and emollient action with the following composition:

  • distilled water - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • lecithin powder - 3 tsp,
  • glycerin - 1 tsp,
  • castor oil - 4 tsp,
  • aloe juice - 1 tsp,
  • propolis tincture - 1 tsp.

Heat water to a temperature of 38–40 ° C. Soak lecithin in it for 1 hour, before swelling. After the specified time, stir the mixture at low speed mixer, add the remaining components and beat another 3-5 minutes.

At the same time, increase the speed of the device. The mass will be thick, creamy. Use homemade cream twice a day.

You can take a shower 1-2 hours before your appointment with a beautician. Pay special attention to the places that will be processed. Do not wipe the skin, but gently blot to avoid irritation, redness.


Find out in advance whether you can do a light scrub yourself or do it in the salon.

Homemade scrubbing takes place 12–24 hours before shugaring. Solids remove the cornified layer of skin, soften it. As a result, hair removal is facilitated, and painful sensations are minimized.

Scrub can be prepared by yourself. Mix 1 tbsp. shower gel and 1 tbsp. abrasive particles. As a hard abrasive for the treatment of hands / feet fit:

  • salt,
  • sugar,
  • ground coffee,
  • ground almonds,
  • ground flax seeds.

For delicate skin areas (bikini, armpits, face), you need to take a soft abrasive: crushed bran or oatmeal. And instead of shower gel use aloe juice.

The resulting scrub is applied to the skin, gently massage, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Such a scrub not only removes the horny layer, but also moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Fight fears

Do not be afraid of pain during epilation. Fear provokes involuntary contraction of micromycles, with the result that the pain syndrome only increases. After the procedure, you are more likely to find bruises on your body.

Distract yourself with thoughts of the outcome.

A slight pain during epilation is inevitable, because you are pulling out hairs with roots.

But it is worth suffering only half an hour-hour, and as a reward you will receive beauty, confidence, sexuality. Think of a smooth and pleasant to the touch skin. This will help you to escape from the experiences.

Remember, a positive attitude affects not only you, but also a beautician. In a favorable environment, everything is perceived more easily, the work goes faster, and the result is cleaner.

Struggle with constraints

Exposing your body in front of a stranger, it is quite normal to feel constraint during shugaring. But the beautician is not interested in your form. Only the working moments are important for him - what kind of paste to choose, what technique to work in, other issues concerning the quality results of epilation.

As for the smoothness of the skin, do not worry too. If your body is well-groomed, clean, then there is nothing to be shy. Hair removal - the work of the master, for which you pay a lot of money.

If the constraint is strong, you can try to get used to the master gradually. First shark the arms or legs, then the underarm areas. If the beautician is credible - sign up for the "bold" zone.

Foot preparation

The skin on the legs is denser than on other parts of the body, so it is recommended to soften it before depilation. You can take a warm bath, make a light peeling, soften.

For disinfection of the skin, as a preparation stage, instead of a professional lotion, it is allowed to use ordinary alcohol. And since the hair in this area is tougher and thicker, for a good adhesion of the paste you will have to use a little more talcum powder.

Armpit preparation

The underarm skin is tender. Therefore, unlike legs, it can only be treated with gentle, soft cosmetics. In preparation for shugaring you should not use a scrub, even a gentle one - it will provoke microtraumas.

Due to the active work of the sweat glands, when processing the armpits, pay special attention to the stages of disinfection and stitching. In order not to have to depilate the site several times, thereby increasing the risk of irritation.

Preparing a deep bikini

Preparing for a shugaring deep bikini, whether in the cabin or at home, involves some aspects that can make the procedure less painful. It:

  • Time
    The optimal time period is from 13 to 15 hours of the day. During this period, the body is less susceptible to pain.
  • Pain reliever
    Since shugaring a deep bikini is quite a painful procedure, you cannot do without anesthetic. Approximately 1-1.5 hours before the procedure, take an anesthetic tablet.
  • Pose
    When home hair removal plays an important role comfortable position in which there will be maximum accessibility to the hairs. Then it will not be necessary to process one area of ​​skin several times.
  • Menstrual cycle
    If you are planning a shikaring bikini zone, and you have started your period, check with the master if he works with clients during critical days. So you can avoid the incident that may happen during the procedure. Note that during critical days the pain threshold drops. Because of this, menstruation may increase, and well-being deteriorate.
    If you feel normal, you can simply restrict yourself with a tampon.
    In general, the minimum sensitivity of the skin is observed in the middle of the cycle (5-7 days after the critical days). Therefore, it is better to record with the master during this period.
  • Preparing for the first procedure
    Preparation for the first procedure. A deep bikini begins 2-3 days before the procedure; for this, it is recommended to scrub the skin in the bikini area with a soft polishing scrub. Movement should be light, massaging, without pressure and friction.

On the day of sugar hair removal, do not apply cosmetics on the epilated areas. Wear cotton underwear (or take it with you).

Session duration

The faster the session, the less discomfort. The time of the procedure depends on the professionalism of the master, the correct preparation of the skin and the length of the hairs.

If any of the points is missing, the specialist applies a sticky lump again and again. As a result, the follicles become inflamed, irritation occurs.

Individual features: day of the menstrual cycle, pain threshold, sensitivity to the components of the paste

A low pain threshold can be a physiological phenomenon or a personal trait.

In the first case, this is the result of the phase of the menstrual cycle: on the eve of menstruation and during it, the nerve endings are more sensitive. In the second case, this is a characteristic to which you need to adapt with the help of anesthesia.

Preparation for each of the items reduces the pain by 15-40%.

Preparing for the first shugaring in the cabin: what to take with you

Many girls. which are recorded on shugaring for the first time, are interested in what to take with you. Disposable sheets, spatulas, napkins - all this is already in the arsenal of the wizard. But that does not hurt:

Lightweight clothing made from natural fabrics, which covers the treatment area (legs / hands). After depilation, the skin is sensitive, so contact with city dust is extremely undesirable, at least in the first few hours.

Synthetic fabrics will lead to irritation. If you are epilating a bikini zone, take removable cotton panties.preferably without dyes.

Do not wear nylon pantyhose. Fleece pants are the best option. If your legs are usually cold, Feel free to bring warm socks to your office. You should be as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a master

The choice of master - the main question in preparing for shugaring in the cabin. A good cosmetologist will explain to you how to prepare for the procedure, answer all questions of interest, calm you down, quickly and professionally perform epilation taking into account the treatment area, skin sensitivity level, hair stiffness, and other individual features.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable master, to be able to distinguish a professional from a beginner. Read recommendations, reviews, ask your friends.

How many do not shave your hair before shugaring: adhere to the length limit

The optimal is the length of hair from 5 to 8 mm.

If the moment is missed, you can:

  • To cut one's hair yourself, using a hairdresser's machine with a nozzle of 6 mm,
  • do the depilation with the machine / epilator / wax and wait until the hair grows to the desired length,
  • contact the salon or your shugaring master if the financial side of the issue is not a problem for you.

Hygiene treatment areas

Conduct a thorough hygiene of the areas to be processed. All impurities from the body fall on the paste, and then into the open mouth of the follicle. This can lead to inflammation.

But you need to take a shower without rubbing the body with a washcloth so as not to damage the skin. Use gel with neutral PH and blot the body with a towel.

Psychological attitude

During epilation, it is important that the muscles are relaxed. Tune in positively (turn on music, light comedy, etc.). This will help relieve stress. As a result, the hairs will be removed more easily, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Some girls help 50 grams of brandy for half an hour before the session. Although cosmetologists strongly recommend this method. As a result of the action of alcohol, the vessels dilate, the risk of bruising increases.

Light scrub or peeling

It is best to use enzyme powder. This soft exfoliating remedy has the best recommendations.

  • gently dissolves the upper layer of the epidermis (dust particles, skin fat, dead cells),
  • degreases, smoothes the skin,
  • stimulates cell renewal
  • smoothes the skin
  • removes black dots
  • has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties.

Dehydration of the treated area

Treatment of areas with the active work of the sweat glands (armpits, bikini) requires prior dehydration. Otherwise, the adhesion of the paste with the hairs will be insufficient, the hair will begin to break off. To remove excess moisture use cosmetic talc.

Proper preparation for shugaring includes moisturizing the skin, scrubbing, checking for injuries and body hygiene before the procedure. Preparation does not guarantee 100% quality results. But it is the unshakable basis of sugar hair removal.

Video: Preparing for shugaring

From the first video you will learn what to do before shugaring, how to prepare for it. The second video tells and shows how to do the scrubbing before the procedure.

How do you prepare for shugaring? Complete our lists in the comments and we will include the missing list of actions in the article!

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