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Sulfate-Free Paraben Shampoos

To date, on the shelves you can find dozens of different brands of shampoos. An ordinary buyer without the necessary knowledge is very difficult to understand all this diversity, and carefully study the composition of each bottle just once. As a result, shampoo is selected not by composition or useful properties, but by label and price.

To help customers make a choice, we ranked the best shampoos. The main criterion for selection was the composition of the product, because a good hair shampoo should not contain sulphates, silicones and parabens. They not only spoil the hair, but also have a negative effect on health, because, if they get into the internal organs, they can cause cancer.

On labels, the names of these harmful substances look like this:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate,
  • sodium laureth sulfate,
  • coco sulfate,
  • Peg.

After analyzing the composition, studying the information about the products and reading reviews about different shampoo, we have compiled the top 8 most useful hair shampoos.

1st place - Natural shampoo from Mulsan cosmetic

The company “Mulsan Cosmetic” from Krasnodar won the first place. It produces 100% natural products, as evidenced by the slogan "Cosmetics for those who read the composition."

Products do not contain any substances harmful to health, such as parabens, sulphates and silicones. But there are oils, vitamins, plant extracts and useful trace elements. The composition is written on the label in Russian and in large letters. This suggests that the manufacturer has nothing to hide, it does not hide behind small print or incomprehensible symbols.

According to customers, this is one of the best shampoos, after using it, the hair becomes soft and shiny, less fall out and recover faster. The product is suitable for regular use. The product line also has balms, hair creams, baby shampoos, body scrubs and washing gels. Shelf life is 10 months, because natural products can not be stored for a long time. The cost of shampoo - about 400 rubles for 300 ml. You can order it on the official website of Mulsan cosmetic

2 place - Organic Shop

Organic Shop - own brand of the same name chain of stores. Their principle: “Simple. Pure. Natural ", that is," Simplicity. Purity. Naturalness. As part of the product there are oils and plant extracts that are certified as organic. The company abandoned the use of sodium sulfate, parabens and silicones. In addition to products for hair, there are products for face and body, skin of hands and feet. You can buy them in retail stores. The cost of 280 ml of shampoo is about 300 rubles.

3rd place - Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica - one from the first companies that began to produce natural cosmetics in Russia. Their products are made on the basis of herbs from Siberia, containing many useful elements. The product line contains shampoos without sulfates, parabens and dyes. But they have vitamins B, PP, E and others. The average price is 300 rubles per 400 ml. You can buy goods in specialized stores.

4th place - Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a famous French cosmetics company. It is distinguished by its ecological orientation: the manufacturer ensures that the products have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Among the products a large selection of shampoos for different types of hair, which, according to buyers, can also be attributed to the list of the best shampoos. As part of no parabens and dyes. Also, the formula of the shampoo does not contain silicones, so the hair does not become heavy. The price of a 300 ml bottle is about 400 rubles. You can buy shampoo on the website or in retail stores.

5th place - “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”

Products "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes" are made by the First Solution company. All shampoos contain no parabens and sulphates. These hard detergent components are replaced by soap root, thanks to which the shampoo foams well, even without being sulphate. Of the useful substances products contain extract of lingonberry, Kuril tea, calendula, tansy, sea buckthorn oil. You can buy it in any supermarket. The price of shampoo is about 150 rubles for 350 ml.

6 place - “Horsepower”

This product helps to improve the hair, make it visually thicker. The composition of the shampoo contains active active ingredients: keratin, panthenol, collagen, elastin, a number of medicinal plants, vitamins. They affect not only the hair structure, but also the scalp. When using the product, it is necessary to dilute it with water in proportions of 1 to 10, where 10 parts is water. The average price of 500 ml of shampoo is 500 rubles. You can buy it at the pharmacy.

7th place - “Clean Line”

This product produces a cosmetic concern “Kalina”, which is also known by such series as “Black Pearl” and “Hundred Beauty Recipes”. Among the products there are various shampoos for all types of hair. The composition uses laureth sodium sulfate as a detergent and a large set of plant components. Also present are extracts of natural herbs: chamomile, nettle, calendula. You can buy shampoo at any store, the average price is about 100 rubles.

8th place - “One hundred beauty recipes”

The manufacturer is the same as the shampoo on the 7th place ranking. The peculiarity of the product is that anyone can send a letter with their recipe to the manufacturer. Experts select the best of them, modify and release the product. Due to this, the choice of shampoos is quite large and diverse. Various vegetable components are a part. The product is sold in most large chain stores. The cost of 380 ml - about 100 rubles.

What are dangerous sulfates and parabens?

Only by examining the compositions of hair care products can one realize the danger of the chemical components added there to improve the cleaning properties and extend the shelf life. And to see the difference between the effect of the standard means and the one in which no harmful impurities are present can be practiced in appearance and health of the hair.

The following substances in the composition of the care products are especially dangerous:

  • Parabensthat ensure the safety of products. They are based on esters that protect the skin from the action of the fungus. These components are able to accumulate in the body and cause cancer diseases.
  • Sulfates, produced from oil, in addition to the destructive effect on the hair and skin causes the onset of allergies.

Shampoos with a sulfate content when flushing partially remain on the body, which reinforces the negative effect of chemistry on the body and entails the following consequences:

  • Dyed hair loses its color and shine, the effect of therapeutic keratin for hair decreases.
  • The protective fatty layer that exists on the scalp is eroded, which leads to a permanent “oily hair effect” and daily washing.
  • Dandruff, dermatitis, chronic hair loss.

The benefits of natural shampoos

Organic products are used as a safe alternative to sulphate shampoos. The myth that natural shampoos are not able to wash your hair properly is common.

P Manufacturers add to the composition of special substances produced from coconut oil and glucose:

  • laureth sulfosuccinate (lauret sulfosuccinate),
  • lauryl glucoside (lauril glucoside),
  • cocoglucoside (cocoglucoside).

The names of these components sound ominously, but their soft effect dispels all doubts in their organic origin.

Among the undoubted advantages of sulfate-free shampoos:

  • Gentle effect on the pH balance of the skin, moisturizing and calming the skin.
  • There is no likelihood of dandruff.
  • Safe for the health of children of any age.
  • The use of natural shampoos enhances the effect of balms and hair masks.
  • Sulfate-free products are neutral to the environment.

Shampoos, in which there are no sulfates, do not give abundant foam, but this does not affect their washing ability. To maximize the effect of exposure to such an agent, it is necessary to hold it on the hair a little longer before washing it with water.

In nature, there are also natural preservatives, the raw materials for the production of which are plants.

These substances have an active antibacterial and antifungal effects and are widely used in organic cosmetics:

  • Essential oils that inhibit the activity of microbes: lavender, thyme, carnation, rose, juniper and many others. Plant ethers can inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora for a long time.
  • Bee products. The phytoncides contained in honey, propolis and wax carry antiviral and bacteriostatic properties.
  • Sea salt, which prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Sour berries such as cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries are saturated with benzoic acid, which is collected in laboratory conditions and introduced into cosmetics as an antimicrobial agent.

The list of natural "substitutes" can be continued. Their main advantage: a set of useful qualities that positively affect health and beauty. Accordingly, since organic-based shampoos usually have a capacious composition, their effect on the hair and skin is difficult to overestimate.

Top 5 best natural shampoos for adults

According to people who have been practicing organic care products for a long time, The following five most successfully combine price and quality:

    MULSAN cosmetic Repair Shampoo shampoo.
    Country of manufacture: RF (Krasnodar). The composition includes the following ingredients: extracts (chamomile, almond, wheat germ, fireweed, birch buds, Dagel roots) - these components care for the scalp, accelerate hair growth and prevent cross-section, organic acids (citric, lactic) - control the process of segregation , prevent dandruff.

MULSAN sulphate and paraben-free shampoos

  • Shampoo Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose.
    Country of manufacture: USA. Ingredients: rice extract (intensively softens the skin), aloe juice (softens the skin, nourishes with microelements), rose oil Mosquets (intensively nourishes), sweet almond oil (struggling with hair section).
  • Shampoo Caudali Soin Douceur Fortifiant Anti-oxydant.
    Country of origin: France. The composition includes: phospholipids (attract moisture from the air), grape seed oil (antioxidant), jojoba oil (intensively restores), vitamin E (stimulates hair growth).
  • Shampoo Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo.
    Country of manufacture: USA. Ingredients: macadamia oil (enhances hair growth), argan oil (moisturizes), chamomile extract (soothes the skin), hydrolyzed cereal proteins (enhances shine).
  • Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil.
    Country of manufacture: USA. The product contains: organic acai juice (removes dryness), organic blackberry juice (strengthens the hair structure), organic rosehip extract (moisturizes), organic pomegranate extract (prevents hair loss), organic rooibos extract (accelerates growth).
  • List of professional sulfate-free shampoos

    • Cocochoco intensive

    Country of manufacture: Israel. Ingredients: argan oil (intensively moisturizes), olive leaf extract (restores), burdock root extract (promotes growth), D-panthenol (regenerates), argan extract (nourishes at the cellular level).

    • Logona Bamboo Extract Shampoo

    Country of origin: Germany. Ingredients: broccoli seed oil (returns shine, moisturizes), bamboo extract (strengthens and seals the hair shaft), hydrolyzed silk proteins (gives smoothness and silkiness).

    • Estel Aqua Otium

    Country of manufacture: RF. Contains: panthenol (recovery), arginine (improves blood supply to the bulbs), sodium lactate (moisturizes), hydrolyzed soy proteins (conditioning effect), amino acid valine (moisturizes, antistatic).

    Top 5 best shampoos for children

    • Shampoo Mustela Baby Shampoo

    Country of origin: France. Ingredients: panthenol (restores balance), chamomile extract (soothes, relieves irritation), avocado oil (moisturizes).

    • Shampoo Baby Teva Hair Repair Shampoo

    Country of manufacture: Israel. The composition includes: jojoba oil (nourishes the skin and hair), yarrow essential oil (tones, stimulates growth), grapefruit essential oil (enhances shine, antiseptic), rosemary essential oil (moisturizes), cedar essential oil (accelerates growth), absolume rose (antioxidant).

    • Wakodo MiluFuwa Baby Shampoo

    Country of manufacture: Japan. Ingredients: polysaccharides (softening), vitamin E (growth stimulation), raffinose (moisturizing), ceramides (restoring), betaine (increasing protective properties).

    • Mommy care shampoo Calendula Shampoo

    Country of manufacture: Israel. As part of the product: calendula hydrolate (heals, relieves irritation), organic calendula extract (soothes the skin), cereal proteins (against fragility), vitamin E (accelerates growth).

    • Bubchen shampoo

    Country of manufacture: Germany. The composition includes: panthenol (regenerates), chamomile extract (relieves irritation), hydrolyzed cereal proteins (adds natural shine), vitamin E (growth stimulant).

    Budget shampoos without sulfates and parabens

    Among the manufacturers of high-quality, inexpensive cosmetics in Russia, the “First Solution” is in the lead. The concept of the company is based on the creation of products based on ingredients of natural origin. All three cosmetic brands presented below are hits of this company:

    • Shampoo Natura Siberica For tired and weak hair "Protection and energy"

    Country of manufacture: RF. Contains: rhodiola rosea extract (antioxidant, restores skin’s protective functions), lemongrass extract (accelerates growth), pine extract (nourishes and strengthens the roots), rowan extract (restores structure), juniper extract (stimulates growth, prevents loss).

    • Shampoo Recipes grandmother Agafi collection strengthens on the basis of 5 soap herbs and birch infusion

    Country of manufacture: RF. Ingredients: nettle extract (strengthens, accelerates growth), lemon balm extract (moisturizes), yarrow extract (regulates fat, restores), althea root extract (moisturizing, protection from adverse factors), rosehip oil (strengthening of roots), borage oil (powerful moisturizing).

    • Shampoo ORGANIC SHOP "Bright Color" Golden Orchid

    Country of manufacture: RF. The structure includes: organic extract of pink orchid (smoothes the hair surface), organic jojoba oil (restores and nourishes), mallow extract (facilitates combing).

    Medical dandruff shampoos

    • Cattier dandruff shampoo with willow bark extract

    Country of origin: France. The composition of the detergent: willow extract (strengthens the roots, prevents dandruff), tea tree essential oil (antifungal agent, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands), wheat proteins (for shine), sage extract (stimulates growth), lavender and thyme extracts (against dandruff, give silkiness).

    • ARGITAL Dandruff Shampoo

    Country of manufacture: Italy. Contains: extract from green clay (restores balance, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands), wheat germ proteins (restore hair along the entire length), a complex of essential oils (antifungal effect, growth stimulation).

    • Anthyllis Anti Dandruff Shampoo

    Country of origin: Italy. Ingredients: piroctone olamine (anti-dandruff), nettle extract (eliminates dandruff, accelerates growth), sage extract (anti-dandruff, strengthens the roots), lactic acid (adds shine to hair).

    Means, accelerating hair growth

    • Bio shampoo Organic Shop Coffee Organic

    Country of manufacture: RF.Ingredients: organic green coffee oil (active nutrition, regeneration), babassu bio-oil (improves the structure), goji berry extract (activator, stimulator), 3D peptides (for growth), vitamin A (antioxidant, reducing agent), vitamin E (for growth).

    • Thick shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafi" for strengthening, strength and growth

    Country of manufacture: RF. As part of the product: rhododendron extract (growth biostimulator), elecampane extract (strengthens the roots), immortelle extract (improves the blood supply to the bulbs), nettle extract (against loss), burdock oil (treats chipped ends), pine resin (treats damaged hair).

    • Shampoo Planeta Organica Secret of Arctica on organic Siberian cedar oil and decoction of arctic willow buds

    Manufacturer: RF. Ingredients: sodium lactate (strengthens, accelerates growth), arginine (restores the structure), glycine (moisturizing, shine), valine (prevents loss), serine (conditioner, antistatic), proline (strengthening the structure), threonine (protects against dryness) , folic acid (relieves irritation, strengthens).

    Shampoos for density and shine

    The natural wealth of the Crimea peninsula created the basis for the production of cosmetics, not inferior to global brands. Natural caring products of the Crimean producers are marked by reviews of satisfied customers in Russia and in other countries.

    Shampoos without sulfates and parabens, it is important to choose individually.

    • Shampoo Manufactory House of Nature Chamomile Crimean

    Country of manufacture: RF (Republic of Crimea). As a part of the product: chamomile hydrolate (removal of irritation, strengthening), inulin (softening, luster), cocoglucoside (volume, smoothing), glycerin (moisturizing, giving elasticity), clove karyofillen (to enhance growth), ylang-ylang essential oil (from fallout, dandruff), allantoin (regulation of the function of the sebaceous glands, anti-scalar action).

    • Shampoo Kingdom Aromas with agave juice

    Country of manufacture: RF (Republic of Crimea). Ingredients: vanilla extract (softening effect, irritation relief), glycerin (elasticity), agave juice (strengthens the roots), rice protein hydrolyzate (giving volume), rosemary extract (moisturizing effect), D-panthenol (regenerating action), milky acid (makes hair shiny), grapefruit essential oil (dandruff, regulates fat).

    • Shampoo Health Formula 2 in 1 for every day

    Manufacturer: Crimea. As part of the product: wheat germ protein (moisturizes, strengthens the roots), aloe vera gel (regenerates), mud of Saki lake (active growth and nutrition), panthenol (pomp, shine), nettle extract (against loss).

    Tips for using sulphate-free shampoos

    Shampoos of the given direction gradually force out synthetic analogues from the shelves of shops.

    In addition to the undoubted advantages in the practice of using natural shampoos, there are some conventions that should be remembered:

    • In order for the hair to be washed well and the active ingredients of the composition have had time to act, it is necessary to apply the agent twice during the washing procedure. After the second application, leave on hair for 2-3 minutes, then rinse. If there is an abundance of styling products on the hair, there may be a need for a third application.
    • Due to the natural origin of most of the constituents, it is better to keep it away from high humidity and temperature changes, that is, not in the bathroom.

    Some shampoos in the summer heat are stored in the refrigerator.

    • Shampoos with a natural composition are perfect as a basis for homemade medical masks. Regardless of the recipe, a small amount of shampoo is added to the mixture for better distribution through the hair and subsequent washout.
    • When buying a shampoo, you need to pay close attention to the shelf life and storage conditions in the store. Such products are not displayed on showcases where direct sunlight falls.

    How to make a natural homemade shampoo

    If time permits and there is a desire to experiment, you can use the recipes for making homemade shampoos:

    • Mustard Based

    Mustard powder is diluted with warm water to the consistency of sour cream. The resulting solution is massaged into the hair and washed off in a minute. The hair is then rinsed with water and lemon juice added to neutralize the mustard flavor. This shampoo activates hair to grow.

    • Gelatin based

    Two egg yolks are whipped together with a tablespoon of gelatin. Apply to wet hair. To enhance the effect, you can wrap your head for half an hour. Gelatin shampoo thickens hair, giving a delightful volume of hair. A lamination-like effect is also created.

    As a dry shampoo, you can use talc, corn or potato starch. On dry hair, a small amount of the product is applied neatly, section by section. After the scalp and hair are fully powdered, you need to wait five minutes and comb through the hair. This shampoo is only suitable for very light hair.

    • Pea shampoo

    The peas pounded in the coffee grinder are steamed for the night with hot water. The next day, the mixture on the principle of a mask is applied to the head. It is washed off in the usual way.

    • Clay shampoo

    Gruel made of clay is applied to wet hair and left for a few minutes. Then rinsed with warm water. They also practice washing the hair with water in which the clay is diluted: a tablespoon of clay per liter of water. This water should be drained into the basin, because rinse head must be several times.

    Despite some nuances in the use of natural cosmetics, when choosing a hair care product, the choice must be made in the direction of naturalness and safety. Only in this case, the result will be both beauty and health.

    1. MULSAN cosmetic

    • Producing country: Russia
    • Price: 300-600 rubles

    The MULSAN cosmetic assortment includes products with a 100% natural composition without silicones, sulphates and dyes, which include many useful herbal ingredients. Line shampoos aimed at restoring, protection from loss, fight dandruff, maximum nutrition, moisturizing, getting rid of dryness, section and fragility of curls. Active supplements - herbal extracts, vitamins and oils have the maximum positive effect on both hair and scalp.

    Due to the natural and safe composition, the shelf life of all products is only 10 months, so cosmetics can only be purchased in the official online store of the company

    3. Natural shampoo Natura Siberica

    • Producing country: Russia
    • Price: 100-400 rubles
    Photo: Natural shampoos for Natura Siberica hair

    The product line of the brand is represented by hair care products with different “character” (dry, oily, colored and damaged). The composition of shampoos for 95% consists of components of natural origin. These are extracts of medicinal plants, wild plants of Siberia and the Far East. Amino acids isolated from natural raw materials are used as foaming base. Means contribute to the restoration of hydrobalance of the scalp and easy combing curls. The brand's products are certified ECOCERT and ECO BIO.

    4. Logona Bier-Honig

    • Producing country: Germany
    • Price: 700-1000 rubles

    Therapeutic shampoo for thin, brittle hair. Contributes to giving curls extra volume. Active active ingredients - beer and acacia honey extract. Also present in the composition is an extract of calendula flowers and natural glycerin. Shampoo has an intense nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating effect on the structure of the strands and the scalp. Products successfully passed dermatological tests.

    5. Himalaya Herbals

    • Producing country: India
    • Price: 200-300 rubles

    The brand offers solutions for the care of hair with different specificities (oily, colored, fragile, etc.). The basis of Ayurvedic remedies is natural ingredients, raw materials for which are mined mainly in the Himalayas. Shampoo does not make the curls heavier, enriched with proteins that help the curls to gain smoothness and shine. Funds from the brand line have a comprehensive beneficial effect on the strands and scalp - nourish, moisturize, prevent excessive loss of moisture.

    6. Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure (Germany)

    • Producing country: Germany
    • Price: 700-1000 rubles

    Professional products for intensive hair care. The series includes shampoos for regenerating the structure of lifeless and damaged hair, prolonging the effect after dyeing curls and keratin straightening procedures, growth promoters. Ultraviolet filters are introduced into the formula of the products, which provide protection to the hair from the harmful effects of sunlight.
    Price: 550-800 rubles.

    7. L’Oreal Professionnel Source Re-Naitre

    • Manufacturer: France
    • Price: 600-900 rubles

    The tool from the line of professional cosmetics, based on natural ingredients. The shampoo is specially designed to care for dry, damaged staining and other styling procedures, weakened, very sensitive hair. The basis of the formula formed the rice proteins. This component of natural origin strengthens the very core of curls, softens and smoothes them along the entire length. Shampoo gently cleanses, but at the same time it intensively nourishes the strands and scalp, normalizes the hydro-balance, restores elasticity and natural shine.

    8. Aubrey Organics Balancing Protein

    • A country: USA
    • Price: 900-1100 rubles

    Perfect for owners of very sensitive skin and allergies. The formula is enriched with soy and milk proteins, which help make hair soft, smooth, and compliant when combing. The complex of fruit acids smoothes curls of flakes, quickly enough returning the natural shine to even a very damaged haircut and eliminating the problem of split ends. Extracts and oils of organic plants and herbs strengthen the roots and stems of the strands. The brand’s products are certified by BDIH (Germany), NPA and Cruelty Free, certified by the Vegan Society.

    9. "Krasnaya Polyana cosmetics"

    • A country: Russia
    • Price: 400-500 rubles

    Shampoos of the improving action, solving different problems with hair (dandruff and seborrhea, damage by coloring, loss and so forth). The basis of the formulas - decoctions of herbs, extracts of medicinal plants, natural mountain honey, spring water from the relict glaciers of the Caucasus. Only natural preservatives are used in shampoos, therefore their shelf life is limited to 6 months.

    10. Cocochoco

    • Producing country: Israel
    • Price: 800-1000 rubles
    CocoChoco Natural Hair Shampoos

    Shampoos for the gentle care and restoration of weak and damaged hair. The line includes tools for intensive wetting, giving volume, caring for painted and bleached strands. Each formula is based on an innovative molecular complex of proteins, amino acids, natural oils, and vitamins, which together have a firming, deep nourishing, softening effect, and promotes regeneration of the hair structure. Read more about the composition and reviews of CocoChoco shampoo in this article.

    Which company sulphate-free shampoos is better to buy

    This ranking presents products from five of the best-known companies in the shampoo market. They use safe components, try to stick to affordable prices and make the funds as affordable as possible. That is why the reviews about them are mostly positive. Here are some of the companies in question:

    • Estel - the brand appeared on the market in 2000 and for 19 years, was able to earn a good reputation of the brand that cares about its customers. To create products he uses natural ingredients, among which are oils, vitamins and much more. In Estelle's range, there are means to moisturize, give hair volume and smoothness. They are produced in convenient packages, are easily applied to vegetation and are easily washed away, and most importantly - they are suitable for curls of completely different types.
    • L ’Oreal Professionnel - the legendary French brand of beauty products and decorative cosmetics. From the competitors in the ranking it distinguishes the ancient traditions, with which the products are made. He has his own formulas and recipes that make the funds original and in demand. There are options for damaged, dry, thin hair that protect from the sun and dandruff, giving them volume and smoothness. Such results are achieved in a short time, on average, in 1-2 months. Compositions can boast a safe composition and ease of use. Their feature is the focus on both professionals and ordinary consumers. This company owns a series of non-sulfate shampoos Elseve.
    • Grandma Agafya's Recipes - this is a cosmetic line developed on the basis of the ancient recipes of the Siberian herbalist Agafi Tikhonovna Ermakova. They were handed down from generation to generation and got to the woman from the mother. Experts checked them before use, and no one doubts that these are good non-sulphated shampoos for hair. Despite the affordable price, their benefits are enormous. In this case, the manufacturer does not skimp on volume, offering an average capacity of 250-500 ml.
    • Indigo style - The choice of shampoos from this company is limited to just over 15 positions. But each of them deserves attention due to a combination of efficiency and safety, which is explained by the use of hypoallergenic and mostly natural components. That is why they are chosen even by people with sensitive skin and problem hair. At the same time, the brand funds are fairly inexpensive, since they are produced in Russia. Their average cost is 300 rubles, although you can find options and cheaper if you wish. According to customer reviews, the use of products gives results in a short time.
    • Natura Siberica - the trademark is registered specifically for fans of natural and inexpensive beauty care cosmetics. Her collection has masks, balms, oils and, naturally, shampoos. They are designed to power, add volume to the curls and natural radiance, to protect them from UV rays and eliminate dandruff. Many of the tools are universal and can solve several problems simultaneously, regardless of the type of vegetation. Packaging is convenient, equipped with dispensers or spray guns.

    Top best sulphateless shampoos

    The main motive for the inclusion of each specific product in this TOP is the characteristics of the care products, which were taken as the following:

    • Volume and density of foam,
    • Convenience packaging
    • Focus on hair type
    • Natural composition,
    • Smell and consistency,
    • Ease of application and rinsing,
    • Component safety, hypoallergenic,
    • Universality of use
    • The results of the application - improving growth, strengthening the roots, eliminating dandruff, etc.,
    • The optimal frequency of application and exposure time on the head.

    A separate parameter in the selection of the best sulphate-free shampoos was the price-quality ratio, on the basis of which the rating division was made, as well as the availability of funds on the market. When analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, we were guided solely by the real opinions of experts and customer reviews.

    The best professional shampoos without sulfates

    To professional tools include those that provide comprehensive hair care - moisturizing, eliminating dandruff, strengthening, getting rid of electrostatics, protection from UV rays, etc. There are a lot of such care products on the market, but out of the 20 options considered, taking into account the effectiveness, safety and versatility, 3 of the best non-sulfate shampoos were selected.

    Estel Otium Aqua for intensive hair moisturizing

    This shampoo dispels the myth that quality cosmetics are always expensive, it is sold in the average price range and is suitable for use at home and for use in beauty salons.Despite the absence of sulfates in the composition, foam for normal washing of hair is formed quite enough. Thanks to this, the product is consumed economically, one pack of 250 ml is enough for at least a month. The manufacturer also offers a capacity of 1000 ml, but there is no benefit for the buyer.


    • Makes hair more elastic
    • Gives natural shine
    • Smoothes vegetation,
    • Does not give curls quickly become dirty,
    • Perfectly neutralizes statics,
    • Effectively fights increased dryness,
    • It smells good.


    • After frequent use, a little dandruff may appear,
    • In the composition there are some synthetic components.

    According to customer reviews, Estel Otium Aqua can be added to the list of best shampoos without sulfates also because it is suitable for both dry and oily hair.

    L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser

    Shampoo from the well-known company L’Oreal can be added to this rating due to the good combination of effectiveness and safety. Even its regular use does not threaten the appearance of skin irritation, and therefore it is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Reviews show that its owners are buying both thin and normal hair, regardless of their type.

    L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser is especially useful for dry curls that are well moisturized under the influence of vitamin E, green tea extract and aloe vera. The shampoo has a creamy texture, and this is a bit unusual, but it does not spread over the surface. Here you can only wish for a larger amount in the package for the set price, since it does not exceed 150 ml.


    • The lack of parabens in the recipe,
    • UV protection in the sun
    • Increases the resistance of colored curls to the effects of various factors
    • Great consistency
    • Easy to apply and spread over the surface.
    • Without any problems washed out
    • Leaves a pleasant smell.


    • Not very convenient packaging in the form of tubes,
    • You need to wash your hair at least once every 3-4 days.

    L’Oreal Professionnel shampoo is generally perfectly applied to hair, although, if it is dry, it can be difficult to distribute.

    Elseve 3-in-1 Luxury 6 oils for dry and brittle hair without sulfates and foam

    Outwardly, this tool attracts attention with the practicality of a package equipped with a dispenser. Thus, you can safely squeeze the composition, without fear of shedding excess, which allows it to save. No less important is the fact that in the ranking it is the cheapest option among professional ones. Despite this, it combines both shampoo and conditioner, so the effect of its use is much brighter than you might expect. A special advantage here is the content of 6 oils, which perfectly moisturize dry hair and improve their appearance. But, like the previous tool, the volume here is only 150 ml.


    • Effectively eliminates pollution,
    • Well removes skin secretion
    • Perfectly fights dead skin on the head,
    • Strengthens curls,
    • Facilitates combing hair,
    • Slight smell


    • You need to leave for 3 minutes for better exposure,
    • Requires good rinsing with water, otherwise the hair will be greasy.

    Elseve shampoo for hair without sulfates is called the best according to customer reviews also because it gives hair extra volume, gives it vitality, gives shine and smoothness.

    Best inexpensive, sulfate free shampoos

    The category of inexpensive should include funds whose value does not exceed 500-700 rubles. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that often the effect after the application is not worse than the results of using professional tools, but it does not need to spend a lot. This is exactly what the budgetary sulphate-free shampoos provided in the rating provide.

    Recipes grandmother Agafia, cloudberry, moisturizing and restoring

    This is the best shampoo in terms of price and quality, which is quite good here. This is indicated by the absence of an allergic skin reaction, the appearance of shine and smoothness of the hair, the elimination of dandruff. That is, the tool is universal and solves several problems at the same time. In this case, the effect becomes noticeable literally 1-2 weeks after the start of the application. However, in the reviews they write that with frequent, long-term, uncontrolled use, you can encounter increased dryness. The product is available in three volumes at once - 50 ml, 280 ml and 500 ml, and the more its packaging, the cheaper it costs.


    • Contains vitamin C, firming curls,
    • Performs air conditioning tasks
    • There are no parabens,
    • Does not allow hair to stick together and get greasy,
    • Freshens hair,
    • Well absorbed and penetrates deep into the structure of vegetation,
    • Reduced content of synthetic substances.


    • Not transparent packaging, it is difficult to control the flow.

    One of the best shampoos without sulfates and parabens from the brand “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” is also good in that it is suitable for both dry and normal hair.

    Indigo Therapeutic Organic

    Another low-cost option, the effect of which may well be compared with that given by professional tools. This was made possible, in particular, due to the organic composition, which included vitamin B5, rosehip oil and carite, keratin and many other natural ingredients. Due to this, the hair is properly moisturized and saturated with vital energy, it looks healthy and beautiful.

    The tool gives a feeling of freshness for at least 3 days and gently cleans the curls, although it does not always cope with very heavy dirt the first time. It is especially useful after keratin straightening in the beauty salon, because it softens the vegetation and protects against the negative effects of heat.


    • Convenient packaging in the form of a bottle,
    • Suitable for any type of hair,
    • Does not contain silicones, artificial colors, parabens,
    • Hypoallergenic composition, which does not cause skin irritation,
    • Easy to wash
    • Fast healing effect.


    • Not very easy to comb hair,
    • Shine after application leaves much to be desired,
    • Volume of 200 ml.

    Natura Siberica Little easy combing

    This tool took first place in the category of the best children's shampoos without sulfates, parabens and silicones, primarily due to the safety of the composition. It is almost impossible to harm a child because it contains no parabens and artificial colors, it is hypoallergenic. It is based on plant herbs that improve hair growth, facilitate combing, and strengthen roots. But even to such a safe shampoo there are contraindications for use - the minimum age is 1 year.


    • Excellent cleansing
    • Deep penetration into the roots,
    • Ease of application
    • Ease of flushing,
    • Often use is not required.


    • Opaque packaging,
    • Not much foam.

    Which is better to buy shampoo without sulfates

    When choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account the type of hair, if the package does not indicate, for example, “For dry” or “For normal”, then it is suitable for any of them. If the shampoo is needed to give volume or perform any other tasks, then this should also be indicated. Its absence indicates that the product is exclusively “prophylactic” - intended only for washing the head.

    It is better to choose which sulphate-free shampoo, considering the purpose of its use:

    • Estel Otium Aqua will be relevant for moisturizing dry curls.
    • L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser will provide perfect smoothness and obedience.
    • Those who want to choose a good tool with the capabilities of the air conditioner, you can pay attention to the Elseve.
    • If your hair is very tangled, you should think about buying a product from the brand "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes."
    • With brittle curls, Indigo organic therapy will be very useful.
    • For baby hair care, it would be logical to choose Natura Siberica Little.

    Even if we are talking about the best non-sulfate shampoos, you should always remember that they may have their drawbacks. Therefore, you need to choose them taking into account the objectives of the application and their needs, only in this case the purchase will not be useless!

    And that's why:

    Sulfates - although they form an excellent foam that creates the effect of washing out to a squeak, they accelerate the loss of color and natural oils, cause overdrying, irritation of the skin, cause the hair to get oily faster.

    As a result, you begin to wash your head more and more often.

    It is impossible to completely refuse sulfates, but it is necessary to look for brands with their minimum quantity.

    Phthalates - this chemical evil is one of the main components of the laying means. Together with them you get iron curls, which are not afraid of hurricanes, and a bunch of toxins.

    Many phthalates are already banned for use in the cosmetics industry.

    Shampoos with chemical additives significantly degrade the quality of our hair

    Parabens - prevent bacteria from multiplying in cosmetics, but can provoke allergies and diseases of oncological nature.

    A good half of the studies, however, are not able to prove their direct impact on human health, therefore, like any non-natural component, it is better to limit their use.

    Odorants - what makes your almond shampoo so almond.

    Reading the label, an ordinary person can hardly understand which of the components will result in an itchy head, redness and dandruff, so you should choose cosmetics without active artificial fragrances.

    It will be discussed in the next section.

    Tip: when you are looking for a composition without harmful impurities, in fact you are looking for a composition with the minimum amount. We'll have to accept the fact: 100% organic cosmetics can be prepared only at home. However, so that the store shampoo does irreparable harm to health, they need to wash their heads for eight hours a day.

    Sulfate allergy, itching and burning sensations

    Shampoos without parabens and sulphates - a list of the best, reviews and price

    Means of this category are usually produced in bottles from 100 to 300 ml - the shelf life of natural shampoos is short.

    The price is given at the rate of this volume. If you intend to buy shampoo without parabens and sulphates from our list, remember that it is better to keep it in the refrigerator, because it may well turn sour.

    Mulsan Cosmetic, Russia (Krasnodar), - approx. 6 dollars

    Today and always the leader of all ratings is the Russian company Mulsan Cosmetic. Products enjoy incredible success with women, paying special care for their health.

    And this is not surprising. Each cosmetic product has a unique and safe composition for human health of any age.

    Products in their properties and composition easily surpasses even competitors with a cost higher than 4-7 times.

    The shelf life of products is only 10 months, which indicates the content of only natural ingredients.

    Here you will not find sulfates, parabens, dyes and other toxic nonsense.

    Not just like that, the slogan of the company sounds: “Cosmetics for those who read the composition”. This is a real find for mommies as well, as there are baby shampoos in the line of Mulsan Cosmetic products.

    Due to the limited period of validity, products can be purchased only in the official online store (

    A pleasant addition to quality products, the company offers free delivery in Russia.

    Mulsan Cosmetic

    "Recipes grandmother Agafi", Russia - approx. 2 dollars

    Especially popular in all the lists and reviews of hair care products without parabens and sulphates is the Russian brand “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”.

    And this is not surprising - the manufacturer insists on the exceptional naturalness of the products and claims that this same grandmother existed and developed all the compositions.

    And the price is pleasantly pleased. The basis of cosmetics sparing foundation of soap root, and even packaging, again, if you believe the word manufacturers, does not contain polyvinyl chloride.

    Reviews of the cosmetic line are mostly neutral and positive.

    "Recipes grandmother Agafi"

    Tip: popular also use shampoo for daily use of the brand economy class "Clean Line". Its price is less than two dollars, and after washing your hair looks fresh and alive. Suitable for daily use.

    Natura Siberica, Russia - approx. 6 dollars

    Sulfate-free Russian shampoos are clear market leaders. 95% of the composition - compounds of wild plants of Siberia.

    According to the manufacturers of the “Nature of Siberika” sulphate and paraben-free shampoo and online reviews, the products do not irritate the skin, are hypoallergenic, after regular use the hair looks alive.

    The lineup provides treatments for all types.

    Natura Siberica

    Yves Rocher, France - approx. 5 dollars

    Low Shampoo - one of the many hair care products of a popular French brand.

    99% consists of components of natural origin, gently cleanses, while the hair is combed quite easily and without air conditioning. It is spent uneconomically.

    Perfect for owners of light curls.

    Yves rocher

    Logona Natur Sosmetic, Germany - approx. 10 $

    In the line of the German company are shampoos for all types of hair, including those prone to dandruff.

    Shampoo is hypoallergenic, does not contain parabens, silicones, sulfates, petrochemicals and fragrances.

    It is approved for use by asthmatics and is vegan, since it does not contain animal fats.

    Logona Natur Сosmetic

    Himalaya Herbals, India - approx. 6-7 dollars

    The cosmetic brand was founded in 1930 and has been producing cosmetics for almost a century, based on the principles of Ayurveda - the teaching of life in harmony with nature.

    Himalaya shampoos gently and gently cleanse the hair, returning them the lost shine and strength.

    The composition contains amla, liquorice, chickpea extract. No artificial colors.

    Himalaya herbals

    Botanicus, Czech Republic - approx. 7 dollars

    And although it will take some time to get used to natural shampoos, many girls have estimated the effect of Botanicus from the very first wash, especially when combined with a mask.

    Especially popular is the tool with extracts of nasturtium and horsetail for thin lifeless curls.

    Persistent pleasant aroma is maintained thanks to the parsley essential oil.

    Shampoo perfectly strengthens hair and fights against hair loss. Before use, the bottle must be shaken.


    Alloton, France - approx. 8 dollars

    The series is designed for daily care for weak hair prone to hair loss.

    Ingredients include olive oil, rosemary extract, burdock, nasturtium, aloe vera and wheat germ proteins.

    Strengthens hair roots, stimulates their growth and is not addictive.


    Vichy, France - approx. 15 dollars

    The soothing care of the French brand restores the protective barrier barrier of the skin, reduces itching, burning, contains panthenol and vitamin C.

    Manufacturers honestly admit that a tangible effect occurs after the first three weeks of use.


    Aubrey Organics, USA - approx. 15-20 dollars

    American cosmetics suitable for capricious hair, smoothes them, strengthens, removes excess fluffy.

    The product cleanses the hair from the effects of sulfate silicone shampoos, washes out chlorine, cares about color, and vitamins and minerals fight against excessive fragility of curls.

    The price of Aubrey is appropriate.

    Aubrey organics

    L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color, France - from 10 dollars

    Shampoo not only does not contain harmful chemical compounds and alkalis, but is also enriched with incell molecules that strengthen the structure of the curls.

    Suitable for colored hair, protects against color leaching and preserves a pleasant delicate aroma for a long time.

    L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color

    Schwarzkopf Professional, France - from 10 dollars

    The list of shampoos without sulfates and parabens, especially professional ones, is unthinkable without the care products of this brand.

    In the line you can find both completely democratic representatives and expensive shampoos from $ 20 and up.

    All of them are distinguished by a mild cleansing of the curls and are ideal for use after keratin straightening.

    Schwarzkopf Professional

    Estel Aqua Otium, France - from 10 dollars

    Shampoo "Estelle" refers to the category of professional.

    Price per liter pack. Like all natural shampoos, it foams poorly.

    The composition contains amino acids, protein, panthenol and betaine, which is responsible for the natural moisturizing process of the strands.

    Estel Aqua Otium

    Kapous Professional, Italy - up to 10 dollars

    Suitable for frequent washing of all hair types, contains fruit acids, gently cleans the hair, vitamins A, B, C, orange extract, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other trace elements.

    It has a delicate citrus smell. Tones and strengthens hair.

    Kapous Professional

    Cocochoco, Israel - from 25 dollars

    The most expensive member of our list is ideal for girls who adore the procedure of keratin straightening.

    Soft soy proteins, juice and cactus bark extract protect hair from overdrying, gently cleanse and do not cause allergies.

    In the lineup there are caring balsams and masks of the same pricing policy.


    There is also a mass of baby shampoos without the addition of chemicals.

    The tools from the list below are ideal for both kids and parents:

    1. Baby teva
    2. Wakodo
    3. A-Derma Frimalba
    4. Mommy care
    5. Mustela
    6. Hipp
    7. "Eared nanny"
    8. Sanosan
    9. Bubchen

    More shampoos without chemicals can be found among products for children.

    But note that adult shampoos for delicate baby skin and hair should not be used.

    Shampoos with a minimum of chemistry:

    1. Suitable for daily washing.
    2. Natural components (extracts of herbs, plants and their oils) wash out artificial silicones, eventually returning the natural shine and making curls less fragile.
    3. Do not cause allergic reactions
    4. Suitable for all types of hair, including dyed
    5. The active vitamins in the composition accumulate, and therefore heals the hair
    6. Restore the fat balance of the epidermis
    7. Stimulate hair growth and struggle with hair loss
    8. The shelf life of the funds does not exceed 10 months

    Learning to choose the most natural cosmetics

    All this, on the one hand, sounds magical, on the other, and organic cosmetics have a number of significant drawbacks:

    1. Means poorly foamed - they will have to be reapplied, and even that is not a fact that you will feel the very “washed-up effect”
    2. Spent two to three times faster and cost two to three times more.
    3. Without a balm, combing is problematic, so in addition to shampoo, you will have to fork out conditioner of the same brand.
    4. The first couple of weeks after use, the hair will look dull and inanimate - until all the silicones from the mass market tools are washed.
    5. For flushing serious styling will have to use shampoo with sulfates.

    As you can see, the number of pluses considerably exceeds the minuses, which means that, in addition and as an alternative to the usual shampoo, natural care should appear in your bathroom.

    It can be applied without fear and risk every day, and funds with an active chemical action can be reserved for the case when you can not do without a “big wash” of the head, so the influence of chemistry will be minimal.

    Tip: in order not to overdry the skin, do not wash your head with too hot water. All shampoos thoroughly wash off for five minutes - of course, the water washes away the color of the colored curls, but it also neutralizes unnatural components.

    You will find some more useful tips on caring for your hair and homemade masks in this article.

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