Does it hurt to pull out eyebrows for the first time

It is best to pull out brows in daylight, but if you do it in the evening, then use an additional lamp, the lighting of which will be directed to the face.

To create the perfect eyebrows, you will also need:

  • tweezers (better choose models with beveled edges, they are much more convenient than their direct counterparts),
  • lotion and alcohol (disinfectant) solution,
  • eyebrow comb
  • rich face cream (suitable for nourishing or children's cream) or cosmetic oil.

Tip! Do not apply on the skin of essential oils in its pure form, they can cause severe irritation or even burn. A couple of drops of essential oil can be added to a tube of cream. In its pure form, you can use only special cosmetic oils or edible - olive, pumpkin, linseed, grape seed oil. However, please note that some oils (for example, coconut) can clog pores and promote the formation of comedones.

Begin and finish the disinfection procedure. Do not neglect these steps, because microbes can cause irritation or cause infection. Treat with alcohol solution tweezers and hands, lotion - eyebrow and skin around. After that, to soften the skin, grease it with a greasy cream, wait 10–15 minutes and remove any residuals with a napkin or cotton pad.

When correcting, follow the correct technique: hold the tweezers with one hand, hold the skin with the other where you remove the hair. The hair itself seize as close as possible to the skin. Periodically brush the edge to correctly see the shape.

If you are going to have the first correction procedure in your life, then it is better to turn to a professional. First, during the first removal, the pain is stronger than in subsequent times. Secondly, the master will be able to choose the right shape for you and make symmetrical neat edges. And you will independently maintain their appearance at home.

By the way, the pain will decrease with time, or even completely disappear, because with regular plucking, the bulb becomes thinner and the hair is removed more easily.

If for some reason you do not want to contact the master, remember that the shape of the eyebrow depends on the shape of your face. For the owner of a round face suitable slightly raised eyebrow line. Ladies with an oval face should stay on smoothly defined edges. If you have a square face, look at the arched eyebrows.

To steam or freeze eyebrows to reduce pain?

The painful effect will noticeably decrease if you pre-steam the face skin. You can carry out the correction after a shower or just make a brow compress. The easiest way is to apply a warm towel or cotton pads to your face and leave to cool completely. But if time allows, make a compress on herbs, it will prevent the appearance of inflammation and rash.

Correctly pluck eyebrows on face

Beautiful arches give the face freshness and enthusiasm. Asymmetrical non-plucked eyebrows can not only make a woman older, but also give her eyes an evil or frightened expression. Therefore, you need to be able to properly pull out the hairs from above, giving them a shape of a house. Or, on the contrary, to grow eyebrows after unsuccessful correction. In general, to master all the intricacies of plucking and care in the home.

Eyebrow plucking tools

To pull out eyebrows with a house or evenly, as well as give them a different shape, you can not use wax, machine or depilatory cream. When asked why, the answer is quite simple. First, you need to give the arcs a bend, and a sticky substance can tear out extra hairs. Secondly, you can not shave the hair on the eyes, because you can not only traumatize the skin of the eyelids, but also get a "smart" coarse bristles. This is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also difficult to remove. So it is better to pull out eyebrows with tweezers. In extreme cases, you can apply a cotton thread. Thirdly, there is the likelihood of a chemical burn.

So the instruction for beginners says that you need to pull out the eyebrows, or, if necessary, grow them after an unsuccessful correction.

When choosing tweezers, be guided by three arguments:

  • quality material (ideally, stainless steel),
  • beveled sharp tips (to better capture fine hairs),
  • comfortable handle - the tool should not slide in the hands, so that the right to choose a tip with an elastic band. You can buy tweezers in the form of scissors - they are very convenient for beginners.

In addition to this stocking equipment, you need to stock up on a large mirror, cotton pads, disinfecting lotion, petroleum jelly and prepare ice from herbal decoction. In addition, purchase castor or burdock oil with liquid retinol - what if you later want to grow eyebrows. If you are going to pull out hairs for the first time in your life, it will be right to consult a specialist. Remember, you can not abuse the correction - you can completely remain without vegetation.

Choose a shape for eyebrows

To properly pluck the eyebrows. It is necessary to choose the form under the outline of the person.

  • For a round face can not do semicircular arc. It is better to choose a bend house. To do this, pull out the hairs, not only from the bottom, but from above.
  • To the elongated outline fit the stripes located exactly, without a break. Why? Because the shortened stripes visually round the face.
  • The classic oval will be decorated with eyebrows with a house - you only need to grow the tips and slightly correct them so that they look at the middle of the ear.
  • If you have a square face, why don't you choose a rainbow shape. Such an outline will soften coarse features. The same eyebrows can decorate and triangular face. But you do not need to pull them out from above - the arcs can "fall" on your eyes and give you a frowning expression.

Girls who can not decide on the shape of the face, for the first time you can contact the salon. The master will not only be able to professionally pick out the extra hairs, but he will also tell you how to grow them properly.

Eyebrow plucking at home

Correctly pluck hairs can be at home. Professionals for some reason do not recommend to adjust the eyebrows on top. Like, it makes the view heavier. But what if you want a house shape? We'll have to get rid of vegetation and on the top edge too. The main thing is not to overdo it with plucking.

Correction is a simple procedure. It is only necessary to grab a hair at the very root with tweezers and with a sharp movement pull it out of the pore. Then the pain will decrease. If you are very afraid of pain, why don't you use ice to “freeze” it.

  1. First you need to create a "head" eyebrows. Take a pencil and mark the first point - it will be directly above the inner corner of the eye.
  2. The second point is the bend. It ends with the “body” of the arc, equal in width to its “head”. Kink should be located behind the pupil.
  3. And finally, the "tail" - it ends beyond the outer edge of the century. Make sure that the end of the arc is not curled down.

After you have outlined the three main points and decided on the form, you only need to outline the eyebrow along the contour with a white pencil, and then remove all excess vegetation with tweezers. Do not forget to repeat the correction at least once a week.

Why does it hurt so much?

The painful sensations that appear when getting rid of excess vegetation are completely natural. Eyebrows have a certain function - they do not allow fluids that run down the forehead into the eyes and irritate the delicate mucous membrane. It is logical that the body absolutely does not want to lose such a barrier, and the concept of “beautiful” to the human body is unknown.

In addition, the skin around the eyebrows itself is more sensitive than in other parts of the face. The hairs there are almost as tough as on the head, so the pain is quite understandable. With constant removal, the bulbs become thinner, the skin becomes less tender, and the discomfort disappears.

Severe pain can occur due to many factors:

  • if the procedure is performed during menstruation, when the body is most sensitive,
  • when the hairs are pulled out in bunches, not one by one,
  • use tweezers with straight edges,
  • if the jerk is not on hair growth, but against him,
  • when skin is irritated or acne.

For all young beauties it is worth answering the question: is it painful to pull eyebrows for the first time? Overwhelmingly, this will be very noticeable. However, after 3-4 procedures almost all unpleasant feelings are reduced to a minimum.

How to reduce the level of pain with improvised means?

In order to reduce unpleasant feelings, you need to avoid all the factors that increase the pain. You also need to carefully prepare the workspace and light it well, in order to miss the same hair several times, increasing irritation. It is worth buying soft but comfortable tweezers with beveled ends - this is the most painless option.

If everything is ready, you can start the procedure to reduce pain at home:

  1. Take two cotton discs, dip them in hot water and attach them to a place that will be rid of excess vegetation. Keep the compress for 3-4 minutes, remove, slightly dry with a towel and pull out. The analgesic effect is achieved due to the expansion of pores and easier “exit” of the bulbs. It lasts 5-7 minutes depending on the type of skin.
  2. In order not to hurt to get rid of hair, you can use an ordinary children's cream. It is necessary to lubricate their skin well and wait for complete absorption. It softens the horny layer of the dermis, making the removal of the "roots" not so painful.
  3. You can use ice cubes by analogy with a compress. Ice from chamomile infusion is applied to the skin for a few seconds, and while sensitivity is reduced, unnecessary vegetation is removed.

Non-opposite means can be combined, for example, to use ice and cream. For easier tweezing, you can perform the procedure after a sauna or a bath.

Pharmacy drugs

In cases where the pain is really strong and you do not want to endure it at all, you can use pharmaceutical anesthetic ointment. There are two most popular options.

  1. Emla - this tool is used for both hair removal and removal of eyebrow hairs. It does not harm health and helps even when removing hair from the bikini area. It is worth simply to spread the treated area with a small layer and wait for it to absorb.
  2. Menovazin is a solution that has a freezing effect. It is applied with a cotton swab, for the best effect several times in one place. It contains novocaine and menthol, which relieve pain and soothe the skin.

Wondering how to pull out eyebrows without pain, you should not wind yourself up in the first place. The stronger the woman convinces herself that she will be unpleasant, the more she will eventually experience discomfort. You just have to prepare well and quietly perform the correction without any extra punks. For those who do it for the first time, it is better to do the form not at once, but gradually trimming the eyebrows and removing a pair of hairs.

Is it possible to permanently remove hair?

  • Tried all possible ways of hair removal?
  • Due to excessive vegetation, you feel insecure and not beautiful.
  • You are terrified of waiting for the next execution, remembering that you will have to endure again.
  • And most importantly - the effect lasts only a few days.

And now answer the question: does it suit you? Is it possible to put up with this? And how much money have you already “leaked” to ineffective means and procedures? That's right - it's time to stop with them! Do you agree? That is why we decided to publish the story of our subscriber Alina Borodina. in which she tells in great detail how to permanently get rid of the problem of excessive vegetation in 1 day! Read more >>

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Required materials and preliminary training

To give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, you will definitely need special tools.

Depending on the method of picking, such items will be useful:

Do not do without a mirror. Be sure to set up a good light. The ideal source would be the day sun. Workplace, located on the windowsill, would be ideal.

A magnifying mirror effect is also welcome. Then it will be easier to find small and inconspicuous hairs.

Before each procedure, a prerequisite is the removal of makeup. This is done to ensure that the excessive oily skin does not interfere with a good grip on the hair. It also reduces the risk of various infections in the body. The instrument must also be disinfected. Then plucking eyebrows will be safe for health.

To form the correct form, there is a special scheme.

It is necessary to define three main points:

To set the start of hair growth, take a long, even object, lean one end of it against the wing of the nose, and the second is carried through the inner corner of the eye. Where there is a second end, put a mark.

The top of the arc is as follows: the line is led from the wing of the nose through the pupil. They look strictly forward. Mark the top point. To determine the end, a line is drawn from the same wing, but through the outer side of the eye. The hairs that were behind the markings are immediately removed.

It is very important to know how to properly pluck eyebrows at home. The end result depends on the skill of the girl. The arcs must be identical, the bends are the same, and if they are different, you will have to correct it with makeup.

Sooner or later, every girl is on the path of beauty. Basically, it happens in adolescence. Then the little beauty begins to care for her appearance.

For the first time, having decided to pull out eyebrows, a girl can ask her mom for help and do it at home. But if the shape of the arc is complex, a professional beautician will help make it correct and beautiful.

Also, the girl will be interested in the question: is it painful to pull eyebrows for the first time? The answer is absolutely individual. Each person has his own pain threshold. For the first time the procedure will be unusual, the feeling is quite bright. But over time, the majority of people get used to it, and the pain becomes less expressive.

Form definition

Correctly determine the appropriate shape of the eyebrows - a very important task. Thanks to this, the look will be expressive, and the face will acquire more regular features, and will look almost perfect.

There are four main types of brows:

Depending on the shape of the girl’s face, a suitable eyebrow curve is chosen. In the salons, professionals will prompt and help you make the right choice. But if the young lady decided to pull out the edge itself, then you need to try to make everything work out correctly and beautifully.

It is necessary to pay attention to the facial features and the location of the eyes:

Face typeSuitable formFeatures and recommendations
Round face shapeEyebrows "House"The curve should not be very sharp, as this will make the oval even more rounded. The ends should also not be too long. Do not dwell on the round shape.
Rectangular or elongated faceSmooth, elongatedIt is strictly not recommended to make a curved shape.
Square shapeLong, raised upDo not pull eyebrows too thin - it will only increase the imbalance of the face.
Triangular face typeEvenly and gently curvedStraight lines should be avoided.

Naturally, the oval shape and regular features of the face go to very happy girls. Here you can experiment for every taste. These standard shapes fit any variety and form. It’s also not scary for a girl with such a face shape to pluck out her eyebrows to herself, it should turn out beautifully.

Among the stars, too, have their own preferences in this direction. The actress often give the choice of a broken eyebrow shape. This kind of look gives a mysterious, slightly predatory notes.

The girl looks more intriguing and tempting. But models prefer other forms with which it is easier to conduct experiments in make-up.

We pull out the edge

Not all girls have the opportunity to go to the master on the procedure of modeling eyebrows. Constantly not enough time: a strict work schedule does not allow, household chores do not let go. Here you have to get out yourself. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make beautiful eyebrows on your own.

How exactly to pull out eyebrows? There are little tricks to help girls carry out the procedure quickly and efficiently. After all, no one wants to wear careless, crooked hair strips that not only do not emphasize the look, but make it very unattractive.

In order to pull out the eyebrows in the same way, pull out the hairs from each eyebrow in turn. Then it will be easier step by step to follow the accuracy of the work done.

Also, do not forget about the correct method of designation of three conditional points: the beginning, the top and the end of the eyebrow. They are marked with a white cosmetic pencil. By clearly and correctly specifying the boundaries beyond which it is impossible to intercede, it is easy to create an ideal form. If the hairs are not enough, they are drawn with a cosmetic pencil to match the tone of the hair.

Especially not lucky girls who have thin, sensitive skin. Here you need to act especially carefully, so as not to damage the delicate covers.

You also need to really try to pull out the eyebrows without pain. To do this, there are little tricks to simplify the process.

To get smooth and beautiful eyebrows, you need to follow the step-by-step recommendation:

  • carefully grab every hair, trying to get close to the root tool,
  • you need to pull out the hair in the direction of growth with a sharp sure jerk,
  • tighten the skin in the superciliary area,
  • it is necessary to remove the hairs alternately: on the one hand, and then on the other for better control of the situation,
  • for carrying out an independent procedure, tweezers with oblique ends are best suited.

Also, young ladies with vegetation in the middle of the eyebrows should not forget that you should also get rid of it. This feature of facial hair growth creates the effect of “one eyebrow”. Feelings when removing hairs on the bridge of the nose is not pleasant - this is a rather painful area.

A little cream or an ice cube will help to anesthetize it. These means process the indicated gap and slightly capture the skin around. It is advisable to steam the skin before the procedure using a warm shower or a hot towel.

Use tweezers

Plucking eyebrows with tweezers is a well-known and simple procedure. But there are a number of features that should be considered when starting it. Infrequently there is a girl who allows herself to abandon the process of removing excess hair on her face.

After all, nature does not give everyone the perfect eyebrows from birth. Fortunately, due to the presence of tweezers at hand, the flaws are easily corrected.

The procedure is used in cases where the eyebrows are too thick or wide, if the shape does not match the shape of the face, or simply does not like it.

Contraindications for tweaking include the presence of scratches, wounds, irritations in the work area.

Mechanical stress may aggravate the situation. It is strongly undesirable to pull out hairs at the location of moles.

Plucking hairs with tweezers has many advantages:

  • tweezers will easily reach the smallest hairs in hard to reach places,
  • the procedure can be performed as a correction after many of its other types,
  • simple process that does not require special skills
  • models the most beautiful eyebrow shape
  • among the salon services is one of the cheapest, and at home it is completely free,
  • fast recovery
  • the most painless method, depending on the individual predisposition,
  • There is no need for special care for eyebrows after this type of hair removal.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  • the procedure is quite lengthy
  • you can accidentally remove excess hair,
  • the effect is not long-term, you will constantly have to pluck regrown hair,
  • if improperly used, ingrown hairs may later appear
  • it is not easy to remove light thin hairs
  • presence of broken hair.

For plucking eyebrows there are many varieties of tweezers. Tweezers with different tips: straight, sharp, beveled, tweezers, automatic tweezers. They differ in their purpose. Also, the tool can be made from different materials: plastic or metal.

The most convenient and effective tweezers are considered with bevelled tips. They are easy to operate. In this process becomes less painful. Stock up on this tool, you can get the shape of the eyebrows like a star.

Use wax

Eyebrow correction with tweezers is a common type of plucking unwanted hairs. But not all girls like to sit still for a long time in front of a mirror and meticulously pull out the hairs one by one. Nowadays, beauties are increasingly resorting to wax removal of excess hair.

In most cases, this eyebrow plucking technique is used in beauty salons.

There are three types of wax:

The most popular is the last option. This is because it is an interchangeable plate applicator. The wax heats up to a comfortably warm temperature, and this allows the skin to touch it as much as possible.

The cold wax variant is a plate with a material that is held in the hands until such time as they reach body temperature. Then they are attached to the area under the bend of the eyebrow. A sharp movement of the plate breaks in the direction against the growth of hair. Still, hot wax remains the best way to remove it. He will be able to fix even thick eyebrows.

If a woman is going to make a correction of eyebrows with wax at home, then she definitely needs to prepare. Materials and tools should be in place, since then there will be no time to search for them. For hair removal will need: wax, spatula, cloth, cotton pads, refreshing agent.

The whole process consists of several stages:

  1. To begin with, the place of work is degreased with a cotton pad. To do this, use any antiseptic.
  2. A small amount of powder or talc is applied to the epilation zone.
  3. After that, on the skin where you want to remove the hair, apply wax applicator. The material should not spread over the tool. Apply it strictly in the direction of hair growth.
  4. While the applied wax did not have time to harden, a piece of cloth is applied on it.
  5. After the material hardens, it is torn off by one sharp movement, against the growth of hair. You should pull the hairs until they are completely left.

The procedure for the correction of arcs with wax will suit girls with very thick vegetation above the eyes. Making eyebrow tweezers takes a long time. Requires carefully pull out every hair. For those who do not want to spend a lot of effort on this procedure, wax waxing is suitable. Just a few jerks - and you're done.

Remove excess hairs by thread

Removing excess hair with a thread is called triding. A similar method was used in ancient times in ancient Egypt and China. Then the beauties used the thread for hair removal not only eyebrows due to the effectiveness of this type of hair removal. Today, they get rid of unwanted vegetation with the help of a thread, mostly only on the face.

For the procedure will need a thread. It should be cotton or silk. Ordinary sewing threads may not be suitable, as they must be very durable, must not be torn. Also useful is a mirror with a magnifying effect.

In order to look through all the hairs. Antiseptics are used to avoid irritation. The process itself is quite safe, but undesirable microbes can still get into the micro holes of the skin after the epilation.

In order to make the correct form, it is necessary to outline it in advance with a pencil. Color choose contrasting eyebrows so that they do not merge. This will help to get a good overall result, and make the arcs of the desired shape. Also in the process will not be superfluous rubber thin gloves. They will provide the best protection against germs and good adhesion of the thread to the skin of the hands. So it will be more convenient to work.

Tie a thread about 50 cm long to form a circle.

Further, in order to pluck the eyebrows thread itself, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Get rid of makeup and excess fat in the work area and three centimeters around it. The procedure is done with makeup remover or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. In order for the result to be obtained in proper form, the boundaries of the contour are drawn with the help of a sharp pencil, and eyebrows are pulled out in a given shape. Do not make lines too thin or wide. It is better not to deviate much from the natural form.
  3. Place a ring of thread on the index and thumbs of both hands. Twist in the middle 6-10 times. Then just drive it over the skin, moving your fingers in different directions, grabbing hairs and pulling them out. If the movements are clear and confident, then it will be possible not painfully to pull out eyebrows.

Many are interested in the question: how to reduce the pain when plucking eyebrows? For this, the same methods are recommended as when using other methods of hair removal. This includes applying a fat cream, applying an ice cube, steaming the face.

How to pluck eyebrows at home

In order to make their lives easier, girls have to learn a lot on their own. It helps a lot. It is useful to know how to pluck the eyebrows at home, how to make the best shape, and that it does not hurt.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the shape of the arc, which is most suitable for the shape of the face. After the ideal form is transferred to the skin. For the procedure, a well-sharpened pencil will do. After the pattern is drawn, outside the lines, remove any excess hairs. They need to pull out quickly and painlessly.

For example, consider the option how to pull out the eyebrows of the house. This form will go to absolutely everyone. But the most advantageous, it looks at the chubby girls.

Naturalness is in fashion now. This type of bending characterizes a wide base, a curved apex and a finely tapering tip.

It is necessary to determine, based on the type of person, what size and location will eyebrows. Next, draw a pencil with the correct boundaries of hair removal. After that, tweezers, thread, cooled with a cube of ice or cold water.

For some girls, the procedure of eyebrow hair removal is very difficult because of the unbearable pain. They need a painkiller before plucking. Before correction, anesthesia such as gels, sprays, lotions based on lecocaine, novocaine or benzocaine anesthetizes.

You can buy the usual children's teething gel. Handle them in advance zone hair removal. Ten minutes later, remove the residue with alcohol and get to work.

Daily eyebrow care after plucking

Any woman, having mastered the elementary rules of eyebrow plucking, can easily take care of herself in everyday life. But will the hairline look absolutely perfect, having only a hair removal procedure?

Get rid of unwanted hair, of course, need. But there are cases when the strip is not enough hair. It may be too short, narrow, or the eyebrows may simply be different. In such cases, comes to the aid cosmetic pencil, which can easily draw the missing hairs. They do it very carefully, so that everything looks as natural as possible.

Step by step you can make perfect eyebrows with the help of some procedures:

  1. Thanks to a special make-up eyebrows will look more vividly, giving the look a special highlight. For this purpose, use a solid pencil. Since he will do better hatching. It looks natural. The color of the pencil should match the shade of the hair.
  2. Massage has a beneficial effect on hair growth. It is made with vibrating movements from the nose to the temples. Also do a point or pinching massage with tufts of fingers. The use of natural oils that improve hair growth is encouraged.
  3. To strengthen and quickly regrow hairs, masks and compresses are made.

Additional care procedures are performed as follows:

Procedure nameRequired itemsInstructions for implementation
Eyebrow maskDried figs (100 g), milk 2.5% fat (1 l), gauze.Figs are boiled in milk. Fruit gauze shaped strips. Lay on the previously cleaned eyebrows. After half an hour, rinse with warm water.

CompressVegetable oil, cotton pads, parchment paper.In a heated vegetable oil moisten two cotton discs, put them on the eyebrows, cover with parchment paper. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water or wipe with a damp cloth.

There are many ways to care for your eyebrows. And for good reason, because this is the part that is constantly in sight. And it should look perfect.

No wonder they say that the lips and eyebrows are those two parts of the face that convey the true emotions of a person. They will always tell you in what mood their owner is: sad or happy.

Thanks to the correct correction, you can not only give the face a well-groomed look, but also completely change its shape and character. After all, not everyone is lucky to have the right features from nature. Therefore, it is important to know how beautifully to pull out eyebrows.

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