Laser hair removal

Preparation for laser hair removal: the basic rules, as well as contraindications

In the fight against unwanted hair invented many ways, but today the most effective and safest is laser hair removal. This method is ideal for both women and men, and has no restrictions on gender. But unfortunately, a trip to laser hair removal can not be a spontaneous event, you should prepare for it in advance. Since there are certain conditions, which we will tell you below.

  1. How does laser hair removal work?
  2. How to prepare for laser hair removal?
  3. What is the effect of laser hair removal?
  4. Why is one procedure missing?
  5. What else is important to know before the procedure?

How does laser hair removal work?

The principle of laser hair removal is significantly different from the "mechanical" depilation. The powerful laser light destroys the hair follicle, rather than pulling it out. An intense stream of light finds the follicles by color, or rather by the pigment melanin, which is in it. The follicle is amenable to heating, and after that it cannot grow.

Thanks to this method of hair removal, after the session the irritation lasts no more than a couple of hours, and then completely disappears. Plus, laser hair removal is a practically painless procedure that does not take much time and the effect lasts longer than with wax or sugar depilation.

What is the effect of laser hair removal?

After the first session, you will get rid of 15% to 30% of unwanted hair. Depending on the area of ​​the procedure, to get rid of unwanted hair for 100% you need from 4-8 procedures. The required interval between procedures varies from 6-8 weeks, and with each subsequent procedure the interval increases by 2 weeks. Usually, a full course of laser hair removal will last about 1 year. But if the procedure is performed in a hormone-dependent zone, such as the upper lip, white line of the abdomen, chin, the course may take longer.

Fundamental rules

The deep hair removal method is based on the use of a laser that affects the hair follicles and destroys their structure. As a result, you can get a slow growth of hairs or the complete absence of their growth. In order for vegetation removal to be 100% complete, not one session, but several is necessary. Laser hair removal has great advantages compared with, for example, shugaring or waxing. The main thing with this is the correct preparation for laser hair removal, the only way to get the perfect result.

Standard requirements and recommendations:

  1. It is forbidden to sunbathe in direct sunlight.
  2. It is necessary to stop using self-tanning creams and exert any effects on the skin with ultraviolet light.
  3. You can not use sunscreen if laser hair removal is carried out in the hot season.
  4. It is not recommended to resort to any methods of hair removal, only shaving can be used.
  5. The length of hair in the epilation zone must be at least 2 mm and not more than 5 mm.
  6. It is important to abandon the use of cosmetics in the treatment areas with a laser for a day or two.
  7. You can not use a tool that has alcohol in its composition, for example, lotions, tonics, etc., 3 days before the day of the procedure.
  8. If possible, it is necessary to limit the medication for days before hair removal.

Contraindications to the procedure

Any procedure has its limitations in carrying out. In the case of laser hair removal, they can be divided into 2 groups: relative and absolute. The first group of contraindications is not categorical, the possibility of hair removal is real with the recommendation and approval of a specialist.

It means such temporary prohibitions to hold:

  • colds,
  • tanned skin,
  • skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, etc.,
  • violations of the dermis: scratches, cracks, cuts,
  • formations in the form of pigment spots, moles at the treatment site,
  • lactation, pregnancy,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • allergies to drugs
  • age up to 18 years only with the consent of the parents (guardians).

The second group - absolute contraindications - these are prohibitions, having the cosmetic salon not performing the procedure for the patient, since it can have a negative effect:

  • herpes,
  • gray and blonde hair
  • oncological diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • individual intolerance,
  • in the case of epilation of a bikini site, it is not carried out for: infections of a sexual nature, fungal diseases, cuts and wounds.

Features of working with different zones

The correct preparation for laser hair removal is also based on the areas where it will be carried out. The greatest number of questions undoubtedly relates to the bikini zone, because the best option for removing hair is selected for it more difficult than other areas, the classic one does not always become relevant. This is justified by the special sensitivity and features of the structure of this zone. Preparatory activities look the same way as for other areas of hair removal, such as armpits.

But on the day when the trip to the master is scheduled, the hair must be shaved off. In addition, it will be mandatory anesthesia, which is carried out directly by a specialist using a suitable medication: lidocaine, gel or aerosol. At home, before epilating, tablets do not need to be drunk to remove the subsequent pain.

Preparing to effectively carry out laser hair removal on the face does not imply the use of razors or wax before visiting the doctor, as this can lead to severe irritation on the face. Hands, armpits and legs are epilated more often than usual, because the effect of the manipulation will not be noticeable immediately, you must at least hold 3 sessions. Only after that excessive thickness will leave, and the hair will begin to grow more slowly.

How to prepare for laser hair removal: basic step-by-step recommendations

The most effective way, which allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation, for example, a bikini line or abdomen, is laser epilation carried out in a specialized salon. So that the procedural method was successful and did not lead to unpleasant consequences, you should know how to prepare for laser hair removal correctly.

The first thing you should pay attention to is finding out the prohibitions on manipulation. Because the radiation coming from the laser can trigger a chain of processes that occur in the body in the nascent or sleeping phase.

Therefore, it is important to consult a cosmetologist who will map the card, enter the necessary information about the state of health, and determine whether it is possible to carry out the procedure.

One and a half months before treatment

If it is decided that hair removal is possible, then 1.5 months before it should be avoided:

  • use of hair removal products that affect the hair follicle,
  • tanning, both natural and artificial.

Approximately 6 weeks before epilation, it is worth stopping epilation with wax, epilators, plucking hairs. This is explained by the fact that laser radiation will have nothing to influence due to the absence of a hair in the follicle. Sunburn, in turn, is undesirable because melanin from sunburn "comes into competition" with melanin of hair and can take over a large proportion of laser energy. Since getting ready for laser hair removal is well in advance, it is important to take care of this factor, because it can cause a complication in the form of severe burns of the dermis.

Epilation day

On the day of the manipulation, the area with which the specialist will work must be clean, no cosmetics. 60 minutes before the start, you need to treat the site of exposure with anesthesia cream.

If there were previously manifestations of herpes on the lip and a rash of a similar nature, the cosmetologist may prescribe antiviral drugs that are taken on the same day as epilation. This is done to prevent a possible recurrence of the disease.

Can not be before laser hair removal

It should be realized how important it is to properly prepare for the procedure of laser hair removal, because any unconscious effects on the skin can later give results in the form of side effects.

So, before the epilation is prohibited:

  1. Sunbathing.
  2. Carry out electrolysis, waxing and shugaring procedures.
  3. Pluck hairs.
  4. Visit the pool, jacuzzi, actively involved in sports.

What is possible before laser hair removal

For an effective result, you need to know how to prepare well for laser hair removal, because there are times to do before the procedure, namely, remove hair with a razor or depilation cream and use a sunscreen cream if you have to stay under the sun for a long time.

Is it possible to carry out the procedure yourself

When the question becomes about the professional and conducted procedure, the answer will be unequivocal - no. There are reasons for this. The first is equipment, at home such equipment cannot be, sometimes even beauty salons cannot afford it at a price. The second is the bulkiness of the device, even its compact version weighs at least 40 kg.

And the third is that only a cosmetologist who has a higher medical education can work on such a unit. And this is no accident: the slightest irregular movement can cause the patient's skin to burn the treatment area.

Darya Kasyanova, the manager of the network of laser laser hair removal studios, told us about the mythic fears and excellent results.

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How to prepare for the procedure of laser hair removal? Photo: from the personal archive of the expert

- To laser hair removal need preparation - simple, just need to know about it. Many people confuse the preparation for laser hair removal with the preparation for shugaring and try to specifically grow hair. But this is not necessary, as the laser acts on the hair bulb, and the length of the hair is absolutely not necessary. But do not forget that if you previously used the procedure shugaring, wax or depilator, then you should use the services of laser hair removal no earlier than after three weeks. Otherwise there will be no effect. This is to ensure that the hair, including the bulb, was able to fully recover.

Before laser hair removal, it is necessary to machine a zone where removal is planned for one or two days. If it is facial hair, then girls can treat the place with depilatory cream. 5-7 days before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude the sun, not to visit saunas, baths and not to use scrubs.

Often our clients ask whether it is possible to do several zones at a time? Yes, you can do all the desired areas at a time, only all zones should also be prepared and all recommendations should be followed.

The most common areas for girls and women - the area above the upper lip, armpits, bikini area. Girls are often afraid to do bikinis, thinking that this zone is the most sensitive. But it is not. As my experience shows, armpits are often more painful, so everything is individual. And the device itself can be customized individually - for the color type and phototype of a person. Soreness will not, but the effectiveness will remain. Also do not forget that the laser is equipped with a cooling effect and the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

After the procedure of laser hair removal, there are also several recommendations: do not sunbathe for seven days, exclude baths, saunas, stay in the sun and hard washcloths. For a long-lasting effect, you do not need to alternate laser hair removal with other types of anti-unwanted hair. After all, if the hair is missing along with the bulb, then the laser "does not see" the zone of its impact - the procedure will be wasted.

It is also very often that girls ask themselves whether the effect of the laser will not affect the thickness of the hair on their head, will there be any irradiation? To this I can answer that this is an absolute myth: the laser beam does not scatter, but only affects the point on the zone that we process. And it has been repeatedly proven by research.

Now that you know all the nuances, you can not be afraid to come to the laser hair removal. After all, this is part of our aesthetic future, in which we will be able to get rid of unwanted hair for many years.

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