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Amineksil for hair loss

  • July 19, 2018
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The hair has a lot of enemies, ranging from unfavorable environmental conditions and ending with styling products. Especially bad, if the negative impact is complex, that is, the impact of several factors at once, causing irreparable damage to the hair. The hair suffers, causing the number of hairs falling daily to grow rapidly. This can not help but worry not only girls, but also men.

Around the world, several dozen beauty laboratories seek to unlock the potential of certain substances in the struggle for strong, thick hair. One of them is L'Oreal. "Amineksil", which is available in ampoules for ease of use, is considered one of the best and harmless remedies for the treatment of alopecia. But is everything so good and smooth, or should Aminexil be used with caution and only in certain cases?

What is aminexyl substance?

Ampoules from the famous brand “L'Oreal” are filled with magic liquid, the base of which is exactly amineksil. The active substance is a prototype of Minoxidil, which was accidentally discovered in the 1970s by American scientists. More precisely, the substance was known, but the effect was expected in a completely different pharmacological group. During testing, it was found that minoxidil causes enhanced hair growth. Since then, this substance has been successfully used in the pharmacological industry as a means to treat various forms of alopecia. As for aminexyl, it is a derivative of this incredibly strong hair growth stimulant.

The drug "Amineksil" from "L'Oreal": what is it? Description and composition

Without exaggeration, it can be said that it is the lifestyle of a person that affects the condition of his hair, as well as his skin, and even his internal organs. In the body, everything is interconnected, so failure in one system may adversely affect the functionality of another. This suggests that, of course, not always unfavorable environment causes the loss of a large amount of hair. Hormonal disorders and genetic predisposition also lead to alopecia.

"Amineksil L'Oreal" is a cosmetic product manufactured in liquid form. The main component in the composition is a derivative of minoxidil. Amineksil, like his "father", is also a fairly strong substance that can restore normal hair growth. This is a modern drug that has proven to be effective in a clinical setting.

In addition to aminexil, the drug also contains a substance such as Omega 6. It stimulates the activity of hair follicles by transforming the substance into lipids and ceramides, which, in turn, restore the structure from the inside. As additional components - trace elements and vitamins, designed to nourish the scalp.

The principle of "Aminexil"

The effect of the use of this cosmetic is expressed, albeit not very rich, but with a strong composition. "Amineksil L'Oreal" penetrates the scalp, softens it and fixes the hair at the root. It promotes the enrichment of nutrients of the follicles, so that active growth begins. In addition, Amineksil prevents collagen hardening, due to which the access of nutrients to the bulb remains always open.

The effectiveness of "Aminexil" in various forms of alopecia and in other cases

Since the remedy is very strong, trichologists make it the basis of therapy even in the case when there is practically no hair left on the head. The maximum efficiency, as practice shows, is achieved in cases where hair loss occurs on the background of:

  • avitaminosis in the spring and autumn period,
  • weakening of immunity
  • stress,
  • malnutrition,
  • climate change
  • constant fatigue.

It is not worth spending money on ampoules of Loreal Aminexil, if the cause of hair loss lies in the influence of potent special-purpose drugs for serious diseases, or if hormonal alopecia was diagnosed. Generally, if the reason lies in the violation of hormonal levels, "Amineksil" will not help to restore the hair. In cases where it is possible to regulate this problem, it should begin with this. Experts believe that the purchase of "Aminexil" in this case will be only an unjustified waste of money.

The only type of alopecia, in which the appointment of this cosmetic product will be justified, is androgenic. It arises against the background of "disorder" initiated by testosterone. Yes, it is also a hormone, but it is precisely the androgenetic alopecia according to the male pattern that can be cured with Aminexil. However, such therapy is likely to be prescribed by a doctor for life. When the ampoules are discontinued, alopecia will return.

Aminexil's ampoules from L'real will be too strong in some cases and ineffective in others. That is, if the cause of hair loss is avitaminosis, stress, malnutrition, and so on, then you should not immediately run to the pharmacy for medicine. And this is precisely a therapeutic drug, which is more related to the pharmacological industry than to the cosmetic one. In these cases, it is better to take care of yourself: adjust the daily regimen, take care of regular and proper nutrition, drink a course of vitamin-mineral complex or sedatives, and use homemade masks recipes for natural products, such as mustard, tincture of red hot pepper or onion. After all, we do not drink antibiotics for the common cold, is not it?

And, conversely, in cases of severe alopecia. Only in this situation "Amineksil" will be a weak drug. Usually, Minoxidil is prescribed, but first a trichologist should diagnose, and only then select a comprehensive therapy.

Instructions for use Loreal Aminexil Advanced

"Amineksil" for hair from "L'Oreal" is prescribed by a doctor in a dosage that is selected individually, which is directly dependent on the severity of alopecia. The trichologist may recommend using 1 ampoule both daily and once every 3 days. The course usually lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on the frequency of rubbing into the scalp.

"Amineksil" must be applied to clean, dry or wet hair with massaging movements, rubbing into the scalp for one minute. The liquid absorbs quickly enough, leaves no residue. With prolonged use, dandruff may be formed, as this product is made of alcohol.


The use of ampoules "Loreal Amineksil", reviews of which are presented below, is impossible in cases when there is an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, as well as an increased sensitivity of the body and any other allergic diseases. Contraindicated in pregnancy. During breastfeeding and in childhood is not recommended.

It is worth noting that "Amineksil", although it is weaker than "Minoxidil", it is undesirable to appoint yourself independently. Of course, there will be no serious harm from the drug, the only question is that it is not so cheap, and the probability that it will help does not reach 100%. It is better to first contact the trichologist, take the tests and determine the cause of hair loss. Only properly selected therapy, based on the elimination of the cause, will give a positive result.

Ampoules against hair loss Aminexil Advanced: reviews

Specialists in the cosmetic and pharmacological industry consider the substance amineksil a highly effective means in the fight against alopecia. Do people who have tried it on themselves agree with this? According to reviews, if the cause of hair loss is not a hormonal disorder, then Loreal's Amineksil will help to cope with this unpleasant problem. Most comments end with a recommendation to use this tool, as it really works.

There are also reviews in which the girls write that after the start of using "Amineksil" hair began to fall even more. But it normal! It is written in the manual that such a development of events takes place and it’s not worth worrying about in this case: simply unviable follicles die to give way to a new one, full of strength and health. So it's silly to expect an effect after a week of using the substance - it won't be. In order to see the result, you need to undergo a full course of treatment.

Amineksil - what is it?

Amineksil is a simplified variation of the potent Minoxidide vasodilator. This tool is most often used as a drug, in small quantities, it is part of many drugs and cosmetic shampoos.

Aminexyl, in fact, is a “projection” of Minoxidide, with the only difference that the dose stimulating the process of restoring skin cells, compared to Minoxidide, corresponds to 2/10.

Appearance history

Amineksil was discovered immediately after its predecessor - Minoxidide, which was produced as a medicine for internal use. Later it turned out that it helps many people get rid of baldness and restore healthy hair, which benefited the manufacturers of this drug, thanks to which they were able to remove Minoxidide as a cosmetic.

Important! More effective than this substance in the fight against hair loss has not yet been developed, which explains not only its popularity, but also its price.

That is why many cosmetic companies have begun their search for a miracle cure. Aminexil was soon found, which is considered more “light” compared to Minoxidide, but no less effective in the early stages of baldness.

Aminexil Action

When using this tool, the desired result usually appears after two or three months. Amineksil is used as a serum - after each washing of the head, when the hair is already slightly dried, it is applied with massage movements to the scalp and rubbed until completely absorbed. After that, it is not necessary to wash off the substance.

Amineksil copes with the following problems:

  1. Seasonal hair loss. There are different “types” of this process - ordinary hair loss, which each person faces at one time or another, and hair loss as a disease called alopecia. Amineksil can cope with the first case - it will restore the skin of the head, stimulate the hair follicles and help the collagen accumulating in the hair to remain elastic and elastic. As a result, the hair will begin to grow faster and thicker, however, in order for it to shine and shine in addition, you need to maintain the course of using the drug with proper nutrition,
  2. Hair loss due to hormonal changes. In this case, Amineksil will not solve the cause of the problem, however, with treatment with additional hormonal stabilizing drugs, it may be of some benefit.

Despite the effectiveness of this tool, it has its negative aspects. Therefore, before starting to use Amineksil, consult with a cosmetologist, or even better - with a trichologist, who will tell you how it will be more effective for you to take this remedy: in the form of masks, tablets or serums.

Contraindications for use of Aminexil

Since Amineksil is a rather serious remedy, not everyone can use it.

Do not use the drug:

  1. Pregnant women. It’s not even the case that this remedy can harm the woman’s health, but that in this case Amineksil may simply not work - because pregnancy often causes stunning hormonal surges, hair can fall out at a high speed and stop them loss, before the hormonal background is stabilized, is almost impossible. There is only one way out - to start taking Amineksil only after childbirth.
  2. Children and teenagers under 14 years old. Often children are not familiar with the problem of hair loss. However, if in connection with the transition period the hair began to thin noticeably, it is better to consult with the trichologist.
  3. People taking additional cosmetics for hair growth and density. In this case, Amineksil will work, but not so quickly, contrary to all hopes. Acceptance of additional cosmetics and drugs to some extent may even weaken the effect of Amineksil, as often in the preparations of different brands contain different chemicals.

User Reviews

The feedback that this tool receives is more positive - the probability that it will help in case of hair loss is 87-90%. Users tag:

“I used Amineksil after childbirth, when the hair 6 months after the birth of my son began to crumble before my eyes. After the completion of the treatment course, the situation changed for the better - the hair became stronger, and there was practically no hair on the pillow after waking up, although I used to collect them in handfuls! ”

“Amineksil helped me with hair loss during the postmenopausal period, under the supervision of the doctor, I conducted 2 treatment courses and got a lasting positive result - the hair became thicker and more voluminous, and my hair stopped falling completely!”

If you want to solve the problem of hair loss, feel free to try Amineksil and wait for the desired results.

Aminexil Advanced ampoules against hair loss - composition

The product contains special medicinal active ingredients:

All of these substances in a complex effect have a powerful healing effect on the follicle. Amineksil is a very effective remedy for baldness. Its direct effect on the hair follicle allows you to increase the life span of the hair. The use of aminexil in the treatment against hair loss has already allowed many patients to significantly reduce their hair loss and restore the health and strength of the hair.

Folligen and tricomine are substances that have protein and copper. These components of the ampoule penetrate deeply into the hair follicle, increase metabolism and activate cell division. As a result, the hair becomes strong and thicker.

Additional vitamins, essential oils and amino acids contained in the preparation have a regenerating and strengthening effect on the hair and its root. Vitamins and nicotinamide (vitamin PP) increase blood circulation and provide rapid cell division.

The drug has a clear color and a pleasant aroma. The composition of the drug does not include any preservatives and dyes.

The main property of aminexyl is to preserve the softness of collagen at the base of the follicle. As a result, healthy hair growth is increased. The innovative formula of the drug allows you to treat hair loss with hormonal and endocrine disorders. Ampoules are the latest development of scientists and physicians.

The drug has a powerful therapeutic effect on the hair follicle. All components of the product are rapidly absorbed into the epithelium tissue and into the hair roots. Penetrating into the follicle, active medicinal substances enhance cell division, improve blood circulation. The drug acts directly on the cells, enhancing the metabolic process in them.As a result, the hair becomes healthy, stops falling out and acquires a healthy shine.

Vitamins and amino acids contained in the product actively nourish the hair roots and scalp. As a result, the proper nutrition of the hair and the access of oxygen to the follicle through the bloodstream are ensured.

The drug gives hair a special softness and health. The results of treatment show that the curls acquire elasticity, strength and pomp. The drug provides reliable protection of hair from various negative external influences: ultraviolet rays, weather conditions. Hard water, improperly selected shampoo, chemical perm, dyeing and drying with a hair dryer also greatly damage the hair.

The tool is recommended to use periodically recommended in the instructions. For the treatment of hair ampoule used daily (once a day). If the hair does not fall out much, then doctors and cosmetologists recommend applying the tool two or three times a week.

  • with intensive precipitation - 6 weeks (1 ampoule per day),
  • prevention - 8 weeks (1 ampoule 3 times a week).

The drug is very easy to use. It is necessary to open the ampoule with the drug and apply the contents on slightly damp and clean hair. Rub the contents of the ampoule is necessary in the roots of the hair with massaging movements. Flush the drug is not required. In case of severe hair damage (brittleness, dullness, split ends), additional agents can be used in the treatment of curls (L’Oreal medical serum for hair restoration).

For one procedure does not take much time. All actions take no more than ten minutes.

L’Oreal has developed several high-performance hair follicles remedies today. Aminexil Advanced ampoules against hair loss were previously tested by trichologists. The drug has all the necessary quality certificates and is indicated by doctors for use in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss).

Today, this innovative product is used by millions of people around the world. The motto of a well-known cosmetic manufacturer is the ability to make beauty accessible to all people. Over the past decade, L’Oreal has released a huge amount of medical products for hair restoration.

On the development of each drug company working leading experts in the field of medicine and cosmetology. Analogs ampoules Aminexil Advanced does not exist. Many other ampoules against hair loss contain the active ingredient aminexyl, but they do not contain other components of this drug.

Photo: Loreal hair ampoules

Hair restoration under the influence of an agent occurs at the cellular level. The composition of the drug was developed in the light of new treatments in cosmetology. The active substances of the agent penetrate directly into the cell membrane and restore the very environment that is necessary for the vital activity of the hair.

The composition of the drug is based on an innovative therapeutic formula that is very effective against hair loss. Additional components that are included in the drug, contribute to the full recovery of the follicle and the hair itself. Aminexil Advanced ampoules will restore hair health in just a month of use. Fragile and thin curls will be really lush, shiny and strong.

Many people who have already used medical hair restoration using ampoules, note that the result is noticeable after just one course of treatment. Observing all the rules of applying the drug, as a result, you can get luxurious and lush curls, giving a healthy shine.

Products L’Oreal known worldwide. My hair suddenly started to fall out because of nerves. A large number of hairs remained on the comb after combing. As a result, my hair was no longer as lush as before. Used against hair loss a variety of means.

Purchased them on the Internet, bought in a pharmacy. I tried, of course, to purchase drugs according to my modest budget. For too expensive money there was no money. Most recently, I decided to use a remedy from L’Oreal. I really liked the effect of Aminexil Advanced ampoules.

Ampoules very effectively restore hair follicles and perfectly strengthen hair roots. I used the remedy once a day, for the night. At bedtime, I rubbed the contents of the ampoule into the scalp. It was treated for two weeks - every day, after it began to apply the remedy every other day. A month later, I felt a positive result from the ampoules. Hair became soft and silky. Visibly increased hair volume. On the comb, now only a few hairs after combing hair.

Ekaterina, 32 years old - Krasnodar

A month ago, I used this tool to strengthen my damaged hair. Aminexil Advanced ampoules are very effective and help in healing hair. The tool acts on the entire structure of the hair, the strands become soft, hair loss decreases.

I am very pleased with the effect of this cosmetic. I also lost oily dandruff in my hair. This effect of the means I was also very pleased. By the way, I use now and the restoring shampoo. I try to keep my hair healthy after ampoules.

I started getting balding a lot. I even visited a doctor. The cause of hair loss is hormonal alteration of the body, menopause, disorders of the general health of the body. As a result, whole bald patches were formed on the head. It was very unpleasant to look at myself in the mirror. From my luxurious hair nothing left.

I tried to treat the hair with herbs, it did not help. Then I bought Aminexil Advanced ampoules. Rubbed into the hair roots every day for two months. The first changes were noticed after about a month of treatment. Hair gained elasticity and elasticity. After two months of treatment, all the bald spots disappeared.

At the site of the lost hair, new ones began to grow, so the volume of hair increased markedly. The condition of the hair after using the ampoules is very good now. I want to undergo another course of treatment while taking a break between courses. Feel free to recommend these regenerating vials to anyone who has similar problems. The tool is really effective.

Indications for use of lotion in ampoules against hair loss

Causes of hair loss are numerous: metabolic diseases, reduced immunity, impaired blood circulation, hormonal failure, psychological factors. Sometimes they fall out in case of poisoning of the body, caused by drugs, tobacco, alcohol, chemicals at work, just water from the aqueduct.

As long as the cause of the onset of baldness has not been identified and has not been eliminated, no magic means will help. But the restoration of the structure and vitality of the follicles after the treatment of the main diseases of the body is the main prerogative of the ampoule from hair loss

Which ampoules is better to choose

Each of the listed brands has its own unique patented therapeutic ingredients.

The exact medicinal formula is, of course, a commercial secret of manufacturers, but they tell us something about the purpose of advertising. Consider in detail the useful ampoules of the Vichy Laboratories, L'Oreal, and WT-Methode.

A revolutionary remedy - Dercos Neogenic Vichy Ampoules with vitamins

The sensational follicle regeneration formula was created jointly by scientists from the L’Oreal and Vichy laboratories. The use of ampoules restores to growth (according to the promises of experts) up to 1,700 young hair after 3 months of use due to the exclusive bimometric molecule Stemoxidin. As a result of many years of research, it has been found that active substances can stimulate dormant bulbs to livelihoods, creating a special environment that is favorable for hair growth. At the same time, an SP94 ™ molecule that resuscitates the hair structure is involved in the preparation, as well as arginine (a protein), thermal water, vitamins PP, B 6, aromatic elements.

This unique tool with the latest principle of action:

Dercos Neogenic Vichy treatment is conducted a course of 90 days once or twice a year.

Between courses, doctors recommend the use of anti-baldness and hair loss products DERCOS AMINEXIL PRO. They contain the substance Amineksil, which preserves the elasticity of the collagen follicles, the Omega-6 complex, which activates the activity of the bulbs to hair growth.

Forms of release: ampoules - monodoses 6 ml, the number of ampoules in a package is 14, or 28.

The tool is distributed near the roots, after which you can immediately do the laying.

Vials Aminexil Advanced Control and Kerastase Nutritive - concentrate from Loreal Professional

Prescription drugs - preventing hair loss, regeneration of their structure and protection of the follicles.

Kerastase Nutritive benefits:

Kerastase Nutritive is a fast-acting synthetic, but does not solve baldness. In the composition of silicone, artificial oils, alcohol. May cause allergies.

Aminexil Advanced Control consists of natural ingredients: Amineksil, B vitamins, PP, fatty acids (Omega 6). The tool works to strengthen the hair, regenerates their structure, and also activates the follicles. There is a real healing of the hair, restoration at the places of baldness of the thickness of the covering, unlike the synthesized preparation.

Aminexil Advanced Control effectively prevents the loss, normalizes water-lipid metabolism of the scalp, stimulates blood circulation. With constant use on the bald head begins to grow vellus hair, converting them into thick terminal.

Ampoules Placen Formula hp


The composition of the ampoule from hair loss: placenta, imidazolidinyl, collagen protein, vitamin PP, water, enzymes, proteins, amino acids.

Placen Formula hp activates the blood circulation of the skin, eliminates stagnation, increases metabolism and nutrition, resulting in a rapid recovery of cells.

The tool is a non-hormonal drug that effectively stops hair loss, stimulates the functional activity of the bulbs.

Ampoule for the treatment of baldness is applied with a head massage every three days, a course of 12 days, after which the structure of the strands significantly thickens, the cover becomes thicker.

When used for prophylactic purposes, ampoules are sufficient for 7 days.

It can be used even when carrying a child and breast feeding. Other ampoule means preventing baldness

All of them contribute to the normalization of the secretion of glands, accelerating blood circulation and nourishing the skin, regenerating the structure of the cells of the follicles and hair, and improving their nutrition, so they save them from premature baldness.

Ampoules of tricomine and foligen

used to treat the structure of damaged hair, as growth stimulants due to the high content of copper peptides in them, which improves metabolic processes.

In addition, substances activate the formation in the follicles of proteins, hormones that contribute to the transformation of a thin fluffy hair into a terminal thick.

They differ in the composition of peptides, phytoadditives, flavors, and a complex of vitamins. Hair loss stops in about a month.

The composition of the combined means of loss

Selective Professional, Vitamin PP, Nicotinamide, ampoules from Grandmother Agafi, many more - vitamin complexes, natural mineral compounds, ether extracts, antioxidants, other useful substances.

As can be seen from the brief review, the best means of stimulating the emergence of new hair is the joint invention of L’Oreal and Vichy - the product of Dercos Neogenic, ampoules containing natural bioactive growth stimulants. This is a completely new drug with an innovative formula of youth and rebirth, so if you suffer from baldness, you will not find a more effective drug for their recovery.

Choose the best remedies for hair loss

In case of minor damage to the structure, hair loss, use Aminexil Advanced Control with Aminexil or Placen Formula hp, which is at the base of the placenta.

Efficacy of Aminexyl

Since this drug is not cheap, it is important to know when it acts. Here are some of the problems this tool helps to cope with:

  1. "Hairfall", which does not apply to alopecia. For example, seasonal molt or hair loss after pregnancy. Although some trichologists believe that this tool is too strong a stimulant. They prescribe in these situations, medical masks, vitamins and lightweight cosmetic ampoules.
  2. Androgenetic alopecia. Baldness occurs due to hormonal failure. Often, even when it is possible to give due attention to the root cause, one course of aminexyl is not enough. Ideally, this tool will have to apply all my life.

But with complex cases of baldness, amineksil will not cope. Here you may need minoxidil with a more powerful dosage. Although only the trichologist can select the most effective treatment.

How to use to get the result

Usually, the first results from the use of aminexyl become noticeable after 3-4 months of regular use. However, at the beginning of treatment, the drug can, on the contrary, cause an intense hairfall. The main thing - do not panic! This is a completely normal reaction. It indicates that the active substance has begun to act. Hair that was in the stagnation stage (telogen) falls out, and the follicles enter the active stage of growth.

Use amineksilsoderzhaschie drugs should be constantly according to the instructions. With the termination of the application ends the effect of "expansion of blood vessels. Already after 4-6 months, everything returns to its original state.

Therefore, the main thing is understanding. If you want a lush shock of hair, the procedure of applying the remedy should become a daily habit. It takes only 3-5 minutes to apply the product. And to enhance the penetration of aminexyl, use mezorollers.

After watching advertising, many people are waiting for the result in 2 weeks. In reality, this will not happen. The time interval for the appearance of new hair is too small. The only thing that trichologists can show from the picture is the birth of new hairs. Even the first fluff hair will appear only in two months.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects from such drugs are extremely rare. But they are still there, so I cannot not talk about those. Here are the brightest:

  • severe itching of the scalp,
  • cardiopalmus,
  • swelling of the face
  • pressure reduction
  • dizziness, etc.

The decision on the expediency of the subsequent use of the funds or cancellation can be made only by the trichologist. Therefore, the appearance of such symptoms is a reason to go to a specialist appointment.

In addition, there are those who use aminexil (or minoxidil) is contraindicated. These include pregnant and lactating moms. This also includes children who are less than 18 years old. Also, the use of the drug will have to give up suffering from heart failure and those who suffer from psoriasis.


Of course, I will not argue that it is difficult to use aminexil for the rest of my life. Some in a month this procedure can get bored. But you must agree that beauty requires certain sacrifices from each of us. We do not abandon the habit of brushing your teeth just because she is tired.

This is true for hair. Just to such procedures should be treated as a daily care for themselves. You should also remember the importance of this drug for your hair. After all, if you make a choice between baldness and constant use of the drug, the answer is obvious.

My friends, what drug containing aminexil do you use? Share your impressions about this product. Also do not forget to subscribe to updates. And I say goodbye to you: bye.

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