Skin care

Wheat germ oil, useful properties, application in treatment and cosmetology, 20 mask recipes

It would be possible to lay down legends about the benefits of wheat, it conceals so many valuable substances. It is a pity, too frequent use of this product in food badly affects the state of the waist. But there is an area in which the nourishing cereal - or rather, the oil obtained from it - can be used without any fear of getting better. And this, of course, cosmetology. Introduce your skin with the magic “wheat” butter, and you yourself will be amazed at how quickly it will cheer up, rejuvenate, freshen, get rid of small imperfections and acquire a truly blooming look.

Useful properties of wheat germ oil for the skin

In order not to stuff your skin with anything, hoping at random, let's see what kind of substances will be in its menu if you decide on a course of face masks with “wheat” oil. These will be:

  • vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, D, PP, and most importantly, E (tocopherol), according to the content of which wheat germ oil will easily furnish all its fellows,
  • a whole set of trace elements - iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, selenium, phosphorus, zinc,
  • fatty acids (linoleic, oleic and some others),
  • amino acids
  • antioxidant substances - in particular, squalene, a fierce fighter with age-related changes, as well as viruses and bacteria.

Having penetrated into the skin structure, this whole friendly company will begin to inhibit aging, whiten, rejuvenate, relieve puffiness, extinguish inflammatory processes, and at the same time provide cells with protection from negative environmental factors. In a word, the cocktail will turn out to be really invigorating, nourishing and refreshing, which will not slow down in the most favorable way on your appearance.

Choosing wheat germ oil as a cosmetic for the face, it is important to consider two nuances. Firstly, it should be obtained by cold pressing, which preserves all the healing properties of wheat grains as fully as possible. And secondly, it is better to use it not in its pure form, but in company with other vegetable oils. By itself, thick golden liquid turns out to be too heavy and dense, but it fits perfectly as a basis for cosmetic blends.

In its pure form, wheat germ oil is recommended to be added only to face cream. 2-3 drops of natural miracle remedies, mixed with the usual portion of night cream, will enrich it with healing substances and will not lay down on the face with a greasy film that blocks oxygen.

Oil use rules

Wheat germ oil will benefit most from fading skin, which needs strong support to resist aging. It will help her to delay the appearance of new wrinkles and make the old ones less noticeable, return the face a healthy color, increase elasticity, and, together with a massage, will also allow you to tighten the contours.

But the application of the magic oil does not end there. It effectively clears problem skin from acne, pigment spots and irritations, makes manifestations of rosacea less noticeable, saves oily skin from enlarged pores and unpleasant shine, dry provides high-quality moisturizing and saves from peeling, and helps normal to remain in excellent shape. In addition, wheat germ oil masks often become an important part of the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases. True, they should be prescribed only after consulting a doctor.

Before proceeding to the specific recipes for masks and applications, let's take a few minutes to the rules of skin care with oils. Their observance does not require serious efforts from you, but it will allow you to avoid many mistakes that newcomers make so often. So remember:

  • if you are dealing with oil for the first time, before putting it into the composition of masks and creams, apply a few drops on the skin of the wrist and observe the reaction - whether itchy or reddening appears,
  • Before each cosmetic procedure, pour the portion of oil you need into a separate bowl and heat it in a water bath to a pleasant skin temperature - so the effect of the active substances will manifest more fully,
  • for better results, it is worth warming up the skin, for a minute or two, putting a towel soaked in hot water to the face,
  • Do not apply oil to areas with scratches, burns or other damage.
  • Do not resort to oily skin care directly after serious salon procedures like chemical peels,
  • Do not use metal utensils. Only glass, ceramics, wood or, at worst, plastic.

How often can you arrange a “rendezvous” with wheat germ oil for your skin? Dry - 1–2 times a week, normal - once in 7 days, oily - no more than 1 time in 10–12 days. The standard course is 8–12 masks, after which you will need to temporarily remove the bottle with a golden liquid to the far shelf of your cosmetic cabinet and focus on other personal care products.

And now - for the cause. Choose the right recipe and get good at the eyes of astonished relatives and colleagues.

From wrinkles to oily skin

  • 1 tbsp. l wheat germ oils
  • 1-2 tablets of ascorutin (a vitamin preparation containing ascorbic acid and vitamin P),
  • 1 tsp cosmetic clay - white, pink, blue or yellow.

How to make a mask?

  1. Ascorutin tablets pound into powder.
  2. Heat the oil on the steam bath.
  3. Combine all the ingredients of the mask and let the mixture stand for 5 minutes, and then apply it on cleansed skin.
  4. After a quarter of an hour, rinse with warm water.

The mask has a rejuvenating effect, contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and cleanses the pores.

From wrinkles to dry skin

  • 1 tbsp. l wheat germ oils
  • 1 tbsp. l oils of grape seed, almond, macadamia, sesame, olive or peach - your choice,
  • 1-2 drops of geranium, neroli and sandalwood essential oils.

Mix and heat fatty oils, and then add esters to them. Apply the mask to cleansed face for 15–20 minutes, then blot her remains with a paper napkin.

In addition to these essential oils, lemongrass, mandarin, basil, cypress, lavender, and chamomile have a good effect on fading skin.

From wrinkles to normal skin

  • 1–1.5 st. l wheat germ oils
  • 2 tbsp. l Hercules,
  • 2-3 Art. l milk

Heat the milk, fill them with oatmeal and allow them to stand for 15–20 minutes to swell. Combine the mass with warm vegetable oil, apply to cleansed face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

This mask is a real designer, which you can assemble yourself depending on your tastes or which of the recommended components are currently at your fingertips. Take 1 tbsp. l wheat germ oil and heat slightly on the steam bath, and then add 1 tsp to it. one of the following oils (maximum two, but no more):

  • jojoba,
  • burdock,
  • black cumin,
  • coconut,
  • sea ​​buckthorn,
  • flaxseed
  • castor

Now strengthen the effect of this mixture by adding 3-4 drops of essential oil to it:

  • lavender
  • rosemary,
  • tea tree,
  • juniper.

For oily skin, it is recommended to additionally add 1 tsp to the oil mixture. lemon juice or the same amount of white clay.

How to make a mask?

  1. Heat selected fatty oils.
  2. Connect with other components of the mask.
  3. Apply the mixture on cleansed face and leave to act for 15–20 minutes.
  4. Remove the remnants of the mask with a paper napkin, and if you used lemon juice and clay, then with warm water.

Acne is just the case when wheat germ oil can be applied on the skin in a pure form, but only on a point. Arm yourself with a cotton swab and process all the pimples, except for the most inflamed - these are better left to rest until the time.

Eye Care Mask

  • 1 tsp wheat germ oils
  • the contents of 2 capsules of vitamin E in oil and 2 capsules of vitamin A (or 3-4 capsules of Aevita),
  • 3 drops of essential oil of lemon and ylang-ylang oil.

How to make a mask?

  1. Heat fatty oil in a steam bath.
  2. Connect with the rest of the mask.
  3. Apply the mixture to the area around the eyelids.
  4. After 20–30 minutes, blot the skin with a paper towel.

The mask prevents the appearance of early wrinkles, fights against the already existing “crow's feet”, nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin, eliminating the blue circles under the eyes. In winter, it is recommended to add 1 tsp to the nutritional mixture. fat yogurt to protect the skin from frost and wind, and if you beat the mixture of oils with 1 tsp. strong green tea, get more and a remedy for edema. Remove such masks with a cotton pad dipped in warm water.

At one time, the author of this article decided to get the maximum effect from an oil mask for eyelids and left it on the skin for the whole night. As practice has shown, the idea turned out to be a failure and led only to pronounced edema, which in the morning neither chamomile ice nor a juicy mass of grated potatoes could cope with. So do not be lazy to remove the oil on time.

Lip care

  • 1 tsp wheat germ oils
  • half of the average potato,
  • 4-5 sprigs of fresh parsley.

How to make a mask?

  1. Wash the potatoes carefully and rub on a fine grater along with the peel.
  2. Chop the parsley.
  3. Heat the oil on the steam bath.
  4. Combine all the ingredients and mix well.
  5. Put the mixture on a clean linen cloth and put on the lips. The duration of the mask is 20 minutes.
  6. Remove the mass with warm water.

If you do not have time for grated potatoes and parsley, a quick lip care method will do. Just mix 1 tsp. “Wheat” oil with peach seed oil, soak a linen cloth with this mixture and apply it on the lips for a quarter of an hour. And if you want to make the mixture more efficient and at the same time get rid of the peeling, add half a teaspoon of honey to the butter.

Facial oil massage

Facial massage is an excellent way to prevent aging, as well as to restore the elasticity of the skin, starting to fade. It accelerates the bloodstream, improving the supply of tissues with nutrients and oxygen, removes edema, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, cleans pores, keeps muscles in shape. And fatty oils, which are used for massage, additionally soften, moisturize and nourish the skin with useful substances.

To prepare a nutritional mixture for massage, take wheat germ oil and combine it with the same amount of any other lighter oil:

  • sesame, famous for its ability to remove toxins from the skin,
  • apricot kernels that help moisturize and regenerate tissues,
  • Almond, especially recommended for older women,
  • Jojoba, which cleanses the skin and reduces inflammation,
  • olive, which is considered almost universal, suitable for use on the skin of any type.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture and you're done. You can get down to business.

Stages of facial massage at home

  1. Prepare for the upcoming procedure: remove the earrings, rings and other jewelry, so as not to accidentally injure the skin, and collect the hair in a bun or hide it under the kerchief.
  2. Clean your face well by removing makeup and washing with a special foam.
  3. To open the pores and so prepare the skin for better absorption of nutrients, hold the hot towel to your face for 30–60 seconds.
  4. Apply massage oil with gentle, unhurried movements. It is necessary to move from the middle of the face to the temples, as shown in the diagram above.
  5. Walk on the forehead, cheeks and chin with your fingertips, tapping them gently on the skin. At this preparatory part can be considered complete.
  6. Attach the pads of the index fingers to the wings of the nose and, slightly pressing, several times with rotating movements, slowly move them down to the corners of the lips. This will help smooth out nasolabial folds.
  7. Close your eyes and “drum” with the pads of your index and ring finger over the upper and lower eyelids to make the “crow's feet” less visible.
  8. To strengthen the oval of the face, place both palms on the chin and iron it, moving from the center of the lower jaw to the ears. Repeat the motion several times.
  9. Now press the pads of all fingers, except the big ones, to the center of the forehead and move them to the temples with rotating movements. It is important to try while covering the entire surface of the forehead and not leaving wrinkles a chance to settle on it.
  10. At the end, once again, go through the massage lines shown in the diagram above, grabbing the skin with your fingertips and lightly pinching it. The key word is “slightly,” you should not experience discomfort or pain!
  11. Knock all over your face again with your fingertips, relaxing your muscles.
  12. Remove residual oil with a paper towel.

This is just one of the many techniques of performing facial massage that exist today. If for some reason it does not suit you, you can choose another method - for example, classic Japanese massage, asahi, shiatsu, Kosh, Moroccan and so on. The main thing that the procedure was your pleasure.

User reviews

Beauticians have nothing against using wheat germ oil for skin care, urging the beautiful half of humanity just not to be too zealous with cosmetic procedures, so as not to clog their pores and cause irritation by too frequent use of the oil.

And what do ordinary users say about him?

I actively apply to skin care of the face and the skin around the eyes. I can not boast of excellent results in getting rid of wrinkles, but the smoothness of the skin and a healthy look accurately gives. The main thing is not to overdo it, especially for the skin around the eyes, otherwise you can get the opposite effect - bags under the eyes, especially if you apply a large layer of oils at night. The result - the skin around the eyes is more hydrated and saturated - so the wrinkles become less noticeable.

Mishk @

This oil I used to care for the skin around the eyes. After a month of use, I noticed that my crow's feet had less sharpness, so to speak. The wrinkles themselves, of course, did not disappear, but they became not so deep and were not so striking.


Bought in order to eliminate dryness on the face. I usually mix wheat germ oil with apricot kernel oil 1: 3. Then apply to face with a cotton pad for 25 minutes. After time, wash off with warm water. If you knew what it then becomes silky and taut! My still fine wrinkles just die after such a procedure.

(Aqwa.1978) Julia

After a sunny summer beach, the skin is dehydrated and wrinkles began to appear at the corners of the eyes with a smile. I began to use it every evening on a wet cotton pad to remove make-up. This is a miracle butter. You will not believe, the skin in the morning elastic, nourished, shines, leveled tone, dark circles have gone and the skin condition has improved markedly. In my 30 people around me give no more than 20.


Having tried the wheat germ oil, I realized that this is what I was looking for. Of course, it is fatty, all the same the result from the application makes me happy. For the application you need only a drop of 3, not more, and the surplus after half an hour, I remove the napkin. The skin becomes more tender and soft.This oil serves as a night cream for me, and grape seed oil, as it is lighter - day.


Skin care with oils every year becomes more and more popular, and wheat germ oil is not the last line in the ranking of lovers of natural cosmetics. Let it be a little bit fat, let it look unpresentable in its pharmacy vial, let it cost mere pennies compared to, for example, precious argan oil. The main thing is that it does its job. It is only necessary to use the wonderful gift of nature with the mind, to know when to stop, and not to forget that only regular skin care brings visible fruits. If all three conditions are met, the result will surely please you.

The use of wheat germ oil in cosmetology.

Wheat germ oil for the face, recipes for use.
To eliminate cosmetic problems and rejuvenation, it is better to apply clean oil to a previously cleansed face. Due to the heavy consistency, wheat germ oil in skin care is best combined with other vegetable, cosmetic and essential oils, used as a night remedy and in the form of masks.

Mask for fading and aging skin.
In a tablespoon of wheat germ oil to enter the essential oil of mint, sandalwood and orange, taken one drop. Take a cosmetic napkin or a regular piece of gauze, soak the mixture and apply on cleansed face. After twenty minutes, the excess oil (they will be a bit) to drive with your fingertips. Such a mask should be made in the evening two or three times a week, for therapeutic purposes - every day until the problems are corrected, before bedtime, blot the skin with a paper napkin.

Mask for problem skin prone to irritation, acne and acne.
Wheat germ oil in the amount of one tablespoon combined with essential oils of cloves, cedar and lavender, taken in one drop. Apply the mask as described above.

Mask against freckles and pigment spots.
Mix a tablespoon of base oil with essential bergamot, lemon and juniper, just take one drop. The method of application is the same, you can do it twice a day.

Mask against wrinkles and swelling under the eyes.
For a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, you will need one drop of sandalwood and neroli, or simply add two drops of rose oil. Using the composition, make a self-massage all areas of the face, including the skin of the lips, (in the direction of the massage lines, gently, without stretching the skin). After the massage, leave the oil on the face for half an hour, then soak the excess with a paper napkin.

In case of excessive dry skin, it is recommended to lubricate dry areas with pure wheatgrass oil, or to combine it with drop and rose lemon oil.

From crow's feet.
In 5 ml of wheat germ oil, add 15 ml of grape seed, four drops of vitamin E, add three drops of grapefruit and rosemary. All connect and pour into a clean bubble with a lid. The composition removes makeup residues well (drop two drops of the finished product onto a wet cotton pad). For the prevention and elimination of wrinkles around the eyes, apply a couple of droplets to the problem area and beat them with fingertips until completely absorbed.

Or a recipe: add half a teaspoon of rosehip oil to half a teaspoon of wheat germ oil.

Mask for dry and fading skin.
Wheat germ oil (half teaspoon) mixed with the addition of any vegetable oil in the amount of two teaspoons (olive, peach, linseed, apricot, almond). Apply on a clean face, combining with a massage. After half an hour, remove excess oil with a napkin.

Mask for oily and problem skin.
Wheat germ oil (half a teaspoon) combined with grape oil (one and a half teaspoons). Use in the form of a night care product. You can also make a mask.

Mask for any skin type.
A tablespoon of crushed oat flakes add warm milk until a mass is formed, resembling non-liquid sour cream, in which to enter a teaspoonful of wheat germ oil. Withstand the composition for twenty minutes, rinse with warm water.

Mask for combination skin.
It is good to combine wheat germ oil with peach in equal proportions. Apply for twenty minutes, the remnants can be massaged into the skin, and can be removed with a napkin.

Skin cleanser.
Wheat germ oil can be used undiluted, can be combined with peach and almond oils. Dampen a cotton pad in hot water, and apply the mixture of oils with a moto and wipe the skin.

On the basis of this unique herbal product, it is good to make homemade creams and inject into ready-made cosmetics (a couple of drops for a single use).

Wheat germ oil is great for caring for a tender neckline and bust. The skin in this zone returns smoothness, youth and elasticity.

Wheat germ oil for hair recipes application.
Wheat germ oil helps restore damaged, overly dry and brittle hair. To do this, undiluted form it should be applied to the roots, rubbing into the scalp and tips. It is recommended to do this forty minutes before washing your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo. Such a mask for a visible result to do every other day for three weeks. This recipe can be slightly improved by adding to the wheat germ oil (1 tablespoon) two drops of ginger and pine, or cedar and eucalyptus, or thyme and orange.

For the rapid growth and elimination of hair breakage, it is effective to add wheat germ oil to the finished care products (conditioners, balms, masks) (1: 1). Apply the product forty minutes before washing the head, on top of the film and a towel. Wash off the mask in the usual way. As a preventive measure, you can do it once a week. In the recipe, you can also enter a drop of rosemary oil to enhance the effect.

Or a recipe: mix a tablespoon of wheat germ oil and almond oil, add a teaspoon of peach oil. Formulate the composition, rub into the roots and scalp, then apply evenly over the entire length, paying attention to the tips. Top wrap with plastic and a towel. After an hour, rinse with shampoo.

To feed the tips of the hair, clean oil can be applied at night and in the morning wash your hair. After a week of daily use, you will notice a noticeable change. Regular use of this oil serves as a means of protecting the hair structure from damage due to regular use of hair styling products and devices.

Wheat germ oil for hands and nails.
Do hand and nail massage every evening with warm oil. Oil can be enriched with essential oils (bergamot, lavender), three or four drops per tablespoon.

Wheat germ oil for stretch marks and cellulite.
Massage of problem areas of the body with wheat germ oil, both in pure form and in combination with essential oils will help prevent the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, smooth the skin surface and give elasticity and firmness. Mix a tablespoon of the base with the same amount of jojoba oil, or with three drops of essential (rosemary or orange), or add three other essential oils (grapefruit, juniper, lemon) drop by drop.

Contraindications to the use of wheat germ oil.
Individual intolerance, which occurs very rarely, is practically the only ban on the use of this amazing herbal remedy. Patients with urolithiasis and gallstone disease before its use should consult with your doctor.

You can store oil in a cool dark place, tightly closed, no more than a year. When opened, store only in the refrigerator.

What is wheat germ oil

Wheat is a useful, indispensable crop, widely used in the food industry for the manufacture of wheat flour. But this is not the only benefit that we get from it. Wheat grain contains a substance that has been mined for a long time and used for various purposes - wheat germ oil, which is squeezed out of the culture cereals by cold pressing.

Use of wheat germ oil for face

Wheat germ oil is a very valuable product in cosmetology. This tool has a beneficial effect on the state of the epidermis of the face and neck, which is confirmed by the enthusiastic reviews of women who regularly use this tool. This vitamin-rich product is very versatile, so it is used in the form of base oils, mixed with other means, or applied undiluted, different masks, creams, applications are prepared, even used to remove makeup.

Valuable composition

The composition of the wheat liquid includes substances that are not produced by the human body. These are amino acids, fatty acids (in a large abundance of linoleic and oleic). Wheat germ oil for the face contains useful components and vitamins A, E, D, B. Among all the vegetable oils in wheat, the greatest abundance of tocopherol or vitamin E, which is called "vitamin of youth." And it also contains selenium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, calcium, iron, manganese and many other trace elements.

Why is wheat germ oil useful?

Wheat germ oil in cosmetology has a lot of advantages. It has cosmetic, healing, health-improving, regenerating properties:

  • It affects the water-lipid balance of the epidermis, contributes to its normalization, prevents dryness, peeling, treats inflammation, dries acne.
  • Tightens the shape of the face, helps to maintain its tone.
  • Well enriches the skin, nourishes it, making it silky and soft.
  • Due to the presence of vitamin E reduces the process of photo-aging of cells, with constant use smoothes age-related wrinkles.
  • It has a light whitening property. It affects age pigment spots, freckles, making them invisible.
  • Improves complexion, toning and refreshing the skin.
  • Increases skin elasticity. Improves its relief and structure.
  • Helps to eliminate striae (stretch marks).
  • Helps to eliminate cellulite deposits, as it increases blood microcirculation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Gently acts on it to cleanse the skin, prevents the appearance of acne on the face.
  • Contributes to the normalization of sebaceous glands, narrows enlarged pores and prevents the appearance of acne.
  • Exfoliates the cornified layer of the epidermis, promotes rapid cell renewal.

For face wrinkles

With age, the person is paid more attention, because collagen fibers are weakened, the skin needs constant nutrition and hydration. Prevent the appearance of wrinkles or make them invisible only with regular care. Daily application of seedling extract will help reduce even deep age or facial wrinkles. Due to the presence of anti-aging anti-oxidants and vitamins, it smoothes age-related wrinkles and protects the face from early aging.

For the skin around the eyes

The skin in the area of ​​the eyelids is sensitive, delicate, does not contain fat, therefore it is distinguished by some dryness and a predisposition to the appearance of wrinkles or so-called crow's feet. Cosmetics for skin care should be chosen carefully so as not to harm the thin layer of the epithelium. A special care for the skin in the eyelid area is its constant nutrition and enrichment with vitamins and beneficial elements. Wheat germ oil for the face has the property of rejuvenating the skin epithelium and moisturizes dry skin.

Rules of application

In order to obtain a good result when applying an extract of wheat germ, it is important to know how to use it. Otherwise, without knowing the rules, you can not get the desired result, or even, conversely, harm your body. To achieve the maximum result from the healing product, read the reviews and find out the features of use:

  1. Before using the germinated wheat fluid, it must be checked for allergies. This is especially true of those who are going to apply the tool in the eyelids.
  2. The germ extract has a heavy, viscous consistency, so it is often diluted with vegetable oils, which have a lighter structure. Its application in undiluted, pure form can have an annoying result or even cause a burn.
  3. Before use, mix the mixture well in a water or steam bath. When heated, nutrients become more active and better absorbed into the epidermis.
  4. When mixing several vegetable oils, it is advisable to use ceramic, glass or wood instead of metal dishes. When interacting with the metal, many useful substances lose their power.
  5. Oil masks should not be left on the face for more than 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, the procedure may provoke irritation. You can make such masks no more than 1-2 times a week.
  6. Cosmetic mixture should be left on the face for 30 minutes, but not more. It is undesirable to leave for the night, it can provoke irritation or a burn. The exception is the case if you add the mixture to the cream or to another cosmetic.


Despite the fact that the wheat germ liquid contains an abundance of vitamins and valuable elements, it, like other products, has its own contraindications. In order not to harm your body, you need to be careful in the application of any cosmetic product. In the presence of the following contraindications to the use of funds is better to refrain:

  • with individual intolerance or allergies,
  • with inflammations, acne,
  • burns, scratches or wounds that still bleed,
  • after salon procedures (facial cleansing, chemical peeling),
  • if there are postoperative sutures.

Application Methods

There are many ways to use wheat fluid. You can make scrubs from it, a variety of masks, applications. This product is mixed with various cosmetic products: creams, lotions, shampoos. It is also combined with various cosmetic and ethereal means or used as an aid in cleansing from decorative cosmetics.

The best recipes for homemade face masks

The most common and effective method of using this tool is a homemade face mask. Nourishing, moisturizing, drying mask for the face - an affordable and low-cost way to skin care, the effectiveness is equal to salon procedures. The active components of the mixtures are different - honey, clay, essential oils, vitamins, hyaluronic serums, etc. The mask components should be selected based on the skin type.

The composition and benefits for the face

Already since the Stone Age, humankind has cultivated wheat in order to provide for its nutritional needs, but the healing power of wheat germ was spoken of only in the 16th century. The secret is that a maximum of useful substances are accumulated in the embryo: this is how nature took care of the little germ to have the “strength” to turn into an adult plant. Over time, people learned to get oil from wheat sprouts, which is useful both for health and beauty, however, these concepts are inseparable.

In the composition of the product:

  • vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, D),
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9),
  • amino acids (valine, tryptophan, leucithin, methonine, etc.),
  • minerals (selenium, manganese, copper, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, iodine, etc.),
  • allantoin,
  • octacosanol,
  • squalene.

Wheat germ contains the maximum amount of nutrients and is used as a raw material for making valuable oil.

Vitamins A and E, squalene, allantoin, octacosanol - antioxidants that provide a pronounced anti-aging effect of the oil. Thanks to these elements, it is possible to slow down the aging process with regular use of the product in the care of the face.

In addition to the lifting effect of oil:

  • accelerates regeneration processes,
  • provides cleansing of the epidermis from deep pollution,
  • saturates cells with nutrients
  • moisturizes and softens the skin
  • has a lightening effect
  • exhibits anti-inflammatory properties,
  • returns skin tone and elasticity
  • activates blood microcirculation.

Due to these properties, the valuable product can be used in regular face care to maintain beauty and skin health. Also oil will help:

  • even out the complexion
  • smooth fine lines,
  • forget about dryness and flaking
  • clean pores
  • get rid of acne, acne, purulent formations, inflammatory eruptions and traces of them, scars,
  • make age spots and freckles less noticeable,
  • take care of the delicate skin around the eyes,
  • restore cracked, chapped lips.

Freckles are “kisses of the sun,” but some girls dream of making them less noticeable; wheat germ oil helps

How to choose

Before you include oil in the treatments, you should take care to purchase a quality product. When buying it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • the method of production - only by cold pressing is a product made containing the maximum amount of nutrients, whereas during hot processing a large part of the biologically active components is lost,
  • degree of purification - if the product has been refined, there are practically no elements left in it that can have a healing effect on both the skin and the body as a whole,
  • packaging - buying oil packaged in dark glass containers, you can be sure that it has retained its healing power,
  • The consistency is a good butter, rather thick, dense, slightly viscous,
  • color - from brown to light amber,
  • smell - rich, with herbal notes,
  • manufacturer - judging by the reviews, the product manufactured under the brands MiKo, Zeitun, STYX, Wheat Germ Oil, Cuccio Naturale, has proven itself well.

After uncorking the bottle with oil, store the product for no more than 6–12 months in the refrigerator door, tightly closing the lid every time after use.

How to make at home

To obtain pure wheat germ oil at home is only possible with a special, powerful press. But first you need to get hold of the germ. How to do it?

  1. Wheat for germination (sold in a pharmacy), rinse.
  2. Fill with clean, filtered water so that the liquid just hides the grain.
  3. Cover with gauze and put the container in a warm, dark place. Change the water several times a day.
  4. After 3–5 days, seedlings will appear - wheat is ready for making butter.

If there is no press, only oil extract can be made at home:

  1. sprouted grains grind coffee grinder,
  2. pour any unrefined vegetable oil (5 tablespoons to 2 tablespoons of raw materials),
  3. insist week in a dark place
  4. to filter.

A coffee grinder is a useful device that will help chop up wheat germ to make it a useful oil extract.

Oil extract has less pronounced properties than pure oil, so if there is no press, it is more rational to purchase an industrial product.

General recommendations

To feel all the benefits of the product for the skin of the face and do not harm its health, you need to follow simple recommendations:

  • regularity - you need to take care of beauty all the time, and not from time to time, you should not hope that a single use of the product will provide a good result,
  • taking into account individual characteristics - it is necessary to select the appropriate product, based on the type and needs of the skin, the existing problems,
  • compliance with dosages - adhering to the proportions recommended in the recipes, you can protect the skin from the unpleasant consequences of improper use of oil,
  • attention to yourself - if any undesirable manifestations arise in the process of using wheat germ oil, discontinue use of the product and consult a doctor if necessary.

Before applying the oil in the care of the face, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, especially if you have skin problems.

Many skin problems, such as acne and bruises under the eyes, are a manifestation of systemic diseases, improper functioning of internal organs, a consequence of unhealthy habits (smoking, alcoholism, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.). In these cases, the oil can improve the appearance of the face, but the effect will be short-lived. Until the true cause of the “trouble” with the skin is resolved.

In pure form

Undiluted wheat germ oil can only be applied locally with a cotton swab. The procedure is usually carried out 1-2 times a day. This method is appropriate for a small number of lesions (acne, blackheads, pustules, etc.), freckles or age spots, small wrinkles.

Undiluted wheat germ oil can be used as a nutritional balm to restore cracked, weathered lip skin. To enhance the effect of the ingredient is mixed in equal proportions with liquid honey.

If the oil needs to be applied all over the face or over large areas, it should always be used in combination with other components.

Oil mixtures

Oil blends are a universal remedy that can be used both in maintenance care and to solve any problems that wheat germ oil can cope with. Additional components allow you to make the texture of the product less thick and to achieve additional or enhanced effect.


Thick wheat germ oil is usually diluted with lighter oils (almond, peach, sesame, grape seed, etc.) in a ratio from 1 to 2 to 1 to 10. Exact proportions are selected individually: the fatter the skin, the lower the concentration of heavy oil should be. The mixture is prepared on a steam bath, so that its constituent components are better connected.

Dense wheat germ oil is recommended to be diluted with oils with a lighter texture, for example, almond

Oil made from wheat sprouts can be combined with thick oils (linseed, olive) and even solid (coconut, shea, jojoba, cocoa). In this case, the mixture of heavy oils is heated on the steam bath, and then diluted with less dense oil in the ratio of 1 to 10.

For the preparation of mixtures, it is necessary to use cold pressed unrefined vegetable oils.

To enhance the effect, the prepared product can be enriched with essential oil (1-2 drops per 2 tablespoons of the mixture), in this case the product should not be applied to the area around the eyes. The table below will help you choose the right essential oil.

Table - choose essential oil

Skin type / problemEssential oils
Dry and normal skin
  • Myrtle,
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine,
  • pink tree,
  • carrot seeds
  • Roman daisy.
Weathered, flaky skin
Oily, problem skin
  • Tea tree,
  • lavender,
  • bergamot,
  • grapefruit,
  • carnation
  • patchouli,
  • ylang ylang.
Fading skin
  • The Rose,
  • pink tree,
  • vetiver
  • neroli,
  • geranium,
  • jasmine,
  • ylang ylang.
Acne, inflammation, pustules, acne and traces of them
  • Tea tree,
  • pink tree,
  • lavender,
  • lemon,
  • orange.
  • Tea tree,
  • rosemary,
  • pink tree,
  • camphor,
  • orange,
  • lavender.
  • Lavender,
  • ylang-ylang,
  • rosemary,
  • patchouli,
  • tea tree.
Freckles and age spots
  • Lemon,
  • lime,
  • grapefruit,
  • orange,
  • tea tree,
  • vanilla,
  • sandalwood
  • rosemary,
  • mint,
  • carrot seeds
  • eucalyptus.

Lavender essential oil enhances the anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties of wheat germ oil, helping to fight acne and wrinkles

Application options

There are 3 ways to use oil blends:

  • Nutritious cream. 2-3 hours before sleep, rub the composition between the palms and apply on the face; after 15–20 minutes, wipe the unabsorbed product with a dry cloth. With dry skin, repeat every other day, with normal and oily skin, 1-2 times a week.
  • Mask. Apply the mixture warmed up on the steam bath for 20–30 minutes to clean, dry skin and wash with warm, running water. Repeat with dry and normal skin once a week, with oily skin once every 2–4 weeks.
  • Compress. Make holes for eyes and mouth in a gauze cut, moisten the material in the mixture heated on the steam bath and apply on face for 15–20 minutes, wash with warm water. To resort to the procedure once a week with dry and normal skin, once every 2–4 weeks with oily.

Video: beautician on how to properly use oils in facials

Any homemade mask can be enriched with wheat germ oil, adding 0.5–1 spoon of ingredient per 2 tablespoons of base. And you can use ready-made recipes.

The compositions are applied to clean, dry skin of the face for 15–20 minutes, then rinsed with running water. For their preparation, it is necessary to heat the oil on the steam bath and combine it with the rest of the ingredients. The full course includes at least 8–10 procedures; however, after 15–17 sessions, it is recommended to take a break for 1–2 months.

For dry and normal skin

Masks are used once a week, in order to prevent enough to resort to them once every 2-4 weeks. Recipes:

  • 2 teaspoons butter, a teaspoon of honey, 3 grams of perga and 6 grams of rice flour,
  • 2 tablespoons of mango mashed in mashed potatoes, a teaspoon of wheat germ oil and the same amount of grape seed oil, a teaspoon of pink clay,
  • ground in avocado puree and natural yogurt (a tablespoon), a teaspoon of butter.

It is recommended to prepare homemade masks in glass, ceramic or wooden dishes, metal cups should not be used. Stir the composition better with a wooden stick.

For oily skin

Oil masks for oily skin must contain a drying component, in which case they can be used once every 1-2 weeks. Examples:

  • whipped egg white, a teaspoon of wheat germ oil, a teaspoon of crushed oatmeal, 1–2 drops of ylang-ylang oil,
  • tablespoon of blue clay, diluted with water to the consistency of gruel, a teaspoon of oil,
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped tomato puree, a tablespoon of oatmeal, a teaspoon of oil.

The acids contained in tomatoes have drying properties and are used in household masks for oily skin.

If essential oil is added to the mask, it must first be diluted in vegetable oil and then mixed with the total mass.

To solve existing problems

Masks of directional action will help solve the existing problems of the skin of the face, if you resort to them once a week. Proven recipes:

  • Acne, excessive oily skin. Crush 2 tablets of askorutin, mix the powder with a teaspoon of wheat germ oil and 7 g of yellow clay. Apply a towel moistened with hot water to the face for 1–2 minutes, apply the mixture with massaging movements. Rinse with running water after 15–20 minutes.
  • Acne. Dissolve a tablespoon of yellow clay with water to a paste, mix in whipped egg white, a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil and the same amount of wheat germ oil. Apply for 10-15 minutes.
  • Enlarged pores. Pour a tablespoon of oatmeal with hot milk for 15–20 minutes. Mix the "porridge" with beaten egg white, honey and butter (a teaspoon). Apply for 20-25 minutes, rinse with warm milk, then wash with running water.
  • Freckles and age spots. Mix cucumber, ground on a fine grater, a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Apply for 20-30 minutes.
  • Aging skin. Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with a tablespoon of green tea, add a teaspoon of olive oil and wheat germ oil. Soak on the face for 20-30 minutes, rinse with running water.
  • Dark circles under the eyes, "crow's feet." Chop raw medium-sized potatoes on a fine grater, mix with a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of fresh parsley juice. Put the composition on two small cuts of gauze, tie the edges and put the “bags” on the eyes for 15–20 minutes, wash with warm water.

The compositions are applied on massage lines with rubbing movements on slightly moist skin, after 2-3 minutes they are washed off with warm running water. By the procedure to resort no more than once every 1-2 weeks. To prepare the scrub, you need to mix the listed ingredients, below - 3 recipes:

  • a tablespoon of crushed rolled oats, a tablespoon of warm milk, a teaspoon of butter,
  • a tablespoon of coffee grounds, a tablespoon of almond oil, a teaspoon of wheat germ oil,
  • tablespoon of powdered walnuts, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of butter, a tablespoon of milk.

The oatmeal in the composition of the scrub with oil of wheat germ plays the role of exfoliating particles, gently relieving the skin of the face from pollution

For dermatological diseases, a large number of acne, rashes, inflammations, pustules, rosacea, excessively thin and sensitive skin, the use of scrub is contraindicated, since such a procedure can only aggravate the problem.

Remedies for the skin around the eyes

The mixture is applied to the skin around the eyes with fingertips by patting movements in the direction of the massage lines. The procedure should be done 2–3 hours before bedtime, soaking the non-fed remedy with a dry cloth 15–20 minutes after application, otherwise you can wake up with edema the next morning. You can take a note of the following compositions, for the preparation of which you need to mix the listed ingredients:

  • a teaspoon of wheat germ oil, 1-2 drops of vitamins A and E,
  • 3 teaspoons of almond oil, a teaspoon of wheatgrass oil,
  • peach, almond, sesame oil (per teaspoon), a teaspoon of wheat germ oil, 1–2 drops of liquid vitamin A.

Gentle skin around the eyes may respond to desquamation and redness on the use of nutrients. In this case, you should stop using the product and look for another option.

Enrichment of purchase funds

Some sources recommend adding oil to creams and gels for the face and the area around the eyes of industrial production: half a teaspoon (or slightly less) of a natural ingredient is enough for a tablespoon of the product. Only one dose of the product can be so enriched immediately before use.

Purchased cream can be enriched with wheat germ oil, but only if the composition of the product is natural.

However, some cosmetologists advise to resort to this version of the use of the natural component only for commercial products with a natural composition. Otherwise, take into account the unexpected reaction of the oil with chemicals contained in the store.

Video: Experience of using wheat germ oil in facial

Wheat germ oil smeared under the eyes before bedtime for a few years, there was no swelling. Now it has ceased to smear, but there are no wrinkles, although it is already 31 years old.

Sometimes it happens

Yes Yes! It perfectly cleans the face of cosmetics and other impurities. Later, I began to add castor and peach oil to it, the effect is even stronger with them - but I only use the mixture with castor a couple of times a week, the rest of the time - in the morning and in the evening, I clean my skin with a cotton disc soaked in warm (rather hot) water with the addition of this oil (or peach). At first I thought that the face would remain fat, but nothing like that - my skin from the combination went into a normal state in just a month. Immediately after using the oil, the face glistens a little, but it passes in 10 minutes. Or you can remove the remnants with a towel, but I usually wait until it is completely absorbed. I do not use any creams now! And my skin is happy and moisturized, pores are clean, pimples and rashes are gone.


It all started with the fact that the employee brought to read a book about essential and cosmetic oils.Read in one breath, interested. I think we should try. The first thing that was interesting to do was to enrich the cream with cosmetic oil. Bought first wheat germ oil. Has added a little to the portion of the night cream, applied after cleansing the skin on the face. In the morning there was not a skin, but a peach. Oil softens the skin, nourishes, heals everything that should not be on the skin, evens. I really liked it. I do 2 times a week.


Not so long ago I became interested in natural cosmetics for the care of my already mature skin (I am 30 years old). Purchased store and pharmaceutical creams do not suit me: I start to use and after 2-3 days pimples start to crawl out. And skin with age requires more and more care and it should be complete. So I decided to use wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E and other factors slowing the aging process) to care for the skin around the eyes, where the skin is thinnest and prone to wrinkles. After a sunny summer beach, the skin is dehydrated and wrinkles began to appear at the corners of the eyes with a smile. I began to use it every evening on a wet cotton pad for removing make-up. This is a wonderful butter and you won’t believe it. The skin in the morning is elastic, nourished, it shines, its tone is even, dark circles have gone and the skin condition has noticeably improved. In my 30 people around me give no more than 20.


Many manufacturers add wheat germ oil to cosmetic products as an active ingredient: Doliva, AROMA JAZZ, Kora, R-cosmetics, Ecolab, Embryolisse, MONU, etc. So why not use this valuable component in the original for face care?

For fading skin

  • 1 tbsp. l wheat process oils,
  • 2 tbsp. l peach or apricot kernel,
  • 2 drops of orange ether (can be replaced with mint or sandalwood).
  1. In one bowl mix the mixture.
  2. Heat slightly in a water or steam bath.
  3. Apply a light massage to the face.
  4. Apply for 30 minutes, then rinse. Repeat the application 1-2 times a week.

  • 1 tbsp. l rice flour,
  • 50 mg of warm green tea,
  • 1 tsp olive oil,
  • 1 tsp wheat seed oil.
  1. Pour the flour in warm tea.
  2. Stir into a smooth mass.
  3. Add the rest of the components.
  4. Apply to face.
  5. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

For problem skin

  • 1 tbsp. l clay (blue, yellow, white),
  • 1 tsp wheat seed oil,
  • 1 tsp mixtures of sea buckthorn or wild rose.
  1. Dissolve the clay in warm water.
  2. Add the rest of the components.
  3. Mix everything in a homogeneous mush.
  4. After application, wait 20–30 minutes for the mask to dry, then wash off the mask with water. Repeat a week 1 time.

  • 1 tbsp. l wheat mixtures
  • 2 tbsp. l grape seed fluids
  • 2-3 drops of bergamot ether or lemon.
  1. Stir all the ingredients.
  2. Warm up in a water or steam bath.
  3. Apply to face.
  4. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

For dry skin

  • 1 tsp wheat germ extract,
  • 1 tsp lavender oil,
  • 1 tsp - jojoba.
  1. Stir products.
  2. Heat slightly in a water or steam bath.
  3. Slightly massaging apply to the desired area.
  4. Leave for 25-30 minutes, rinse with water. Repeat a week 2 times.

Where to buy oil and how to store

Wheatgrass extract for the face is sold in natural cosmetics stores or any pharmacy. The price varies from 60 to 260 rubles for 50-60 ml. The cost of the product depends on the company and supplier. The stores have a large selection of products from both Russian manufacturers and foreign firms. Store the tool should be in a cool, dry and dark place. After opening the bottle, it is better to leave it in the refrigerator.

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