Which device for electrolysis to buy - prices and reviews

Modern standards of beauty dictate their own rules, which women who want to have impeccable appearance, must strictly observe.

According to the procedures adopted today, there should be no unwanted hairs on the body of the fair sex. Doing this is difficult and exhausting.

Most women simply shave those parts of the body on which dark, hard hairs grow. This method is not very convenient and does not give a long lasting result.

Modern cosmetology proposes to deal with the problem with the help of electrolysis machines, even at home. This is a complicated procedure, but its effect lasts for a very long time.

Can I do electrolysis at home? How to choose a suitable device for electrolysis at home?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electrolysis at home? What is the principle of its impact on the hair?

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to sort out each of these issues in detail.

Types of electric epilators

Electrolysis devices are constantly being improved.

Today, there are several types of such devices:

The first variety has a very high efficiency. With the help of a needle electric epilator, you can get rid of unwanted hair forever, because its action is aimed at destroying the hair root. Such devices are usually used for professional purposes, have a high price.

The possibility of using needle devices at home is not excluded, especially if you decide to earn by electrolysis. If you just want to get rid of unwanted hair, the cost of buying such a device will not be repaid.

In this case, you should visit the cosmetology clinic. In specialized medical institutions for electrolysis use just needle devices.

The last three varieties remove the hairs, pulling them out. The effect of them is longer than that of shaving, but not as durable as from needle electrolysis. Such devices are suitable for personal home use.

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Principle of operation of devices

When using needle electrolysis hairs are removed using electric discharges, which are fed directly to the bulbs with a needle.

Recently, devices of this type have significantly improved, they have become more compact and easier to operate. This made it possible to use them at home.

If you decide to purchase the necessary device, you will certainly encounter such incomprehensible terms as “thermolysis”, “electrolysis”, “blend” and “flash”. These are electrolysis modes, they differ according to the principle of impact on the hair root:

The devices of each of these types have their pros and cons when used at home. Let's see what features each of them has.

  • Before laser hair removal, you should consult a dermatologist.
  • In the beauty salon, before the epilation, the doctor will definitely suggest anesthesia, so do not forget to tell which drugs you are allergic to.
  • If you have irritation after epilation, try treating the skin with aloe juice or decoction of chamomile.

During the procedure, a high-frequency alternating current is fed directly to the hair follicle using a needle-electrode. It heats the hair, which after such an impact dies. This procedure is particularly painful. But at the same time she is satisfied with the effective.

During one session of such electro-hair removal, you can eliminate up to 30% of hair.. Moreover, if the follicle is bent, the hair can grow back. It is necessary to carry out such a procedure several times, since the hair is in different stages of growth, and it is necessary to remove it as it grows.

Thermolysis is a rather traumatic mode of electrolysis. Heating can cause skin irritation or even burns. In addition, scars can occur after such injuries.


This mode does not require penetration of the needle directly to the hair roots.

The destruction of the bulbs occurs with the help of liquid alkali, which is formed when exposed to a constant electric current.

This mode is effective even with curvature of the follicle.

To perform this procedure requires the help of the client, who must keep a neutral electrode, while the active electrode is injected under the skin. The use of an isolated needle can reduce possible damage to the skin, since electrolysis in this case occurs only at the tip of the needle.

This electrolysis mode is less painful. But the procedure takes a significant amount of time even when using multi-needle apparatus.

This type of electrolysis combines both modes described above: both direct and alternating electric current are used. The procedure is carried out in stages: first - thermolysis, then - electrolysis.

Such a procedure brings strong pain to the patient. The speed of execution of such manipulations also remains low. Not excluded the possibility of scarring. But at the same time, the blend is highly efficient.

High-frequency alternating current of greater strength is used than during thermolysis, but at the same time its exposure to hair is reduced. This mode allows you to perform the procedure as quickly as possible.

The painfulness of the procedure and its invasiveness are much lower than when using other modes. But at the same time efficiency suffers. To use this type of electrolysis is best to remove fine hair.

The simplest procedure is waxing waxing. Read more about the application and results.

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How to choose a machine for work

If you have already decided on the purpose of buying an electric epilator, and decided to opt for a needle machine, then it is worth a detailed look at all possible options.

There are several of the most popular manufacturers of such devices and their models:

  1. Bumblebee 1000. Produced at the Russian plant "Proton". The device is compact and powerful, it works in the “flash” mode.
    The procedure for hair removal with this device is performed with the greatest speed. The price of the device for electrolysis Bumblebee 1000 in different stores ranges from 30,000 rubles to 40,000.
  2. Ross. The device for electrolysis, the country of origin is Spain. In the world market of electro-epilation devices, this company occupies one of the leading positions.
    One of the latest models Depilplus 13 MHz. This is a rather cumbersome device that is great for a professional hair removal procedure.
    It is equipped with all modes of operation. The cost of such a device is in the region of 4000 USD.
  3. Polly Galatea. The device for electrolysis, Russian production. Includes modes "thermolysis", "blend", "flash".
    The cost of such a device for electrolysis over 50,000 rubles. It is compact and functional, which makes it possible to use both in clinical and at home.

Choosing one of these models is a rather difficult task. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, including the cost of the device for electrolysis.

The devices of the company Ross are the most functional, but at the same time they are distinguished by unreasonably high cost. The price in this case is higher due to the popularity of the brand.

Domestic devices are no worse. At the same time they are easier to operate and more compact. The device Bumblebee 1000 is more suitable for use at home than the POLLY Galatea, here you need to remember the purpose of the purchase.

Electroepilators for yourself

Electric epilators, whose action is based on the removal of unwanted hair, and not on their destruction, are most suitable for personal use. These devices are distinguished by minimal size and low price compared to needle devices.

To choose a suitable electric epilator, you need to understand the principle of operation of each type:

  1. Spring machines remove hairs with a rotating spiral.
  2. Disk devices pull out unnecessary growth on the body by means of disks, which during rotation constantly approach and diverge.
  3. Tweezers - This is an upgraded version of the disk. They incorporate metal plates that act like tweezers.

It is quite simple to choose one of these varieties, since tweezers of electric epilators are the newest and most convenient development. The remaining species gradually go out of production.

To minimize the pain, models appeared that combine the function of a tweezer and a razor. They are perfect for beginners, because the sensations that the procedure causes you to get used to.

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Important points

The procedure of hair removal is always accompanied by pain.

To reduce them, it is worth using special creams that relieve discomfort.

Local anesthesia is also possible, for example, lidocaine injection.

Electrolysis procedure has contraindications:

  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​unwanted hair growth,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • diabetes,
  • oncological diseases,
  • fungal infections,
  • pregnancy,
  • nervous disorders.

Having discovered one of these conditions, postpone the procedure until complete recovery.

After purchasing the selected electric epilator, it is important not to forget about caring for it. Appliances must be cleaned after each use.

In addition, you need to carefully read the instructions for use, which must be attached to the purchase. If you correctly follow all the recommendations, the device will serve for a long time and efficiently.

You can find additional information on this topic in the section Hair Removal.

Professional devices for electrolysis and for use at home

Devices for electrolysis are produced in different countries (Italy, Spain, Israel, France), including domestic firms. Russian devices do not differ in a variety of modes, but are considered to be quite reliable and economical.

The latest generation equipment, in addition to thermolysis and electroplating, is necessarily equipped with additional Blend and Flash modes, and the most high-quality devices have in their arsenal the possibilities of epilsoft and electrophoresis.

Consider some of the popular models of devices for electro-hair removal, both domestic and foreign production.

The Proton plant at the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology (MGIET) sells inexpensive and reliable, and therefore very popular, Bumblebee devices - 1000. The method of flash epilation is used in this device, and its cost is only 23 thousand rubles. The same apparatus, but combined with an electrocoagulator, will cost the manufacturer 29 thousand rubles.

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) launches its own development on the market of medical cosmetology - the device EHVCh-20 epilator-coagulator. This is a classic needle epilator, equipped with the functions of thermolysis hair removal and electrocoagulation of tissues with adjustable power and exposure time. The device is not supplied with any additional effects, the price is about 40 thousand rubles.

The KOEP-1 device of the “Galatea” line of Russian production is an apparatus for coagulation and epilation with four main modes of operation, including Bland and Flash. The device is equipped with a timer and a pedal, a remote hair counter, electronic "stuffing", the price of it is about 80 - 90 thousand rubles.

Apparatus for electrolysis Polish production

Polish prices of Biomak are pleasing with prices: their cost is only from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles. The most popular models are the EP300 epilator, a thermolysis device, and an EP200 electrolysis electrolysis device.

Both devices can be used for electrocoagulation of blood vessels and skin tumors.

Italian-made electric epilators

The devices of the Xilia Epil line, presented by the Italian brand Tecnology, are a slightly different level of professional equipment for electrolysis. The cost of popular models with a working stand and lighting Xilia Epil 5, Xilia Epil 7 is 130 - 170 thousand rubles. As can be seen from the name of the models, they use 5 and 7 methods of hair removal, respectively.

And in order to purchase Epil Beauty Clinic 6 (6 modes, 15 programs) and Epil Beauty Clinic 8 (8 modes, 21 programs), you need to spend already 190 - 230 thousand rubles. The latest models are equipped with automatics (Sence-system), LCD displays, skin care programs: Derm, Cataphoresis, Anaphoresis.

ROS’S Spanish epilators are real epilating centers, with the ability to include 123 integrated programs and memorize 527 individual settings. Such a device - DEPIL PLUS 13, costs almost a quarter of a million.

The device is simpler for 100 thousand rubles. DEPIL PLUS 2 has 22 programs and has long won the love of cosmetologists. The Spaniards have a completely unpretentious Kh-12 Plus device that works exclusively on thermolysis alone, but the price for this device is unreasonably high - about 70 thousand rubles, although this device does not exceed the same domestic devices in terms of functionality or efficiency.

Spanish company Sorisa presents on the Russian market two of its successful models: DE-6000 EXCELLENS and DE-4000 EXCELLENS. The devices provide 5 methods of electrolysis, a special mode of thermochemical hair removal and the additional option of iontophoresis. The cost of the devices is 180-200 thousand rubles.

Most manufacturers and major sellers of equipment for electrolysis conduct a full course of work on their devices, and also offer additional equipment necessary for high-quality hair removal: needles and threads for electric epilators, couches, magnifying glasses with backlight, magnifying glasses.

Modern multifunctional equipment - the choice of large beauty salons and cosmetology clinics. Such devices are quite expensive and have large dimensions. Private cosmetologists still prefer to work on inexpensive Russian and Polish devices. Their affordability, as well as the opportunity to work for them both at the salon and at home, makes such devices the most popular.

The reverse side of this accessibility is the open-access professional electric epilation devices - fertile ground for the activities of unscrupulous cosmetologists who start working on such a serious equipment without proper training, training in operating a specific model of the device and without relevant work experience.

At best, the fall into the hands of such a home-grown “specialist” ends up for the client with an unsatisfactory effect, at worst - with skin disfigured by scars and scars, infections, and subcutaneous folliculitis, requiring surgical treatment.

Reviews of devices for electrolysis

Review №1

I have been using Russian EHHF-20 for many years, I bought it exactly 7-8 years ago, it turned out to be very high quality, it even fell several times, even if it were! Difference with more expensive devices, to be honest, did not notice, although I tried to work on different ones.

Yes, our and easier to repair, if that. I am pleased, did not disappoint once. A friend works on Biomak, praises him too, maybe buying him when my refusal starts.

Galina, cosmetologist - Moscow

Review number 2

And I have a problem - last year I switched to the Polish Biomak EP 200 and immediately there appeared dissatisfied customers. They complain that the hair began to grow more than before, but I myself also noticed.

I tried differently with the settings to play, well, it does not work out in any way. Or really after Biomak more hair grows, or I do something wrong, I can not understand.

Oksana, cosmetologist - SPb

Review number 3

I bought an electric epilator Ross Kh-12 plus, there are 7 modes in it, but only the first four are actively used, more often No. 2 and No. 3. There were no burns, but I do little power, and now I'm worried, all of a sudden I don't have an onion because of this I kill, and just a channel is injuring?

But so far no one seems to be complaining. In general, I believe that there is no point in overpaying, you can safely take our device with one or two modes, this is enough for the eyes and for the ears.

Natalia, cosmetologist - Novosibirsk

Review №4

I work in two salons. In one I have Epil Beauty Clinic, in the other - our usual Bumblebee. The clients, of course, like the Epil Beauty Clinic, there the design, the buttons, in general, looks serious, makes an impression.

And Shmelek is somehow more handy to me, there are no these problems with settings and settings, as they say, you work on the same experience. His appearance is unpresentable, of course, an ordinary medical device, as in a clinic in a physiotherapy room, but most importantly, the effect is there!

Honestly, well, I don’t see any difference in effect, in the first cabin I don’t use half of the functions at all, I don’t understand why there are so many of them? Extra money from customers to take out, if only.

Margarita, cosmetologist - Yekaterinburg

Gezatone DE300 (France)

Almost not considered for purchase. There is nothing about it on the manufacturer’s website, and Google only provides Russian-language online stores. Most likely, these are warehouse balances. The device has a thermolysis mode and that's it.

MTUSI EHVCh-12, EHVCh-20 and EHVCh-50 (Russia)

The MTUCI electric epilators use conventional thermolysis and are filled with a tungsten filament (it is possible to purchase a separate needle holder). All epilators have two outputs with different output power: the first is for epilation, the second is for coagulation. The number in the model indicates the maximum output power, but for successful electrolysis it no longer means better. Despite the cost of the instruments, he can work only in the thermolysis mode.

Ross Kh-12 plus (Italy)

This is an old model of the Italian manufacturer of electric epilators with a single program for electrolysis using the method of thermolysis. Now on the manufacturer's website there is information only about the flagship model DEPILPLUS 13MHz worth about 250 thousand rubles. The old model can be found on sale on bulletin boards, but the price for its functionality is biting.

DE-228 KARAT (Russia?)

I did not manage to find the manufacturer’s website, but this is one of the most affordable offers with flash epilation mode. In terms of parameters (output power, frequency of high-frequency oscillations and duration of exposure), it practically does not differ from more expensive instruments. The only difference is in the time of continuous work (it is necessary to take breaks to the epilator cooled). Has a mode of operation "darsonval" - allows you to process the skin with microcurrents. Positioned as a home electric epilator.

Bumblebee-1000 (Russia)

I seriously considered this epilator to purchase. It employs many private craftsmen and small salons. The epilator has a flash epilation mode, and it is very good if we process large inconspicuous surfaces, such as legs and underarms. It is quick, relatively painful, hair follicles in these places are rarely twisted, and red crusts can be covered with clothes. But my problem was not growing on my feet, but on my face, and the follicles of this hair were twisted, so the Bumblebee did not fit me.

The video below shows the preparation of the device for operation:

It works with a tungsten filament of 0.1 and 0.08 mm in diameter, but to buy a separate holder for needles (not included). Positioned as a budget semi-professional epilator.

Biomak EP 300 and 400 (Poland)

In EP 300, flash electrolysis is implemented, it works only with disposable needles. You can set the power of high frequency current and duration of exposure. Positioned as a semi-professional equipment for beauty salons. Russian is, but translated clumsily.

EP 400 models are the same EP 300 with increased output power (50 W vs. 15 W). (In the old descriptions of the EP 300 power is indicated 40 W, but it is not clear whether this consumes power or output). After the change of the euro against the dollar, Biomaki became the most affordable electric epilators.

Bleed electric epilators

The blend is slower than thermolysis and significantly slower than a flush, but it is effective against thick curved hair follicles. Any device with a blend has the ability to work with conventional electrolysis and thermolysis. It is difficult to imagine that you need ordinary electrolysis, but the presence of thermolysis is very useful.

Biomak EP 200 (Poland)

The model EP 200 does not have flash electrolysis, but there is a mixed method - blend (electrolysis + thermolysis) and normal thermolysis (as in the old Biomak EP 100, which is mentioned in the table, but is not considered seriously for purchase). In the price range that was available to me, only this device had the function of a blend, and since I had a lot of hair with curved follicles on my face, I stopped at it.

Unlike previous models, in EP 200 you cannot smoothly adjust the exposure time - only the contribution of the currents. In total, there are 4 options for the duration of exposure for downy, normal, medium and large hair. In fact, this setting determines the time it takes to remove hair of a given thickness by one method or another. If we talk about thermolysis or electrolysis separately, then the higher the current strength, the less time it takes to remove a hair. For a blend, time is calculated a little more cunning: the smaller the contribution from thermolysis, the greater the contribution required by electrolysis to remove a hair of a given thickness. This restriction acts as a protection against beginners.

I bought directly on the Polish manufacturer's website, using the translator built into the browser. You can buy from intermediaries, but will be more expensive.

Galatea POLLY RE (Russia)

In this Russian device the following electrolysis methods are implemented: thermolysis, blend and flash. Output power is only 15 watts, but for epilation this is enough. In general, this is a good alternative to Biomak EP 200 + 300, only it costs almost like these two devices separately. Electric Epilator works with disposable needles, allows you to set up to 16 customizable programs, however, protection from clumsiness or some factory pre-installed programs for beginners is not here, therefore, the device is only suitable for experienced craftsmen.

I also found it strange how the blend method was implemented in the device. Personally, I did not use this device, so it is possible that these are only features of the graphical image in the user manual, but judging by it, a direct current (electrolysis) is first supplied and only (thermolysis) at the end. In Biomak EP 200, the thermolysis component is switched on with a slight delay at the beginning, because, if you remember, its task is to speed up the chemical reaction so that more liquor is produced in a shorter time.

Galatea also produces the device KOEP-01, which allows for more coagulation and electrophoresis, but it costs twice as much as POLLY RE. Both devices need a break about once every half hour.

None of these devices can be classified as professional, they do not have modern programs with ultrashort pulses, which allows to reduce pain. But they work, and they are affordable. Remember that in electrolysis not the apparatus is important, but the skills of hitting the follicle and the hair niche.

For example, I will cite the apparatus on which Joseph Rein works, the Spanish master of electrical epilation, whom I so often mention on the pages of the site. Here is this handsome:

Apilus Platinum is not a top Dectro model. A used one costs from $ 5500, and differs from previous electric epilators, first of all, in the frequency of alternating current polarity switching - as much as 27 MHz. Due to this, the heating of the hair follicles is faster than in traditional thermolysis and flush. As a result, the processing time rests solely on the speed of needle input / output operations by the master, and since the exposure time is inversely related to pain, electroepilation is no longer so painful — unfortunately, this device has never experienced itself, so it remains to believe on the word . Of course, there are several thermolysis programs and a blend in this electric epilator - all of them are based on a combination of pulses of different duration and frequency. In addition, the device has implemented several pre-installed programs, calculated by impact areas, client's floor and hair thickness.

What it is?

A thin needle is inserted under the skin into the area of ​​the follicle and discharges of electrical current flow through it. Heat kills the body of the hair and the bulb without the possibility of recovery. The heat copes with dark, thin and thick, gray, bleached hair, in a word, with absolutely any. During one session, a small area of ​​skin is processed, since it is necessary to act on each follicle separately. 100% result of hair removal is achieved after a course of procedures that can last for a year and a half.


  • Needle

The most effective type of electroepilators. The essence of this epilation is the introduction of a thin needle into the hair follicle (to a depth of about 0.5 mm) and exposure to an electric current. Usually, needle-type electroepilators are used in a specialized salon and have a high cost (but there are models for home use).

The needle electric epilator has needles made of various materials. Medical steel needles are a classic that is used for patients with a normal pain threshold and no allergies. Cosmetologists use needles with gold plating for inveterate allergy sufferers, and for those who do not tolerate pain with teflon.

  • Tweezers

Each hair is caught with tweezers, through which a current is passed in a few minutes (usually 1-2). Electric hair removal with a tweezers is absolutely painless and safe, but experts questioned its feasibility: the hair does not have high conductivity, so the current does not reach the hair follicle, that is, it does not completely destroy it. Then scientists invented special electrically conductive gels - they help electricity to get to the papillae of the hair.

Electric needle hair removal is divided into several types additionally:

  1. Thermolysis - alternating effects of high frequency current, which is supplied to the hair root by means of a medical needle. It is considered the most effective procedure for hair removal, because it completely destroys the follicle (it is simply removed by heat). Thermolysis is a rather painful procedure, but nevertheless, it is not always possible to remove the hair the first time. The exception is the curved shape of the follicle, which is susceptible to destruction for the second or third time and usually results from injury to the hair nipple - waxing, waxing, sugar, or a regular epilator.
  2. Electrolysis - virtually painless method, which is based on the supply of direct current to the follicle through the skin surface. The needle is not inserted under the skin, and therefore does not violate its integrity. A constant current on the surface of the skin forms sodium ions, the latter in combination with tissue fluid form an alkali under it. Alkali “kills” the hair follicle, the latter is then easily removed along with the “body” of the hair. By the time this method is quite long - it takes several minutes to process each follicle, even if the epilator has several needles.
  3. Bland method combines the two procedures listed above. The follicle is heated under the action of high-frequency current and is destroyed by alkaline acid through electrolysis. There are special devices "Bland", the setting of which occurs automatically according to the peculiarities of the client's skin (the type of dermis, sensitivity, pain threshold, and so on).
  4. Flash - a type of thermolysis. It differs by supplying a current of even higher frequency (no more than 2000 kHz) and a shortened supply time, that is, the current is supplied by flashes. Very effective and less painful method of electrolysis, designed to work with fine hairs.
  5. Sequenschial Bland it is less painful due to the reduction of the current amplitude pulse.
  6. "Sequential Flash" - a variation of the classic flash method. The follicle is impacted by high-frequency sinusoidal alternating current, that is, the processing speed of each papilla increases and the quality causes hair of different thickness to die.

Features and benefits

Electrolysis is the most effective method of dealing with unwanted facial and facial hair. He has a lot of pros and cons. To start onote the positives:

  • Suitable for all types and colors of hair and skin, and even copes with light hair (as opposed to photo and laser hair removal),
  • It can be applied on any areas on the face and body, including the auricle, chin and nose,
  • Eliminates unwanted vegetation by 100%,
  • The procedure is carried out in the cabin or at home,
  • The device for the procedure can be homemade.

Electrolysis has a whole number of features that can push a woman or man from her:

  • Painful sensations during the procedure. The device for hair removal by electrolysis refers to the needle type, but does not imply the introduction of a needle under the skin, and therefore does not cause severe pain, unlike thermolysis with a needle penetrating to the hair follicle by 0.5 mm.
  • The need to complete the whole course, which can not be combined with other methods of hair removal and depilation. Electrolysis is done by a course of up to 30 procedures for one zone. During one session, no more than 30% of hair follicles are processed (in one area - legs, bikini, armpits), because the procedure is painful (especially needle-shaped). After the complete treatment of one zone, it is required to wait from 3 months to half a year in order for the “reserve” hairs to grow. Approximately 80% of body hair is in the stage of active growth, the other 20% are in “sleep mode”, and in order to awaken them, you must wait for their manifestation. It is strictly forbidden to remove hair with a razor or wax during the course of electrolysis.

  • The high cost of the course
  • The duration of one procedure. Imagine that each hair is processed, on average, 2 minutes (processing and insertion of the needle, the impact of current), and only the treatment in the area of ​​the “antennae” can take from 15 to 40 minutes,
  • Not always effective. Especially after waxing and sugar, when the structure of the follicle is severely disturbed and changes its shape to curved. It is not always possible to insert a needle of an electric epilator into a curved nipple, so it will take time to restore its structure.
  • The high cost of the device.The price of models differs according to the type and characteristics, for example, the Cosmorem electric epilator-coagulator can be purchased for 12-13 thousand rubles, the cost of analogs for home and professional use can reach up to 50-60 thousand rubles.

Additionally, we note that electro-epilation differs from each other, and the most effective method is the needle, it is also the most painful. A pincer method of removing unwanted hair is less effective and does not give a 100% result.

  • The procedure has contraindications. For example, pregnancy, breastfeeding period, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system, violation of the integrity of the skin and its disease (fungus, infections, neoplasms - warts, papillomas, birthmarks), varicose veins, oncology,
  • It has side effects. Painful sensations after the procedure may persist, pimples may form, including purulent, redness and increase in skin density (swelling), microtubules, burns, enlarged pores, and pigmentation.

How to choose?

Electroepilators are suitable for home use, which remove hair for a time due to injury to the follicle, and not due to its complete destruction. It is worth talking about tweezers and disc models.

Tweezers have a head with a lot of tweezers that grab and pull out hairs with a bulb. Disc discs have several pairs of plates that come together and grab hairs, remove them and diverge again in order to capture a new batch of hair.

A needle electric epilator is also suitable for home use if a woman takes responsibility for her own health, safety, and has previously learned how to use the device. It is important to know how much power is applied to the current and how deep the needle is to be injected, how long to feed the current - this information is usually detailed in the instructions for the device and taught in cosmetology courses. The electric epilator for bikini, legs or facial area is rarely used at home, but there are many positive reviews about the device and how to work with it correctly on the web. "Experienced" users (without special education) say that it is possible to master the procedure from 5-6 attempts, when you find the optimal depth of needle penetration, expose the necessary power and time of exposure to current.

How to use?

Each electric epilator is completed with detailed instructions for use, moreover, the official representatives of a particular brand have the opportunity to take courses on conducting a responsible hair removal procedure. Do not forget that needle electrolysis is a medical procedure, and requires the master (even home) qualifications, knowledge and skills to work with the device. Independent use of the epilator at home is quite possible. An example instruction looks like this:

  • Connect the device to the network, put the needle in the holder,
  • Treat the skin area with an antiseptic,
  • Insert the needle into the pore, from which a hair grows by 0.5 mm (the follicle is approximately at that depth)
  • Guide the needle in the direction of hair growth in order to get as close as possible to its papilla,
  • Make sure that the needle is in the pore and press your bare foot on the plate - apply electric current,
  • To stop the current, remove your foot from the plate,
  • Remove hair with tweezers. If his “body” is easily pulled out of the pore, then the epilation was successful,
  • Depart 3-5 mm from the treated pore and repeat the procedure.

Classic models of electric epilator have a special plate for supplying current - it will have to be pressed each time to process one follicle. There are advanced models with automatic current supply, the frequency of which is usually set in advance, and it is not necessary to give each time to the “pedal”.

It is worth noting the important points:

  • Needles for the procedure are disposable, you can not use the same needle for different people,
  • Sharp, strong and intolerable pain should not be, even if local analgesics do not cope with the sensitivity of the dermis (if the pain threshold is too low), it is necessary to reduce the power of the device,
  • If a dermal fluid forms on the needle, it must immediately be removed with a cotton pad or finger, otherwise it will not be able to penetrate the pore,
  • The thinner the needle diameter, the harder it is to get into the follicle,
  • Epilation of the intimate area is considered the most difficult because of the high sensitivity of the skin. To make the procedure less painful, experts recommend using ointment analgesics.

How to use a specific model of the device is described in its instructions. To become a true expert in removing unwanted hair, you must pass a special course - it will be the key to a proper procedure and safety.

No less important is the follow-up care after the procedure, namely:

  • Treatment of the area with an antiseptic - with a solution of alcohol or chlorhexidine immediately after the procedure and repeated as necessary with a decoction of calendula and trichopol,
  • The ban on the adoption of water procedures during the day (do not soak the epilated area),
  • The ban on the use of deodorant and any cosmetic products,
  • Tanning - 2 weeks,
  • To visit the bath and sauna - 7-10 days,
  • The crusts formed after the procedure cannot be peeled off, use a softening skin lotion and regularly wipe the area with it.

Electronic epilator allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever, in contrast to the women's electric razor or a regular epilator, even at home. It is correct and important to use disposable needles - each individual has its own needle (or set as needed).

Bumblebee 1000

The classical complete set of the electroepilator is suitable for carrying out a flash epilation. His work is reduced to the inclusion and the beginning of the immediate work, it is easy to manage, has a compact size and light weight. "Bumblebee 1000" is produced in Russia, and its average price is 34-38 thousand rubles.

In the line of models "Bumblebee 1000" presents a separate coagulator (a device for removing small skin lesions such as the vascular network, hair beards) and the epilator-coagulator.

It works by the type of thermolysis (a needle is inserted into the follicle) and is used both in home care and in professional care. The advantage of the device can be called an affordable cost (about 9-10 thousand rubles).

"Biomak EP 300"

A needle flash-type epilator and coagulator are suitable for removing unwanted hair on the face and body, fighting skin formations like papillomas, warts, and spider veins. The full range is available at an affordable price - the average is 16-18 thousand rubles.

Biomak 400

Epilator-coagulator has a higher power, unlike the previous analogue, and works like a “flash”.

  1. "Bumblebee 1000" - the best Russian device for professional and home use at the expense of ease of management and the most effective type of "flash".
  2. Spanish brand Ross ideal for professional work.
  3. "Galatea" - Another domestic device for professionals.

You can make an expensive device with your own hands, for which you will need a metal spoon, a battery, wires, a needle holder and a set of thin corners. But still, if there are no engineering and technical skills, then it is better to purchase a ready-made factory electric electrolyte, so as not to risk your health.

Reviews are few and mostly positive. Users say that it is possible to carry out the procedure qualitatively on the legs - it is easy and painful to insert the needle, unlike the bikini zone, which is more difficult to reach. Home procedures are effective, but it is possible to treat the areas of the armpits, bikini and face after the arm has "jammed".

The procedure for hair removal using the epilator "Bumblebee-1000", see the following video.

Watch the video: Review of Clean and Easy Home Electrolysis Kit (December 2019).