Skin care

Neroli oil for the face - useful properties, composition, rules of application

Let's talk today about neroli oil. The unusual name of the oil is not tied to any plant or tree, as we are used to. According to legend, the oil of neroli got its name in honor of Anna-Maria, the Italian princess - Countess of Neroli. She simply adored this oil and used it instead of perfume, perfumed them things and regularly took baths with neroli oil. Fragrant floral aroma, she attracted the attention of men and caused the envy of women.

This oil is obtained by steam distillation of orange tree petals. To obtain 800 grams of oil is required to collect a whole ton of petals! For this reason, the neroli essential oil is quite expensive. It is produced in Italy, France, Portugal and Morocco.

The composition of oil Neroli

The following components were found in the composition of this essential oil: esters - camphene, pinene, otsimen, nerol, geraniol, dipentene, farnesol, linalool, eugenol, nerolidol, jasmone, terpenes, nitrogen compounds, natural alcohols.

The oil has a delicate bitter-floral aroma. Due to the sophistication and sophistication of this smell, it is used in the production of perfumes of the highest class. In addition, for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes also use neroli oil.

Use of neroli oil

This product has a tonic and antiviral properties, due to which it is effectively used for herpes and flu. The oil also has antispasmodic and anticonvulsant action.

It regulates the functioning of the digestive system, eliminates the enzymatic deficiency and normalizes the excretory system. Oil is considered to be a decongestant and diuretic agent.

In addition, it is a good tranquilizer that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieves stress. This is an excellent remedy for insomnia, incl. in depressive conditions. Oil also helps with headaches, dizziness, neuralgia, neurosis, hysteria, fears and other nervous and mental disorders, gives a sense of tranquility.

Neroli oil also has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, reducing heartbeat, potentiating coronary blood flow, healing arrhythmias, stimulating blood circulation, and giving the body tone. In addition, it is a strong anti-sclerotic agent.

This oil, among other things, is also a good antispasmodic, having the ability to soothe the intestines, to help with diarrhea and colitis. You can use the oil and as a stimulating digestion or carminative agent.

In the sexual sphere, neroli, the essential oil of which is considered an aphrodisiac, will help to relax, remove emotional depression, fight impotence and frigidity, being a powerful sexual stimulant.

It will be very useful oil for those women, because it normalizes the functioning of the endocrine system and can alleviate PMS, pain during menstruation and correct irregular menstruation. It will have a calming and mild analgesic effect during menopause.

Often, neroli oil is often used in cosmetology as an external agent, as it is considered a wonderful antiseptic. And it also perfectly softens and rejuvenates the skin, gives an extraordinary floral aroma, smoothes wrinkles, and helps irritated skin. Especially this oil is useful for dry, fading, sensitive skin.

With this oil, you can eliminate spider veins, postpartum stretch marks and filamentous veins, it will also help in the healing of cracks. With skillful use, even such complex phenomena as eczema, acne and herpes will be treated.

The fact is that the oil can affect the regeneration of skin cells and the early growth of young and healthy cells. Therefore, this oil is useful for skin, nails and hair. Neroli oil nourishes the cells, giving strength to the nails and elasticity of the hair. Its disinfecting effect will help get rid of flaking scalp and dandruff, inflammation around the nails and burrs. It should be noted that the oil neroli is perfectly combined with oils of orange, bergamot, styrax, jasmine, coriander, ylang-ylang, lavender, lime, rose, lemon, palmarose, sandalwood, pelargonium, petite-gray, rosemary.

Ways to use oil

Under stress, you can just drop oil on a napkin and inhale it.

In the bath add up to 7 cap. butter (with cream, milk, salt or honey). Bath time is gradually increased from 5 minutes. up to half an hour.

For massages and rubbing, mix 10 grams of base oil with 5-7 drops. Neroli This is useful for blood circulation, digestion, respiration, inflammation of muscles, connective and nerve tissues and for the general condition of the body.

Compresses require 5-7 cap. and 100 grams of water. In this solution, cotton tissue is moistened and applied to the skin area above the diseased organ, which provides anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, anesthetic and antispasmodic effects.

Inside use up to 3 drops of oil, mixing it with honey.

To care for hair drip 1-2 drops on a comb, comb your hair in all directions.

To strengthen the nails, drip onto the nail bed drop by drop, rubbed with light fingers.

For women's health, especially for women after 35, a bath with the following composition is useful: 4 cap. neroli oil, 2 cap. bergamot oil and peppermint oil, 3 cap. sandalwood oil. The oils are mixed, poured into water and take a bath up to half an hour at 37-38 degrees of water. Bath will help to normalize the endocrine background, significantly increase sensuality and serve as an excellent tonic for the skin.

When restless sleep 1-2 cap. oils drip on a damp napkin, put near the bed or on the battery.

Contraindications in the use of neroli oil

This oil has a relaxing effect. Therefore, in situations where you need a clear head, speed of reaction and concentration, refrain from the use of this oil, since it can act as a light sleeping pill.

In pregnancy, you need to be very careful about using this tool. The use of oil is not recommended, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Do not recommend to use this oil to those people who have undergone chemotherapy for cancer.

The beneficial properties of neroli oil

The substance has the most beneficial effects on the skin of any type. Beneficial features:

  • has an antiseptic effect, effectively relieves signs of irritation, treats rosacea, acne and other inflammations,
  • softens the skin,
  • evens tone
  • fights excessive pigmentation, eliminates freckles, age spots,
  • provides rapid healing of damage
  • promotes rejuvenation by stimulating collagen synthesis, speeding up the process of cell renewal,
  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes existing folds,
  • has a tonic and anti-edema effect,
  • improves blood circulation
  • fights infections, herpes on the lips,
  • suitable for dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin.

Use of neroli oil for face

One of the easiest ways to use is the addition of ready-made cosmetics. You need to add a couple of drops of butter in a portion of your favorite cream or finished mask.

To prepare all-natural cosmetics, use vegetable oils instead of factory cream. Oily and combination skin will suit almond, peach and grape seed oil. For dry, it is better to choose fatter, such as coconut or jojoba. It is recommended to use neroli oil for the skin around the eyes in combination with wheat germ or avocado extracts.

It is often mixed with various oil compositions, depending on the needs of the skin of the face. It goes well with jasmine, cypress, lavender, mandarin, rose, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, myrrh. They are used by:

  • As a mask. Means impose on the face with a thin layer, remove the remnants after 40 minutes using dry wipes.
  • For cosmetic massage. Apply the composition on the face, then begin to stroke the fingertips along the massage lines. You can also use the tool for grinding the problem areas on the body.
  • For oil applications against wrinkles. Gauze cloths are moistened in a warm mixture, applied to problem areas or on the entire face. After half an hour, the gauze is removed, and the remaining funds are removed with napkins.

Healthy Mask Recipes

Aromatic essential oil of neroli for the face is great for the enrichment of masks, prepared at home. Depending on the type of skin, honey, cosmetic clay, starch, pumpkin pulp, cocoa powder, natural yogurt, eggs, decoctions of herbs are often added.

All options for masks should be applied to a cleansed face for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the compounds with plenty of warm water. It is recommended to carry out procedures twice a week, for prophylaxis - once a week. It is better to prepare the formulations immediately before application.

For oily skin

This recipe is great for oily problem skin with comedones and enlarged pores. After the procedure, the pores are noticeably cleaned and narrowed, the relief is leveled, the fat metabolism improves. For the mask you will need to pre-cook and cool the thyme decoction. Cooking method:

  1. In the cold decoction, enter 2 tsp. black cosmetic clay.
  2. Stir well, should get a thick mass.
  3. Add 2 drops of lavender extract and neroli.
  4. Apply on face evenly.

Dry Skin Recipe

According to numerous reviews, a moisturizing mask based on pumpkin pulp with neroli gives skin freshness. Pumpkin can be boiled, baked or steamed. You will need tocopherol pharmacy drug. Cooking method:

  1. Grind pumpkin pulp chop in a blender or rub on the finest grater.
  2. Enter 3 drops of tocopherol oil solution, stir.
  3. Then add 3 drops of neroli, mix again.

Rejuvenating mask

Mask with starch, neroli oil and sour cream is recommended for use to owners of loose skin. The procedure visibly tightens the oval of the face, smoothes wrinkles. Can be used for a mixture of corn or potato starch. Cooking method:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp. l starch with the same amount of fat sour cream.
  2. Add 3 drops of neroli oil.

Acne mask

Honey blends perfectly solve the problem of acne on the skin of the face. In addition, honey starts the regeneration process. The mask for acne also includes rosemary oil, which is a natural antiseptic. Cooking method:

  1. Heat the dessert spoon of natural honey.
  2. Mix it with almond oil in the same volume.
  3. Allow the mass to cool slightly.
  4. Carefully insert the yolk of one egg.
  5. Add 2 drops of neroli and 1 drop of rosemary and jasmine oil.

With yogurt for sensitive skin

The composition based on natural yogurt and cocoa rejuvenates, gives skin tone, while providing additional protection from the negative effects of environmental factors. The mask is perfect for use in the autumn-winter period. Cooking method:

  1. Melt 5 g cocoa butter.
  2. Mix it with art. l natural yogurt and cocoa powder.
  3. Sprinkle cocoa gradually to avoid lumps.
  4. You should get a thick mixture, the consistency of a cream.
  5. Enter into the mass of 2 drops of neroli oil and lemon balm.

Contraindications and side effects

Due to the high relaxing effect of neroli oil, it is better not to use it in cases where clarity of thought and concentration of attention is necessary. There are direct contraindications for use:

  • 2-3 trimester of pregnancy
  • allergy,
  • individual intolerance,
  • infancy.

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Composition and medicinal properties

This is one of the most expensive essential oils - but neroli is really worth it! Moreover, the natural, high-quality ether has a very high concentration, is used dropwise, and even with regular use of a small bottle lasts about a year.

Neroli are rarely sold in pure form - they are usually offered in combination with carrier oil (for example, jojoba), but such a mix is ​​very expensive. However, the point here is not only the price - Neroli ether is incredibly active and is recommended for use only in combination with other oils.

Divine scent

There is no such plant — neroli, and the essential oil of the same name is obtained by steam distillation from bitter orange flowers. For the production of one drop of ether it may take up to three kilograms of the most delicate, almost weightless petals. In countries where neroli are produced, there are huge plantations of orange trees that never bear fruit - they transfer all their strength to the valuable aromatic oil.

A gentle and beautiful orange flower (fleur d’orange in French) has long been considered the personification of girlish beauty and innocence. Until now, orange floral traditionally decorate the hair and the wedding dress of the bride.

The symphony of the magic smell of neroli is difficult to express in words. The aroma of this ether is very strong and persistent, but it is so beautiful and light that even with constant use it never causes a feeling of satiety - you can enjoy it endlessly.

The bitter, intoxicating aroma of orange flowers was adored by the legendary princess Anna-Marie Orsini Nerolskaya, who for many years blessed the many courtyards of Europe in the seventeenth century and, in fact, ruled Spain. Beautiful and clever, she was fond of alchemy and managed up to eighty years to remain one of the brightest and most influential ladies of her time. Neroli - this is how the essential oil from the orange blossom adored by the princess orange blossom was named in her honor.

Unique composition

Despite the close relationship between neroli and orange oil, the compositions of these two ethers are fundamentally different. In the elite varieties of non-cerium oil contains a complete set of unique high-value components:

  • nerolidol
  • camphen,
  • jasmont
  • otsimen,
  • eugenol,
  • nerol,
  • farnesol,
  • pinen,
  • dipenten,
  • geraniol,
  • linalool (
  • benzoic and phenylacetic acid.

By the way, orange blossom oil is of three types, which determine the gradation of the value of this product. The most expensive oil of neroli-bigard is made in Seville from the petals of the bitter orange growing here. Ordinary ether is produced in Portugal from the flowers of the usual sweet orange. The simplest product is obtained in the countries of the Mediterranean and North Africa, and the raw material for it is the petals of lemon and mandarin. Pay attention to the composition and labeling of the proposed product.

Solid benefit

Oil orange tea helps the body to cope with many problems:

  • normalizes heart rhythms
  • strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation
  • relieves muscle spasms
  • normalizes the activity of the digestive tract,
  • stabilizes metabolic processes and hormonal balance,
  • regenerates tissue
  • It has a powerful sedative effect.

The best remedy for depression

Neroli oil is the strongest anti-depressant, and for this alone it has earned the sincere love of many of its fans. Moreover, this “firm” property of the ether can be used for both adults and children, which cannot be said about most other active aromatic oils. Gently, but deeply and without consequences, acting on the nervous system, neroli helps it to recover rather quickly from very unpleasant situations:

  • in shock,
  • under chronic stress
  • in severe depression,
  • with anxiety, fear, neurasthenia and other psycho-emotional disruptions,
  • with sleep disorders.

By raising the overall vitality, the wonderful aroma of neroli helps a person to adapt to optimistic notes and change his life for the better.

Application features

Neroli precious oil has a wide range of applications. It is very popular in cosmetology - for the care of delicate and super sensitive skin. The beauty field is the area of ​​the most frequent use of orange flower oil.

Ether of neroli leads to the formulas of many elite cosmetic and perfume compositions - for example, the fragrance of cult perfumes “Chanel No. 5” is built around the mysterious note of orange flowers.

Fluid orange oil is also effectively used in home cosmetology: small doses are added to face, hair and body care products, used in healing and rejuvenating masks, inhalations, aromatic baths and other procedures.

In combination with various base oils and other natural ingredients, Neroli ester works great for improving the quality of hair, making it thick, healthy and strong.

Fast growth

Stimulates hair bulbs, nourishing them, creates conditions for accelerated hair growth.

  • olive oil and honey - 1 tablespoon,
  • chicken egg (or just yolk),
  • Neroli - 2 drops.

  1. Stir all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Part of the composition rub into the hair roots, massage the scalp, then comb through the entire length of the curls.
  3. Cover the head with a food film, warm it, and after an hour and a half wash it off with the help of a familiar shampoo.

Strength and brilliance

Deeply penetrating into the hair structure, heals it from the inside, restores elasticity, strengthens and gives a beautiful shine.

  • olive oil - 1 tablespoon,
  • wheat germ oil - 25 drops,
  • Neroli - 2 drops.

  1. Prepare the oil mixture, heat it up a little and distribute it along the length of the hair, without affecting the scalp.
  2. Warm up the mask and leave it to work for an hour, then rinse well with warm water and shampoo.

A very strong effect is the regular use of neroli to get rid of such serious skin problems as acne, chronic rashes and even stretch marks. And the caring, renewing and rejuvenating properties of this essential oil remain beyond any competition. To obtain a stable result, it is recommended to make masks with neroli weekly.

Cosmetic ice

A wonderful natural stimulant for all skin types, suitable for both young girls and mature women.

  • bee honey - 1 teaspoon,
  • mineral water - 1 cup,
  • Neroli - 1 drop.

  1. Grind honey with ether and dilute with water so that no sediment remains.
  2. Freeze the ice in a silicone mold.
  3. To use in the morning and in the evening, after wiping on the massage lines, the skin should not be rinsed or wiped.

With excessive fat

Normalizes the water-lipid balance of the skin, levels its structure and improves color.

  • blue clay - 1 tablespoon,
  • mineral water - 1 tablespoon,
  • Neroli - 2 drops.

  1. Dilute clay powder with mineral water so that no lumps remain, add ether.
  2. Apply the mask evenly, avoiding contact with the skin around the eyes and lips.
  3. After drying, rinse with heated mineral water and rub with herbal decoction or tonic.

For acne, acne and dermatitis

It has a therapeutic - anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and regenerating effect.

  • grape seed oil - 1 tablespoon,
  • Neroli - 1 drop.

  1. Mix oils and apply to the problem areas of cleansed skin once or twice a day.
  2. Acne, acne and other small foci of inflammation can pinpoint neroli in pure form.

Against cellulite

Oil wraps with neroli well tighten and smooth the skin, eliminating the effect of "orange peel".

  • coconut, jojoba and almond oil - 1 tablespoon,
  • Neroli - 1 drop.

  1. Stir until complete dissolution of coconut oil.
  2. To rub in the evening in the problem areas of the body, to improve the result wrap cling film.
  3. Action time - at least one and a half hours, if possible, leave to act at night.
  4. At the end of the procedure take a warm shower.

As an aphrodisiac

Ether of neroli - one of the strongest oil aphrodisiacs - it increases the potency in men and reduces frigidity in women. It is no coincidence that the oil of their orange flowers is called “the fragrance of love” - neroli reveal the magical buds of sensuality, making women more feminine, and men - manly.

Oil is very popular in mixtures for erotic massage, scented candles and baths. Just a few drops of ether in the aroma lamp - and the love magic of orange blossom will fill your home, will make an unforgettable romantic evening.

For five centuries now, many beautiful ladies have been convinced that the miraculous ether of neroli protects their youth and beauty from envious glances and merciless time - it’s enough not to part with the cherished medallion that keeps a few drops of fragrant oil. With other ways of using a love potion, this dosage of neroli is recommended:

  • 10 drops - dissolved in water for an aromatic bath,
  • 1 drop per square meter of room - for use in aroma lamp,
  • 6 drops per tablespoon of base oil - for erotic massage.

Use in medicine

This is a very strong drug for the treatment of many ailments and the regulation of the body as a whole. Neroli refers to thin, “female” oils that regulate endocrine metabolism. This ether is especially good for ovarian dysfunction, as well as for other disruptions in the hormonal system. It gives excellent results for the normalization of cardiovascular activity and digestion, evens out the level of blood pressure.

Neroli oil treatment regimens - table

PurposeTreatment regimen
Cold and flu
  • steam inhalation with the addition of 2-3 drops of Neroli ester to 1.5-2 liters of hot water,
  • inhalations lasting 10 minutes are recommended to be repeated 2-3 times throughout the day,
  • the procedure can not be done if the temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees.
Spasm removal and pain relief
  • apply a compress of cotton fabric on the sore spots,
  • Compress the solution for compress at the rate of 6-7 drops of ether per 10 milliliters of the base agent.
Elimination of inflammation in muscles and joints
  • prepare a solution for grinding from 15 milliliters of base and 8-10 drops of ether,
  • rub the sore spots of the composition, wrapping them then for warming.
  • make a healing oil mixture of flax and almond base oils (1 teaspoon each) and Neroli ester (2 drops),
  • soaked in the composition of the napkin to apply to the affected skin every day for half an hour.
Stretch marks and scars
  • dilute neroli in a 1: 1 ratio with wheat germ base oil,
  • Apply the finished product twice a day on clean, steamed skin - targeted, only on scars and stretch marks.
Eczema and Herpes
  • In a tablespoon of wheat germ oil add 2 drops of neroli,
  • once a day to make compresses or applications to the affected places.

A bit about neroli oil

In appearance, neroli oil is a light yellow or golden liquid with a pleasant, fresh, floral scent. It is obtained by steam distillation or extraction with volatile solvents from orange flowers (Seville orange or bigardie, rut family). In the light, the liquid acquires an orange-red color, darkens with time. It is most effective to combine neroli oil with citrus oils (lime, orange and lemon), but coniferous oils, rosemary, mint, juniper will do.

The beneficial properties of neroli essential oil

  • is an aphrodisiac, has a positive effect on the functioning of the endocrine and reproductive systems,
  • has a cardiotonic and anti-sclerotic effect,
  • oil speeds up blood circulation
  • has antiviral and tonic properties,
  • has a decongestant and diuretic effect,
  • inherent antiseptic and bactericidal property,
  • has anticonvulsant and antispasmodic properties,
  • normalizes the work of the systems of digestion and excretion,
  • the oil has soothing, relaxing, antispasmodic and analgesic properties,
  • antidepressant agent
  • activates cell regeneration
  • strengthens hair follicles
  • oil has anti-aging properties, especially useful for dry and tired skin,
  • effective against stretch marks and cellulite,
  • oil fights redness and irritation of the skin, rosacea, skin diseases,
  • is an excellent deodorizing agent.

The use of neroli essential oil in the treatment

Due to the huge amount of healing properties, the essential oil of neroli is widely used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. It perfectly helps with respiratory viral infections, improves the state of influenza, diseases of the nasopharynx of infectious and inflammatory nature, providing a general healing effect on the body.

With the systematic use of essential oil eliminates irregularities in the heart, significantly improves coronary blood flow, prevents the formation of sclerotic plaques, is used in the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac neurosis, tachycardias, cardiac spasms, hemorrhages, cardiac neurosis, tachycardias, cardiac spasms, hemorrhages, cardiac neurosis, cardiac neurosis, tachycardias, cardiac spasms, hemorrhages, cardiac neurosis, cardiac neurosis, cardiac neuropathy -vascular dystonia, effects of stroke, headache.

Neroli oil has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, eliminates enzyme deficiency, improves appetite, eliminates spasms of the stomach and intestines, and normalizes the secretion of the digestive organs.

Neroli oil is also widely used in aromatherapy, including in the treatment of arrhythmias and neuroses. The relaxing aroma of the essential oil helps to eliminate insomnia, nervous, depressive and mental disorders (neurosis, obsessive fears, stress, hysteria, anxiety, irritability, anxiety, anxiety, overwork, etc.).

For women's health, the essential oil of neroli is also useful, it normalizes the endocrine system, fights frigidity, stimulates sexual desire, eliminates the symptoms of menopausal and premenstrual syndrome, and normalizes the menstrual cycle.

This essential oil is a popular means for flavoring rooms.


Inhalation of volatile components of the essential oil seems to be the most effective way to prevent and treat various ailments. Neroli oil activates the internal reserves of the human body, helps to maintain good health. The recommended dosage of essential oil for the oil burner is 4-7 drops per 15 m2.

Inhalation and aromatization of the air.

When inhaled through inhalation, the aroma components of the oil get to certain points of the nasal mucosa, stimulate the production of impulses that send signals to certain parts of the cerebral cortex, thereby affecting the functioning of all organs and body systems. At the same time, neroli oil acts directly on the respiratory organs, stopping the development of inflammatory or stagnant processes. For these purposes, neroli oil is taken in an amount of 1-3 drops, the procedure is carried out not more than 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Aromatic bath, use in the bath and sauna.

With this method, neroli oil affects the entire surface of the skin, quickly penetrates the lymphatic network, affecting all human organs. Baths can be hot, cold, sedentary, for hands or feet, in any case, the essential oil should be mixed with an emulsifier (cream, milk, honey, sea salt) and then added to water. Rinse after taking a bath is not necessary, the skin should be lightly blotted with a towel. For one bath should take 7 drops of essential oil. The duration of the procedure can be up to 25-30 minutes, but you need to start from 5 minutes.

For baths and saunas, the neroli essential oil should be diluted in water (3 drops of essential oil per 0.5 l of water), in the first case, water the stove-heater with a solution, and in the second - hot stones.

This method consists in applying a therapeutic compress over the problem organ, as a result, the active components of the essential oil penetrate the lymph flow and act directly on the diseased organ, providing a decongestant, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Compresses can be cold and hot. For the procedure should be on 10 ml of base (fatty) oil to take 7 drops of ether. In a solution, moisten cotton fabric, slightly squeeze and attach to the area above the diseased organ. You can hold a compress for 30 minutes to two hours, start small, gradually increasing the duration of the procedure.

Massage and rubbing.

Massage provides rapid penetration of beneficial components of the oil into the human body. As a result, the procedure has a positive effect on the condition and health of the skin, it has a positive effect on blood circulation, digestion, improving overall health and wellbeing. For acupressure a mixture is prepared: one drop of essential oil per one drop of vegetable oil (base).

Rubbing has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and respiration, eliminating inflammatory processes in muscles, nerve and connective tissues. For rubbing take 4-7 drops of neroli oil per 10 ml of vegetable oil.

The use of neroli essential oil in cosmetology

Neroli oil has found its use in home cosmetology, in the care of the skin of the face, body and hair. It is a means of prevention and treatment of spider veins, stretch marks, cellulite, tightens and smoothes the skin, relieves irritation, improves the complexion, has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Suitable for any type, but is especially useful in the care of dry and mixed skin types, as well as tired skin. Due to its regenerating ability, Neroli oil promotes the rapid healing of cracks, wounds and other skin damage, fights herpes, acne, stains under stress, as well as skin diseases (eczema, dermatosis).

The simplest use of neroli oil is the enrichment of finished cosmetics (masks, creams, tonics). For a single use take 2 drops of ether. A more natural skin care - adding neroli oil to the natural base (vegetable) oil (for 1 tablespoon base 2 drops of the essential component). This mixture can be used as a nourishing night cream, or as a rejuvenating mask. The composition of the mask can be very different. Concentrated, that is, non-diluted Neroli oil can not be applied to the skin! The exceptions are cases of acupressure, such as the treatment of acne or herpes.

Neroli oil has a good effect on the condition of the hair and the health of the scalp, fights dandruff and gives natural shine to the hair. The tool can be added to the finished shampoo and balms, make homemade masks (for 1 tablespoon of base suitable for the problem of hair, take 2-3 drops of essential oil), use “aromatherapy” (2 drops of oil on a wooden comb).

With the help of Neroli oil, you can take care of the nails and cuticle, rubbing it into the nail bed.

Neroli essential oil for children

Can be used in children to eliminate gastrointestinal cramps, improve sleep, eliminate tension and anxiety. For use in an aroma lamp, the dosage of oil is 1 drop per 10-15 m2 of floor space. For massage (light strokes clockwise around the navel), prepare a mixture with neroli oil - for 10 ml of plant base 2-3 drops of ether.

Contraindications to the use of neroli oil

  1. Pregnancy 2-3 trimester.
  2. Allergic reactions.
  3. Individual intolerance.
  4. For newborns and infants, the remedy is contraindicated for use.

Due to the high relaxing effect, neroli oil is contraindicated for use in cases where concentration of attention and clarity of thought are necessary.

Types of oil

At the moment there are 3 types of ether means:

  1. First grade. It is made from the flowers of Seville bitter orange. This type of oil is considered the most expensive and high quality.
  2. Second grade. It is extracted from the petals and flowers of orange trees. This product is called "Portuguese Neroli".
  3. Third grade. It is obtained from the flowers of lemon and tangerine trees. This variety is considered the most affordable.

Application of facial oil

Cosmetologists recommend using oil as a supplement to finished cosmetic products - for example, add a few drops of an essential agent. in a mask or face cream.

Facial Neroli Oil

You can also mix with herbal ingredients - It goes well with oil of jasmine, lavender, rose, mandarin, myrrh and cypress. Oil compositions are used:

  1. For massage. The product is applied to the face and begins to stroke the massage lines with the pads of fingers. The procedure provides rapid penetration of beneficial components into the human body. As a result, blood circulation and skin condition are improved.
  2. Anti wrinkle. To do this, moisten gauze wipes with a warm mixture, and then impose on the face. After 30 minutes, remove the gauze and remove the remaining oil.
  3. As a mask. A natural remedy is applied on the face with a thin layer, after 30-40 minutes with a dry wipe the mask remains are removed. As a result, the active components of the oil penetrate the lymph flow, providing an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Neroli oil for massage

Mask for dry skin

Mask based on neroli oil and pumpkin pulp moisturizes the skin and makes it fresh. For cooking you will need the following components:

  • pumpkin,
  • 4 drops of neroli,
  • 4 drops of tocopherol oil solution.

The mask is prepared as follows:

  1. Boil the pumpkin and cool it.
  2. Grind pumpkin pulp in a blender. If desired, you can rub it on a fine grater.
  3. Add 4 drops of the solution and mix the ingredients.
  4. Enter 4 drops of oil and mix the ingredients again.

Mask for oily skin

This recipe is perfect for owners of oily and problem skin with dilated pores and closed comedones.

The homemade mask cleanses the pores, as a result of which they are narrowed - this improves the fat metabolism and smoothes the skin relief.

For cooking you will need the following components:

  • thyme decoction,
  • 3 drops of lavender oil,
  • 3 drops of neroli oil,
  • 2 tsp. black cosmetic clay.

The mask is prepared as follows:

  1. In a separate container, mix black clay and thyme decoction - it should turn out thick mixture.
  2. Add lavender and neroli oil to the clay mass.
  3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Facial Mask with Neroli Oil and Clay

Mask for sensitive skin

Home remedy rejuvenates, tones and protects the skin from the negative effects of external factors. Beauticians recommend using the tool in the cold season. For cooking you will need the following components:

  • 5 g cocoa butter,
  • 2 drops of neroli oil,
  • 1 tbsp. l cocoa powder,
  • 2 drops of lemon balm,
  • 1 tbsp. l natural yogurt.

The mask is prepared as follows:

  1. Melt cocoa butter, then mix with yogurt.
  2. Gradually add cocoa powder.
  3. Stir the ingredients so that there are no lumps - it should turn out thick masslike a cream.
  4. Add neroli oil and lemon balm.
  5. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Wrinkle mask

This tool moisturizes the skin, making it smooth and fresh. For cooking you will need the following components:

  • 20 grams of rice flour,
  • 7 ml of peach oil,
  • 1 tbsp. l milk
  • 3 drops of neroli oil.

The mask is prepared as follows:

  1. Heat the milk.
  2. Add rice powder, peach oil and neroli.
  3. Well steam your face, then apply the tool.

Cosmetic ice

This tool fits for all skin types and ages. For cooking you will need the following components:

  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 drop of neroli oil,
  • 1 glass of mineral water.

Tonic is prepared as follows:

  1. Pound honey with butter, then add it to the water.
  2. Stir the ingredients thoroughly so that no precipitate remains.
  3. Pour the water over the silicone molds and freeze it.
  4. Use means in the morning and in the evening. After wiping do not wash your face with water.

Neroli oil mask and face ice


Neroli essential oil has increased activity even in a highly diluted form. Therefore, in the first couple of minutes after applying the drug to the skin, a slight burning or tingling sensation may be felt - this is a normal, completely natural reaction, and the discomfort will soon pass.

However, there are cases of individual intolerance to neroli. To eliminate such a possibility, it is necessary to test it on the delicate skin of the wrist half an hour before applying the product - apply a small touch and wait half an hour: whether there will be a strong redness, rash and itching. If the skin condition remains within the normal range, the composition can be used.

Do not use Fleuoran oil in the following situations:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • children under the age of 12,
  • just before going out into the open sunshine,
  • during the period of chemotherapy treatment.

It should be remembered that the oil of neroli is the strongest natural tranquilizer. Do not use it before you need a high concentration of attention - for example, if you are going to drive a car. The best time to use neroli oil is just before bedtime, when you can afford complete relaxation.

What is your favorite flower essential oil? Here I have Neroli. 🙂 I love immensely and never cease to enjoy and admire. And when I get used to it, temporary excommunication helps - to increase the sharpness of perception.


His smell is not orange at all, I describe this smell as a “magic forest”. One of my favorites is a multicomponent, delicate and at the same time intense green-flowery smell, because uh, neroli are made from orange flowers. It is considered one of the most expensive oils, an aphrodisiac, enhances sensuality, rejuvenates.


My favorite way to give your skin a super fresh look: white clay + 2-3 drops of neroli. Everything! I apply for 15 minutes, lie down on a pillow and bastard from the aroma, which actually acts in the most pleasant way, taking it somewhere in the brain and soul))) And relaxes and excites at the same time, the mood takes off! Smile After the procedure, the skin just glows!


I neroli with scars fought. The scars were fresh (a couple of months) and deep enough (because of toxoplasmosis, carbuncles, not even boils, got out. Pts large). Neroli was atokovskoe. Two to three drops of neroli dripped into the eye, into the bottom of the wheat germ oil (half gram-gram) and rubbed with a mixture of scars. the remnants of another stretch marks placed (I still have a fine mesh of stretch marks from my teens on my hips). Then I could just collect it with my finger from the cap / neck and onto the scar. Yes, hell, if clean, even a little red. not that on those places new skin has grown. if you look closely, there is a scar, but it is smooth and even tans a little, the tan is strong, and the difference between the skin and the scar is almost not noticeable)


from stretch marks: 25 ml of wheat germ + 25 ml of jojoba + 25 drops of neroli and alternated: in the same base (wheat + jojoba) 25 drops of orange. It helps very well, even with a very "neglected" case.


With other oils Neroli sounds much better than solo. You can say, created her first perfume, mixing oil Neroli, Cedar and bergamot. The result was a very pleasant composition, because it is no wonder that this oil is used in perfumery.


The best advice for depression is neroli oil. True, it is quite expensive, but produces a stunning effect: it drives away dark thoughts and calms the psyche. In the oil burner you can mix this oil with jojoba or bergamot oil.


I just adore neroli. Sometimes dripping in a drawer with underwear. It is the strongest aphrodisiac for me. Even once, it was enough in a delicate situation at work, when it seemed that it didn’t smell anything distinct, and the boss was spinning around me all the time.


In my opinion, this tool is not intended for frequent use, besides it is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual tone. And the effect of the impact is long))


A single drop of this magical ether will not only create a good mood for you personally, but also allow you to generously share it with others. You will gain attractiveness and popularity - and this is quite good both for your personal life and for success in business.

The composition of the essential oil of neroli

The composition of this tool are such useful components:

  • nerol,
  • jasmont
  • linalool,
  • camphen,
  • pinen,
  • otsimen,
  • geraniol,
  • farnesol,
  • eugenol

The aroma gives a hint of floral bitterness, it is refined and aristocratic. But the oil of neroli was loved not only because of its unsurpassed and unique smell, it also has a number of useful properties.

Properties of neroli oil

It is used for aromatherapy from various diseases and cosmetic care. Among its useful properties I want to highlight:

    Positive effect and help in solving a variety of skin problems. It will help to cure eczema, dermatosis, rash, rosacea, get rid of scars, cracks, protruding venous filaments.

Elimination of unpleasant and unaesthetic manifestations of cellulite.

Gentle care for the skin of the face and body, especially sensitive, mature, dry and dehydrated.

Rejuvenation, elimination of wrinkles, smoothing, restoring elasticity, restoring and regenerating cells.

Effect on the nervous system. The return of psychological balance, the elimination of nervousness, anxiety, emotional depression.

Analgesic effect. Fights dizziness, head and muscle pain, and various neuralgia.

It is a powerful aphrodisiac. Increases sexual desire, allows you to relax.

Relieves depression, anguish, groundless anxiety, the consequences of a state of shock and hysteria.

Relaxes muscles after exercise.

Normalizes the functioning of the organs of the endocrine system.

Assists in losing weight.

It is a natural antispasmodic. Therefore, well treats colic in the stomach.

Beneficial effect on the entire digestive tract. Rescues from constipation and diarrhea. Eliminates the deficiency of enzymes.

Strengthens immunity, fights against viral infections.

Strengthens blood vessels, reduces the likelihood of sclerosis and the appearance of cholesterol plaques on the vascular walls.

It has antimicrobial and antiseptic effects.

  • It improves blood circulation, normalizes heart rate.

  • It is a useful remedy for hair loss, affects their bulbs, makes the whole structure stronger.

    Contraindications to the use of neroli oil

    Despite the full naturalness and exceptional utility, you must comply with the dosage. If you exceed the norm, it can act as a sleeping pill or, conversely, act as a causative agent of sexual activity. Not recommended:

    • allergy sufferers
    • children
    • pregnant and lactating mothers.

    With proper application, the essential oil of neroli is sure to bring great benefits to your health and appearance. If you have any doubts about the personal reaction of the body, before using, visit a physician or a beautician. You can also conduct their own test for allergies, according to the instructions.

    Reviews of neroli oil

    I have a sedentary job, and therefore cellulite began to develop as early as 23. I missed the first stage, and on the second I started to work hard on my body to prevent irreversible consequences. I jumped on a skipping rope, squatted from dumbbells, did stretching. And 2-3 times a week she performed skin care procedures. Applied a scrub in the bathroom, and after it, castor oil with a few drops of neroli essential oil. I really liked the result. Improvements were really noticeable after 2 weeks (I had 5 treatments for my skin and 8 workouts for half an hour). We must do everything in the complex.

    I love all sorts of homemade cream, masks, scrubs. Purchased almost do not use. After winter I decided to slightly refresh my hair. I add 2-3 drops of neroli oil to the shampoo when washing my hair. And I also made myself such a hair spray. Strong tea, a couple of drops of aloe juice and a couple of drops of neroli oil. I like it very much, I put it on the tips periodically. Hair smells and looks beautiful. The only thing you need to do in small portions, atoms quickly deteriorate, like all homemade cosmetics. And use blondes with care. Strong black tea stains a little hair.

    I often use neroli oil for a bath. What is most important in essential oils is that it is very difficult to find natural oil here! I ordered in the online store. I will not advertise, but the tool is really different from what we are offered in pharmacies and stores. The skin still keeps the aroma for so long, not irritating. But oil is generally used in droplets, so it is better to lay out a normal amount for it and suffice (even with frequent use) for one and a half years.

    For more on the properties of Neroli oil, see the following video:

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