Men's laser hair removal: the pros, cons, reviews

As workers of the beauty industry say, laser hair removal for men every day is becoming more and more popular with the stronger sex. Cosmetic procedures for face and body care have long ceased to be the “privilege” of the weaker sex. And although public opinion about male visits to beauty salons is still ambiguous, many of them are not shy about using the achievements of the modern beauty industry, and they are right. Clean skin, well-groomed nails, neat hairstyle and a nice perfume are as important for a man as for a woman.

Laser hair removal for men: why not?

As for the attitude to male hair removal, opinions here are even more different. Many consider hairiness to be a sign of a “real man” and strongly oppose any hair removal, while others, on the contrary, prefer “bare” skin as more beautiful and sexy.

The majority of the civilized population, both male and female, approaches this issue selectively. For example, a man’s epilated legs are more of an exception to the rule, but the “wool” back seems to very few people attractive. Therefore, the removal of excess hair by representatives of the stronger sex is not at all exotic: many do it, they simply use the old old-fashioned methods.

Let's talk about the razor

How many men are there who enjoy daily shaving? Cuts, burning, irritation ... And the very next morning (if not the same evening) there is again a prickly bristle on the face, and everything must be started all over again. An infinite vicious circle, which practically the entire male half of humanity would not break.

Meanwhile, this desire is quite feasible. An alternative to an unpleasant and unsafe procedure may be laser hair removal. And it is not entirely clear why men do not use such an excellent opportunity, preferring to “scrape” their skin with a razor, secretly hoping to spit and never do it again.

Shaving body hair has the same disadvantages, further aggravated by contact with clothing and being in hard to reach places. Irritation after shaving, itching during hair regrowth, the prickly surface of the skin, which is unpleasant to touch - this is not all the "side effects" of a razor. Needless to say, it’s just physically impossible to remove the hair yourself, for example, on the back. And the procedure should be carried out systematically. Every time ask "shave back" his girlfriend or best friend?

Wax to help

Especially "advanced" men in the course of the effectiveness of waxing hair removal, but their enthusiasm disappears after the first execution. If ladies epilate with wax strips endure firmly, then a strong half of the population does not have the same limitless patience.

Courageous "males" do not show heroism at all with medical and cosmetic manipulations, and physiologically have a lower pain threshold than women. Rooting out hair, especially in sensitive areas of the body, many men cannot bear, especially if it needs to be done more than once.

All other methods of hair removal for men are ineffective: hard, like a wire, hair can not take any depilatory cream, and household electric epilator copes with them with great difficulty.

Five reasons for laser hair removal for men

There is no doubt that laser hair removal is the safest, most painless and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, and for a long time. Women have already appreciated this service and use it with success. It remains only to convince men that it does not hurt many of them.

1. Face control

Let's start with the head and face. You shouldn’t particularly describe the “charms” of the shaving procedure with all its problems and the endless purchase of shaving accessories. Some men can afford not to shave for weeks, someone wears a beard or a brutal "three-day" stubble.

However, if you are a supporter of a smooth-shaven face and, even more so, if professional etiquette requires it, laser hair removal is quite capable of saving you from the “headache” associated with morning shaving. By the way, if your bristles go to Ryzhina, it is better to consult a competent cosmetologist in advance: not every laser will “take” such a beard, and you will waste a lot of money.

Vegetation on the face is not limited to a mustache and a beard. Some men can boast of “Brezhnev” eyebrows, hair protruding from the nose and ears and growing on their surface. Agree that it looks unattractive, untidy and unhygienic.

Individual hairs grow more often in these places, to destroy them with a laser is a matter of a few minutes, the price for such a procedure is one of the lowest in laser cosmetology and any man can afford.

Another traditionally “problem” place is the back of the neck. Hair there grows instantly, so a fresh haircut loses its appearance after a few days. Epilation of this zone will allow you to visit the hairdresser less often. How much is your haircut? You can estimate the saving of time and money.

2. We work as a body

For some men, smooth skin is not a fad, but a requirement of the profession. If you are seriously involved in sports (swimming, bodybuilding), an epilated body for you is just as necessary as an excellent sports form. The same applies to dancers, strippers, fashion models: a beautiful body with well-groomed smooth skin is their working tool.

Abundant vegetation on the body is not welcome in occupations related to the observance of sanitary standards (cooks, doctors). Of course, the intensity of the hair of representatives of such professions is not regulated, but it is clear that this can be unpleasant for customers. Who would like, when dining at a restaurant, to catch hair from his plate?

Laser hair removal solves these problems: having made a course of procedures, you can, firstly, forget about interfering hairs for a long time, and secondly, the epilated areas will indeed be smooth: without rash, ingrown hairs and irritation.

3. Is King Kong alive?

Most women like "moderate" hairiness. Many have nothing against a slightly hairy chest and arms, moreover, consider it to be sexy. But if a man looks more like a monkey, then something needs to be done about it.

Shaggy back and shoulders, thickets on the abdomen and buttocks - a sight not for the faint of heart young ladies. These parts of the body are perfectly "refined" with the help of laser hair removal. A few sessions - and thick hair turns into a normal human hair.

Of course, one should not expect that with the overwhelming male hormones that cause increased hair growth, perfect smoothness will be achieved. But after passing the optimal course, you can count on a very decent result, and for the prevention of the "jungle" it is recommended to do maintenance procedures as necessary.

4. Clean - the guarantee of health

Question spicy - hair removal for hygienic reasons. The hair in some places strongly interferes with keeping clean. The result is irritation, an unpleasant smell, clothes that quickly lose their freshness.

We are talking about armpits, groin and interglacial areas - in terms of hair hygiene in these places it is better not to have. It is unlikely that any other method is suitable for hair removal of these sensitive areas, except as a professional laser treatment.

5. The case is intimate.

Do I need to explain why a man intimate hair removal? If your girlfriend does not comment on your “thickets”, this does not mean that she likes them. It is much more pleasant to touch soft, smooth and clean skin.

Look at the ladies' forums: the majority of women call hairy genitals one of the reasons for refusing oral sex, and for those who do not refuse, the hair on the male organs pretty much spoils the pleasure of the process.

Men who have already tried laser hair removal, note that they have significantly increased sexual sensitivity, and new, brighter sensations from touching the "bare" skin, and the girls are delighted.

If you are already imbued with the need for an intimate hairstyle, do not try to do it yourself. In addition to the dubious quality of hair removal, there is a risk of injury and infection. And hair that grows after shaving or applying cream will give you and your partner a lot of “pleasant” impressions.

It is better to contact the aesthetic clinic to specialists. Laser treatment is carried out gently and painlessly, the beam acts sightingly on the hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding tissue. Laser hair removal does not affect the potency and reproductive abilities of men.

Features of laser hair removal for men - price

What is the difference between men's laser hair removal from women's? And, in fact, nothing, except that the procedure takes longer, and more sessions are required. The hair on the male face and body is famous for the fact that it is tough, and there are many of them, and the culprit is male hormones. No wonder that increased hairiness is considered a secondary sexual sign.

And the man's hair areas are much larger. If ladies mostly epilate “antennae”, armpits, arms, legs and bikini, then men are not so lucky: they have almost all of their face, neck, chest, back, stomach and buttocks in problem areas.

This means that the cost of a course of male hair removal is higher than for women. Planning to make hair removal, you can focus on the approximate prices:

  • face on the line of shaving - 3000 rubles,
  • nose, ears, eyebrow - price from 500 to 1000 rubles. for each zone
  • forehead - 1000 - 1500 rubles,
  • neck - 1000 - 1700 rubles. separately for the front and back,
  • armpits - 3000 - 4000 rub.,
  • hands - the price of 4000 - 6000 rubles.,
  • legs - 8000 - 15000 rubles,
  • chest - the price of 2000 - 5000 rubles.,
  • back - 3000 - 7000 rubles.,
  • belly - the price of 1000 - 4000 rubles.,
  • bikini area - 2000-5000 rubles, plus the buttocks - 500-5000 rubles.

If you want to achieve the maximum effect, you can safely multiply these figures by 10. But get a more accurate answer, how much does laser hair removal for men, you can only contact the selected beauty salon directly for consultation.

Reviews of laser hair removal for men

Review №1

Anatoly from Moscow shared his impressions on laser hair removal, who was brought to the clinic of aesthetic medicine by a friend: “Finally I decided on hair removal! So tired of this hair on my back and chest, not undressing in the pool or on the beach, I already had some kind of complex.

On laser hair removal, I will not say what was nice, but I was preparing to be patient. I went many times, I had enough for ten visits. Hair grows, but they obviously became less and they are so thinner or something. I want to still be like, it may turn out to be perfect. ”

Review number 2

I have hair on my legs, chest and abdomen. I do not touch them - everything is in moderation. But my armpits are furious! Began to do laser hair removal, because after shaving forever itching. Someone does not like, like, like a woman, but I have such an opinion about tastes: it is hygienic, that's all.

Sweaty armpits, spots on shirts, especially in the summer, are a nightmare, but if you like it, let it go! And I made a "lazer" and I do not regret. Yes, a little expensive, but you can always get on the stock. I'm thinking of doing it there, but for now I haven't decided. And on the face - only a razor, no epilation. I love sometimes with bristles like.

Review number 3

Today I took such a step: I signed up for pubic hair removal with a laser. At first he doubted, but rummaged in the reviews on the Internet and still went. I thought it would be inconvenient, but nothing, I was determined that in front of me was not a girl, but a doctor. In general, everything went without unnecessary emotions.

He asked how many men came, the girl replied that it was enough, almost every fourth client on the laser was a man. But shy and try not to advertise. Behind the conversation, she smeared me with some kind of cream, put it on like an ultrasound. Slightly tingling, but not painful. 20 minutes run.

The characteristic advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal

Many men want to care for themselves. Male manicure, cosmetics and hair removal allow you to look beautiful and well-groomed. Hair can be removed not only for aesthetic reasons. Athletes, for example, are forced to epilate hair on their legs. If you do not shave the armpits, sweating increases. Men who do not wear a beard shave almost every day, and often after the machine they get irritated.

Whatever the reason for getting rid of hair, there is a solution. Men's laser hair removal is a quick and effective way to remove vegetation from any part of the face and body. But, as with each procedure, this method has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • full security, because the laser acts exclusively on the hair follicle,
  • the absence of severe pain during the procedure,
  • no damage to the skin in the form of scars and scars,
  • long effect of the procedure
  • short session duration
  • wide range of removal zones.

The disadvantages include:

  1. The presence of contrast in skin and hair color. The effect of the procedure will be only if the dark hair will be on light skin. Dark skin due to melanin can get burned. This problem is solved by a special alexandrite laser, but it is more expensive.
  2. Price of the procedure. One session is relatively expensive. It is necessary to take into account that it will be necessary to complete the course, for 1 time it will not be possible to solve the problem. At the same time, due to the nature of their hormones, men require more sessions than women.
  3. Delete forever. The laser is able to remove hair permanently, and it will be impossible to grow a beard.

Laser hair removal for men is in great demand now.

How is the procedure

You can epilate with the help of several types of lasers. The first diode appeared. But it is outdated, alexandrite lasers are now popular. They are suitable for sensitive skin, even a dark shade from nature.

The procedure itself is as comfortable as possible for the client. The patient is located in a special chair or on a couch, and the beautician begins to manipulate the specified area of ​​skin.

The procedure time depends on the area to be treated and the type of laser. For example, epilation of the entire face will take no more than 15 minutes, a deep bikini zone will not exceed 20 minutes, and epilation of the back will take about 25 minutes.


Preparation for the procedure does not require special efforts, but some rules should be observed:

  • Do not epilate the skin for 2-3 days before going to the salon (hairs should grow to 3 mm),
  • with high sensitivity, apply anesthetic cream an hour before the procedure,
  • not to sunbathe, not to go to the solarium and not to use tanning for at least 10 days before the procedure,
  • if before the procedure they used wax or shugaring, then go to the machine 2-3 months before laser hair removal.

Correction points

Laser hair removal is not limited to one area of ​​the body. Hair removal zones are different:

  • face,
  • chest,
  • arms,
  • stomach,
  • intimate areas
  • shoulders, back,
  • armpits,
  • loin,
  • buttocks,
  • legs, etc.

You can choose only shins, thighs or legs for hair removal.

Laser hair removal for men

Men using a laser have the opportunity to get rid of accrete eyebrows, hair in the ears, beard and mustache, sideburns. If you list all the areas of hair removal from the face, the list will look like this: eyebrows, temples, ears, chin, forehead, brow area, cheekbones, nose and cheeks. You can order the removal of hair from the face completely. The client can discuss what kind of hair removal he wants to receive, epilation only hairs that do not fit into the shape of a haircut or a mustache.Laser hair removal of beards in men allows you to stop shaving.

Contraindications to the procedure

Laser hair removal, like any cosmetic procedure, has its own contraindications.

Epilation should not be carried out at elevated body temperature, colds and flu, diabetes, epilepsy and exacerbation of chronic diseases. With open wounds on the skin, acne, skin diseases, the procedure should be postponed until the skin heals.

As mentioned above, the most important contraindication is tan or tanned skin. The reason lies in the very principle of the laser, it destroys the dark pigment - melanin. If there is a lot of melanin, a burn will occur.

Also, laser hair removal does not apply in the following cases:

  • oncological diseases,
  • immunological disorders
  • a large number of birthmarks or pigment spots on the treated area,
  • varicose veins,
  • individual intolerance,
  • propensity to develop keloids,
  • age up to 18 years.

Approximately 6-8 days after epilation, one should be careful of exposure to sunlight, avoid tanning beds and visiting baths, saunas and a swimming pool.


At the beginning of the dissemination of hair removal with a laser, many people considered it unsafe, afraid of non-healing scars and burns. In fact, all unpleasant incidents can occur only with a non-professional or with non-compliance with the rules of skin care.

Check the qualifications of the specialist, who decided to do hair removal, and certification of a beauty salon or clinic. The doctor should give advice on further care, follow these rules.

After laser hair removal, depending on the individual characteristics of each patient, a slight reddening may occur in the place where the procedure is performed, which lasts from several minutes to several days. Do not be afraid of this, follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Skin care after laser hair removal

It is important to remember that even healthy skin and the body need support after epilation. A few days after epilation, the skin should be smeared with a soothing cream, for example, Panthenol.

During the healing period (1-2 days) try not to wear narrow underwear and clothes. It is better to give preference to soft tissues.

Procedure cost

The cost of the procedure depends on the area being treated, the prestige of the clinic or salon, the laser used, the number of flashes.

Average prices for hair removal:

  • total face - 3,600 - 9,000 rubles,
  • chin - 1500-2500 rubles.,
  • cheeks - 2500-4500 rub.,
  • axillary region - 3600-4500 rubles,
  • deep bikini - 4500-7000 rubles,
  • back - 7000-17000 rubles.

Mikhail, 24 years old, Krasnoyarsk

I was embarrassed to undress on the beach and in the pool, because I have a hairy back. A month ago, I signed up for laser hair removal. The first session was a little painful, then I got used to it. Now I went to 5 sessions, the hair became much thinner and lighter. I want to continue the course.

Anton, 37 years old, Astrakhan

In my city, it is always hot in summer, but I was always embarrassed to wear a short-sleeved shirt because of hairy arms. Recently I made an offer to my girlfriend, we are preparing for the wedding, and she took me to a laser hair removal. The master managed in 20 minutes, the hair became much less. At the wedding, I can safely take off my jacket.

Parts of the body that are more likely to undergo this procedure.

Laser hair removal has become a lifeline for men in a difficult struggle with a thick coat on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen.

Women want to see beside themselves the most well-groomed and tidy male representative.

Therefore, laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of hairs in the nose, ears, and also on the face in case of constant irritation after shaving. Today, more and more men resort to such manipulation and their number includes not only athletes, dancers, cyclists.

Based not only on the sexual desires of women, but also on their own - to look as well-groomed as possible, they bring men to beauty salons.

After all, the time when the presence of vegetation in the armpit was considered a sign of sexuality has gone far in the past and today it simply characterizes the guy as untidy and indecent.

In addition, the main advantage of hair removal in the armpit eliminates two unpleasant moments at once - excessive sweating and, consequently, an unpleasant odor. Also at the forefront is the hair removal in the intimate area.

Sexologists urge to pay attention to the growth of hair in the genital area, because such young people are considered more sensitive and sexy, and this is all according to surveys among girls. Therefore, do not neglect the care of the scrotal area and the penis.

The principle of action and how it differs from the female

Everyone knows that men's hair is more dense and coarse in structure than women, which means that the number of sessions will need much more. Thanks to testosterone, their growth progresses and many times more covers the male body.

Also, men's laser hair removal is different zones that are treated. These include :

  • - hands and fingers,
  • - face area, namely nose (sinuses), cheekbones, excessively thick and accrete eyebrows, ears,
  • - neck and upper chest,
  • - chest fully
  • - back or part of it.

Efficiency and photo

Do not be mistaken that the thick hair will disappear forever, and will no longer bother. The results of epilation lead to the fact that the hair becomes thinner, slows down its growth, and new hair follicles do not originate.

Laser hair removal is considered the most effective of all existing procedures for removing hair in unwanted places. Especially when it comes to the back, disposal with wax will lead to their subsequent rapid growth.

With this procedure for men, you can achieve excellent results, we offer to see the photos before and after laser hair removal of the face and body:

What is Elos hair removal and what are the contraindications of this procedure, read here.

Recommendations before and after

  • First of all, you need to undergo a consultation to assess the type of skin and anamnesis.
  • Two weeks before taking antibiotics can not be used (especially from the tetracycline series).
  • Do not expose the skin to sunlight for a couple of weeks before the procedure.
  • The laser can not affect the empty follicle, so you can not use other types of hair removal.
  • It is not recommended to use care products for three days that contain alcohol in their composition.
  • The coat should be removed 6 hours before the procedure.
  • The skin should be clean and without cosmetics.
  • Slight redness in the most sensitive areas, it can be eliminated with the help of Panthenol.
  • During the day you need to avoid water treatments.
  • Massage and sauna are not recommended for three days after epilation.
  • In summer, apply sunscreen on exposed skin for about two weeks.

Today, laser hair removal for the stronger sex is considered the most effective method in combating unwanted hair. After a full course, hair is eliminated for several years.

And adhering to all the above rules, you can avoid unpleasant consequences. The cost of such a service varies from 1,500 to 3,500 rubles per procedure.

If you are interested in how a session of laser removal of pigment spots on the face, what are the reasons for their appearance and the average price of the procedure, click here.

And how drugs are brought to the destination in the human body through the skin, and the usefulness of phonophoresis, you will learn here.

“The girl made me go to the salon, wanted me to be always clean-shaven in my beard. And the most less trouble. I went and chose photoepilation by my stupidity. I did not like it at all. Then we went with her and laser hair removal for several sessions got rid of my beard. Now I do not suffer from irritation. ”

“I had hair on my back, I didn’t bother it before, then I saw an advertisement and decided to try it. I will say this, on the beach it is now easier to meet girls. ”

“I don’t know how everyone, but all these things have caused me a lot of trouble. Besides the fact that I had to walk for a long time, then later, in principle, I didn’t get rid of anything. Hair grows and grows. But! There is a huge problem!

Now my skin is lighter on my upper lip in summer. Do you know why? It turns out that the laser affected not only the melanin of the hair, but also the skin. How to be now I do not know. Can someone tell me how to get rid of this pigmentation? ”

And at the end of the topic we offer interesting details about excessive hairiness, how and why this happens:

How is hair removal done?

The method consists in the following: a laser emits light with a specific wavelength, this light is absorbed by the hair color pigment - melanin, due to which it heats up and destroys the structure of the hair follicle. The root of the irradiated hair dies after some time, and the hair falls out. The advantage of the method is that the laser flash affects only the hair follicle without touching the skin, nearby tissues, internal organs or the subcutaneous layer. Thus, laser hair removal for men is harmless (in the absence of contraindications for its implementation).

Before you completely get rid of unwanted hair, men will have to be patient. One procedure will not be able to solve your problem with dense vegetation on the body. The fact is that the laser beam affects only hairs that are in the active growth stage. But in the body of any person, regardless of gender, there are always hair follicles that are at rest. Laser hair removal slows down the process of their activity, but sooner or later they still begin to break through. Therefore, to completely get rid of body hair, men will have to undergo a course of 8–10 procedures, the interval between which can be from four to six weeks.

A qualified cosmetologist, assessing your features (hair and skin color, abundance and growth rate of hair, etc.) will be able to determine how many procedures you need to undergo and with what interval between them. He will tell you how to prepare for the procedure and care for the skin after it.

Hair removal itself, depending on the area and the abundance of hair of the area in which it is carried out, can take from 10 minutes to one hour. The speed of the procedure depends not only on the part of the body on which it is carried out, but also on the technical characteristics of the apparatus used to conduct (the size of the laser manipulator and the frequency of the flashes).

To whom is the procedure indicated and contraindicated?

Laser hair removal, thanks to the opportunity to get rid of hair, if not forever, then for a long time, more and more arouses the interest of the male. After all, if a man uses a razor on a daily basis, then why not free this time for himself, who has rid himself of hair by laser hair removal? Among the strong half of the population there are groups for which laser hair removal is most desirable:

  1. Men whose activity is related to partial or full exposure and publicity. The pioneers in testing the method among men can be considered those whom the profession requires to monitor the beauty and smoothness of their body. These include athletes, artists, dancers, strippers, etc.
  2. Men with excessive hair growth all over their body. If the vegetation on the face of the man learned and got used to fight long before the appearance of laser hair removal, then the hair on the other parts of the body often had to be reconciled. But the abundant growth of body hair is unaesthetic and unhygienic: they are visible from under the clothes, the body temperature due to them rises, because of which men sweat more, it can cause itching and discomfort. Therefore, laser hair removal for men with similar problems is the ideal solution.
  3. Men with sensitive skin. The laser allows you to get rid of the most common problems that arise after shaving with a regular razor: irritation, inflammation, ingrown hair.

Unfortunately, like any other method, laser hair removal has a significant number of contraindications that make it impossible to appreciate the benefits of the method to all male members. Contraindications can be divided into absolute (it is impossible or useless to conduct a session) and relative (the procedure can be carried out after consultation or after elimination of contraindication):

  • immune diseases
  • oncology,
  • diabetes,
  • individual intolerance,
  • the presence of light or gray hair (there is no melanin, so the procedure is useless).

  • skin diseases in a chronic form or in the acute stage,
  • tan "younger" 14 days,
  • birthmarks in the places where the planned hair removal,
  • varicose veins,
  • colds, flu, ORVI,
  • allergic manifestations
  • violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of the epilation.

Skin care before and after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal will be a safe, painless and effective procedure, subject to the rules regarding skin preparation and care after the session.

Preparing a man for laser hair removal should include:

  • abstaining for two weeks before the procedure,
  • refraining from using antibiotics two weeks before the procedure,
  • shaving the area where the hair removal will be performed, before the procedure itself (no more than 12 hours before it).

After laser hair removal is also necessary to care for men's skin:

  • abstaining for two weeks after the procedure,
  • use of sunscreen for 10 days after the procedure (if it was carried out in the warm season and in areas where there is constant access to sunlight),
  • abstaining from taking a hot bath, visiting a bath / sauna and swimming pool for three days after the procedure,
  • refusal of cosmetics with an alcohol content within three days after the procedure.

Features of male and female hair removal

Due to testosterone, which is found in significant quantities in the male body, hair growth on the male body is more abundant than on the female body. Hair covers not only the legs and arms, but also the back, abdomen, shoulders and face, which is most often not inherent in the fair sex. In addition, the hair itself differs in structure - it is much tougher than that of women, and hair follicles lie deeper under thicker male skin. And if you shave your face, armpits and even a bikini area for a man is not difficult, then if you want to get to the back and buttocks will be unreal.

Therefore, the offers of salons to remove laser hair from the buttocks, back, chest and abdomen often concern men. This again suggests that there is nothing shameful in applying this method to strong representatives of the planet.

Laser hair removal of various parts of the body

1) Epilation of the face.

If women have the most problematic area on the face - this is the area above the upper lip and eyebrows, then the hard bristles in men turns into a thick mustache and beard, in addition, the hair can grow on the neck. After the first procedure, men manage to get rid of 30% of facial hair. Subsequent hair will grow back more slowly and thinner. Completely get rid of hair in the face and neck can be done in 9-10 sessions. Laser hair removal is also suitable for men who want to maintain a beautiful beard shape - with the help of a laser, a beautician will be able to remove unwanted hair, while maintaining a neat design.

2) Breast epilation.

In women, chest hair does not grow, but the dense vegetation on a man’s chest is a problem for their owners.To remove hair in this area with a razor is inconvenient and impractical, especially since after shaving the hair becomes even tougher. For sensitive skin in the chest area, laser hair removal is an option. The first procedure also allows you to get rid of 30% of all hair. Since the area under treatment on the chest is of considerable size, a little more sessions are needed to complete the course than for the face.

3) Abdominal hair removal.

If women often struggle with hairs located in the form of a track above the navel, then for men hair can grow over the entire surface of the abdomen. One procedure takes about 20 minutes. During this time, the laser saves you from 30% of vegetation. Subsequent sessions are held at intervals of 1.5-2 months. For an ideal result, you need to go through about 8–12 procedures.

4) Epilation of the back and shoulders.

These zones do not cause problems for women, while men cannot cope with them on their own due to the fact that they cannot reach them with a razor. While the laser beam in 40 minutes can fully process these areas of the body. In addition, laser hair removal helps to get rid of age spots and ingrown hair on the back and shoulders.

With the problem of vegetation on the legs, there are both men and women, but the former have darker, thicker and longer hair. For complete treatment of the legs with a laser, it will take about one and a half hours for one procedure. Repeating will have to be done more often than when working with other parts of the body, since the hair on the legs grows much faster.

Myths and Reality

Often, having heard negative reviews or judgments about a particular procedure, men refuse it, even without trying it. Men's laser hair removal also has acquired a significant number of myths, the debunking of which will help many men decide on this procedure.

  • Myth 1: Laser radiation causes pain. The sensitivity of the skin and the pain threshold of each person is certainly different - one faints from the injection, and the other pulls out his teeth without anesthesia. As for laser hair removal, the method conquered the majority of clients with its painlessness. The only discomfort that a laser flash can cause is a slight skin tingling. But in comparison with wax hair removal it is completely nonsense.
  • Myth 2: visiting beauty salons and hair removal is not a man's business. Such a judgment still exists among our men, while in the advanced European countries, a trip to the beautician has long been commonplace for people of any gender. This does not detract from male dignity, on the contrary, it evokes respect and interest in a well-groomed mind.
  • Myth 3: laser hair removal is an unnecessarily expensive method. If you delve into the economic component of any procedure for hair removal, we can conclude that laser hair removal in the future helps save your money. Calculate how much you spend on average per month for shaving products, razors and cartridges, products for skin that suffer from irritation, etc. A full course of 8-10 procedures may result in a significant amount, but a break between procedures, it gives the opportunity to not immediately hit your wallet. In addition, the long-term effect of the procedure deserves a one-time investment.
  • Myth 4: Laser hair removal takes a lot of time. The time spent on a single procedure depends on the area being processed. In any case, it lasts no more than one and a half hours. Given that the procedure is carried out once every four to six weeks, and after going through the whole cycle and will require a one-time correction during the year, this method will save you time for a daily shave.
  • Myth 5: Laser radiation is harmful to human health. The laser beam affects only the hair that you want to get rid of. Skin, tissues, internal organs do not suffer from laser radiation - they do not experience it.

Laser hair removal allows you to remove hair from any part of the body, and the effect after it can last for years. Therefore, with the advent of this method, the trips of men to beauty salons surprise no one and are not uncommon. Laser hair removal is the solution for those who suffer from thick vegetation in places that are difficult to access for depilation. And with such a problem just men are more likely to meet, and not women.