What is the best Nivea after shave balm?

Impeccable appearance - a pledge of self-confidence for women and men, and one of its important components is a beautiful, smooth skin. So that she always remains healthy and does not suffer from daily shaving, after the completion of this procedure it is necessary to pamper her with special means.

What are they used for?

After shaving products are needed not only for men, but also for women, because they also often resort to using a razor to remove body hair, and their skin is much more tender. This is especially true of the sensitive bikini area and underarms.

It is necessary to apply these means regularly, after each procedure in order to avoid irritation, feeling of dry skin and inflammatory processes.

Causes of skin irritation

It should not be forgotten that even the most delicate shaving is an inevitable injury to the upper protective layer of the skin, and after it remains especially exposed to the influence of external negative factors - wind, sun, cold air and pathogenic microorganisms.

There are several main causes of skin irritation:

  • dull or substandard blades,
  • too sharp blades
  • a large number of blades on the machine,
  • insufficiently moisturized skin
  • too frequent shave.


There is a large selection of aftershave care products. They differ in properties, method of application and, of course, price.

  • Gel - one of the most common means. He is loved for a light, non-greasy texture, well absorbed into the skin and leaves no traces. As a rule, gels have a refreshing or moisturizing effect and a pleasant menthol aroma.
  • Cologne or lotion. These are alcohol-containing agents with a good disinfectant and drying effect. Often they have a rather sharp, persistent odor, so they should be used carefully and not applied too much.
  • Balm. Unlike colognes and lotions, alcohol is not included in the balms, but they have a good cooling, refreshing and soothing effect, provide delicate care and are pleasant to use.

  • Aftershave cream has, as a rule, a rather dense and oily texture, well moisturizes and tones the skin. It has a neutral unobtrusive smell. This tool is not used very often, as it is not very convenient to use. Nevertheless, it is among the creams that most of the therapeutic agents can really help with strong irritation after shaving.
  • Salicylic acid. It can be used as its alcohol solution, and preparations containing it. Salicylic acid removes irritation and redness well, disinfects and dries the skin, is effective in combating acne. But it can be applied daily for no more than a week, then it is necessary to take a short break, otherwise the skin can be dried out.

  • After shave emulsion is one of the most expensive products. It has a pleasant light, enveloping texture, thanks to which its active substances easily penetrate into the cells, actively nourish, restore them and provide deep hydration.
  • Various types of aftershave oils are commonly used by women. This is especially true for eliminating irritation in the bikini area. Tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, grape seed oil or baby oil used to care for the skin of newborns have a good soothing effect.

How to choose the type of skin?

Selecting an after shave should be based on the individual characteristics of your skin, because each type requires its own specific care.

For oily skin, it is better to choose alcohol lotions or balms that do not have a strong moisturizing effect, but on the contrary, drying skin. The use of moisturizers can lead to the formation of acne and the appearance of oily sheen.

Dry skin requires the use of moisturizing balms and oils and reacts poorly to alcohol-containing products. Practically any remedy is suitable for normal skin - lotion, cologne, cream or gel. One of the selection criteria may be its smell - it must be neutral or almost imperceptible, not interrupting the smell of the main perfume.

Special soothing cream-gels have been developed for sensitive skin that can instantly relieve irritation, eliminate burning and redness.

How to use?

Before using any means after shaving the skin, you must first prepare. To do this, wash thoroughly, removing the remnants of soap or shaving foam, as well as the small remaining hairs and, if necessary, make a compress from a cold wet towel for a few minutes. It is necessary to soothe the skin after mechanical action, close the pores and narrow the vessels.

Next, put on the palm a little money and light massage movements, not rubbing too much, distribute it throughout the treated area. Flush means, as a rule, not necessary.

Rating of popular manufacturers

Currently, almost every manufacturer of cosmetics produces its own line of skin care products before and after shaving, so choosing the best, what suits you, with the optimal combination of price and quality is not a big deal.

  • Nivea. This popular brand produces a wide range of balms and aftershave for all skin types at very reasonable prices. Among them are products with a refreshing and toning effect, enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts, as well as restoring and protecting the skin.
  • Bayer "Bepanten-cream". This is a universal wound-healing agent, which is good to use, including after shaving or hair removal, especially in the bikini area. The cream perfectly relieves irritation and promotes the rapid healing of microcracks, cuts and tissue regeneration.
  • Weleda. After shave lotions and balms from this manufacturer have a pleasant light texture and delicate aroma. They contain extracts of medicinal herbs and vitamins. They are suitable for any type of skin, they soothe well, narrow pores, remove redness, and have an anti-inflammatory and softening effect even after dry shaving.

  • L'Oreal Paris. This world famous brand represents a wide range of aftershave products. It includes refreshing and toning gels, cooling the skin, giving it a healthy and rested appearance, lotions with the effect of deep moisturizing, as well as multivitamin creams and balms for sensitive skin.
  • Old spice. Aftershave lotions from this manufacturer are distinguished by fresh, original, bold aromas and delicate care of sensitive skin, its deep hydration and nutrition.
  • Natura sibirica represents the original ice after shave gel "Yak and Yeti." It contains organic yak milk, which contains vitamins and proteins, wild hellebore extract, which is a good antiseptic and white mulberry extract, which improves the complexion. The gel actively nourishes the tissues, saturating them with vitamins and trace elements, which contributes to the rapid regeneration and preservation of a healthy appearance.

  • Gillette. Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of men's cosmetics produces toning, refreshing and moisturizing gels, balms and after-shave creams. A wide range allows you to choose a tool for any skin type, and affordable price to save the budget.
  • Dolce & Gabbana. This exquisite brand has created a perfumery series of aftershave lotions, each of which is endowed with its own unique aroma. They also moisturize and tone the skin well and have a slight tightening effect.
  • Eveline Cosmetics produces gels and balms, perfectly removing all the consequences of frequent shaving - dryness, burning, redness and peeling of the skin. The “Men X-treme” tool combines a moisturizing balm and a tonic cream, giving the skin a boost of energy for the whole day, and also has a long-lasting deep recovery effect.

Read more about the after shave products in the following video.

Types of after shave balms Nivea

So that after shaving the skin was smooth and without irritation, it is necessary to use the appropriate cosmetic products. This applies not only to the female, but also to the male. The Nivea brand can offer a whole line of different products. Among them, everyone can find something for themselves. There is no sharp smell, the texture is light.

For sensitive skin

After-shave balm Nivea for sensitive skin can be a godsend for the most capricious epidermis. In the composition of the funds:

The smell is neutral, there is no alcohol. Components protect and soothe the dermis. After applying the redness and swelling.

The consistency is liquid. The bottle is completely white, without dispenser. The composition is absorbed quickly, easily and evenly distributed. There is a cooling effect.

Protection and care

A balm that targets protection and care incorporates aloe vera extract, silver ions and vitamin E.

If the epidermis is dry, after shaving you feel tightness, then this formula is for you. After application, all discomfort immediately goes away, the epidermis is moistened, looks beautiful and healthy for a long period of time.

Also given balsam:

  • has an antiseptic, disinfecting effect,
  • soothes the skin,
  • protects against negative influences from the outside,
  • absorbs quickly
  • leaves no trace behind.

Externally, there is a blue cap on the bottle.


This option will be appropriate for all skin types.

Hydration and nutrition of the dermis takes place thanks to such components as:

After application of the tool, tightness and other unpleasant sensations disappear in seconds. The skin will be in excellent condition throughout the day.

Silver protection

This is another improved formula that is dermatologically tested and gives freshness throughout the day. Silver ions actively fight microbes, providing an antibacterial effect.

Balm is also capable of:

  • brush up
  • calm down
  • moisten
  • prevent irritation
  • soak up quickly.

After use there is no film, stickiness and fat content.

Do not allow the composition to enter the esophagus, eyes.


Cooling Nivea after shave balm is a great option for sensitive skin. If you have after the procedure, getting rid of vegetation often irritation, itching, dryness and redness, then try this formula.

  1. Menthol - it cools and relieves.
  2. Chamomile - relieves inflammation, redness.
  3. Seaweed Extract - soothes the epidermis.

Lack of alcohol prevents dryness.

After using the product, the skin does not burn, does not dry, itching and other discomfort disappears.

Do not apply near eyes.


If you have wounds, rashes, irritations on the skin, then a regenerating balm will help you to cope with the problem. It has healing properties. Active recovery occurs due to licorice and chamomile.

This is another formula that is ideal for those who have hypersensitive skin.

If you use the balm all the time, then no undesirable manifestations will arise. The skin will always be well-groomed and moisturized.

Which Nivea After Shave Balm is Best?

It is impossible to say clearly which balsam of the above is the best. Each option can be perfect, the main thing is to choose the balm for your skin type.

If you have a normal type of epidermis, then you can purchase the classic version or “Protection and Care”.

If the skin is prone to damage, irritation, then you can make a choice of three options: "Regenerating", "For sensitive skin" and "Cooling."

If you are afraid of infection and want to always be protected from pathological microorganisms, then “Silver protection” will be appropriate.

How to use after shave balm?

Use balm is easy. After shaving need:

  • wash off the remnants of foam
  • dry the skin (with a towel wetting touch),
  • apply a little balm on the skin
  • distribute it in a thin layer
  • rub massage movements.

The epidermis should not be strongly pressed. The movements are gentle.

Are there any contraindications?

Contraindications to the use of balms can only be in the case of individual intolerance.

To avoid side effects, it is recommended to test the tool. For this, a small amount of the composition is applied to the bend of the elbow. If after an hour or two nothing appears on the skin (redness, rash), then you can safely apply it on a large area.

Before you buy, be sure to review the composition. If you notice a component that causes you an allergic reaction, then you can not buy a balm.

Where to buy, cost

You can see balms from Nivea on counters in cosmetic stores, in salons and on relevant sites in online stores. If you do not want to leave the house and go into the search for what you need, just order via the Internet.

The cost may vary slightly. Usually the product costs 300-350 rubles - 100 ml.

After shaving, it is necessary to apply special products that will moisturize, disinfect and prevent the appearance of irritation. This is necessary not only for women, but also for men. A great option - balms from Nivea. There are several product options. Some are designed specifically for sensitive epidermis, others actively protect against germs or restore damaged dermis. When buying a balm, always look at the composition and for what kind of skin it is.

Pros and cons of shaving

The image of a gentleman consists of many components. A real man should be fit, well dressed and clean-shaven.

Men perceive the shaving procedure as a kind of ritual. The minutes they set aside for this completely absorb them. Bathroom for some time becomes their territory. Here the young man is left alone with himself.

Touching branded tools, the use of branded care products before and after shaving is the little thing that gives men pleasure in everyday life. They are especially pleased to see their well-groomed and refreshed face in the mirror. However, shaving has a different side.

Skin may be affected during the procedure. Even the highest quality tools from proven manufacturers remove the upper part of the epidermis. Mechanical stress during shaving provokes a variety of microtrauma and inflammation. Minimize the effects of shaving manipulations will help balm after shaving.

If you do not treat the skin with some softening and nourishing agents, then the risk of inflammatory processes is high. At this point, the person is very vulnerable to the aggressive effects of the external environment. Including for ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, at this stage, the skin is extremely necessary protective barrier.

The beneficial effects of aftersheiv

Even with the most delicate procedure, dry skin and redness are noted quite often. After shave balm is the best way to soothe injured areas.

First of all, it works as a disinfectant. The young man on the physical level feels how the focus of inflammation is extinguished. The beneficial effect of balm is manifested in softening the skin. It is moisturized and smoother.

Quality balms from the best manufacturers contain a lot of nutrients.Therefore, each of them contributes to the preservation of elasticity and freshness of the skin.

How to choose

The main criterion for selecting the composition of the funds. When buying, you should carefully consider the labeling. The product must have a minimum of synthetic components. Natural ingredients reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.

Often manufacturers enrich the formula of balm with natural oils. They work as natural antiseptics and have a pronounced healing effect.

The choice of balm should focus on skin type. If a young man is fat, it is recommended to give preference to a product with drying and anti-inflammatory properties. Extracts of medicinal plants not only eliminate the effects of injury, but also minimize the production of sebum.

For dry skin owners, nourishing balsams are recommended. Alcohol-containing drugs are absolutely contraindicated in such men, otherwise the situation can be aggravated. Finally, balsams are recommended for all skin types, which include protective components against ultraviolet radiation.

A bright collection of aftershave products is available at the Beardboard store. Here you can choose balms:

MUEHLE ORGANIC. The formula is enriched with vitamin E, argan oil and fatty acids. Calendula extract performs a disinfecting function, and aloe vera juice provides a regenerative function.

Bolin Webb. Recommended for dry skin. It has a pronounced moisturizing property. Contains hop extract, cactus extract and essential oils.

The Bluebeards Revenge. Recommended for all skin types. Suitable for owners of hard hair. Intensively nourishes and stimulates the hair follicles. The formula includes only natural ingredients. Aloe vera juice and witch hazel virgin extract provide nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties.

The annotations indicate how to use after shave balm. It should also be remembered that if the skin is too sensitive, it is best to avoid products with fragrances. They act as irritants and do not benefit.

Terms of use

Before you apply shaving balm, you need to cool your face with water. This will soothe irritated skin and remove remaining hair. In order to activate the bloodstream, experts recommend performing a contrast wash. But not hot water! The combination should be this: cool / cold / cool water.

If during the procedure there are several microcracks or redness appeared, then it is recommended to put a damp towel on the face for a few minutes. This is what masters in barbershop do.

Sometimes barbery do ice compress. That is, ice is wrapped in a towel and applied to the face. Well cools irritated skin and rubbing with ice cube. After this, the pores will close and the vessels will narrow.

How to use after shave cream balm? The rules are very simple. Means in a small amount is applied to the palm. Unlike lotion, it is not necessary to warm it in your hands. It is applied to the face in circular motions with a light tapping of the fingers. Do not rub or press.

High-quality after-shave balms work instantly. Face skin begins to breathe. The whole day is provided with a charge of vivacity and freshness.

Properties of balm

A good after shave balm is considered such if it actually performs a number of specific functions:

  • moisturizing (such a strong effect in combating face tightness will not give any lotion),
  • soothing the skin,
  • disinfecting (antibacterial) effect,
  • restoration (regeneration) of tissues,
  • deep thorough cleansing
  • softening
  • cover protection
  • pleasant unobtrusive aroma.

That is, the use of after shave balm is a comprehensive skin care for men after a daily traumatic procedure, and if any of these products do not fulfill all these functions, such a balm can hardly be called really good.

For example, if the shaving aid is washed off only with soap and water, this will gradually lead to dry skin. And the owners of the already dry type, this method is generally contraindicated.

Lotion is undesirable for the same reason: it always contains alcohol, which dries the skin, and burning sensations on the face after applying this product are not pleasant for everyone and are tolerable. The balm, by contrast, does not always contain alcohol, its consistency resembles cream or gel (and lotion is liquid like water), making the skin moisturized by men is very noticeable, which is so important for owners of dry or sensitive skin. Balsam does not have such a “plucking” effect on microrani as lotion.

Type of skin

It is good that the balms are so varied in composition: alcoholic ones are more suitable for fatty or normal skin, for dry ones - on oils and without alcohol. For the sensitive, it is better to take the product without fragrances and dyes, because with delicate skin, the presence of excess chemical components is highly undesirable.

We have already said what qualities a truly good after shave balm for men should have. But many means and so to some extent possess the majority of these necessary properties, therefore it is necessary to make a start when choosing, proceeding from the skin type:

  • for oily - cleansing the pores (balm on alcohol),
  • for dry - moisturizing, soothing and softening (in oils),
  • for sensitive - a minimum of chemicals in the composition + hydration + purification,
  • for normal - the choice is easier here, since any option can be optimal.

On average, prices for balsams do not bite, but you don’t need to save too much on this. If the balm is purchased as a gift, it is unreliable to be greedy; if it is for yourself, excessive conjugation may not affect the skin of the face in the best way, and with this “beauty” you will have to walk around for a while. Although, of course, often the quality of the expensive options does not always correspond to the price, and a cheaper balm may suit someone more than the most praised branded products. Therefore, the cost of this product is not the main reference point when choosing.

Popular brands

The gratitude of customers during their existence on the market rightly won:

  1. Ginseng Active Homme (Yves Rocher). Balm "works" immediately after application to the skin, non-greasy. Immediately it has a soothing effect, moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and smooth for the whole day. With constant use facilitates every subsequent shave. It does not provoke the appearance of reddening, softens even very stiff bristles.
  2. Blue de Chanel After Shave Balm (Chanel). French balsam, perfectly moisturizing, tightening and soothing the skin. Gives freshness, heals microtraumas and gives a well-groomed look to the face. Moisturizing lasts all day, the fragrance is barely perceptible woody citrus.
  3. Nivea Men. This is a whole series of balms for men with different types of skin. They do not leave the sensation of dryness, burning and stinging, which is important for sensitive skin. All balms Nivea tone, moisturize. Also Nivey thoroughly disinfects the skin, having an antibacterial effect. As an option - cream balm from Nivea, providing even longer hydration and resistance to irritations. You can choose a suitable option for yourself: Nivea Men Sensitive - for sensitive skin, Cooling - with a cooling effect, etc. Nivea is a series of balms that do not contain alcohol.
  4. Gillette. This is also a whole line of shaving products, representing various balms as well. Moisturizing, refreshing effect, protection, soft effect and pleasant aroma - these are the qualities that the considered after-shave products from Gillett possess. (Options: GillettePro, Mach 3, Fusion, and many others.). Excluded irritation.
  5. ArkoMen. Softens and soothes the skin, there are options for its different types (Cool, Fresh, Sensitive, etc.). Warns the appearance of acne (antibacterial effect) nourishes the skin with energy, instantly removes tightness and dryness, well refreshes.
  6. Payot. A whole line of perfectly moisturizing balms that effectively relieve discomfort after shaving, dryness and burning. Does not clog pores. Lies on the skin nicely, does not pinch (because it does not contain alcohol). The composition includes plant extracts and vitamins, so that the balm provides gentle care. Ideal for sensitive male skin.

Watch the video: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm! (December 2019).