How is hair removal in intimate places - methods and techniques

Hair removal in intimate areas has become popular and has become a widespread procedure not so long ago - in the last decades of the last century. The impetus to this “fashionable trend” in the world of beauty was the spread of open bikini swimsuits. The narrow panties forced the ladies to get rid of the looking vegetation on the body, while women most often resorted to the help of an ordinary razor. Now, the fair sex was able to choose among a dozen methods of getting rid of hair in these areas, and the need for such a procedure is not even disputed.

The better to remove hair in the intimate area?

Epilation of a bikini zone is not just a beautiful tribute to fashion, it is also a hygienic procedure, therefore many men also tend to maintain the smoothness of such zones. But the question about the most preferred method of hair removal is still open. Whether to carry out the procedure at home or in a cosmetologist's salon, carefully or radically, with folk remedies or innovative technologies, with material costs or cheaply is a purely personal matter of each person. In addition, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Because there is no definite recipe for the ideal way to remove hair - this is an individual matter.

Methods of depilation of intimate areas, their pros and cons.

  1. Epilation razor. The most common and easy way to remove hair. In this case, you should follow certain rules. The skin for the procedure should be steamed, and on it it is necessary to use special means - gels, foams or shaving creams. To avoid irritation and ingrowth of hair, shaving the intimate area is best diagonally, and not against hair growth. Disadvantages: high risk of cut, rapid hair regrowth, severe irritation, new coarse hairs. Advantages: quick and painless procedure, a wide selection of machines.
  2. Waxing (Hot and cold waxing methods). This method requires: wax and spatula, as well as special fabric strips that will help remove the wax along with the hair. So, hot wax is applied to the skin, and a piece of fabric is applied on top in the direction of hair growth, after which this strip is torn off, leaving a completely smooth skin under it. But for a successful procedure, the hair in the bikini area must be longer than 5 mm. And the fabric itself must be torn off very sharply, in one motion, and only against the growth of hair. The day before the procedure, beauticians recommend scrubbing the area. The advantages of the method are the long-term result of the procedure, as well as slower hair growth, which also brighten and thin. Disadvantages include severe irritation and high pain of this procedure. When cold hair removal girl uses ready-made strips of wax. She warms them with her hands, and then puts them on the desired area, then sharply tears against the growth of hair. The skin is prepared in the same way as before the hot method.
  3. Epilator. For depilation modern women choose the most fashionable models of epilators - with a cooling effect or devices that can work in water. But for long and thick hairs, it is better not to use the epilator. To eliminate the possibility of ingrowth, before the procedure it is necessary to conduct a peeling, and to reduce pain, the skin should be as steamed as possible. Advantage will be the result, remaining for several weeks, and hairs, becoming thinner. In addition, each new procedure reduces the level of pain. Disadvantages are still irritation and pain.
  4. Epilating creams. Simple and one of the most humane methods of dealing with vegetation. The cream should only be well distributed through the hair in the intimate area, wait a few minutes, and then remove them with a special spatula. It is best to test the tool slightly before use. The disadvantages are that the cream has a specific smell, it can cause allergies, and also has low effectiveness in large areas with hairs. The advantages are the absence of skin trauma, simplicity and accessibility, the absence of pain and the result for a long time. Over time, the hairs become thinner.
  5. Sugar epilation (Shugaring). Epilation takes place through a special sugar paste, which can be used both at home and in the salon. Pasta is boiled from sugar, water and lemon juice. This thick syrup is applied to the desired area, and after a while it is sharply torn off with one movement against the hair growth. It is important to remember that such a paste should be cooked properly, the right consistency. Depilation will be most effective on short hairs or hairs of medium length. The rest over time, you can burn in the microwave for reuse. Advantages are the complete absence of irritation and ingrowth, the effect of scrub and easy tolerance, as well as the result that will last for a long time. Negative moments - pain, which will decrease over time.

How to remove hair in intimate places forever?

Modern procedures in the salon can help a girl once and for all forget about the problem of unwanted hairs. Such methods cost a lot, but they give an amazing result. In addition, they practically do not cause pain.

  • Photoepilation The specialist acts on hair follicles with powerful pulses of light, after which they become very hot and die. The desired effect comes after several treatments. Contraindications are oncology and skin diseases, as well as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Laser epilation. The most effective way to get rid of hair forever. Such a device very carefully acts on the hair follicles, and the effect can be noticed immediately. In order to maintain the result forever, you should go through several sessions.
  • Electrolysis. At the time of the procedure, thin needles are held to the hair, by means of which the hairs act by electric discharge. This is an effective method, which, however, is not recommended for women with sensitive skin, infections and heart disease.

How to make depilation in the intimate area yourself at home?

If a woman wants to remove her hair in the intimate area forever at home - she will come to the aid of proven popular methods.

  1. A very popular tool for getting rid of hair is walnut. Namely - its green fruit with juicy and young shells. This soft shell tinder on a fine grater, highlighting the juice, and it is they who then treated the intimate area. It is important that when the hair is removed, the skin turns brown. Such a pigment is then very difficult to withdraw, it takes a long time to wait. For this reason, such a method can only be used in winter, when the bikini zone remains covered.
  2. In another case, you can use the shell of a ripe walnut, which is ground into a state of flour, and then diluted with a small amount of water. Such a gruel and will help remove unwanted hairs in intimate places. There is also another method of working with such a shell: it is burned beforehand, and then the mixture is made of ash. Apply the tool in a similar way. Apply this tool will need to be quite regularly, until the hairs do not stop growing.
  3. Potassium permanganate is also a simple and convenient way to fight hairs, which demonstrates effective results. A saturated solution is required, and the procedure itself is best done right after the shower. Many women have emphasized the effectiveness of this method. But removal should be done very carefully, so as not to overly dry the delicate and delicate skin. In addition, as is well known, potassium permanganate is also famous for its coloring effect.
  4. Nettle seeds. These plants contain a number of chemicals that act destructively on the hair follicles. Fresh ground seeds or tincture of them are perfect for the procedure. So, the seeds will need to be well chopped, and then mixed with vegetable oil. This infusion should be made within a month, and then it can be used for depilation. Most girls notice the disappearance of hair after three weeks of regular use.

How to care for the skin in the bikini area after depilation?

Any method of skin care after epilation should initially be aimed at removing irritation from it, as well as at full restoration of the skin after mechanical exposure to it:

  • After the epilation session, a woman should apply special creams or ointments that will relieve irritation, as well as children's care products,
  • well restore the skin and heal any wounds magic ointment "Bepanten",
  • once a week you should not forget about the scrub - peeling quickly and effectively removes dead and horny cells from the skin surface - this is an excellent prevention of hair ingrowth,
  • if the irritation is so severe that sores and bruises appear, a cool compress will do,
  • besides, the skin needs to be softened and moisturized daily.

Whatever remedy for combating excess vegetation a woman chooses, she should remember that she is dealing with the organs of the reproductive system. Therefore, it is necessary to completely eliminate the risk of injury to this area, infection or allergies. After all, external inflammation of the genital organs very quickly flows into the internal, which can quickly lead to the sad consequences. It is necessary to observe increased caution during the procedure at home, and also to pay attention to the sterility of instruments in the cabin.

Hair removal in the bikini area: reviews

I had to do 4 photo-epilation procedures and I forgot about the problem of excess hair in intimate areas forever. The procedures cost a lot, but they were very effective and practically painless. I'm very glad!

A great way to forget about hairs is electrolysis. The cost, of course, impressive, but the result pleased me and my husband. Now I can not worry about how attractive I am.

I always use a solution of potassium permanganate to remove hair at home. He effectively helps me to overcome unnecessary hairs in any places on the body. However, I use this remedy very carefully, so as not to overdry the skin.

Hair removal in intimate places at home

Many people prefer to care for the bikini area on their own. More often than not it is a matter of constraint in front of a “proper” undressing in the cosmetologist’s office and not in saving money. Home epilation is available at any time, without the need to find time in your schedule to visit a beauty salon.

The benefit of hair removal products at home, there are many. Starting from the banal razor, available at home for everyone, ending with professional depilatory cosmetics, which in our time is available to any woman.

Day after day: intimate depilation at home

You can clean up the intimate zones with shaving razor, depilatory cream, plucking hair with tweezers or epilator, bio-epilation, various popular recipes, contributing to the discoloration and the gradual reduction to nothing hairline.

If we are talking about the so-called deep, or total, bikini, then the only painless and, most importantly, safe means to achieve effect of "Brazilian hair removal" at home - it's a shave. Such depilation involves the complete removal of hair, not only in the pubic zone and on the thighs, but also directly on the genitals, including the inter-colic space.

Extremely sensitive skin and contact with mucous membranes severely limits the ability of self-treatment of these places with the help of chemical depilatories (creams and "self-made" compounds) due to the risk of burns and allergic reactions. Mechanical depilation - pulling out with a household epilator, hair removal using wax or sugar paste, is fraught with tissue trauma, the likelihood of infection, and a high level of painful procedure, so it is not recommended to carry them out at home.

The most gentle ways to remove hair in the bikini area are considered shave and chemical depilation. It is simple, fast and completely painless. To make the procedure as comfortable and efficient as possible, it is better not to save money on funds. Buy a good machine (or a razor), a special shaving foam, a soothing and nourishing skin balm.

Before shaving the skin must be washed, and even better - it is good to steam. After applying the shaving gel, gently remove the hair with a razor in the direction of growth, then wash off the foam, blot the skin with a soft towel and apply the product after shaving.

This method has only one, but very significant, drawback - the very next day, maximum, in a couple of days, your intimate places will be covered with unpleasant prickly bristles and the procedure will have to be repeated again and again. As a side effect from a razor, scratches, cuts, irritations can occur. But as a rule, if you follow all the precautions and technique of shaving, such complications are rare.

If you prefer to use hair removal cream, it should be labeled “for sensitive skin” or “for bikini zone”. This is important, since when chemical agents act on the delicate skin of the intimate zones, many complications can arise: allergies, irritations, inflammation, burns.

Therefore, the concentration of chemical depilatories in bikini products is reduced for safety reasons. For the same reasons, do not neglect the instruction: in no case should the cream stay on the skin for longer than, should not be applied to damaged skin, and also without prior testing it for allergies.

The cream is applied to clean and dry skin, it is kept for a set time, during which hair shafts are destroyed by chemical substances and are easily removed from the treated surface. To do this, usually the bundle includes a comfortable spatula, with which you can quickly and efficiently remove the cream-hair mass from the skin. Some depilatories of the last generation can do without spatulas, since after use they are washed away with the hair under the shower.

Chemical depilatories strongly dry the epidermis, so moisturizing the skin is a mandatory step in the procedure. After applying the cream, the bikini area becomes smooth and silky for several days, and hair regrowth occurs gradually and without unpleasant sensations.

However, the effectiveness of chemical depilation is much lower than we would like. According to eyewitnesses, in most cases, the quality of hair removal in intimate places leaves much to be desired. Hair in the bikini zone, as a rule, is rather tough and thick and poorly amenable to chemical dissolution, therefore, the result of such depilation is not always pleasing.

From the effects of chemical depilation, allergic reactions and burns, irritations, pseudofolliculitis, hair ingrowth are common. Careless use of the cream in contact with the mucous membranes of the genital organs can cause such troubles as swelling and inflammation of the vulva, vaginitis.

Mechanical depilation: rarely but aptly

Of course, the daily struggle with vegetation in the intimate area does not suit everyone. That is why most women are in search of the means to carry out the procedures as little as possible. And for the sake of this goal they are ready to make sacrifices: to endure any pain and even to go for experiments using untested methods.

Means such as pulling hairs from the root can not be attributed to the untested. On the contrary, they are known since ancient times and are used by women for many centuries, more and more refined and simplified. Today, ladies do not need to independently extract wax and boil sugar syrup or pull out silk threads tied in a knot on a hair.

At their service electric machines for depilation and ready-made kits for quick and high-quality hair destruction in the bikini area.

Mechanical hair removal makes it possible to resort to procedures once every 3-4 weeks and less, with a gradual decrease in the number and speed of hair growth. Regular injury to the hair follicles that occurs when the root is pulled out leads to thinning and weakness of the newly growing hairs. The reverse side of this process is risk of ingrowthwhen, as a result of loss of stiffness and elasticity, the hair shafts do not find an exit to the surface and form subcutaneous inflammations.

Plucking hair by hand, using tweezers or an epilator is a long and laborious process. Preparation for it is similar to preparation for bioepilation:

  • take painkillers
  • steam up
  • degrease and dry your skin.
  • Before you pull out the hair, the skin in the bikini area should be pulled with two fingers.

This way of intimate hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. It hurts, and blood will come out from the wounds at the site of the removed hair, so the bruises and bruises will most likely remain. After the procedure, the skin must be wiped with alcohol lotion or any other antiseptic in order to avoid infection. It is advisable to walk a couple of hours without clothes, until the irritated bikini area calms down.

Waxing or shugaring

The most popular method of hair removal in intimate places is considered bioepilation. Waxing or shugaring involve the use of sticky compositions based on waxes, resins, caramel. Such means can be called differently: phyto-resin, paste for shugaring, wax for depilation. Optimal for processing bikini zone compositions that are used in warm or hot. After warming up and applying to the skin, they contribute to comfortable and painless hair removal due to heat exposure.

Hair removal in intimate places with wax or caramel consists of several stages:

  1. Cleaning and degreasing skin in the bikini area.
  2. Heating of the composition in a water bath, in a microwave oven or in a special device - wax wax.
  3. Applying wax to the skin with a spatula. Wax in the intimate area should be applied from the top down to a small area.
  4. Gluing non-woven or fabric strips on a layer of wax. The strip must be cut to the size of the sticky area, attach it and with an effort to smooth from top to bottom.
  5. Tear off strips. After the composition of the wax grappled with the skin and hair, the strip must be broken with a sharp movement, from the bottom up. It is better to tighten the skin.
  6. Wax removal Depending on the composition of the wax, it is washed off using a special agent (fat soluble) or water (water soluble).
  7. The final stage is the application of a sedative.

This is the procedure for using warm wax - it is recommended by experts for depilating a bikini area at home. Cold wax for intimate places is not suitable, but hot, on the contrary, is ideal, but, unfortunately, not for independent use (read below about bio-epilation in the cabin).

Folk councils

The desire to get rid of the hated vegetation in intimate places sooner or later leads to experiments with folk methods. Numerous means, the effectiveness of which is legendary, and recipes are passed from mouth to mouth, promise not only to make the intimate zones of women and men absolutely smooth, but also to solve this problem forever.

Here are some popular recipes:

  1. It is necessary to collect the shells of green walnuts. There are several ways to use it in intimate epilation: you can rub the skin with shell juice 3 times a day, make a tincture from the internal partitions or burn the skin, and apply a solution of the resulting ash to lubricate the bikini zone. The effect of these funds is provided by the presence in the shell of an immature walnut a large concentration of iodine, which, with regular exposure, discolor, thin, and gradually burn the hair. With the same success you can use a normal alcohol solution of iodine in a mixture with ammonia and castor oil.
  2. Popular wisdom offers to destroy hair in intimate places with lemon, vinegar, juice or decoction of the shoots of green grapes. In this case, the acids contained in these products will produce a chemical effect on the hair in the bikini zone, which sooner or later will lead to hair loss and stop their growth.
  3. Another recipe is to make a slurry of baking soda or dissolve a teaspoon in a glass of hot water and use the resultant to wipe the skin in the intimate area. Even better - make a lotion (compress) at night, and so at least 3 times. The effect should appear in the form of hair loss completely. In this case, the depilating agent is alkali.
  4. Effective are the methods of hair removal with the help of infusions and decoctions of poisonous plants: milkweed, datura, which, when applied to the skin, penetrate to the hair follicles and damage them. After several such procedures, the follicles die off completely.
  5. Similar to the principles of working a strong solution of potassium permanganate, which wipe the skin in the intimate area, or take daily baths for at least a week. To another "pharmacy" means - hydrogen peroxide, you should add a few drops of ammonia, pour the mixture into the flour and knead a thin dough. Apply the resulting cake to the bikini area for 10 minutes daily. Several of these procedures - and the hair "burn."

Hair removal in intimate places with hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and other solutions refers to the methods of chemical hair removal. But if industrial depilatory creams are proven and relatively safe, then folk recipes are completely unpredictable in their action. And most importantly - they are dangerous, as they are based on the effects of extremely aggressive substances: acids, alkalis, poisons. In addition to allergies, experiments with such methods are fraught with burns, dermatitis and chemical injuries.

To the undesirable consequences can be attributed such side effects as the coloring of the skin in a variety of shades, from yellowish to violet-blue: this “beauty” can last for one or two weeks.

Is it worth it to get involved in “popular wisdom” in such a matter as intimate epilation, in the presence of a host of other, harmless and easy-to-use products? possible consequences.

In any case, if you are a fan of traditional medicine, remember that the genital area is not a place for dubious experiments. First, try the recipe in a less sensitive area, for example, on your feet: look at the skin's reaction and the resulting effect. But do not forget that the density and structure of hair on the legs and in intimate places differ significantly.

If you are unable to find the perfect way to remove hair in intimate places, or you prefer not to do such things on your own, numerous cosmetologists and beauty salons offering intimate hair removal services for every taste and budget are for you.

Intimate bioepilation

A typical bioepilation done by a cosmetologist is easier for the clients to carry out both physically and morally. Experienced hands make hair removal quickly, carefully and almost painlessly - in most cases, salon visitors do not ask for anesthesia, as they do not even have time to get scared.

Beauticians for hair removal in intimate places are mainly used hot waxes. The briquetted or granulated wax melted in the wax mill has a high temperature, therefore, when applied to the skin, it creates the “bath” effect. The skin under a layer of wax steamed, opens the pores. As a result - hair removal is easy and brings a minimum of unpleasant sensations.

Hot liquid wax accurately repeats the relief of the area to be treated, and after it cools, the hairs are imprinted in a dense wax layer “tightly”, which provides an excellent result of professional waxing. Thus, the hair can be removed completely and pubic, and in the genital area.

The skin in the intimate area gets perfect smoothness, silkiness, well-groomed. Brazilian hair removal today is incredibly popular and is an indispensable attribute of a well-groomed and sexually liberated woman.

The same result can be achieved with the help of shugaring. This method of depilation is slightly different from wax removal of hair by the means used and the technique used.

It is a real salvation for those who suffer from allergies to bee products and has a predisposition to hair ingrowth. Sugar paste is hypoallergenic and causes the least unpleasant side effects, compared to any other means of intimate depilation.

If your choice is bio-epilation, you will have to give up shaving off your hair when it starts to grow. Between visits to a beauty salon, you need to suffer an imperfect look of your bikini, until the hairs reach a length of at least 5-6 mm. The services of a beautician to remove hair in intimate places with wax cost an average of 6 - 18 thousand rubles. per year, depending on the amount of work (classic, medium or deep bikini).

High tech

Recently, more and more people, both female and male, are no longer content with temporary measures of various beauty procedures and prefer to solve problems drastically. Cosmetology has already learned to rid us of wrinkles, rejuvenate and eliminate the shortcomings of the face and body, but so far it is not able to overcome the excess vegetation once and for all.

Modern technologies, such as laser hair removal, phototherapy, electrolysis, today offer the best solution to the issue of hair removal. After passing the course of these procedures, you can count on a long-term effect, but no method can guarantee the disappearance of hair for life.

Apparatus hair removal is the destruction of hair follicles by exposure to light or electrical pulses. For intimate places, laser technology is most preferable as the most advanced and non-traumatic for surrounding tissues. The delicacy of the treatment site imposes many restrictions on the choice of a hair removal method, but laser hair removal almost eliminates the risk of damage to the skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs with light flashes.

The laser beam at the moment of impulse heats the pigment inside the hair up to the hair bulb, which dies from a short-term increase in temperature. The light beam best of all removes dark and tough hair, and in the bikini area they are usually just like that. For the complete treatment of the intimate zone, several such procedures are necessary, following each other over the course of several months, as new hair cover grows from the remaining living follicles.

The main disadvantage of laser hair removal is its cost. The intimate area is not the most “expensive” treatment area, but it is also impossible to call this procedure available. A full course requires certain financial sacrifices (only one session costs from 3 to 7 thousand rubles) and this is without a guarantee of a result adequate to the costs.

Neither cosmetologists nor their clients can predict how a particular person's hair will react to laser intervention, whether there will be a good effect and how many months or years it will last. According to statistics, the period of 5 - 6 years with periodic preventive sessions is considered a good result.

How many procedures are necessary to obtain the desired effect is determined individually and often is solved already in the process. For a bikini zone, usually 6–8 sessions are sufficient, but the first results should be noticeable after the trial procedure.

Also, do not rely on the veracity of the assurances of manufacturers of laser technology and advertising of beauty salons about the absolute painlessness of laser hair removal. Intimate skin is too thin and tender, so even advanced cooling systems and the use of local anesthetics can not completely eliminate the discomfort during the procedure.

It should be remembered that laser hair removal is a complex medical procedure and can not be thoughtless about its implementation. It is important to choose a good clinic with modern equipment, an experienced certified physician, get a preliminary consultation and refuse the procedure if there are contraindications.

However, if there are no obstacles, and your body will accept laser therapy favorably, then you have a chance in the next few years not to recall the need to remove hair in the bikini area.

Laser hair removal is best suited for removing hair in intimate places for men. Many of them are still embarrassed to go to cosmetologists, and not everyone is aware that for the purposes of intimate hygiene, hair in the groin is better to get rid of. Most women agree with this opinion and would not mind if men “there” have smoothly shaved tender skin, not “wild jungle”.

Having decided to remove hair in the groin area voluntarily, or succumbing to the entreaties of the second half, men are unlikely to agree to regular beekeeping with wax: for them it is too painful and ineffective. As you know, the pain threshold for the stronger sex is much lower than for weak women. How they lack the patience and perseverance that lovely ladies can boast of, especially when it comes to the struggle for beauty, youth and sexuality.

Representatives of the stronger sex, preoccupied with their appearance, are not inclined to save on the services of professionals and engage in amateur activities. Men prefer to “torment themselves” once and never come back to this question, no matter how much it costs. That is why most men vote for intimate hair removal by the laser method. And, as a rule, the result obtained does not disappoint them, unlike women in the beautiful half of humanity. The cost of male intimate hair removal is somewhat more expensive than that of women. The difference is 500 - 1000 rubles. in one procedure.

Whatever method of hair removal in intimate places you choose, do not forget that you are dealing with organs of the reproductive system. This means that injury, risk of infection and allergies should be completely excluded. External inflammation of the genital organs can very quickly go upward in the internal diseases of the urogenital system, which can have dire consequences. Observe precautions when self-depilation and pay attention to the sterility of materials and tools during a visit to the beautician.

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