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How to remove stretch marks on the chest: creams to remove stretch marks

Stretch marks on the skin occur for various reasons: pregnancy, rapid weight changes, hormonal disruptions, genetic predisposition. The main problem areas are the chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs. Vertical stretch marks appear due to weight gain, and horizontal stretches due to hormonal disruptions. First stretch marks of a red-violet hue due to blood vessels closely located in the connective tissue. Over time, the vessels empty. Stretch marks look like scars, and acquire a characteristic white color. Due to the lack of pigment in the stretching fabric, they do not tan under the influence of sunlight.

Unfortunately, only surgical intervention can effectively cope with the stretch marks. Even the best cosmetic products with systematic use can only make stretch marks less noticeable. Cream against stretch marks can give a color that is similar to the skin, and partly restore the density of the layers of the skin.

Preventive measures can prevent stretch marks. Medical and cosmetic preparations can play a positive role. A good effect can be achieved if immediate measures are taken after the first stretch marks are formed on the body. To smooth the appearance and prevent the emergence of new stretch marks you need to use effective creams for stretch marks, home remedies and medicines.

Creams for stretch marks on the chest and other parts of the body

To date, the range of creams against stretch marks is large and diverse. You can choose a good cream for stretch marks from different price categories. For example: Oriflame (Sweden), Sanosan (Germany), Vichy (France), Anti-strech Mark, Guam, Inthenso, (Italy), Baby Teva Ltd, Bella mama oil, (Israel).

Review of creams for stretch marks from the average price category

For affordable creams include:

  • Cream Sanosan from stretch marks on the chest, thighs, buttocks. It is based on the extract of hibiscus seeds. It is a storehouse of vitamins, proteins and calcium. Jojoba oil, included in the composition, improves skin tone, improves blood circulation. Method of application: apply twice a day with massage movements. An additional effect is anti-cellulite.
  • Cream against stretch marks Anti-strech Mark. Moisturizes and nourishes, improves skin elasticity and protects against stretch marks. Contains shea butter, provitamin B5, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. Soy protein hydrolyzate, which is part, prevents the appearance of new stretch marks.

Effective creams for stretch marks from the high price category

  • Cream against stretch marks Vichy. Made cream based on thermal water. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gives it elasticity. The risk of stretch marks with the use of this cream is reduced significantly. Already formed purple streamers become less bright. This cream should be used regularly during pregnancy.
  • Cream for stretch marks on the chest and thighs Inthenso by Guam. It is made on the basis of black currant oil, seaweed, shea butter. Reduces the severity of stretch marks and prevents the formation of new ones. It is often used after plastic surgery.
  • Natural oil against stretch marks Vella mama oil. Does not contain preservatives, dyes, silicone, mineral oils. The gentle texture of the oil improves the appearance of the skin and restores its elasticity.

Medical preparations that promote smoothing healed stretch marks

If stretch marks did appear, the following tools will help you:

  • GelMederma»Used for smoothing stretch bands. Apply, slightly massaging the skin, 2 times a day. Gel restores scars, brings them closer to the natural color of the skin.
  • Contractubex - hydrogel against stretch marks. This gel can be used to apply on fresh and old scars. It restores pigment metabolism, moisturizes the skin stretch marks. Treatment is carried out for 3-6 months. The gel contains heparin (softens), onion extract Ceray (slows down the synthesis of connective tissue), allantoin (keeps and restores the water balance in the scar tissue).

Children's cream for stretch marks

Children's cream for stretch marks prevents moisture loss, perfectly moisturizes the skin. Moisturized skin becomes more elastic. Prevent the appearance of stretch marks will help baby cream and mummy. To prepare it, take 1 tube of baby cream, mixed with 4 grams. mummy, pre-dissolved in water. This mixture should be stored in the refrigerator. Apply the cream for stretch marks with mummy on problem skin areas. This tool is allowed for pregnant and lactating women.

Folk recipes cream against stretch marks

Massage problem areas can be a home scrub for stretch marks. To do this, mix 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of sugar and half a cup of vegetable oil. You will see the result after a month of regular use.

Effective against stretch marks and cellulite coffee scrub. Coarse ground coffee must be rubbed into the skin.

Based on vegetable oils

There are a huge number of recipes for good creams for homemade stretch marks based on vegetable and essential oils. Vegetable oil - the main protective agent for stretch marks. In combination with various essential oils, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin of problem areas. Be careful, not all essential oils are allowed to pregnant!

Most often used for rubbing olive oil. For the preparation of massage mixtures, except for olive oil, sesame, almond, sea buckthorn and peach are used.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, well absorbed, has a light texture, leaves no greasy. Wheat germ oil is viscous, thick, very fat, has a specific smell. Not absorbed for a long time.

It is preferable for oily and normal skin to use almond oil. For dry, it is better to use a mixture of wheat germ oil with almond in equal proportions.

Simple tips

  • The most effective stretch mark cream is a moisturizer. Pay attention to the composition of the cream. A good cream for stretch marks should include moisturizing epidermis, a component of retinol.
  • After water procedures, lubricate the extensions with an oily solution of vitamin E. You can buy it at any pharmacy.
  • Take vitamins A, E, C and multivitamin complexes.

The causes of stretch marks

Sometimes it is difficult to understand why stretch marks on the chest may appear. The reasons for their occurrence are many, but the mechanism of their formation will always be the same. The skin becomes thin, the amount of elastin in it is not enough to preserve the integrity of the cover. As a result, micro-breaks are formed on the skin, which initially have a red tint. After some time, these stretch marks become almost white and barely visible, outwardly resembling small scars.

The main reasons for the formation of stretch marks on the chest are:

  • Gestation and lactation period. During this period, the amount of prolactin in women increases. This hormone stimulates the appearance of milk in the mammary glands. When the breasts are poured, they become heavy and increase in size, which leads to rupture of the skin.
  • Puberty. In young girls, it falls on the age of 12 to 16 years. It is at this time that the ovaries begin to produce progesterone and estrogen, which are responsible for breast growth. The mammary glands begin to grow rapidly in size, which can trigger the formation of stretch marks.
  • Treatment of genital diseases. In case of adenomyosis, polycystic and other diseases of the ovaries and uterus, special hormonal agents are prescribed.These drugs cause changes in the hormonal background of the girl and provoke the formation of striae.
  • Sharp gain or weight loss. Female breast consists not only of muscle mass, but also of adipose tissue. When they increase or decrease the skin begins to burst.

Effective remedies for stretch marks

Having found stretch marks in themselves, any woman will want to learn how to get rid of stretch marks on her breasts. There are many methods for removing striae. However, at the initial stage of their education, women try to remove this defect on their own at home. To do this, you can apply folk recipes or buy in a pharmacy ready cream to combat stretch marks. If the case is already running, then you should contact a plastic surgeon or a cosmetology clinic specialist.

Pharmaceutical creams

Currently, pharmacies have a large selection of different creams for stretch marks, almost every manufacturer of cosmetic products produces a line of cosmetics to deal with stretch marks. As a rule, the composition of such funds include essential oils, biologically active components and herbs. The most effective are creams that contain elastin and collagen.

The most popular creams for stretch marks are:

  • Sanosan. This cream belongs to the average price category. It contains jojoba oil and hibiscus seed extract. The tool supplies the skin with minerals and vitamins. The cream is also a source of vitamin E, which increases skin elasticity and prevents the formation of new stretch marks on the body. Available in a 100 ml vial. The cost of one bottle is about 3 dollars.
  • Anti-stretch mark. This cream contains wheat proteins, shea butter, vitamins B5 and groups E. The product is able to actively combat the formation of stretch marks, prevents the appearance of new stretch marks on the body. The cream improves the elasticity of the skin, making the skin more youthful and smooth. The cream contains omega-3 acids, which increase the elasticity of the dermis. Available in a tube of 200 ml, the cost of money is $ 25.
  • Vichy. Quite a well-known company, whose products are sold only in pharmacies. The tool prevents the appearance of new stretch marks, makes the new purple striae not so noticeable. The composition of this cream includes silicon, hydroxyproline and vegetable oil. Available in 200 ml tubes. The price of one tube is about 15 dollars.
  • Avent. The composition of this tool includes seaweed, extract of almonds and papaya, shea butter. These components are able to activate the production of elastin and collagen. The cream has a pleasant smell and is easily applied to the body. Able to prevent the formation of new stretch marks. The cost of a 200 ml tube is $ 5.
  • Mustela. The composition of the cream includes Japanese Sophora and an elastoregulator complex. These components improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent the emergence of new stretch marks. For 150 ml of money will have to pay 20 dollars.
  • Lierac. As part of the cream - extract of horsetail, ivy and cuff. The tool is effective in dealing with old stretch marks, prevents the formation of new ones. The cream has a pleasant aroma, is well applied to the skin and is quickly absorbed. The price of a 100 ml tube is about 10 dollars.
  • Baby teva. The cream is made by an Israeli company that specializes in products for expectant mothers. The composition includes grape seed oil and shea. The concentration of patented natural oils is very high. The result can be seen after a week of using the cream. For 250 ml of this tool will have to pay 40 dollars.

Recipes to reduce stretch marks

Folk recipes from stry:

  • Horsetail This plant is able to accumulate silicon, stimulating the renewal of the skin. For the treatment of stretch marks on the chest, it is necessary to prepare an alcoholic tincture based on horsetail.To do this, 50 g of dry horsetail must be poured 500 ml of regular vodka or diluted alcohol and add 5 drops of lemon juice. The container with the contents tightly closed and retracted in a dark place for 1 month. After this time, the solution should be poured into a large bottle and add 500 ml of distilled or purified water. The resulting remedy is applied 2 times a day on the affected areas of the body until all the tincture is consumed.
  • Mumiyo A famous cream that won recognition of many women with stretch marks. It is necessary to purchase one plate of mountain resin and fill it with 20 ml of warm boiled water. Mumiyo should be completely dissolved in water. The solution is mixed with 100 ml of any body cream, you can use children. The resulting mass is rubbed into the problem areas once a day. The cream can be stored in the refrigerator, always in a carefully sealed container. It is worth noting that the tool smells unpleasant, but is quite effective.
  • Carrot. Take one large carrot, remove the skin from it. Grate the vegetable on a fine grater, obtained gruel pour 250 ml of cold water. Let the mixture stand for 1 hour, then strain through cheesecloth and add 20 ml of almond oil to the liquid. The liquid is stored in the refrigerator, applied to the chest in the morning and evening. The resulting tool also contributes to the formation of a beautiful tan on the body.
  • Aloe. On the basis of this plant, you can make an excellent cocktail from stretch marks. This will require 100 g of fresh dandelion leaves. Leaves should be crushed in a meat grinder. Add three large sheets of aloe to the mass and soften again in a blender. The puree obtained is mixed with 100 ml of olive oil and 30 g of oatmeal. Stored the mixture in the refrigerator. The cream is applied for 15 minutes on problem areas, and then washed off with warm water.
  • Comfrey. This plant is famous for its regenerating properties. The root of the plant can be purchased on the market. The root is cleaned, then rubbed on a fine grater or crushed in a blender. From the gruel squeezed juice. 50 ml of the juice obtained should be mixed with 50 ml of olive oil. The resulting tool is rubbed into the problem areas twice a day, morning and evening.

Review of the best cosmetic products to eliminate stretch marks on the skin of the chest

Stretch marks (striae) are microscopic breaks in the fibers of the dermis due to elastin deficiency, which later become overgrown with scar tissue and take the form of strips that differ in color, width and length. They do not cause pain, but cause a lot of psychological inconvenience, forcing women to wear more closed clothes to hide an unpleasant problem from prying eyes.

The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy and lactation is a natural phenomenon, because during a short period of time there is a significant stretching of the skin. Moreover, due to the hormonal adjustment of collagen and elastin, much less is produced, which leads to a loss of skin elasticity.

Correct the situation will help the cream, which not only reduces the severity of stretch marks, but also help prevent their formation. Among the many cosmetics should be allocated the most effective.

Mama comfort

Excellent cream for stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy. Available in 100 ml tubes.

The tool is suitable for use not only for women in position, but also during breastfeeding. The absence of odor makes it possible to apply Mama Comfort cream even in those periods that can be called the most sensitive to external influences.

  • olive oil (makes the skin soft),
  • tea tree extract (promotes healing of damage),
  • chamomile extract (nourishes and moisturizes),
  • horse chestnut (increases blood flow, eliminates inflammatory foci),
  • hyaluronic acid (has a moisturizing effect, maintaining the moisture balance in the skin).

In pharmacies, the price of Mama Comfort is about 300 rubles.

Cream "9 months"

In order to get rid of the existing strikes or prevent their formation, the expectant mother can smear the chest and abdomen with “9 months”. The cream is rich in beneficial ingredients:

  1. Grapefruit oil. It has a tonic effect, strengthens the blood microcirculation and metabolic processes, renews the epidermis.
  2. Shea butter. Its action is aimed at enriching the skin with vitamins, increasing firmness and elasticity.
  3. Wheat germ oil. Thanks to him, the skin becomes more elastic and gets the necessary nutrition.
  4. Antioxidants that protect against the harmful effects of external factors.
  5. Peptides and lipids. Their task is to eliminate flabbiness and increase elasticity.
  6. Dimethicone. Being an analogue of silicone, the substance is able to retain moisture, creating a protective film on the skin surface.

You can use the tool from the first month of pregnancy. The cream has a delicate and light texture, absorbed almost instantly, while the clothes do not leave greasy stains.

The cost of a 150 ml tube is about 300 rubles.

Cream for stretch marks Vichy

The effect of the use of a cosmetic brand is explained by the content of certain components in it, the action of which contributes to the normalization of the skin. The product is indicated for use in both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Its regular application to problem areas allows the epidermis to adapt to stretching, which prevents the formation of microtraumas.

It is important to remember: the use of a cream can turn into an allergic reaction to natural ingredients, therefore, a sensitivity test is initially carried out.

Cream for stretch marks on the chest of a famous brand is made using:

  1. Thermal water vichy. It contributes to the activation of metabolic processes, the restoration of the protective properties of the skin and has a peeling effect.
  2. Glycerol Thanks to him, the skin is softened and filled with a sufficient amount of moisture.
  3. Silicon. Its deficiency causes flabbiness of the skin, and with it it acquires elasticity and a healthy shade.
  4. Oils of bassia. A component of natural origin that nourishes, moisturizes, softens and regenerates the skin. The substance has a positive effect on the synthesis of collagen, enhancing it.
  5. Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Provides protection from the negative effects of the environment, improves collagen production and eliminates sagging.

The volume of the tube - 200 ml. Its price varies within 1500 rubles. The desired results can be expected only after regular use of the cream.

Cream Sanosan from the German manufacturer was created specifically for women in the position and breastfeeding. To keep the skin in excellent condition, the cream is used throughout the entire period of pregnancy and in the first 3 months after delivery.

The tool is packaged in tubes, the volume of which is 100 ml. In pharmacies Sanosan can be purchased at a price of 300 rubles and above.

If a woman has a question, what is the best way to smear her breast from stretch marks when feeding or during pregnancy, she should pay attention to this remedy. It contains only natural ingredients. This is about:

  1. Jojoba oil. Promotes hydration and increased elasticity. It is not only hypoallergenic, but also suitable for any skin type.
  2. Chitosane. It has antibacterial, antifungal, healing and moisturizing properties. Due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in it, regeneration processes are accelerated and the natural aging of the skin is slowed down.
  3. Hibiskin (extract of hibiscus seeds). The action of the component is aimed at enhancing skin elasticity.
  4. Milk proteins. They help prevent the formation of various inflammatory foci, enhance cell regeneration.
  5. Wheat proteins. Among their properties - nutrition, rejuvenation, toning of the skin, its saturation with oxygen, protection from UV radiation and other harmful factors.
  6. Olive oil. It nourishes the epidermis with beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

To make the cream work better, you can simultaneously use other products from the Sanosan series, which are available in the form of lotion and oil.

Inthenso by Guam

Italian remedy helps to fight stretch marks on any parts of the body, including the bust area. The main substance is hyaluronic acid. The list of components can be added:

  • macadamia oil (rejuvenates, improves skin tone, moisturizes, eliminates inflammation),
  • glycolic acid (promotes skin renewal by exfoliating old cells),
  • vitamin C (has a protective and disinfecting effect, enhances collagen synthesis).

For preventive purposes, the cream is applied once a day, in other cases - no more than 2 times a day. The product is packaged in tubes of 150 ml. Its cost is about 4 thousand rubles.


One of the most effective means is German-made gel from stretch marks on the chest and other areas of Contractubex. The positive effect of the gel is due to the content of natural ingredients:

  1. Onion extract Ceray. Promotes rapid clarification of striae and prevents the formation of connective tissue. Accordingly, the relief grooves for scarring are absent.
  2. Allantoin. It retains moisture in the skin cells, as a result of which it retains its elasticity. Also enhances the regeneration processes.
  3. Heparin sodium. Thanks to him, the skin does not have time to harden, because they are saturated with a sufficient amount of moisture.

If you apply gel Contractubex in accordance with the instructions, the desired results can be observed after 2 months. The longer stretch marks are present on the body, the more time it will take to eliminate them. Gel is allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation.

The volume of one tube - 20 g. In pharmacies, the product is sold at a price of 500 rubles.

Gel "Mederma"

Gel from the German manufacturer perfectly copes with old stretch marks. Restoration of the skin becomes possible due to the presence in Mederma of the same components as in the previous tool - onion extract and allantoin. In addition, the gel contains:

Due to the action of these components, the scar tissue softens, resulting in smoothing of the skin and the gradual disappearance of stretch marks.

For a complete cure, a prolonged use of the gel (up to half a year) is envisaged, while it is necessary to smear it about 4 times a day.

The minimum cost of the gel in pharmacies - 300 rubles.

Baby Pharmacy by VITEX

The tool was created specifically for future mothers and women who feed babies with breast milk in order to take care of the skin of the mammary glands, abdomen and thighs. Among the distinctive properties of the cream:

  • striae correction and preventing their formation,
  • elimination of irritations
  • increase the tone of the epidermis.

One tube contains 150 ml of cream. Its average cost is 300 rubles.

Cream-gel Vitabiotics "Pregnacare"

For the purposes of prophylaxis and to eliminate the formed stretch marks, English Pregnacare cream is suitable. They are allowed to use during childbirth and lactation period. The consistency of the product resembles cream. Available in 100 ml tubes.

The desired results can be achieved thanks to the content:

  • primrose oil,
  • Allantoin,
  • lemon oil,
  • vitamins E, C,
  • soy glycine
  • calendula and aloe extract
  • panthenol.

Proper application of the cream leads to:

  • restoration and renewal of the skin,
  • sufficient production of collagen,
  • neutralizing free radicals,
  • saturate the epidermis with moisture,
  • eliminating itchy sensations.

Visible effect is expected in 14 days.If you use the tool from the first trimester, throughout the entire period when the pregnant belly gradually increases in size, stretch marks will not form.

The average cost of the cream is 1500 rubles.

Cream avent

With the help of this cosmetic woman can prevent unwanted problems on the skin of the breast during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby. The tool is available in a tube, the volume of which is 200 ml. Its cost varies between 400-600 rubles.

Among the positive characteristics of the product should be noted:

  • cell saturation with beneficial elements
  • strengthening the epidermis,
  • moisturizing and softening
  • recovery of elasticity
  • reducing the severity of existing stretch marks.

The comfort of applying the cream can be explained by the fact that it is hypoallergenic. It lacks parabens and dyes, respectively, it is absolutely safe for the mother and baby.

The manufacture of the product involves the use of:

  • seaweed extract,
  • almond oil
  • lemon and grapefruit extracts,
  • papaya and shea butter.

When treating breast skin with a cream, it is important to avoid the nipple area.

Mothercare's your body

Thanks to the regular use of the cream, it will be possible to avoid the formation of stretch marks when carrying a baby and breastfeeding. The tool is different security for women and children. The main thing is not to apply the cream on the nipple and areola, otherwise the substance may enter the body crumbs when feeding.

In the composition there are almond and shea oils, olive oil and vitamin E.

One tube contains 200 ml of cream. Its approximate cost is 400 rubles.

How to use the cream?

The use of tools for stretch marks requires compliance with a number of rules:

  1. Before the procedure, you should take a shower or simply wash the skin on which the cream will be applied. Once a week you can scrub the body to remove dead skin particles.
  2. The tool is rubbed in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. For the next 5-10 minutes, it is recommended not to wear underwear, so that your skin breathes a little.
  3. 2-4 procedures can be performed per day (the frequency of use depends on the state of neglect), paying special attention to problem areas.
  4. It is important that the composition does not fall on the nipples.

Before using the product, it is recommended to consult a doctor and read the instructions. It is also necessary to carry out a skin test on the crook of the elbow, which will ensure that there is no possible allergic reaction.

The key to successful use of cosmetics is timeliness and regularity. Only in this way will it be possible to preserve the attractiveness of the skin during the period of gestation of the child and after delivery.

Pharmaceuticals - the most effective cream

Regular use of medical drugs with absorbable action provides a good visual effect and helps to cope with fresh stretch marks. The pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of products in the form of creams or gels that activate collagen production and accelerate tissue regeneration. A cosmetologist will first assess the condition of the skin and individually select the most effective drug that can effectively solve the problem.

  • Mederma - A popular remedy for stretch marks on the chest. This drug is designed to eliminate atrophic scars. It can be used not only for the treatment of stretch marks, but also used to combat post-acne and scars left over from injuries and removal of tattoos. Creams and gels of Mederm contribute to the acceleration of regeneration processes, activate collagen production, restore elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis, even out skin tone. The active ingredients of drugs (xanthan, sorbic acid, cepaline) provide a softening of the scar tissue, as a result, the skin is smoothed, stretch marks become invisible and gradually disappear.The course of treatment is quite long - up to 6 months, the drug should be rubbed into the problem skin daily up to 4 times a day.
  • Contractubex - the drug is produced in the form of a gel and cream, its use allows to reduce the deformation of tissues and restore the normal structure of the skin. The drug is designed to remove stretch marks, hypertrophic, keloid and atrophic scars. Stretch marks on the chest and thighs will disappear due to the therapeutic effect of the active ingredients (sodium heparin, allantoin, cepaline), which soften the scars, level the skin and increase its elasticity. The use of the drug provides restoration of collagen fibers, displacing connective tissue and restoring skin turgor. In addition, Kontraktubeks possesses fibrinolytic and antiallergic properties, copes with inflammatory processes. The drug is quite safe, it can be used even for pregnant and lactating women. The course of treatment will take about 3 months, the duration of therapy will depend on the severity of the damage. Apply the drug is recommended in a thin layer, treating problem areas 2 times a day.

In addition to medication, a specialist may advise special cosmetics intended for the prevention and treatment of fresh stretch marks.

  • Vichy Cream. A popular cream for stretch marks on the chest, which contains a combination of active substances (tocopherol, cyclopentaxiloxane) and natural vegetable oils. Cosmetic can be applied from 18 years of age. It is recommended to treat problem skin regularly twice a day, it will help to restore damaged collagen fibers, improve skin condition and return it to its previous elasticity.
  • Cream Pregnakea. This tool will prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the chest during pregnancy. The cream contains panthenol, allantoin, vitamins and plant extracts, it does not contain synthetic substances and artificial colors, therefore it is absolutely safe and not able to provoke side effects. Cream with a light and delicate structure is quickly absorbed, soothes and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and supple.

In addition, as a preventive measure, you can use creams, gels and oils of other well-known cosmetics lines:

All these tools are well suited for removing fresh, shallow stretch marks. In the case when the changes on the skin are long-standing, and stretch marks are old and deep, beauticians offer a number of hardware and salon procedures that can effectively cope with skin defects.

Stretch wraps

Wraps can be considered the most affordable method of dealing with stretch marks on the chest. Using these procedures, you can improve the elasticity of the breast and make the décolleté even more attractive.

  • Mumiyo To prepare the mass for wrapping, you need to take a plate of mumiyo and pour boiled warm water. To better dissolve the mummy, it can be crushed. When the product is completely dissolved in water, mix the resulting liquid with 20 ml of olive oil and a few drops of citrus oil. Close the jar with a lid and shake well. The resulting liquid is applied to problem areas and wrapped with food film. Above the body should be wrapped with a towel, leave in this position for half an hour. After this time, the composition is washed off with plain water without the use of gel and soap. After the procedure, the chest should be lubricated with a moisturizer or other nutrient.
  • Vinegar. Natural apple cider vinegar is recommended for wrapping. This product contains flavonoids and pectin, restoring the skin integument. To prepare the product, mix 200 ml of warm water and the same amount of vinegar. In the resulting solution, the tissue is moistened, which is then wrapped around the chest. From above, the body is wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel. Keep in this position for 2 hours.After the procedure, rinse the skin with warm water and apply a moisturizer.
  • Clay. It is best to use blue clay for wrapping. If possible, it is recommended to visit the lake with blue clay. But you can purchase this product at the pharmacy. 50 g of clay should be mixed with warm decoction of chamomile to obtain gruel. This mixture lubricates the chest and problem areas under it. The mass is left on the body for one hour, after which it is washed off without using gel or soap.
  • Badyaga. Mix a few tablespoons of badyi powder with warm water to get a slurry, then apply it on the skin of the breast. Nipples are recommended to glue with a plaster. Problem areas are wrapped with cling film and blanket. Wait 1 hour. Wash the body with warm water, lubricate the skin with cream.
  • Paraffin. For the preparation of this mixture, you must purchase cosmetic paraffin without additives. Put the pot of paraffin in a container of boiling water and stir until the substance becomes liquid. When the mass is warm, but not too hot, it should be applied to the problem areas with a brush. Wait half an hour, then gently remove the layer of paraffin from the skin.
  • Coffee. For wraps often used thick brewed coffee. It is mixed with warm water and honey. The resulting mass is applied to dry skin, wrapped with a film. After 40 minutes, the mixture is washed off with warm water, and a greasy cream is applied to the skin. It is not recommended to use such a wrap more than once a week.

If the above means did not help get rid of stretch marks, then you will have to resort to radical methods: breast surgery, laser therapy, mesotherapy. However, with the help of folk methods and wraps can be significantly reduced stretch marks on the body.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest: effective finds

Many women wondered how to remove stretch marks on their breasts. This is not surprising, because any lady dreams of an attractive and toned chest, which is quite natural.

The appearance of the main female dignity can ruin the stretch marks that arise for various reasons. After the appearance of such a deficiency, the issue of solving this problem becomes urgent.

To combat it, various methods are used: cosmetology, salon, folk. Which of them are considered the most effective?

How to get rid of stretch marks on the chest using procedures (photo before and after)?

  1. Microcurrent therapy. This is a universal procedure that can cope with stretch marks, cellulite and other skin defects. The action of microcurrent improves metabolic processes and restores the structure of the epidermis at the cellular level. As a result of the acceleration of blood microcirculation, providing tissues with oxygen and nutrients, the skin turgor returns to normal and the striae become smoothed. For complete elimination of stretch marks on the chest, it may take from 6 to 10 procedures that are done at intervals of 3-4 weeks.
  2. Mesotherapy. The essence of the procedure is the subcutaneous administration of a special therapeutic cocktail consisting of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other active substances. As a result of saturation of the deep layers of the skin with such a healing composition, the metabolic processes are accelerated, the skin is smoothed, becomes elastic and taut, the process of recovery of collagen and elastin fibers is activated. At the same time, this procedure is not suitable for everyone; during pregnancy and breastfeeding, mesotherapy sessions are contraindicated.
  3. Ozonoterpy. This technique has proven to be highly effective in eliminating stretch marks on the chest. In combination with cosmetics designed to remove scars, it provides a complete recovery of the skin. Prescribe a procedure can only specialist, taking into account possible contraindications and the state of problem skin. For the procedures used ozone, which is an active form of oxygen, endowed with special healing properties.During the ozone therapy session, an ozone mixture of a certain concentration is injected under the skin. Active oxygen, saturating tissues, destroys fibrous formations, softens scars, improves blood circulation and lipid metabolism. As a result, problem areas are smoothed, and stretch marks disappear without a trace. The number of procedures is determined by a specialist, the interval between them is 10 days.
  4. Microdermabrasion. With the help of the procedure you can remove old stretch marks on the chest and abdomen. The method is based on a phased mechanical polishing of the skin. The procedure is rather unpleasant and painful, but the result is amazing. The skin is smoothed, deep stretch marks and scars disappear completely. To reduce the unpleasant sensations, local anesthetics are used and they try to act in stages, that is, during each session only a small part of the skin is treated. The number of procedures will depend on the extent of skin lesion. The rehabilitation period after dermabrasion is long, but the high efficiency of the procedure makes it possible to come to terms with all its disadvantages.
  5. Deep chemical peels. The procedure involves treating problem skin with formulations containing aggressive acids. They literally burn the upper layer of the epidermis, simultaneously starting regeneration processes and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The procedure is quite painful and the recovery period is long, requiring special skin care and a number of restrictions.
  6. Radio wave therapy. Modern, safe and painless method based on the use of radio waves of a certain frequency. During the session, special devices are used that emit radio wave pulses that destroy connective tissue and repair and compact collagen fibers. As a result, the skin of the breast is smoothed and tightened, and stretch marks become discolored and become invisible. To achieve a stable result you need from 3 to 5 procedures. The use of radio waves eliminates the risk of complications and does not require a long recovery period.
  7. Laser therapy. Removal of stretch marks on the chest using laser resurfacing involves layer-by-layer ablation (evaporation) of cicatricial changes. At the same time, laser radiation restores skin structures at the cellular level by improving metabolic processes and activating collagen synthesis. To achieve an optimal result, even with old stretch marks, 5 procedures are sufficient. The use of a laser allows you to make the skin smooth and taut and completely eliminates external defects. The disadvantage of the method is pain and high cost of procedures.

After consulting with a beautician, you can try to deal with stretch marks folk remedies. At home, massages, body wraps with the use of cosmetics and the use of herbal decoctions, masks and oils are considered the most popular methods for eliminating stretch marks.

Causes of the problem

Striae are formed on a fairly simple principle: due to the rapid change in body weight, collagen fibers in the skin lead to stretching, and then to rupture.

Through the tightly stretched skin that has thinned, blood vessels are visible. They give the affected areas a purple or reddish color. Gradually, the growth of stretch marks with connective tissue and their lightening, becoming almost imperceptible.

The most pronounced breaks become after sunburn, as well as reddening of the skin.

The main reason for the formation of stretch marks is a sudden increase in body weight and breast volume. Often this occurs during pregnancy and lactation, as well as during puberty.

Other factors lead to the appearance of stretch marks:

  • mechanical damage resulting from careless handling of the breast,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • stretching a large breast size with the wrong selection of underwear,
  • hard diets and other methods to help you lose weight fast
  • physical training with a high load on the pectoral muscles,
  • genetic predisposition.

With the appearance of stretch marks, it is necessary to contact a dermatologist for the selection of the most effective way of their correction or complete removal using surgical intervention.

Top 5 rules of the initial fight against stretch marks

To get rid of stretch marks that significantly impair the appearance of the breast, you must immediately eliminate the possible causes of their appearance:

  1. Buy high-quality underwear with a supporting and corrective effect. It allows the skin to breathe and does not interfere with normal blood circulation. It is better to refuse lace products on stones during this period.
  2. Check the status of hormonal levels. Virtually all aesthetic deficiencies should be fought from the outside and from the inside. If there are problems with hormones, experts select the appropriate drugs and give the necessary recommendations.
  3. To resort to moderate physical exertion. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful figure, 2 - 3 sessions per week are enough, while training may include exercises for the chest muscles.
  4. Abandon tough diets. Vitamins A, C, E, proteins and calcium are necessarily included in the diet. Lack of iron affects the condition of the skin. To determine the presence of this factor, it is enough to donate blood for hemoglobin. If its amount is below the norm, you will need to take drugs with iron content, as well as enriching the diet with buckwheat, red meat, eggs, liver.
  5. Stop smoking. The refusal of an addiction will have a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism.

Reviews of women who talk about how to remove stretch marks on the chest, indicate that in some cases these rules help to significantly improve the appearance of the mammary glands. But the recovery process will be long.

Cosmetology techniques

Such methods will be effective only in the presence of superficial and not very deep gaps. Old striae require more drastic measures.

The most common cosmetic procedures include:

  1. Algal wraps. Well regenerate the epidermis in the presence of fresh and shallow damage. The main component that is used during the wrapping is spirulina. The composition of this algae includes 17 amino acids, 9 of which are considered indispensable for the skin. To achieve a positive result, you need a lot of sessions that must be repeated regularly.
  2. Applying masks and creams. It is recommended to use products that contain elastin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vegetable oils, vitamins, extracts from medicinal plants. It is better to give preference to proven manufacturers of creams and masks.
  3. Massage. It is recommended to do it even for women who do not have stretch marks on their breasts. It is recommended to use special oils that are designed to combat stretch marks. Do all movements carefully, do not squeeze the mammary glands. It is better to go to a specialist for such a procedure.

Algae wraps can be made at home. To do this, dry kelp, which is sold in pharmacies.

After taking a shower, you should gently rub the chest with a towel, oil the skin with stretch marks, and then apply steamed algae. After that, the chest is covered with foil and wrapped for 1 hour.

Salon treatments (6 options)

How to remove stretch marks on the chest with a laser or another method? The services of qualified cosmetologists help get rid of old defects that appeared 5 or more years ago.

The duration of therapy depends on the age of the stretch, the more it is, the greater the number of procedures required.

The choice of suitable methods depends on the skin condition, breaks, individual parameters of each patient.

Procedure nameWhat is it?Features
Laser polishingControlled, laser damage to problem areas. They produce microburns, which activates the production of collagen and elatin. This leads to a thickening of the dermis and a decrease in the severity of striae. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia using a fractional laser.To achieve the desired result will require at least 5 sessions. Working with old stretch marks can require up to 10 treatments.
Chemical peelThe effect of acid-containing agents on the upper layers of the epidermis. The resulting injury leads to the stimulation of regenerative processes. Healed skin acquires a smooth relief, and the flaws on it are completely absent.High results are achieved only under the condition of professional performance of the procedure and proper care after it. Chemical peeling is a painful method, carried out under local anesthesia.
WrapsIt nourishes the body with beneficial microelements through the skin. It differs from similar household methods by using preparatory manipulations that help the active components to get to the source of the problem faster.It will take up to 15 sessions.
Ultrasound exposureIt acts on the deep layers of the epidermis, activates blood circulation, which leads to an intensive supply of useful substances. All this provokes the regeneration of injured areas.Only suitable for the treatment of "fresh" strii.
MesotherapySubcutaneous administration of drugs with plant extracts, tissue repair activators, vitamins, minerals, proteins.To improve efficiency, it is combined with microcurrents, plasma-lifting.
MicrodermabrasionMassage of the upper layers of the epidermis, which is carried out by supplying crushed solid particles with a stream of directional air.The technique affects only the surface of the dermis, therefore, it is intended for the treatment of newly developed striae.

It is not recommended to prescribe yourself a treatment and register for the first available procedure. You should consult your doctor first.

Top 10 popular recipes

How to remove stretch marks on the chest at home? To do this, just designed various recipes from the people.

All formulations are created only from natural ingredients that are able to restore the elasticity of the skin. Before using homemade methods, you need to carefully monitor the freshness of all ingredients and pre-test for allergies.

Folk recipes are wraps and masks:

  1. Essential oils. Applied to the skin, used for massage, added to creams. The components are mixed in such proportions: 0.5 to 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil takes 2 to 3 drops of ether.
  2. Base oils. The proportions are the same as in the previous recipe. For this, olive, jojoba, apricot, peach, almond oils are suitable.
  3. Oily mixture and honey. If you add natural honey to the oils (in the proportions described above), the consistency will be more viscous. You can use it as a mask, which is applied to the skin for 15 minutes, and then washed off with water.
  4. Cereals. The product is filled with boiling water, infused for 20 minutes. This also adds a spoonful of sour cream. The finished mask is applied to the chest and washed off after 15 minutes. Suitable for dealing with early breaks.
  5. Cottage cheese, honey, jojoba oil, egg. The components are mixed, left on the skin for 15 - 20 minutes.
  6. Laminaria powder. 2 spoons of this component should be poured boiling water and insist 1 hour. Then the composition is applied to the chest, covered with polyethylene. After 20 minutes, the kelp is washed off. It is recommended to do a wrapping in the evenings at least 1 - 2 times a week.
  7. Linden decoction. Used as an additional remedy. Cotton pad moistened in this tool, you should wipe the mammary glands twice a day.
  8. Mumie. Helps against deep damage. 1 gram of wax must be added to any nourishing cream and applied to the affected areas with massaging movements.
  9. Coffee scrub. Fully cleanses the skin and returns it elasticity. You can prepare a mixture of coffee, honey brewed in hot water, honey and a few drops of rosemary oil. It is applied up to 2 times a week, only on steamed skin.
  10. Sea salt scrub. For cooking you will need a small amount of salt, 0.5 teaspoon of honey and the same amount of almond oil.

Traditional recipes are suitable for adolescents, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Preventive actions

Many of the fair sex are interested in how to remove stretch marks on the chest after childbirth. It is easier to prevent the formation of strii on the mammary glands than to cure them.

Skin requires regular proper care. In this case, the risk of defects is significantly reduced. There is a list of rules that will help preserve the attractiveness of the female breast:

  • The skin needs additional nourishment and hydration. Tools with these effects must be used regularly. The composition of cosmetics should contain natural vegetable oils, elastin, collagen.
  • It is important to monitor your own weight, to avoid sudden changes. If you need to lose weight, selected special exercises and menu complexes, which lead to a gradual weight loss. The pace of training should be increased gradually, without overwork.
  • The body should be moistened from the inside, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.
  • The daily diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, proteins. Do not eat large quantities of sweets and flour products.
  • Contrast shower is the best prevention of breaks. Dousing with cool water stimulates the microcirculation of blood and nutrition of the epidermis. It is important to start the procedure with hot water and finish with cold.
  • Massage. The most effective is Garcia massage. It is quite simple, so every woman will be able to master the technique. The guarantee of breast health will be a regular procedure.
  • Underwear is chosen exactly in size so that there is no compression, friction, discomfort. Of particular importance is the quality of the bra for nursing women. It is necessary to give preference to products made from natural fabrics.
  • It is important for pregnant women to follow all the listed rules and to wear a bandage. Before buying, you should consult with a specialist.

Regular adherence to preventive measures will protect the mammary glands from striation and other problems.

What makes the stripes on the chest

The elasticity and strength of human skin is supported by connective tissue fibers containing collagen. Sometimes its amount in the body decreases, the skin loses its ability to stretch, and stretch marks are formed. Official medicine does not consider stretch marks as critical damage and refers them to aesthetic defects. On the chest, they occur due to a dramatic change in volume due to:

  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • pectoral muscle building
  • obesity or weight loss,
  • hormonal changes.

Most often stretch marks on the chest appear in pregnant women. From the second trimester begins a fast hopping weight gain. Ladies recover by 8–15 kg when carrying one fetus and by 16–20 kg waiting for twins. Often, the skin does not cope with the growth of body volume and is damaged. Whether the tissues will cope with the load depends on the diet, hormonal levels and heredity of the future mother.

After giving birth, the breast is “poured” with milk and is again at risk of striae. When lactation is completed, there is also a chance to get stretch marks, but already from a dramatic weight loss.

The strips on the chest disfigure the cleavage zone, it is necessary to begin treatment until the strips are “aged”, they have not become white.

During puberty of girls, the amount of hormones in the blood increases, the mammary glands grow rapidly and stripes appear on the breast. Just the skin does not have time to prepare for the dramatic development of magnificent forms. This is a traumatic event and the mother should explain to the maturing child how to prevent defects.

If striae in a teenager formed on the back of his head, arms or back, take him to the doctor. This may be a symptom of a serious illness.

Sometimes hormonal disorders occur on the background of endocrine diseases, disorders of the adrenal glands, which also leads to stretch marks. If you suspect hormonal problems, visit an endocrinologist.

People dramatically gaining or dropping weight - the next risk group. The skin does not have time to respond to changes in mass and "breaks".

If a novice body builder is tempted to quickly build muscle and use steroids, he also risks to get striae. It is much safer not to force events and simulate the body at a moderate pace.

Is it possible to get rid of striae

Within 6 months, crimson breaks in the skin are overgrown with a new white connective tissue. It does not contain melanin, so it does not respond to sunburn on the sun. In addition, this tissue is deprived of collagen and elastin, as a result, recesses are formed on the skin. It is impossible to completely eliminate such old scars, you can only slightly reduce their size and make it less noticeable, slightly level the skin. The earlier treatment is started, the more favorable the prognosis. Therefore, it is worth seriously doing strips, while they are still fresh - painted red and not healed. After treatment, they will be barely visible.

Cosmetic and medical products

Before starting the course, tune in to a positive result. It is proved that optimists are healthier than pessimists and respond better to treatment. Home-made products are used at home. They are rubbed into areas where damage is located. Before applying cosmetic products, it is desirable to take into account important nuances.

  1. The formulations are applied only to well-washed skin.
  2. Before a beauty session, they take a douche to enhance blood flow, so that useful substances are better absorbed. In pregnancy, such procedures are permitted only if there is no threat of miscarriage.
  3. Accompany the application with a light breast massage: rub the mixture in a circular motion, moving upwards but avoiding the nipple area.
  4. To achieve visible results, carry out procedures daily 1-2 times within 5-6 months.
  5. Any new means check for allergenicity: apply on your wrist and wait a day. If there is no redness and itching of the skin, the composition suits you.

Do not practice contrasting on the head. A change in water temperature can be harmful in case of inflammatory diseases and during menstruation.

The best time for a shower is morning. If swimming in the evening, do it for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Contrast shower invigorates.

The most effective home method of getting rid of stretch marks is applying oils. This is recognized and the owners of defects, and cosmetologists. The reason is simple: tissue breaks are in the deeper layers of the skin, and only oils easily penetrate there.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding natural cold-pressed vegetable oils are used:

These products can be taken inside of 1 tbsp. l on an empty stomach These products increase the elasticity of the skin, nourish it with vitamin E, useful fatty acids and rarely cause allergies. Try to keep the oil from falling on the nipples, especially during breastfeeding. If this happens, wash them with warm water and soap.

For stretch marks for other reasons, a wider range of oils is offered:

  • flaxseed
  • sea ​​buckthorn
  • coconut,
  • wheat germ
  • jojoba,
  • grape seed,
  • cocoa,
  • shi.

They relieve inflammation, promote cell repair and collagen production.

Cocoa butter is a solid fat from the grains of the fruit of the chocolate tree, melts at a temperature of 32-35 degrees Celsius

However, mixtures of base and essential oils work best. You can buy ready-made compositions or make them yourself. When stretching, give preference to ethers:

  • rosemary,
  • mandarin or orange,
  • lavender
  • roses,
  • neroli,
  • geraniums
  • myrrh.

  1. Use only glassware.
  2. Mix essential oils.
  3. Add to them the base oil in the ratio of 2-3 drops of ether per 10 ml of base.

Do not cook large amounts at once, as volatile substances evaporate quickly. Ideally, make a new blend every day. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, ethers are not used because of the possible stimulation of preterm labor.

From store mixes, oils from TM are popular:

It should be noted that self-prepared formulations will cost much less than the purchased ones. Oils are contraindicated in allergies.

Oils from stretch marks of various manufacturers

Jojoba oil is very useful, as it contains plant collagen, therefore it heals “young” stretch marks. It does not go rancid and almost never causes allergies.

Effective good ointments and creams for stretch marks on the chest

There is not always time to make oil compositions, in such cases shop-based creams help out. They are applied on slightly moist skin. Very responsible approach to the choice of cream during pregnancy. Choose only hypoallergenic products. Before buying read the composition and contraindications. Effective cream from strips on the chest contains:

  • vitamins
  • vegetable oils,
  • collagen,
  • hyaluronic acid.

Manufacturers offer funds from strii in abundance. But it is important to understand that the high price is not a guarantee of efficiency. The most popular products are from:

  • Mama Comfort,
  • Sanosan
  • Mom and baby
  • Vichy,
  • Avent,
  • Chikko
  • Mustela.
When choosing a cream from striae, first look for reviews of its effectiveness, sometimes it makes no sense to pay more.

Pharmacies also have products for the treatment of fresh stretch marks and scars:

  • Contractubex,
  • Bepanten
  • Retinoic ointment,
  • Klirvin (ayurvedic remedy),
  • Zinc ointment.

Mumiyo at home

Among the many recipes of traditional medicine leads the stretch mark cream with mumiyo, which can help get rid of stretch marks on the chest at home. Mountain pitch tones, heals, stimulates cell renewal.

  1. In non-metallic dishes pour 6 tablets mumiyo with 1 teaspoon of warm water.
  2. When the resin is dissolved, add 1 tbsp. l any baby cream and mix. Let it stand.
  3. After a quarter of an hour, mix again.

To enhance the effect, it is allowed to add 8 drops of essential oils to the cream obtained: rosemary, citrus, lavender. Apply the product twice a day for six months. The term seems long, but judging by the reviews, this or that positive result is always there.

One of the most valuable species of mummy is mined in the Altai Mountains, at high altitude.

Mumiyo can not be applied on the chest during breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor if you can use mountain resin. It is usually allowed to apply the cream with mummy without essential oils 2-3 times a week externally for 1 month. For future mothers prepare a sparing agent from such components:

  • olive oil - 1 des. l.,
  • Sea buckthorn oil - 1 dess. l.,
  • mountain resin - 2 g.

  1. Dissolve mummy in 1 tsp. slightly heated water.
  2. Mix the oils and add to the resin.

Contraindications to the use of mountain resin - idiosyncrasy, so do an allergy test on the wrist before use.

Mumiyo is a healing gift of nature, with amazing regenerating properties. The use of mummy inside helps to quickly grow bones with fractures, heal wounds.

Egg mask

The composition of egg proteins reduce itching and inflammation, moisturize, restore elasticity, tighten the skin. This is an ambulance with fresh strii.

  1. Separate proteins of 2-3 eggs.
  2. Beat until a strong foam appears.

Apply to the skin of the breast and keep until the composition dries. Then rinse with warm water.

Whipped whites - nourishing, healing and tightening mask for the face and chest

The healing properties of the agave has long been known. With regular use, the plant helps from strips on the skin, restoring damaged tissue. Lubricate the striae with fresh aloe pulp 2 times a day. When the juice is dry, rinse with warm water.

Treat stretch marks with a multi-component agent:

  • aloe juice - 50 ml,
  • olive oil - 50 ml,
  • Vitamin E - 5 capsules
  • Vitamin A - 2 capsules.

Mix the ingredients, apply on the skin. After 30 minutes wash it off There are recommendations to apply the composition for the night and wash off in the morning. Funds with aloe during pregnancy and breastfeeding are prohibited.

Salon cosmetology procedures

You can try to make the defects less noticeable with the help of hardware cosmetology. Almost every salon provides services to eliminate stretch marks. However, pre-tune in to the fact that the positive effect of this lottery of beauty - is not guaranteed. Themselves cosmetologists can not predict whether the procedure will help in each case. Weigh all risks, including financial ones. Talk to your doctor, many salon manipulations have a lot of contraindications.

During the rehabilitation period after the procedure, use the following to relieve skin inflammation:

  • cream bepanten
  • spray Panthenol,
  • Traumel C cream,
  • Miramistin,
  • antihistamine and anti-inflammatory tablets.
For puffiness, inflammation, itching, after cosmetic procedures, use Bepanten or Panthenol.

Microcurrent therapy

One of the most painless and gentle procedures is treatment with microcurrents. Used only to heal fresh stretch marks. The skin is affected by a pulsed current with a force of from 1 to 600 microamps. This manipulation improves blood circulation and tissue metabolism. As a result, skin elasticity increases. For a noticeable effect, it will take 5–7 procedures lasting about 30 minutes. The cost of one session in different salons varies from 450 to 2750 rubles. Rehabilitation is not required. Microcurrents are contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • disorders of the heart,
  • the presence of a pacemaker
  • malignant tumors
  • epilepsy,
  • fever
  • damage to the upper layer of the skin.


The so-called injection plastic or biorevitalization accelerates the restoration of the deeper layers of the skin, tightens the chest, reduces the size of the "young" stretch marks. First, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, then anesthetic composition. With the help of the thinnest needle, a cocktail of useful substances is injected under the skin:

  • organic silicon,
  • plant extracts and extracts,
  • vitamins
  • hyaluronic acid
  • collagen.
With the help of a similar syringe pistol, medicinal preparations for stretch marks are injected.

The beautician selects the ratio of the preparations injected individually, depending on the condition of the skin. The injections are quite painful, bruises and edemas form on the skin. Recovery after the procedure lasts up to 10 days. At this time, do not go to the sauna, bath, beach or solarium. We'll have to give up and blood-thinning drugs. For the healing of wounds usually do not have to do something. Just wear loose underwear for your skin to breathe.

Before the start of mesotherapy, it is recommended to consult a mammologist to do an ultrasound. The chest is a delicate and sensitive area, the risks of complications are very high. Injections can trigger the growth of tumors, including malignant ones. Biorevitalization is not performed during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for 2 months after birth. Manipulation is completely prohibited when:

  • intolerance to mezokokteyl ingredients,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • blood diseases
  • elevated temperature
  • low pain threshold.

Depending on the composition of the cocktail for injection, the cost of one session ranges from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. For visible results, 3-5 procedures will be required.

Mesotherapy is done at home with the help of a mezoroller. The device pierces the skin and introduces beneficial substances.Designed for individual use only for 6 months.

Ozone therapy

When treating with a mixture of ozone and oxygen, gas exchange in the cells is improved, tissue renewal is accelerated. The therapeutic composition is injected with a syringe in the skin area, damaged by stretch marks. By itself, ozone is ineffective with stretching, it is used as an additional tool to other cosmetological procedures.

The puncture wounds heal within a week. During this period, cosmetologists advise:

  • do not wear tight underwear
  • minimize water contact
  • avoid sunlight
  • do not conduct additional beauty sessions,
  • reduce physical exertion.
An important caveat: come to the procedure in the most loose clothes, any touch after therapy is very sensitive

Sometimes after the procedure there are complications:

  • puffiness at the injection sites,
  • redness and bruises
  • discomfort, discomfort under the skin,
  • heat in the armpits and abdomen.

Manipulation is contraindicated in:

  • inflammation of the pancreas,
  • hyperthyroidism
  • a hemorrhagic stroke,
  • blood clotting disorders,
  • cramps
  • any bleeding.

Oxy-ozone injections are used with caution in case of poisoning, low blood sugar, after a heart attack.

The minimum cost of the procedure is 1200 rubles per session. The price depends on the size of the problem areas of the skin and dosage. Usually prescribed 2-3 procedures.

Ozone is widely used in medicine for the treatment of hepatitis, ulcers, pneumonia, hypertension. Ozone-oxygen gas mixture treats infected wounds, burns, bedsores.

Chemical peel

Exfoliation (exfoliation) of the upper layer of the skin with concentrated acids leads to physiological tissue renewal and increased collagen production. The skin relief is flattened, fresh and old stria become barely visible. The peeling result is visible only in 2–3 weeks, when the restructuring of the skin is completed. The composition and depth of the peeling, the need for anesthesia is discussed previously at the consultation in the salon. It is recommended from 3 to 7 sessions, depending on the severity of stretch marks.

Never apply salic acid for peeling at home, it is dangerous

The procedure itself and the rehabilitation period are accompanied by intense pain. After peeling, which, in essence, is a controlled burn, in no case can you peel off the crust that appears on the chest. This will lead to scarring. After about 2 weeks the crust will peel off. In the first week with a strong reddening of the skin, they take anti-inflammatory drugs inwards and apply them externally. Treated leather may look edematous for 2 months. Otherwise, follow the same guidelines as after other procedures: free underwear, minimal contact with water and no sun.

Chemical peeling will have to be abandoned when:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • cardiovascular ailments,
  • cancer
  • infections and viruses,
  • skin diseases
  • feverish conditions
  • epilepsy,
  • neoplasms on the chest,
  • allergy to the components of the exfoliating mixture.

The cost of services depends on the selected acids and the depth of skin treatment. The price of one session is from 1 thousand to 3500 rubles.


Mechanical grinding is usually made by aluminum crystals. They are fed under pressure on the surface of the skin and exfoliate the upper horny layer. A milder effect is carried out with diamond microdermabrasion. Procedures start the process of growth of a new uniform skin layer. Used on fresh and old scars. Anesthesia is not required. After the session, the skin is treated with healing sera.

This is a type of microdermabrasion instrument.

The recovery period lasts 7-10 days. Special care is not required. While the skin is healing, do not wipe it with alcohol-containing agents and wear tight underwear. On the beach and solarium for 2 months is taboo.

The number of procedures prescribed by the doctor, depending on the age of the defects. Usually, the first positive results become noticeable only after 4–6 sessions. But you may need 10 procedures.

Microdermabrasion is contraindicated in:

  • skin diseases
  • couperose,
  • intolerance to aluminum oxide.

The cost of the service is from 1,500 to 2,700 rubles.

Fractional Laser

The most effective measure of strips on the skin is thermolysis. This procedure stimulates the production of new connective tissue proteins - collagen and elastin. The intensity and depth of the stretch marks decreases. The essence of the method: the laser beam is divided into thousands of small and simultaneously directed to one area of ​​the skin.

The difference between laser thermolysis and dermabrasion and chemical peels is that it is possible to control the depth of exposure.

Fractional apparatus is of two kinds.

  1. Non-ablative laser (Fraxel restore and Fraxel refine) - affects the deep layers of the dermis, the integrity of the upper stratum corneum is not disturbed.
  2. Ablative laser (Fraxel repair) - the epidermis is damaged. Not only the trauma of deep areas occurs, but also the evaporation of a part of tissues. This leads to a noticeable tightening and leveling of the skin.

The last device is less safe, but its effectiveness with scars is 2 times higher. To obtain the effect you will need a course of 2-4 procedures depending on the size and age of the stretch marks. The interval between sessions is at least 4 weeks.

Most often, the fractional laser is used for facial rejuvenation.

3 months before laser therapy, hormonal contraceptives are stopped. 3 days before the session it is forbidden:

  • process the skin of the breast alcohol-containing means
  • long time in contact with water.

The recovery period lasts 2 weeks. The most frequent side effect is erythema, reddening of the skin, which disappears within 2–5 days. Customers also complain of unbearable itching.

Within two weeks after the procedure, discard:

  • taking tetracycline antibiotics,
  • sun or solarium
  • long water procedures
  • chemical peeling
  • physical exertion.

Photothermolysis is an unacceptable procedure for:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • exacerbation of chronic ailments
  • epilepsy,
  • blood diseases
  • high temperature
  • tendency to form colloidal scars.

The cost of the procedure depends on the area of ​​the stretch marks and the type of fractional laser. For 1 cm 2 skin - from 1 thousand rubles.

Plan hardware cosmetology procedures in the fall and winter to relax on the beach or pool in the summer

Preventive measures: massage, nutrition and other

More likely to avoid the appearance of stripes if there is no genetic predisposition. Check with parents if they had such problems.

It is difficult, long and expensive to treat scars, so you should try to prevent them. Prevention is on three pillars:

  • special skin care
  • proper nutrition
  • physical exercise.

Home peeling with gentle scrubs, for example, coffee grounds, improves blood circulation and tissue metabolism. In this procedure, avoid the nipple area. Then pour alternately warm and cold water - this has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and blood vessels.

If you are gaining weight or losing weight, building up muscles or waiting for a baby, lubricate your skin every day after a shower with suitable oils from stretch marks. Any recipes used to treat scars will do. Accompany the application of the massage until the feeling of blood rush to the skin.

Massage with oils at home or in the salon - the best prevention of stretch marks

Include animal and vegetable proteins in the menu. It is from these protein building blocks our skin. Do not forget about vitamins, fiber, healthy vegetable fats. It is also important and sufficient water intake: at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

Exercise every day for 15–20 minutes. Make sure that muscles are developed not only the chest, but also all areas prone to the appearance of stretch marks: abdomen, hips, buttocks.Everything that improves blood circulation in the body is good for the skin: dancing, badminton, volleyball, swimming, walking.

With the risk of stretch marks, evening exercises are more effective than morning exercises. Training "at night looking" accelerates the metabolism. But do the exercises no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Losing weight and gaining weight should do it slowly, otherwise the risk of getting unsightly strips increases. If you recover too quickly, eliminate fatty, farinaceous, and sweet foods from the diet. Athletes should also build up the pectoral muscles gradually. A quick result always leads to stripes. Especially those taking steroids. These substances reduce the amount of collagen in the tissues.

During pregnancy, start prevention as early as possible. Every day, apply a means of scarring allowed by pregnant women to the risk zones: belly, chest, thighs. Massage gently without undue pressure.

In the period of childbearing and lactation, it is very important to choose the right lingerie that supports the mammary glands. It is better if it is made of natural fabric. Get a bra is not on the bones, and with wide straps and tape under the chest. Bras with special cups are invented for nursing mothers. When it is necessary to feed the child, the necessary cup is unfastened. As a result, the breast is in the correct position, it does not hang down, the milk passages are not overtightened. If there is no such laundry, do not feed the child standing or sitting, do it lying on its side. This will prevent sagging and stretching of the skin of the breast.

To keep beautiful breasts, get a bra for pregnant and lactating women.

Breast care to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy - video

I use almond oil to massage areas of the body where I have stretch marks after delivery. And this is the belly and chest. Especially striae are noticeable on the chest, especially from the bottom ... Still, it is very much sharply increased in size. I apply some oil on steamed skin, after a shower and do a light massage. The skin is moisturized, velvety. The result, though small, is already there. After all, bright blue-violet stretch marks have almost disappeared (not so noticeable).

Zelen ka

Used cream Mustela 9 MONTHS Stretch Marks Double Action 6 months 2 times a day. The result is zero. I, as the owner of 4 sizes of breasts and thin skin, know what stretch marks are from the age of 14! From this age, the issue of breast and neckline skin care does not leave me. I did not find this cream on sale and ordered it via the Internet. But the joy of waiting was in vain: oil cream, heavy. It is absorbed even worse than, for example, grape seed oil. After a few hours, the effect of moisturizing and nourishing the skin disappears and there is no accumulative effect either. The smell is very specific, unpleasant (due to the mink oil in the composition) And, most importantly, the fight against the appearance of stretch marks. Old stretch marks, of course, will not leave the cream, but new ones should not have appeared, but they did! I do not recommend this cream!


Hello young mommies! I repent, I didn’t immediately start smearing this cream from Avent stretch marks, for some reason I didn’t seriously think about it, only after the birth I acquired it. I have big breasts, stretch marks appeared on her. They were barely noticeable, but still confused me this fact. I rubbed this cream abundantly in the skin of the chest in the morning and in the evening, and after about a month I saw an improvement. Now more than half a year has passed, I still use it, plus, I do exercises for the chest, and everything is fine! No stretch marks now! Girls, do not despair. Who seeks, he will definitely achieve his own!


I already have the 3rd pregnancy, but there is no stretch. In the first pregnancy, Chikko cream began to smear, and from 6 months she switched to olive oil. Stretch marks did not appear and much cheaper.The second pregnancy was also smeared with oil, and everything worked out. Now is the 3rd pregnancy, I won’t make plans, but for the 31st week everything is fine, I use olive oil. True, recently in a pharmacy recommended wheat germ oil. I also liked it very much, it even says that it is recommended during pregnancy.


I want to write a review about the fractional laser, how it acts on stretch marks. I am 28 years old, I have strong stretch marks on my chest. Sat on different diets, the skin lacked vitamins and trace elements. Dropped-gaining weight, an endless circle. The skin has lost elasticity and now stretch marks on the hips, chest, abdomen, legs. I decided to go for the laser. Having come to the beautician, she asked for anesthesia - 300 r. Smeared with a brush with some cream and left for 15 minutes. Anesthesia did not work well, plus my excitement. It was painful, so the first time more than 1 zone is better not to do. They put on glasses, then continue to laser burn on the skin. The laser in one place about 2-3 sec., Quickly enough. In total, the site is treated for 5-7 minutes. During the procedure, it seems that the skin is burning. The feeling that after you get up, you'll be covered in blood. But opening your eyes and looking at the area to be treated, you see a fine net of white color. Then smear bepanthenom and sent home. After 2-3 hours, everything becomes red, like after a sunburn in the sun, pinching is unpleasant, but tolerable. Redness lasts 2–3 days, then a crust forms. It can not be torn off, it is very thin (as after a severe burn, skin falls). She fell off herself after 14 days, the skin at the treatment site was pink, different from the rest, but not so striking. At one time I was able to remove the small stretch marks, the large ones remained. The skin has become more elastic and elastic and taut. No swelling during healing. Minus - constantly itches during healing.


It’s not necessary to wait for a miracle from the first expensive laser procedure. And from the second one too ... I do not have great financial resources, so I found the next way out - to do with coupons for shares. The essence of the procedure: microscopic pinpoint, but deep punctures, skin burns with the expectation of launching a natural recovery mechanism. The less burned points, the less pain, but also the result! Total - already done 6 times, with breaks for the summer. After the pregnancy, I still had multiple deep stretch marks all over my chest and very little on my stomach. In my case, stretch marks are super old, my son is already 10 years old. I removed stretch marks on my chest (5 procedures) and 2 times on the abdomen (there was quite a bit of it), every time I did it in different clinics and on different devices, so I made a good comparative impression. This was predominantly Fraxel, also Palomar, a procedure called “nanoperforation”, was also polished with a neodymium laser.

Fraxel is considered the most effective and modern. One would like to add that for the effect you need to do it SO MUCH time to do, how much money may not be enough. And more importantly - it hurts! Ask to smear with anesthetic cream (for which they ask for a surcharge). For the first time I advise you to try on less delicate areas than the skin of the breast. Yes, and not everywhere are taken to do the chest, sometimes refused. After 1-2 procedures, stretch marks just brighten, no need to wait for them to disappear. The effect is cumulative, the more time passes - the better is the healing of stretch marks. After 4–5 procedures, they gradually begin to decrease - they narrow and shorten! In general, I note that the skin has become better, denser, more elastic - updated. Remember that my stretch marks are 10 years old. Those. even on such “old” results. Doctors do not hide the fact that such prescription stretch marks are not completely removed, but as long as they are fresh, they are better treated. Last summer, I had seen these troubles in the décolleté area, “sticking” out of her bra, but now they are much brighter, small and thin disappeared (overgrown with new skin), and deep and blue - thickened so that wreath vessels now do not shine, the depth of relief decreased. Do I need someone else to say that the cream for stretch marks (which have already appeared) do not help? I tried Vichi, Mederma, oils, even Contractubex ... zero effect.


I'll tell you about the chest.My size "poltorashechka" also increased from 5 months of pregnancy to "dvoechki." Unfortunately, by the time Mama Comfort was purchased, I already had a few stretch marks. On 2 small light blue lines the length of a centimeter and a half centimeters. How I was worried! But the cream used. After childbirth, the breast increased due to the arrival of milk before the “troika”. Having suffered painfully lactostasis, the chest after 6 months returned to the "two". All the time I was smearing the cream when there was a break in feeding. Then carefully washed and fed the baby. As a result, my stretch marks decreased, the blue disappeared, then they became white, but I still continued to use the cream, and at some point these stretch marks became closer to the natural skin color. Cheers cheers! Girls! This cream is a miracle! Three years after the appearance of stretch marks on the chest, now they are not visible at all! Now my pregnancy has come again in the autumn-winter. And my assistant is with me again!


Based on the causes and age of striae, a treatment plan is drawn up. Whether to make the defects less noticeable depends on the metabolism, diet, frequency of application of funds or qualifications of the beautician performing the treatment. Too many factors matter, so it's hard to predict the outcome. Most often, it is possible to cope with fresh stretches on the chest and at home, with the old ones - it is better to fight with the help of cosmetic procedures in the salon.

Folk remedies

At home, you can massage the breast using natural oils (olive, castor, almond). This procedure will help to improve blood circulation, lymph drainage and smoothing of problem skin. Of course, massage should be done very carefully, with soft circular movements, avoiding rough impact and compression of the chest. Before a massage session, the skin must be cleaned and processed with heated natural oil. Experts recommend a massage according to a specific scheme:

  1. In the morning, after a shower, apply olive oil or soft natural shea butter on your skin and massage your breasts for a few minutes, gently rubbing vegetable oils into problem areas with stretch marks.
  2. In the evening, it is advised to take a contrast shower, changing the water temperature every 30 seconds, and then in a circular motion to massage with any natural oil (castor, almond, wheat germ oil).

Massage treatments will help smooth the skin, make it soft and supple. As a result, stretch marks become less noticeable and new undesirable changes can be prevented.

At home, you can make medical wraps that will enhance blood circulation and run the regeneration and recovery processes.

  • Seaweed wraps. This is a fairly effective way to eliminate stretch marks. For the procedure you need to buy in a pharmacy powder from seaweed. Dry powder (200g) should be poured with warm water and left to swell. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed, applied to the chest, turn into plastic wrap and a warm towel. The composition is left on the body for 1 hour, then washed, procedures are recommended to be done twice a week.

Traditional medicine offers many recipes using medicinal plants and natural substances based on which decoctions, ointments and masks are prepared. The use of such procedures with natural ingredients helps to get rid of striae.

  • Chamomile decoction. To prepare the broth take 5 tbsp. spoons of chamomile blossoms, pour 600 ml of water and boil over low heat for about 15 minutes. Ready broth is cooled and filtered. Then it is poured into small ice cubes and frozen in a freezer. Every morning you need to wipe problem areas on your chest with a chamomile ice cube.Such a procedure will activate blood circulation, as a result of which the regenerative processes will accelerate, the skin will smooth out and will look healthy and elastic.
  • Mask of honey and aloe. Natural ingredients such as fresh bee honey and aloe leaflets will help eliminate stretch marks. To prepare the mask cut 3 sheets of aloe, clean them and pass through a meat grinder. Honey (5 tbsp. L.) Is slightly heated to a liquid state and mixed with vegetable mass. The resulting mixture is applied in an even, thin layer on problem areas of the skin and left for a quarter of an hour. Then the chest is washed and rubbed moisturizer.
  • Oatmeal mask. The procedure will help to cope even with old stretch marks. To prepare the mask 3 tbsp. oat flakes are crushed in a coffee grinder and pour 250 ml of cold water overnight. In the morning, the water that has not been absorbed is drained, the swollen oatmeal mass is mixed with 5 tbsp. l sour cream and leave in the refrigerator until the evening. Before going to bed, they take a shower and apply sour cream - an oatmeal mixture on the problem areas in a thick layer. The chest is covered with plastic wrap, insulated and leave the composition on the body for 60 minutes. At the end of the procedure, you should take a douche and apply a moisturizer to the skin. Masks should be made daily for 2 weeks, then a 5-day break is necessary, after which the treatment is repeated. Two such courses are usually enough for the deepest stretches to become invisible.

To cope with stretch marks on the skin of the breast is quite difficult, it requires patience and time. Do not quit the begun procedures, bring the treatment to the end and then the result will please you. Adhere to proper nutrition, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain immunity with vitamin-mineral complexes, give up bad habits. Carefully monitor the condition of the skin, do not forget about regular and proper care, and then many problems will bypass you.

practicing beautician

To combat this problem, I advise laser polishing, peeling, mesotherapy. But we must not forget that the mammary gland is a sensitive organ, so you should trust this area only to professionals. But if the woman who gave birth has plans to do plastic surgery in the future, then it is better to postpone cosmetic procedures. In addition, such manipulations are not able to remove excess skin. It is also worth considering.

Is it possible to remove stretch marks on the chest? If cosmetology, salon and folk methods do not bring the desired result, surgical treatment is applied.

The possibilities of plastic surgery are extensive, so they allow you to return to the attractiveness and natural beauty of the breast, even in the most neglected cases.

Watch the video: How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks. 4 Easy Tips To REMOVE STRETCH MARKS (December 2019).