Hair care

How to make a decoction of chamomile hair?

Return the beauty of the hair and health of the skin of the head, allow decoctions of chamomile, such compositions are a real find! Thanks to this care, you can cure hair from various diseases, improve the structure, make the curls silky and beautiful! Our grandmothers used similar means, probably, thanks to this, each of them wore “real Russian braids” ...

The benefits of chamomile hair

For hours, you can talk about the medicinal properties of chamomile pharmacy, high efficiency, considering the plant as a unique means of traditional medicine. The use in cosmetology is rather broad, thanks to such means, it is possible to remove irritation of the skin of the head, itching, and heal wounds. Thanks to chamomile decoctions and masks, you can cure serious pathologies of the scalp and hair. This effect is due to the high content of vitamins, nutrients, organic acids.

Folk remedies, prepared on the basis of this unique plant, affect the hair follicles and epidermis as:

  • hypoallergenic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • pain reliever
  • antiseptic,
  • restoring
  • healing
  • feeding,
  • antispasmodic,
  • antiseptic,
  • oncoprotective substance of natural origin.

Preserve hair and skin from ultraviolet radiation, moisturize, stimulate growth, strengthen the roots. At the same time it has a beneficial effect on the entire body, despite local use.

Note! The main difference between chamomile and other medicinal herbs is that it can be used for any hair structure and skin type.

Indications for use

Given the magnitude of the impact, indications for the use of chamomile pharmacy following:

  • tarnish,
  • fragility
  • dropping out,
  • gray hair
  • slow growth
  • oily hair
  • split ends (violation of the structure).

Suitable remedy to eliminate many problems of the epidermis:

  • redness,
  • dandruff (peeling),
  • itch
  • voltage,
  • the formation of small cracks, wounds,
  • development of fungal pathologies.

In the presence of such factors, cosmetologists advise using chamomile remedies to eliminate them. However, such compositions allow you to additionally lighten the curls on several tones.

Like peeling, remove dead skin cells. Give hair elasticity, elasticity, beautiful natural shine. After such procedures, there will be no problems with combing and styling. Even with frequent stay in extreme conditions - heat, frost, sun, curls will remain healthy, lush, obedient.

Chamomile Hair Recipes

Chamomile is used in the preparation of cosmetics for hair care, both independently and in combination with other medicinal plants and food products (lavender, sage, nettle, burdock, honey, lemon, brandy, propolis, egg, sour cream). Such ingredients only enhance the therapeutic effects of the compositions, increasing their effectiveness and effectiveness. Sage for hair with the addition of chamomile, as an anti-inflammatory and firming agent, helps very well.

Decoction of chamomile and nettle against hair loss

With age, many hairs become depleted and begin to fall heavily. It is easy to eliminate the problem - on the basis of chamomile drug (2 tablespoons of a dry plant) and nettle (1 tablespoons), plantain (1 tablespoons) prepare a decoction.

Pour the dry mixture of herbs with a liter of boiling water, bring to a boil and leave to cool, previously wrapped. 3 slices of rye bread are poured over with cooled broth. As soon as the bread swells, everything is ground with a blender and applied to the hair, rubbing it into the roots.

The head is covered with a plastic bag, a warm scarf. After an hour, wash off, do not use shampoo. Hair after broth becomes silky, their structure is restored.

From dandruff with the addition of lavender

To eliminate the peeling of the epidermis, dandruff, it is recommended as soon as a problem appears, apply a camomile mask. When preparing it, use 2 tbsp. l dry chamomile, 2 tbsp. l dry lavender, steamed glass of boiling water. Kefir is considered an additional component - after cooling down, ½ tbsp is added to the broth. fermented milk product. For elasticity add a tablespoon of burdock oil.

Mask is recommended to rub into the roots and put on curls before each washing of the head, until the complete elimination of the unpleasant phenomenon. Stand about an hour under the package, a warm scarf. Rinsing using warm water, and shampoo exclusively the one that has a mark of "dandruff."

For greasy hair

The following tincture allows to reduce the increased fat content of the hair: they combine a cup of dried chamomile flowers with a glass of vodka or brandy. Insist 2 weeks, preferably in the refrigerator. Filter, add water in the ratio of 1: 1 (on the resulting solution).

Apply 2 times a week, rubbing lotion with a cotton disc right into the roots. Flush is not recommended. The course of treatment is not more than 20 days.

Using chamomile at home, you can completely "paint over" gray strands. Prepare a "cool" broth pouring half a glass of dry grass with a glass of boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes. After cooling, filter, put on the head, evenly distributing to all curls, rubbing the roots. Wrap up package for the night. In the morning, wash off without shampoo.

For hair growth

Take 2 tbsp. l sage dry herbs, pour ½ tbsp. boiling water. The cooled broth is filtered and 10 drops of chamomile alcohol tincture are added. The same drops of pepper tincture and 2 tbsp. l castor oil After rubbing, wrap, wash off after an hour. Instead of pepper tincture for hair growth, you can add ½ tsp. red pepper.

Rinsing hair infusion chamomile

Quickly enough, you can prepare a tonic vitamin composition, rinse the hair with chamomile decoction: take ½ cup of dry chamomile grass (it is advisable to use inflorescences) and steamed with a liter of boiled water.

For a quarter of an hour, the composition is kept in a water bath, filtered, topped up with 2 liters of warm water. Used as a rinse after shampooing. Rinsing the hair is carried out to remove the synthetic residues of various substances that provoke the development of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

How to lighten hair

For lightening hair, beauticians advise the use of compositions intended for rinsing. However, after rinsing, the curls can not be dried handy means (hairdryer, sit in the sun). Strands should dry naturally, and after chamomile composition, they are no longer rinsed with water.

To lighten oily hair, you can do the following mask: brew ½ tbsp. dry grass chamomile 0.5 liters of boiling water, hold for 10 minutes in a water bath. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil, preferably olive and lemon juice. Rubbed into the scalp, applied to curls themselves.

Such a tool is highly effective, therefore, if part of the strands remain “unprocessed”, they will not be highlighted. The disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be used on dry, brittle hair, on colored curls.

Note! In cosmetology, it is allowed to use both ready-made pharmacy fees and chamomile collected and dried independently.

Preparation of hair masks from chamomile, lemon, honey, brandy

The mask prepared on the basis of a camomile, honey, a lemon, cognac will become nutritious, fortified. First, in the usual way they prepare chamomile decoction on the basis of 2 tbsp. l medicinal plants and glasses of boiling water. In the cooled composition add the juice of one lemon, 2 tbsp. l any honey and 30 ml of brandy, which can be replaced by vodka.

Rub the composition before the bath about an hour before the water treatment. Wrap up. Wash off. After several uses, it is recommended to apply a mask no more than 2 times a week, the hair will become silky, natural shine will appear. After about 3 weeks of periodic application, the strands will become thicker, more obedient.

Important! Using means on the basis of a camomile pharmaceutical it is not necessary to wait for instant result. The first improvements will come no earlier than in 3 - 4 procedures!

How to make shampoo based on chamomile

For those who forget to cook broths, who are too lazy to make masks, the following option is suitable - the use of chamomile shampoo, which by the way can be prepared at home.

Brew 200 ml of water, about 5-6 tablespoons of dry raw materials. After cooling, filter and add to the "Baby shampoo". Shake well before use. There is also a second recipe for cooking, in which the decoction is not connected with the finished shampoo, but with a piece of grated baby soap. Additionally put 15 ml of glycerin. Keep this shampoo in the fridge.

The use of oil based on chamomile hair

Chamomile-based essential oil is widely used as a hair care product. The unique composition of the tool allows you to restore the hair structure, various diseases of the epidermis, making the strands beautiful, strong and healthy.

Such cosmetics are produced by different manufacturers and their use should be read on the package. When using oils, they are oriented according to the type of the scalp and the hair itself, for example:

  1. Normal type. Chamomile oil combined in equal proportions with oil of jojoba, cedar, almond, cypress, rosewood or lemon (take 10 drops). Add a tablespoon of olive oil, rubbed into the roots, washed off after 30 minutes,
  2. Dry hair. Connect 10 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of chamomile oil, 7 drops of geranium extract from 2 tbsp. l almond oil. Slightly heated, rubbed into the epidermis. Wrap up, wash off in an hour.
    The use of such aroma preparations allows not only to improve the structure of the hair, scalp, but also gives the locks a delicious aroma of meadow herbs. In addition, such masks can eliminate excessive sweating of the head.

How often are the procedures done?

Beauticians do not recommend the use of traditional medicine for hair care more than once a week. However, in a severely neglected state, it is allowed to use up to 2 times, or even 3. However, with the restoration process, the frequency of application is reduced to the recommended.

I buy for the hair restoration double filter bags with chamomile, in packs of 20 pieces. Next to the half-liter jar box two bags and pour boiling water. I insist 25-30 minutes, the broth should be of such a temperature so as not to burn the head. After washing my hair I rinse my hair (including the roots) with this broth, gently squeeze it in for 15 -20 minutes and wrap it in a towel. An important point, the hair should dry naturally.

Beneficial features

What is chamomile so useful for hair? In the world there are several varieties of this medicinal plant. Pharmaceutical chamomile, fragrant chamomile and Roman chamomile have the usual healing properties. These varieties have powerful moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and whitening properties. Chamomile is also able to quickly heal wounds and cracks, cope with split ends of hair, saturate strands with useful vitamins and elements.

In its composition, the plant contains many different vitamins, natural dyes, minerals and essential oils. Regular rinsing the hair with a decoction of chamomile gently brightens the curls, allows you to hide gray hair, makes the strands soft and smooth. Chamomile improves blood circulation in the scalp and normalizes the sebaceous glands. As a result of exposure to healing broth dandruff and seborrhea disappears.

Also, chamomile decoction accelerates hair growth and effectively strengthens and repairs damaged curls. Rinsing the hair with chamomile decoction, you can forget about ugly and greasy hair. At the same time, the use of the healing agent has no contraindications, is accessible to everyone and is suitable for all types of hair.

How to dye chamomile dark hair?

Chamomile decoction for dark hair is required to be prepared with the use of other herbs.

  • For the preparation of natural dye take nettle, chamomile and sage.
  • Herbs are brewed in equal parts, and then insist half an hour.
  • For dark hair is also good to use a mixture of chamomile and lavender. Herbs are taken in equal shares, brewed with boiling water. You can use a thermos.
  • The tool is applied to dry hair and aged for forty minutes. Such a natural regenerating dye perfectly removes dandruff and restores the activity of the sebaceous glands.

From chamomile decoction, you can also prepare a nourishing regenerating hair mask. To do this, a small amount of honey is added to the herbal decoction. The mask is applied to the hair and aged for forty minutes. Chamomile very effectively accelerates the growth of any hair type and perfectly restores the health of curls.

Salvation from excessive oily hair

Chamomile decoction is an ideal natural remedy to combat excessively oily hair. The tool is easy to prepare at home. A decoction of chamomile for oily hair normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and the production of sebum, effectively eliminating oily and dry dandruff. There are several popular recipes that will help restore the fat balance of the scalp:

  1. Three tablespoons of inflorescences of chamomile pour a glass of boiling water. The decoction is infused for half an hour, filtered, and then applied to gauze. Gauze gently soaked the scalp. This strong decoction can quickly cure oily seborrhea and eliminate oily hair. The procedure is preferably carried out daily.
  2. This application of chamomile broth will help to get rid of the oiliness of the hair: in equal parts take nettle, chamomile and sage. For the mixture, you need two tablespoons of herbs. Plants pour boiling water, insist and filter. The herbal mixture is rubbed into the scalp and hair roots.


Chamomile - an indispensable medicinal herb in the care and treatment of damaged hair. After rinsing the strands with chamomile broth, it is not necessary to wash the hair again. A decoction perfectly nourishes the hair and its roots, gently and safely restores the hair structure and hair follicles.

Chamomile decoction will allow every natural blonde to turn into a real Goldilocks. Natural homemade dye from the inflorescences of the plant will gently and carefully color the hair without damaging its structure and without damaging the curls, as chemical hair dyes do. With the help of chamomile, you can perfectly paint over gray hair, eliminate dandruff, split ends of hair.

Chamomile contains organic acids useful for hair, emollients, caprylic acid, which actively fights viruses and fungi. The composition of inflorescences is necessary to combat split ends of coumarin. Apply a decoction of chamomile daily hair care advised by many cosmetologists.

Chamomile decoction enriches the cells of the scalp with oxygen, has a softening effect and is therefore very effective in the treatment of tough hair. Also, pharmacy chamomile is rich in antioxidants that prevent aging.

Beauticians advise using chamomile decoction for all types of hair daily. You can apply a natural rinse solution every other day. Already after a month of such hair care with the help of chamomile decoction, you can see an excellent result - the hair will noticeably change, become silky and soft. Chamomile decoction is an effective natural remedy for complete recovery and restoration of hair, which is popular among many women.

Application Reviews

Review №1

I have naturally blond and thick hair. From my youth I constantly paint them in light colors.From chemical paints hair began to lose their health - they fell out, became dry and brittle. As a result, I had to abandon the colors in order not to harm my curls even more.

And no restoring shampoos and balms did not help me. Then I turned to the popular recipes of beauty, in which I found an excellent alternative to chemical paints - the chamomile known from childhood. The plant not only allowed me to dye my hair without any harm to my hair, but it also perfectly restored fragile and dry strands. My hair began to look the same.

Svetlana, 40 years old - St. Petersburg

Review number 2

It has long been heard that chamomile is an excellent tool for brightening blond hair. Recently, I seriously ruined my hair with a perm, I had to ask for help from popular recipes. I chose to restore their curls exactly infusions and decoctions of chamomile.

Almost every day, rinsed their hair, and chamomile broth was added to various homemade masks for hair restoration. The result became obvious after two weeks of such active use of chamomile.

Hair is no longer brittle. The chemical curls grew a bit, and I trimmed the tips dried by a curl. Gradually, chamomile exerted its therapeutic effect on the strands - my curls became softer, more elastic, rigidity and fragility disappeared.

Kristina, 32 years old - Ufa

Review number 3

For many years I have been using chamomile decoction for rinsing after washing my hair. The tool perfectly tints gray hair and gives a natural natural shade. Hair is always healthy, very soft and never splits. Chamomile has long been used in folk recipes.

I have blond hair and have not used chemical hair dyes for a long time. It is better to spend a little time and cook decoctions of herbs, which must include chamomile. I advise all girls and women who have problems with their hair, try to complete a recovery course with chamomile. You can add sage, calendula, lavender - there will be no harm from this, but only benefit will be added.

Alevtina, 55 years old - Moscow

Review №4

I am a brunette, but I use chamomile decoctions to rinse hair. Once a week I wash my hair with a decoction of chamomile and sage.

Hair has a healthy shine, look very well-groomed and attractive. I try to avoid chemical hair dyes in order to preserve the health of my hair.

Chamomile broth for hair

Preparation: Raw materials are poured into the jar, filled with hot water and infused for 60 minutes.

Preparation: Flowers are poured with water and sent to a water bath for half an hour. Ready broth is removed and filtered through gauze fabric. According to this recipe, a sufficiently strong solution is obtained, it is diluted.

Preparation: Flowers are poured with water and sent to a quiet fire. Cook 5 minutes after boiling, remove and use.

Ready decoction is used to rinse hair. It is allowed to rinse hair with chamomile every day, they will become healthier and more silky from such care. You can wash your hair, it will bring many benefits for blondes, their hair will get a golden hue.

Chamomile Hair Infusion

Recipes chamomile tinctures relieve oily hair, stimulates the growth of curls and cures dandruff.

    1. A strong broth is combined in a 1: 1 ratio with vodka and the scalp is rubbed with the prepared mixture.
    2. Rosemary is combined with chamomile in equal quantities and poured vodka in the ratio of 1: 6. The mixture is stored in a shaded, warm place a couple of weeks, passed through cheesecloth and within 7 days wiped the roots twice.
    3. 150 grams of flowers 500 grams of vodka and 14 days insist. Infusion filter, injected 50 ml of peroxide and used for hair care.
    4. 120 grams of flowers poured a glass of vodka and stored in 10 days in the dark.
    5. The solution is also rubbed into the roots.

Chamomile hair lightening

Chamomile flowers for hair - a natural brightener. Chamomile for blond hair adds gold, refreshes light brown hair and hides gray hairs; chamomile on a dark hair has a light lightening effect. Chamomile hair lightening has a sparing effect on curls and does not harm them. It is impossible to lighten the curls at several tones at once, for this you need a little patience and a small supply of these colors in the first-aid kit.

Chamomile hair oil

The benefits of chamomile oil for hair is that it nourishes the skin and moisturizes every curl.

For normal hair, you need to take:

Important editorial advice

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades.

But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

    • 15 drops of chamomile oil, lemon, lavender, cedar, almond, cypress, thyme, jojoba and rosewood,
    • 30 gr. olive oil.

Mix all. The solution is applied along the entire length and left for 40 minutes. Remove the mask with plenty of water with shampoo.

For dry hair, the mask recipe is slightly different:

    • 5 drops of chamomile oil,
    • 10 drops of lavender oil,
    • 5 drops of vitamin E.

All combine, put on your head and hold for an hour. To give the hair more shine, the finished oil mass is slightly warmed up.

Substances that determine the medicinal properties of the plant

Chamomile is rich in essential oils, which contain farnesene and myrcene; it contains hamazulen, cadinene, caprylic, nonyl, isovaleric acid. As well as sugars, proteins, flavonoids, pectins, tannins, gum, quercimeritin, luteolin, cosmosiin.

The composition of chamomile revealed coumarins, triterpene alcohols, choline, beta-carotene, vitamins C and PP. Thanks to these substances, chamomile preparations are used in the treatment of internal and external diseases, as well as in cosmetology. On the use of decoctions and infusions for the treatment and lightening hair and will be discussed in this article.

Chamomile in cosmetology

Chamomile decoction for hair has a nourishing, moisturizing, antiseptic, regenerating, strengthening effect. Basically, chamomile extracts and decoctions are used for rinsing after washing. Procedures are simply necessary if the hair is damaged by permanent curls and coloring, if they become brittle and split, if dandruff appears, the scalp sensitivity increases, the hair begins to fall.

Regular use of decoctions and chamomile extracts for rinsing makes the hair healthy, vibrant, shiny, and docile when styled. In addition, it is an inexpensive and useful hair clarifier.

And the technology of preparation of preparations is the simplest, not requiring special knowledge and equipment. Broth or infusion can be used as a rinse, masks and lotions - raw materials for these purposes are collected independently, or bought in phyto-pharmacies. The therapeutic effect of decoctions and infusions will only increase if you prepare them with the addition of other medicinal plants that are useful for hair - nettle, onion peel, birch leaves, burdock.

Chamomile essential oil has a beneficial effect on hair, it strengthens their roots, improves structure, prevents hair loss, restores split and damaged hair, eliminates dandruff, seborrhea, itching and peeling of the skin.

Essential oil is added to regular shampoo, and wash the head with it. In a portion of shampoo for 1 wash enough 2-3 drops of oil. If you like the use of the product and give positive results, you can add chamomile essential oil not only to the shampoo, but also to the balsam rinse and hair masks mixed with other essential oils.

4 tablespoons of chamomile flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water, and warm for 30 minutes in a water bath. Then strain, and add the evaporated water to the original volume.

Broth chamomile hair can be made according to this recipe: 2 tbsp. raw materials pour 200 ml of cold water, put on the fire, bring to a boil, boil for 3-5 minutes on low heat, cool, strain.

Infusion to make it even easier - you need to pour 1 tbsp. flowers with a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, then strain.

A decoction of chamomile and nettle. Take 50 grams of chamomile flowers and nettle, pour 500 ml of boiling water, warm for 10-15 minutes in a water bath. Let cool and brew, strain. Add a little warm water and use to rinse hair after washing.

This broth, without diluting with water, can be used for lotions for oily seborrhea and dandruff. To do this, weave a piece of cloth or a towel with a decoction, and wrap the head around it after washing. The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes, the broth is not washed off. In a week you need to do 2-3 such procedures.

Chamomile for clarification. If for some reason you can not use chemical dyes to lighten hair or dye it, make a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile contains coloring pigments that will give the hair a golden hue, but the intensity of the color will depend on the initial color of the hair. Especially good chamomile dyes gray hair - they become light brown, with a pleasant golden hue.

We make a rich decoction for lightening blond hair from 4 tbsp. chamomile flowers and 600 ml of boiling water. We pour water into the raw material, heat it in the water bath for 10 minutes, cool it, filter it, lubricate the hair with it, after washing, and do not wash off the infusion, it should dry on the head. When the hair is dry, they need to apply the broth again, and just do not rinse.

To lighten dark hair, decoction is made even more saturated. For 2 glasses of water you will need 10 tbsp. raw materials. The flowers are poured with water, heated in a water bath for 15-20 minutes, cool and filter the infusion, add 1 tbsp to it. olive oil and 2 tbsp. lemon juice. The mixture is applied to clean, slightly damp hair, hold for 1 hour, wash off with shampoo, rinse hair with chamomile extract.

Hair mask for early gray hair. 1 cup of chamomile pour 500 ml of boiling water, infuse for 1 hour, filter, squeeze, add 2 tbsp. glycerol. The mask is applied to the hair, cover the head with plastic, and then with a towel. Hold for 1 hour, then rinse with warm water and rinsed with broth or infusion of chamomile.

Mask for the treatment and coloring of hair. Mix 2 tbsp. chamomile flowers and 1 tsp Saffron, pour 100 ml of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, strain. In the infusion you need to add 1 tbsp. lemon juice and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. The mixture is applied to the hair along the entire length and hold for 30 minutes, then rinsed with water or chamomile extract.

Cosmetic chamomile oil can be prepared by yourself at home. Take a small glass container and top it with chamomile flowers, then pour it with vegetable oil - corn, olive, linseed. Hold the oil for 20 minutes in a water bath, and the jar should be closed with a lid. Then insist 2 weeks in a cold place and strain. Keep the oil in the refrigerator. It can be used not only for hair, but also for wiping face coding, makeup remover, baby skin care.

Mask for dandruff and prisuhoy scalp. Take 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. olive oil, 5 drops of chamomile oil, make a mixture. Apply it 30 minutes before washing your hair, rubbing it into the hair roots. After 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo, rinse with warm water, or decoction of chamomile. To improve the condition, it is enough to make a mask once a week.

Mask to strengthen the hair roots. First make a mixture of an equal number of chamomile flowers, nettle and sage, then take 1 tbsp. mix and pour 200 ml boiling water. Insist 20 minutes. In the infusion, add 1 tbsp. oatmeal, stir, rub into the hair roots, apply to the hair along the entire length. Wrap the head with cellophane and a towel, hold the mask for 1 hour, then wash it off.

Mask to strengthen hair. Make an infusion of 2 tbsp. Chamomile flowers and 1 tbsp. nettle, fill them with a glass of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes, strain. In a warm brew put the pieces of rye bread without a crust. When the bread softens, mix the mixture, apply to the roots of the hair for 1 hour, cover your head with a film and a towel. Rinse the mixture without shampoo, rinse with chamomile broth after washing.

Mask for dry and brittle hair. Mix 50 ml of olive oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of chamomile oil. Rub the mixture into the hair roots, and spread it over the entire length. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Mask for damaged hair. Make a mixture of 2 tbsp. decoction of chamomile and honey, aloe juice and castor oil, taken 1 teaspoon. Apply the mixture on the hair, rub into the scalp, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with shampoo and rinse with infusion of herbs.

Mask for greasy hair. Make a mixture of 2 tbsp. chamomile decoction, 1 tbsp. vodka, 1 egg yolk, and apply on hair. After 15 minutes, rinse with shampoo, rinse with a decoction of chamomile or other herbs.

Chamomile with castor oil for hair. 2 tbsp. Chamomile flowers need to pour 120 ml of castor oil in a glass jar. Close the lid and keep the week in a dark place. Massage rub into the scalp, massaging movements. Wash off after 30-40 minutes, rinse with chamomile infusion.

Mask of brandy, honey, lemon juice, decoction of chamomile. Pour the chamomile flowers in a half glass, add boiling water to the top, let cool, infuse. Strain, pour in 25 ml of cognac, the same amount of liquid honey, 4-5 tbsp. lemon juice. Wash your head, apply the mixture on wet hair, wrap your head with a film and a towel, after 1 hour, rinse without warm water or decoction of chamomile without shampoo.

Alcohol tincture of chamomile for oily hair. It is very simple to make it - the simplest recipe, mix strong infusion of flowers with vodka in equal quantities, and use it for rubbing into the scalp.

Another recipe: mix chamomile flowers and rosemary in equal parts, take 1 tbsp. mix and pour 500 ml of vodka. Leave for 15 days in a warm and dark place. Then drain, use for rubbing into the scalp 2 times a week.

150 grams of chamomile flowers pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 15 days, strain, add 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Rub into the scalp, apply to the hair along the entire length.

120 grams of flowers pour 200 ml of vodka, put in a dark place for 10 days, strain, rub into the scalp.

Make a strong infusion of chamomile, combine with medical alcohol (70%), or vodka in equal proportions. Rub into the scalp every other day.

Chamomile and lanolin mask for dry hair. Make a camomile infusion, strain and add 125 ml of lanolin, heat to a temperature of 70-80 degrees, cool, add 1 tbsp. alcohol.

Apply the mixture on the hair, rub into the hair roots for 1 hour before washing, and rinse with shampoo. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.

Preparation and method of application:

All herbs are mixed, pour hot water, insist a quarter of an hour. Broth is filtered, add bread and mix well until a creamy mass is formed. The mixture is applied to the roots and spread over the entire length, covered with gauze and incubated for 2 hours. Wash off.

Chamomile mask for hair growth

Result: chamomile for hair growth has long been used in folk recipes. It effectively nourishes the hair follicles, provides all the necessary nutrients to them.


    • 40 gr. castor oil,
    • 5 gr. chamomile tinctures
    • 5 gr. tincture of red pepper.

Preparation and method of application:

All components are well mixed and gently rubbed into the roots. The head is wrapped with cling film and insulated for an hour. Wash off with warm water and shampoo.

What is good decoction?

A decoction of chamomile brings great benefit to hair and scalp. The curative effect of this tool is due to the presence in its composition of vitamins, carotenoids, essential oils, resins and minerals. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of the type of hair and skin.

Attention! Chamomile decoction can be applied even with problematic and particularly sensitive scalp.

With regular use of this tool curls get shine, become silky and elastic. And this is not all the positive properties of the decoction. With it you can:

  • reduce fragility
  • eliminate the cross section of the tips,
  • eliminate flaking of the scalp,
  • get rid of dandruff and prevent its recurrence,
  • restore hair structure
  • stop falling out
  • strengthen the bulbs,
  • activate growth.

White Flower Reviews

I am a bleached blonde, when the branches have their own darker hair, I tried to paint with chamomile - I was pleased with the result, my hair became light and acquired a golden sheen.

I have not dyed hair. For a long time, struggled with hair loss, until she tried chamomile infusion. After 2 weeks of use, the hair began to fall noticeably less.

After rinsing with a decoction, the hair became softer and more docile, you no longer need to spend money on expensive masks and balms.

Brightening rinse

Blonde hair can be given a lighter shade, but for this you should perform several procedures. Preparing the tool as follows:

  • a tablespoon of inflorescences pour 250 ml of water,
  • bring contents to a boil,
  • insist broth for 30 minutes, filtered.

Important! The amount of the product will depend on how thick and long your hair is. For a short haircut, it is enough to use 250 ml of liquid, and for particularly long curls, you will need about seven glasses of water and, accordingly, seven spoons of dry raw materials. If you use a stronger decoction, you can even give dark hair a copper shade.

In the finished decoction, you must add 100 ml of lemon juice and apply on previously washed and dried hair. Means do not wash off. With a regular procedure, the strands will become much lighter. The duration of the course will depend on the shade that you wish to give to your curls.

Homemade shampoo

Chamomile decoction can be combined with ordinary shampoo and make it a caring agent. The medical shampoo recipe is as follows:

  • 4 tablespoons of dry raw material pour 100 ml of water,
  • boil, close the lid and insist for 40 minutes,
  • means to filter and cool to room temperature.

But detergent for hair can be prepared according to another recipe:

  • 4 tablespoons inflorescences pour 500 ml of water,
  • bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes,
  • filter, cool slightly,
  • Grate 8 tablespoons of baby soap and dissolve in broth,
  • Add 15 ml of glycerin and transfer the shampoo to a dark place.

After two weeks, the tool will be completely ready for use.

Medical mask

This mask will carefully care for the hair, restore their structure and promote growth. You must do the following:

  • grind half a cup of dry raw materials in a coffee grinder,
  • pour 250 ml boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes,
  • add 5 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of liquid honey and cognac to the finished broth,
  • wash hair, distribute the product over their entire length and cover with a towel.

The mask is washed off after 40 minutes with running water.

Moisturizing balm

The following balsam will help revitalize dry curls:

  • tablespoon inflorescences pour 100 ml of water
  • bring to a boil, remove from heat and leave for 30 minutes,
  • Pour 40 ml of lanolin and return the container with the contents to the fire,
  • warm the liquid, but do not boil it,
  • filter, cool and add 10 ml of vodka.

Store the resulting balm should be in a container under a tight lid in the refrigerator. Before applying it must be heated in a water bath. An hour later, the product is washed off with shampoo and the head is rinsed with chamomile decoction.

Few people know that with the help of chamomile broth, you can not only heal your hair, but also “disguise” gray hair. You can prepare the product according to the following recipe:

  • put 2 tablespoons of chamomile in a saucepan and pour 125 ml of water,
  • boil for 5 minutes,
  • insist for 4 hours, filtered.

The finished product should be applied to the hair - from the roots to the ends, wrap the head with a towel, after one hour remove it and dry the strands at room temperature.

Tip! Do not use a hair dryer for drying, as it will dry hair strongly, after which they will also have to be treated for brittleness.

To strengthen the hair follicles

If you notice that your hair has started to fall out intensively, the following remedy will help here:

  • put 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms and a tablespoon of dried nettle into the pot,
  • pour half a liter of boiling water,
  • send the mixture to a water bath,
  • 20 minutes later, the broth should be filtered and put in it rye bread crumb,
  • after 15 minutes, beat the mass in a blender and distribute the resulting mask over the entire length of the hair.

The product is washed off after 2 hours with running water and rinsed with chamomile decoction.

As you can see, all the above recipes are very easy to prepare and use. A decoction of chamomile with regular use will help return your hair shine, health and well-groomed appearance.

How to cook a decoction of pharmaceutical chamomile

Chamomile for hair (rinsing has been used for a long time) is an indispensable component of many care products. The plant has rare therapeutic properties. Broth is a folk remedy, cooking options which there is quite a lot. Each of them has different components in the composition, respectively, and different efficiency.

In the people there are several of the most common recipes for cooking broth:

  • First option:
  1. 2 tsp. dry chamomile inflorescences fall asleep in a thermos.
  2. Completely cover with hot water.
  3. It is recommended to insist 60 minutes.
  4. The decoction is ready to use.
  • The second way:
  1. 8 tsp. crushed flowers pour 200 ml of liquid.
  2. Leave in the water bath for half an hour.
  3. Complete the drain and can be used.
  • The third recipe broth
  1. 4 tsp. chamomile flowers pour boiling water in an enamel pot.
  2. Boil over low heat for 5 min.
  3. Cooled strained through cheesecloth decoction ready for use.

Rinse options with chamomile decoction

When creating a conditioner it is worth considering that the more the main component is used, the more it will affect the hair color. To prepare the broth, 2 enough. l dry chamomile pour 200 ml boiling water. Then insist 25-35 minutes. It is allowed to boil the constituent elements.

Ready rinse recommended to use correctly to achieve the desired result:

  • Decoction suitable for any type of hair. But owners of dark shades need to carefully choose a rinse recipe, as the plant has a lightening effect and can change the color a little.
  • Before using the chamomile conditioner, the product must be diluted with the calculation of 1 tbsp. per 1000 ml of warm water.
  • For maximum effect, after rinsing the hair should be blotted with a towel, not wiping dry and not blow-drying.
  • By means of the concentrated means it is possible to reach clarification.
  • To strengthen the hair, the resulting composition must be used every 2-3 days.
  • To lighten the rinsing process is carried out every shampooing.

Before using the component, it is important to conduct an allergy test.

Hair Brightening Products

In the people there are many ways to lighten hair at home:

  • Chamomile with lemon. Before the procedure, experts advise to test for allergies. Apply a few drops of lemon to the skin behind the ear. The tool can be used if within 60 minutes of red spots did not appear. For a complete rinsing it is necessary to keep the head under warm running water for a long time to avoid the formation of crystals, clogged in scales, the hair becomes more rigid ..

Before the beginning of the lightening it is necessary to carry out the procedure of restoring damaged hair.

The product brightens well, chamomile can enhance the effect of lemon, giving a blond hair a golden tone, dark - a shade of copper.

  1. 4 tsp. Chamomile flowers pour 1 tbsp. boiling water.
  2. Squeeze the juice with 1 lemon.
  3. Stir the ingredients, the infusion should be cold.
  4. When applied, moisten the head with a spray gun.
  5. It is not recommended to warm the head, but you can leave it without washing it overnight. With a dry hair type or if the curls are in a thin weakened state - no more than 120 minutes.
  • With peroxide. Lightening the hair with a peroxide and chamomile-based product allows you to change the color into several tones. Due to the presence of peroxide, the bulbs are adversely affected. But a medicinal plant reduces its effect.
  1. 150 g of dried chamomile raw materials insist on 0.5 vodka for 14 days.
  2. Strain.
  3. Pour 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide into the infusion.
  4. In a uniform way distribute the tool on curls.
  5. After 4 h, you can rinse under running water.
  • With saffron. In order to give the hair a light honey shade, it is recommended to add bright yellow or orange saffron to the brightening liquid.
  1. 25-50 g of chamomile pour 1 tbsp. water.
  2. Keep the mixture in a water bath for about 15-25 minutes.
  3. Strain the broth hot.
  4. Add 2 pinches of ground spices.
  5. To protect the strands, add a few drops of lavender oil before use.
  6. The tool is aged on the hair for 40-50 minutes.
  7. It is washed away under warm running water.
  8. Apply balm.
  • With glycerin. With the help of glycerin, it is possible to fix the dye pigment inside the hair structure due to its enveloping properties.
  1. 100 g chamomile color pour 1 tbsp. boiling water.
  2. Insist 25-30 minutes
  3. Strain.
  4. Add 50 g of glycerin.
  5. Apply the mixture on the hair evenly.
  6. Warm with a towel for 60 minutes.
  7. Wash off with warm water.
  • With honey. To give the curls a golden shade and improve the condition of damaged hair, you should use this mask.
  1. 50 g of dry chamomile inflorescences pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. It is recommended to insist in a thermos for at least 5 hours.
  3. Add auxiliary component - 2 tsp. honey
  4. It is applied every 3-4 days.
  5. After applying to the strands can be warmed.
  6. After 60 minutes rinse with water.

Chamomile oil application

Chamomile oil has a beneficial effect on the follicles, external and internal structure. This is due to the presence in the composition of vitamins, salts, minerals and esters. The component is the basis for drugs in the field of medicine and cosmetology.

Chamomile oil contributes to:

  • rebuilding the structure externally
  • eliminate dandruff and flaking
  • glitter
  • strength
  • reduce irritation,
  • rapid recovery of the bulb.

Recipe for normal hair:

  1. Base oil (from olive, coconut, castror) in the amount of 2 tsp. mix with 7 drops of chamomile oil and 15 drops of almond, lavender, and cedar esters.
  2. Oily means should be gently rubbed.
  3. Wash off after 30 minutes. plenty of warm running water.

For dry hair type:

  1. All elements mix better in glass containers.
  2. 4 tsp. Base oil (olive, burdock, almond) mixed with 5 drops of chamomile oil and 10 drops of lavender.
  3. Add 5 drops of oily solution of vitamin E.
  4. The product should be applied in a warm condition.
  5. Leave on hair for 60 minutes.
  6. Rinse with running warm water.

Dryness and brittle hair will gradually disappear if you use this method of treatment.

It is important to consider that for oily hair type it is not recommended to use products with an oily structure.

The recipe for making butter chamomile

According to the properties of homemade chamomile oil is not inferior to the essential oil, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

  1. It is necessary to collect fresh camomile blossoms, it is desirable to do it outside the city in the early morning.
  2. Buy high quality olive oil.
  3. Inflorescence plants folded in a jar of glass.
  4. Pour oil in the ratio of 1: 2.
  5. Components need to be crushed.
  6. Cover tightly with lid.
  7. Leave for 20 days in a dark cold place.
  8. During infusion, the agent should be shaken periodically.
  9. When the inflorescences sank to the bottom, the composition is ready.
  10. Strain with gauze and use.

Homemade chamomile oil is used as an additive in shampoos, creams, ointments or soaps, and also acts as a component for masks.

Chamomile Balsam

Chamomile for hair (rinsing and application of masks in the complex give a good result) - a natural antiseptic and has a calming effect. Balm based on these herbs will help get rid of itching, irritation, dandruff. Flowers contribute to the gloss and silkiness, lightening.

The use of home balms are of high quality. Apply funds to washed strands and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then the balm is washed off under running water. Purchased balm should not be applied to the roots and skin. Self-made means is allowed to rub into the skin.

Chamomile and honey:

  1. 2 tbsp. l dry camomile inflorescences pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. Close lid tightly.
  3. Insist 35-55 minutes
  4. Strain with gauze.
  5. Add 3 tsp. honey
  6. Apply balm on clean dried hair for half an hour. Then washed off.

Recipes masks for masking gray

It is recommended to apply masks to mask gray hair for 30-50 minutes. before shampooing. The tool should be rubbed into the skin with light movements, distributing it evenly over the entire length. At the end of the procedure, the head is wrapped with a film or a towel. Washed composition under running water.

Chamomile with linden mask:

  1. 2 tbsp. l Chamomile inflorescences and 2 tbsp. l lime in dried form pour 250 ml of boiling water.
  2. Close lid tightly.
  3. Insist in a thermos 90 min.
  4. Strain through cheesecloth.
  5. On clean, dry strands, apply the product in a warm condition.
  6. Wrap your head and wait 60 minutes.
  7. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 days.

A noticeable result will be in 1-2 months after regular use of the product.

Masks for growth

In folk medicine, a mask for hair growth based on chamomile has been used for a long time. The tool contributes to the nutrition of the bulbs, the flow of all the necessary nutrients.

  1. Mix evenly 40 grams of castor oil with 5 grams of chamomile infusion and 5 grams of red pepper infusion.
  2. Rub the composition into the roots.
  3. Shake the head with foil and heat with a towel for 60 minutes.
  4. Wash off with shampoo under water.

Masks from falling out

The hair stops falling off, falls out and grows better with regular use of herbal masks.

  1. Mix sage, nettle, plantain, chamomile - all components of 4 g.
  2. Pour 500 ml boiling water.
  3. Infuse 15 min.
  4. Strain and add bread.
  5. Mix to obtain a uniform mass.
  6. Distribute the finished product to the roots.
  7. Cover with gauze and soak for 120 minutes.
  8. Rinse off under running water.

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