4 reasons to choose shugaring instead of waxing

The eternal confrontation of the two most popular procedures for hair removal: wax and sugar paste.
Let's open the veil of secrecy for our charming site visitors.

1. Security. This concept implies, above all, the benefit of the composition of the product intended for hair removal. The composition of the paste for shugaring usually includes water, sugar, lemon juice. It seems no chemistry, but this fact does not exclude allergies to citrus. Those who know about the predisposition of their body to allergies of this kind, should prefer a paste based on water, fructose and glucose, or use wax.

The harm to the skin of wax is determined, rather, not by the composition, but by the temperature to which it is heated in order to remove hairs from the surface of the skin. If the sugar mass has a temperature of 37–40 degrees during shugaring, for the waxing procedure, the mass heats up to 50–60 degrees (for epilation with hot wax). It is worth noting that there are other types of wax epilation, when the wax can be simply warmed with warm hands (cold method) or up to a temperature of 40 degrees (epilation with warm wax). However, the lower the wax temperature, the more painful the procedure.

Another security issue: The opinion that shugaring is dangerous for people with diabetes can be considered a myth. Although a special composition of the paste, designed specifically for diabetics, exists, doctors do not associate the increase in blood sugar with the procedure of shugaring.

2. Waxing and shugaring, of course, are accompanied by pain. There is an opinion that the second procedure is absolutely painless, but let's be honest: this is not so.
Unfortunately, there is no painless way to remove hair, but foreign wax manufacturers began to add zinc and vegetable oils to the composition, which are designed to soften the process and reduce discomfort during the post-epilation period.

3. It is believed that the sugar mass penetrates deeper into the follicle and captures the hair 3 mm below the surface of the skin. But there is no direct evidence of this, therefore, the advantage in favor of shugaring cannot be counted in this case.

4. The frequency of the hair removal procedure is also independent of the method of hair removal. Although on average, between the procedures shugaring takes 3 weeks, after waxing a week less. Therefore, here the “plus sign” can be given to shugaring.

5. Regarding the speed of the procedure, waxing wins. Sometimes it is for this reason that women conduct a gradation of places subjected to epilation. In the intimate gentle zone there is a shugaring (albeit long, but not so painful), and for legs below the knee (a large area of ​​capture during shugaring will take 40 minutes) is waxing.

The result is simple: both methods allow you to achieve smooth skin and get rid of unwanted body hair. And each has a number of advantages, but the way that is preferable, each girl chooses for herself, or after consulting with the master. Therefore, we are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to tell you more about the methods of hair removal!

Action on the skin

LUXURY PRO ™ and JOLIE ™ sugar paste is made from natural ingredients. And this is not just advertising. In production only organic components are used: water, sugar and natural acids.

The wax, despite the name and some confusion in connection with this, is often made of industrial resins, filled with artificial flavoring and tinted with an unnatural dye.

2. Allergy

As a result of the wax action, allergic reactions are very likely. Of course, waxing or sugar paste waxing is a traumatic procedure. The appearance of redness is natural due to mechanical hair removal. However, according to a survey of the opinion of masters offering services in waxing and shugaring, the appearance of allergic reactions during waxing is much higher.

3. Natural peeling

Another point that concerns the characteristics of the composition of sugar paste and wax is a soft or rough peeling. When complying with the technology, sugar paste gently captures hairs and dead cells of the epidermis, unlike waxing, as a result of which micro-injuries can form on the surface due to more dense and strong adhesion of wax to the epidermis and the seizure of “living” cells from the surface.

1. Pain and hair ingrowth

Sugar paste is applied against hair growth and removed from the skin in the direction of hair growth, which significantly reduces the pain effect and provides better epilation due to the highest adhesive ability. This technique allows you to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Wax is applied on the growth of hair removal, and removed from the skin in the direction against the growth of hair, causing great pain. At the same time, the percentage of hair ingrowth when waxing is quite large due to the technique used: when removing wax against hair growth, the growth channel is disturbed and the direction of hair growth changes. The new one will grow in a different direction: in the epidermis, upward, sideways.

Paste, the company Sugaring Factory is applied without prior heating. It can immediately take a tweak to do hair removal.

Wax requires warming up. At the same time, the temperature of the wax is quite difficult to control, so customers often complain of painful sensations (including the appearance and intensification of skin irritation due to an increase in body temperature).

4. Hair length

For carrying out waxing, the length of hair must be from 5 mm. Using a sugar paste Sugaring Factory, a professional master can even remove hemp hairs (from 2 mm). Moreover, when shugaring, the number of hair breaks is reduced by 15–30%. That is, epilation with sugar paste can be done already 5–7 days after shaving, which is not the case with waxing, during which you have to wait two to three weeks after shaving, which is very inconvenient and unacceptable.

What is waxing or waxing

Depilation with wax or shugaring - according to the technique of their performance, these two seemingly similar methods still differ somewhat one from the other.

So, consider the first option - waxing or waxing. Here, the removal of unwanted hair occurs with wax. And it can be both cold and warm, or even completely hot.

If cold wax in the form of special strips is chosen more by girls for independent home use, then specialists will often use professional blends for quality epilation. Before applying them to the skin, they must be preheated in a special wax mill to the desired temperature. Since hot wax has a melting point of about 45-47 degrees Celsius, warm melts at a lower - 37-38 degrees.

For example, when making your choice - shugaring or bikini wax and stopping on wax, note that it is hot wax that is used for such a delicate and delicate area in salons. Due to its temperature, it contributes to the qualitative expansion of the pores of the skin, and the hard hairs in this case are removed more easily and painlessly.

The procedure of waxing is carried out according to the following scheme.

  1. The wizard thoroughly applies heated wax paste to the previously cleaned and prepared skin and covers it with a paper or cloth napkin.
  2. After a short wait for the mixture to solidify, one sharp movement strictly against the growth of hair, the napkin is removed, leaving an absolutely smooth and delicate skin. The effect of this procedure lasts about a month.

These are the highlights of waxing hair removal. But, in order to clarify the question of shugaring or wax, which is better, one should thoroughly consider the second side of this question.

What is the method of sugar hair removal or shugaring

The method of sugar hair removal, which appeared relatively recently in our beauty salons, has been successfully used in the countries of the East for many centuries. What is it and what is so attractive for Eastern women? In the battle of shugaring and wax: a comparison of methods - this will be the next equally important part.

So, we define the main points of the execution of the sugar hair removal technique.

  1. A special sugar-based paste, heated to body temperature, is applied to the skin of the body in small pieces against hair growth.
  2. Special sharp movements paste is removed from the skin strictly for hair growth. Along with it, hairs that have stuck to it, as well as dead skin cells, are removed, providing, in addition to epilation, an additional high-quality peeling effect.

The result of the shugaring procedure lasts about the same time as that of waxing - from 3 to 5 weeks. But still, answering an important question for many - what is more painful: shugaring or wax - the majority of women who have experienced both of these procedures clearly state - wax! And it is worth paying special attention.

Sugar hair removal before wax has a number of undeniable advantages.

  1. Hair removal of any length. If hair waxing is shorter than 4-5 mm, it is extremely difficult to remove, then even 2-millimeter “hedgehogs” are perfectly captured during shugaring.
  2. Less pain. Finding out a little higher than shugaring better than wax epilation, it has already been noted that hair removal along their growth provides greater painlessness to the process itself.
  3. Lack of ingrown hair. Also, moving away in the course of their growth, the hair during shugaring does not undergo breaking, and, consequently, they then do not grow. When waxing the same hair removal (when hair removal against growth occurs), this is not excluded.
  4. Safety procedure. No accidental burns and thermal injuries (which is possible with an inexperienced master when working with hot wax) - sugar paste has a temperature of the human body and is completely safe to use.
  5. Lack of inflammation and redness. If, after waxing for several days, there may be a slight reddening at the procedure site, then this is not the case with shugaring. In addition, a high concentration of sugar in the paste does not allow harmful and harmful bacteria to develop in it. Consequently, the possibility of subsequent inflammation in the place of hair removal with the help of shugaring is unlikely.

So we found out how wax differs from shugaring. We hope now, going to the beauty salon for hair removal, you will definitely know for sure which of these two cosmetic procedures you should prefer.

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