Fashionable hairstyles for boys 2019-2020: the best photo ideas haircut for a boy

For those who have a small man growing up at home, it is necessary to know that in a child from an early age you need to bring up a sense of beauty.

From childhood, you need to teach your baby that his appearance is his business card, so looking after yourself and looking, as it should be, is not just a duty, but a direct key to success in life.

One of the important components of a beautiful and well-groomed look of any lad is fashionable haircuts for boys, which determine his childish, but, in an adult, interesting style of appearance.

The choice of individual haircuts for boys today is no problem, because children's fashionable haircuts for boys 2018-2019, the photos of which are now in abundance can be found on the network, best tell parents and, actually, a little man, what options haircuts for boys 2018 -2019 will be appropriate for that particular age of the child.

Today, all the well-known fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 combine the latest fashion trends in hairdressing, so beautiful examples of haircuts for boys are not worse than the adult ones of men's hairstyles.

Considering the most fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019, loving moms and important dads should decide how to mow the baby together with the culprit of the discussion.

Be sure to consider what kind of haircut ideas for boys the child likes, so that the chosen haircut for the boy corresponds, first of all, to his expectations.

Let's analyze together what popular haircuts for boys 2018-2019 are worth taking note of when deciding how to mow a boy and which hairstyles for boys allow the younger man in your house to feel harmonious and natural, and at the same time look very fashionable in his childish environment .

Choosing interesting haircuts for boys 2018-2019: what kind of children's haircut will suit your little son

No matter how fashion is naughty in its directions, there are certain standards for choosing hairstyles, which determine what kind of beautiful and fashionable haircuts for boys 2018-2019 will be just right for a young child, an older guy, a teenager.

And so, for a boy of different age categories, you can consider such ideas haircuts for boys:

• Classic hairstyles for boys - a super solution for most age categories.
• Fashionable haircuts for boys, imitating adult hairstyles for boys Boxing and Halfboxes - traditional haircuts that remain out of fashion.
• Children's haircuts for boys Caesar suit guys with a beautiful shape of the head.
• Beautiful and practical haircuts for Bobrik boys look very stylish and at the same time do not require special care.
• Interesting and fashionable haircuts for boys. Under the pot - the most suitable for babies who look very cute with such a hairstyle.
• Teen haircuts for boys with asymmetry strands - mega fashion hit season for teens.
• Creative and fashionable haircuts for boys Kare - an option for teenagers with a slight disheveled. Many will appreciate.
• Beautiful baby haircuts Bob look interesting, but again, not suitable for every child.
• Informal, but very original haircuts for boys Erokez defy stereotypes.
• A popular haircut for a boy Gavrosh is an excellent option for both babies and older children.
• Ultra fashionable haircuts for boys with torn ends - these haircuts will be in trend for a very long time, because they express a non-traditional and creative approach to choosing hairstyles.
• Mega popular fashion haircuts for boys with pictures and patterns - stylish, beautiful and unusual.
• Hairstyles for boys with curly hair will allow the curly baby to find his fashionable look even if the hair does not want to obey.
• Fashionable haircuts for boys, made with a combination of different techniques of children's haircuts.

For children of different ages, fashionable haircuts for boys of short lengths are more practical, for boys are in principle very mobile, so this children's haircut will be universal and comfortable for a child.

Hairdressers perform fashionable short haircuts for teens 2018-2019, creating a longer bang, leaving a longer length at the crown, and making the haircut at the temples and nape as short as possible.

Many mothers like fashionable haircuts for boys with side parting, which make the child very stylish.

Short haircuts for boys - of course, a universal solution, but children in adolescence, trying to assert themselves and demonstrate their individuality and character, choose fashionable haircuts for boys for hair of medium length.

Of course, such fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 require more hair care, and provide for the need to monitor the condition of haircuts for boys constantly, because if you do not, haircut for a boy with medium and long hair will look sloppy.

If we talk about the details, then trendy haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 with a slight, but notice, thoughtful disorder that can be created by doing asymmetry or torn strands.

"Disheveled" fashionable haircuts for boys will most be to the taste of boys aged 11-13 years.

An unusual and highly defiant image is created by fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 Mohawk and stylish children's haircuts for boys with drawings and patterns that can be enjoyed by children from 3 to 8 years old, and boys 9-14 years old.

But remember, if you decide to try for a child fashionable haircuts for boys with patterns or Erokez, such options should be combined with the style of clothing of the boy, his personality, so that the haircut for the boy does not look ridiculous.

As fashionable haircuts for boys with asymmetry and torn strands, so beautiful short haircuts for boys with sharp lines and curves, you need to choose taking into account the characteristics of the child, his face shape, length and thickness of hair, as well as an individual understanding of what haircut is suitable.

In 2018-2019, casual style influenced not only fashion trends in clothes, casual fashion also made a contribution to fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019, emphasizing long strands at the temples and a rounded neck with a neat shape for boys' haircuts.

Teenagers will appreciate fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 with an emphasis on bangs, which, thanks to asymmetry and torn effect, will create a very cool look for a stylish tomboy.

Fashionable haircuts for boys 2018-2019 - this is a topic that you can talk about for a very long time, because there are really a lot of nuances that professionals most often talk about.

For loving parents, the best answer to the question which fashionable hairstyles for boys of 2018-2019 will be suitable specifically for your child will be photo examples of how to cut a guy with different hair characteristics.

We decided not to bore you with “theory” and get down to business by demonstrating the most fashionable haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 right now.

A short review of haircuts for the youngest boys

For many boys, the first haircut is a mandatory standard procedure. In a year many moms cut their baby's hair as short as possible, mistakenly hoping that the hair will become stronger and thicker after cutting. But this is not the case.

It is not necessary to wait for a year to cut the hair of the child, and it is not necessary to make the haircut as short as possible for the boy.

There are very original and decent haircuts for the boy 2019-2020 from classic to model.

We advise you to pay attention to haircuts for boys with long bangs or classic children's hairstyles "under the pot" or "garcon" and the same "Caesar".

If your baby has inherited curly hair, it is better to choose a medium length haircut for him, such as a bob for a boy, such a curly haircut looks cute and playful.

Also worth trying fashionable haircuts for boys in the style of pompadour in 2019-2020. After all, many boys are delighted with the hairstyles that their adult idols wear and many want to imitate them, and hairstyle is another way to inherit from their heroes.

In addition, it has now become very fashionable to apply adult haircuts for young boys. Shortened suspensions and the back of the head, a parted part, combed back hair - all these hairstyles for boys look stylish and cute, making a child a little dude.

It is also very cool when dad and son choose the same hairstyle and together they watch and care for her.

Trendy children's hairstyles for boys of school age

The same can be said about children's haircuts for boys 6-9 years old. In most variants, fashionable hairstyles for boys of school age are similar to those of adult men.

At this age, boys can afford to experiment and try even the most unusual haircuts for boys 2019-2020. Basically it will be haircuts such as Canadian and pompadour.

Of course, if your boy is spending more time on active activities, for example, he often plays sports, it is better to choose which of the classic short haircuts for a boy like boxing and half-boxes. Such a haircut can also be made more original and even unique if you select a pattern and even a pattern on your head.

Unusual haircuts for boys with shaved pattern are combined not only with ultra short haircuts such as “boxing” and “halfboxing”. You can easily combine a hairstyle with a shaved pattern with such a hairstyle as an “undercard” or choose a bolder version with a mohawk.

In the new season, any restrictions on the length of hair are removed, so the boys are allowed to wear both a short box and a long box. The main trend is clear lines that divide the top and bottom of the haircut.

As for long hair, they can not be cut off in the years 2019-2020, since haircuts for boys for medium hair remain fashionable, mostly it will be cascading haircuts for boys with long bangs, asymmetry and highlighted strands.

Current haircuts for boys among teenagers

So we went to the older boys. Stylish teen haircuts for guys 2019-2020 is probably the largest number of options for fashionable haircuts for boys, starting at 12 years old. Because teenagers are almost adult men who want to look more manly and therefore choose adult male haircuts.

This is the age at which you can afford an original hairstyle that could not be done in early childhood, and which would be out of place at the age of an older man. For example, hairstyle for a boy in the style of Bieber, or bold haircuts with Mohawk.

At the age of 12-15 years, the boys themselves are able to choose their own style, which will be present not only in haircuts and clothes, but also in behavior. Stylish young guys already want to please the girls and already understand something in fashion.

For guys of romantics, the perfect haircut will be a pompadour hairstyle and an underrun with a hair back hair. For active boys athletes, such short haircuts for boys as a hedgehog, Canadian and tennis will undoubtedly suit.

The most popular haircuts for boys 2019-2020

I would like to highlight several options for modern haircuts for boys, which would be suitable for both a two-year-old boy and boys of more mature age.

Probably everyone is familiar with a samurai-style haircut with a tuft on top. This hairstyle has become very popular among boys of different age types. An unusual boy's hairstyle with a tail looks most advantageous on dark straight hair.

Hairstyles for boys with side parting are very beautiful and neat, from which not only moms are delighted, but also young girls, are also universal for boys of any age category.

The above-mentioned haircut for a boy with a shaven pattern and a pattern that can be made at any age, and with any type of hair, can add individuality.

In principle, on short-cropped hair, you can shave any pattern, ranging from clear lines, ornament, to a complex pattern or symbols, which, for example, are associated with your favorite characters.

How to choose a haircut for a boy that matches the style of your heir, we hope you will be helped by our photo selection of the best ideas for children's hairstyles for boys 2019-2020.

Inspire, save, consult with your baby and sign up for a master who will help create a stunning image for your son.

The most fashionable haircuts for teen boys - photos

In this section appear slightly different, more spectacular, and some scandalous hairstyles for teenagers in 2017.

Fashionable haircuts for teens in the form of a cap are made with different designs bangs:
• With side bangs
• With a gradual transition of the length of the curls from the crown to the back of the head
• With the same length of the strands in the bangs and temples and their gradual elongation in the back of the head.
The classic hairstyle is that the strands of the lower part of the neck completely cut off the machine. The hair of the parietal zone is trimmed by applying a curl to the curl. Strands bangs are the same length as the rest of the hair.

Bob haircut for boys is the perfect haircut that gives shape to a hairstyle and does not get rid of hair length.

Bob - bob is similar to Bob's haircut, it looks somewhat longer, besides it is diluted with a cascade. Therefore, the image becomes more impressive and expressive.

Casual - these are casual men's hairstyles with bangs. They look fresh and relevant. It is worth mentioning Canadian haircut. It is more than a universal option for men's hairstyles and is suitable for those who keep up with fashion. Performs haircut on soft and docile hair. The hairstyle is universal and will suit both the boy, the young man, and the elderly man.

Such teen haircuts for boys can include amazing stencil patterns that exactly complement the image with their uniqueness.

When choosing a hairstyle, pay attention to the nature of the child. For example, the latest haircut itself suggests a certain inconsistency and boldness in the character of the boy.

Creative teen haircuts for boys

The word creativity means a kind of departure from the standards. Therefore, haircuts are made with asymmetry of the front and back of the hairstyle. Strands can be of different lengths, and scattered in a chaotic manner.
But, the asymmetry in the hair always requires care and styling. Therefore, think about how ready you and your child are to constantly clean up their heads with mousses, gels and varnish.

The haircut under the pot is characterized by long upper curls and the shortest possible lower strands. Curly hair will not be able to emphasize all the brevity of this hairstyle.

It’s not worth talking about dreadlocks, everything is simple and transparent here. These are matted hair that is formed naturally or artificially. Quite a decisive step, because getting rid of this hairstyle is possible only by cutting off the strands.

Fashionable haircuts for teen boys according to age

We give some tips on choosing hairstyles, depending on the boy's age. So, adolescence (adolescence) - the period of ontogenesis (from 11-12 to 15-16 years), corresponding to the beginning of the transition from childhood to adolescence.The child begins to perceive the world differently and his tastes change drastically. We remind you that this is a school age and not all of the above hairstyles are within the limits of what is permitted. Therefore, if you have a strict educational institution, then the best option is a simple short model haircut with a neat edging. It will emphasize the shape of the head and give it a well-groomed appearance, or in another way, the appearance of a diligent student.

The second version of the new-fashioned hairstyle is the Hedgehog, which we talked about above. She is positioning short hair on the back of her head and temples, and longer hair is on her teme. A haircut will never go out of fashion, because it is comfortable and easy to wear. Also, if you make a small slide, then it looks quite harmonious. With this hairstyle is comfortable at any time of the year, because it can be laid in various ways:
1. Classic look. Short strands - a good image!
2. Hairstyle bobrik. The teme is cut off in the form of a pad, and the hair on the sides and the back of the head is almost completely shaved off.
3. Hair Style Tennis. An analogue of the classic version, but with longer hair.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the name of the haircut can be one, but it is done in a completely unique way. New season and new year completely abandoned elongated bangs, leaving only the length just below the eyebrows.

Although torn strands will always lead, because they are quite textured and use styling tools to diversify the look.

Haircuts for teenagers boys with shaved temples

One of the winners of 2017 became fashionable haircuts with shaved temples. Short hair at the temples gradually passes into the ear zone, in a longer format. The maximum length of the curls remains on the temechke. As a decor, the back of the head is decorated with patterns or symbols. To be stylish and spectacular, you need to not only correctly pick up your hair, but also fix it correctly. If the curls reach 6 cm, then you need to know the actual ways of laying.

Fashionable haircuts for teenage boys tend to be modified and adapted to a particular type. Therefore, coming to a beauty salon does not necessarily make haircut strictly under the template. It is necessary to add a little imagination and modify the hairstyle so much that the master, you and the most important child will be satisfied as well. It is important not to overdo it and not to succumb to pressure and manipulation by a teenager. Otherwise, at the end, it may turn out to be a spectacular and stylish hairstyle, but not at all suitable, for example, for training activities.

Fashion trends

Hairstyles “under the pot” or “half box” gradually leave the catalog of fashionable haircuts for children. The boy’s parents have a wide choice of how to cut the baby this time. Create a unique image of the baby easily. Especially if his parents know everything and a little more about fashion trends.

In 2017, there are no restrictions on the length. For a boy, you can choose any hairstyle with ultrashort or medium length.

The main trend of this year is clear lines. They visually divide the hair on the top and bottom. Popular and asymmetry. Oblique edge - a distinctive feature of all fashionable haircuts. It is easy to meet in girls and women, and in boys and men.

Very unusual look hairstyles. With a flick of the wrist based on a regular haircut, they create an incredibly stylish, chic look. Asymmetry is easily corrected if desired. To do this, experiment with the parting. Thanks to this trick bang will be less stand out.

When choosing a haircut, consider the structure of the hair mod. Not all boys are suitable hairstyles with which their parents would like to see them.

It is not necessary to teach a child from early childhood to use styling products. The first time is to do without them. Let the mod use lacquers and mousses only in the most extreme cases.

Good to know

Trendy hairstyles for boys suggest the abandonment of long bangs in 2017. Look at the photo. This is a stylish modern bang. She drops slightly below the eyebrows. Of the benefits - it does not fall on the eyes. So, the vision of a young man is completely safe.

Bangs may be torn. If you want something new, ask your son to comb his hair upstairs. So it will look like the hero of fashion magazines.

Another trend - shaved whiskey. They noticeably transform the face. The focus is on the oval. But from large sideburns should be abandoned. They noticeably weigh down the face.

Hairstyles for the smallest

Some mothers adhere to the erroneous opinion that it is possible to cut a child no earlier than a year. And after a year - the shortest hairstyle so that the hair grows better. This is a misconception. You can give your hair the desired shape before the year.

Classic hairstyles - "garcon" and "Caesar." Also worth a look at the options with an extended bang. Don't forget, everything has a limit. Including bangs. Once again, it’s not worth doing too much. Fashion trends contradict this.

Young owners of curls fit shortened four of a kind. The kid looks incredibly cute with him. Moreover, it resembles a real angel.

For the youngest fit haircut "pompadour." It is worn by many adult guys. Even movie heroes prefer pompadur. Why not give the boy the opportunity to inherit his idol in appearance.

What else looks interesting on young gentlemen? It can be shortened temples and the back of the head. Equal parting or combed back hair - the choice is very wide.

From the very same look identical fashionable hairstyles for children and the father. Pick up something for the boy and dad so that the haircut emphasizes exceptionally attractive features. In 2017, the choice of models is quite wide. By the way, in fashion magazines you can often see photos where father and son are not only trimmed in the same way, but equally dressed.

School Pants

Junior schoolchildren still easy to please. But as soon as the child grows up a bit, parents will have to wrestle with their head for a long time in order for their son to make such an offer so that he is satisfied. At the age of 6-9 years many haircuts will suit the boys from those that are usually worn by adult men.

One option is to experiment with length or styling. Still remains popular "pompadour." Also goes to the forefront of "Canadian". All of them are suitable for young gentlemen who prefer to spend their free time playing quiet games. For scamps who like to run and indulge, it is worth picking up something else. For example, boxing. During games, the hair will not climb the child's eyes. And he will not have to constantly correct them.

It seems to you that boxing is a relic of the past, in which there is nothing original? In fact - it is not. It can be made original. To do this, ask the hairdresser to choose a pattern or pattern. The guy will definitely be pleased. Especially fashionable look hairstyles for boys with stripes. The photo shows several variations on how the master will be able to choose strips on his head. In 2017, even the whole lettering is shaved from the hair. Everything depends solely on the taste and imagination of the parents or the child himself, if the adults trust him with the choice of hairstyle.

Shaved parts are combined with an undercut haircut. One of the most daring options is a mohawk. However, the school dress code may be too strict for such experiments with appearance. Perhaps the mohawk should be left for the next summer break. My son will be able to pass for the main mod of the yard. And over the summer, his hair will grow back, and he will go to school next fall as the most diligent student.

Do not make haircuts below shoulder length. It will not suit everyone. Plus, the hair will have to be very carefully looked after. And for a young man at such a young age, this can be a real problem. It is better to stay at something shorter. But not necessarily "ultra."

Hairstyles for teenagers

To please a teenager is the most difficult. Do not give your son a recommendation on how he should look. Let the guy choose his style for himself. It may be worthwhile to give him a small farewell if the teenager goes to the hairdresser himself.

Especially popular is fashionable hairstyle a la Justin Bieber. In 2017, she continues to occupy a leading position in the top "for boys". In the photo you can see how the hairstyle looks on ordinary guys. This is combed up hair of medium length. Another Bieber haircut is short hair. The latter option is worth considering the owners of fine hair. Zachy back - for those who have strands literally puff health.

Romantic natures should choose for themselves "pompadour". Looks good and "underkat" with stripe back. Those adolescents who decide to associate their lives with sports will benefit from “Canadian”, “Hedgehog”, “Tennis”.

What is the "Canadian"?

Note that this cut is preferred by many Russian and foreign athletes, including football players. The athlete guy will probably want to be a bit like one of his idols. This will help him a hairdresser.

"Canadian" is good because it is easy to make a variety of styling based on it. The strands are long enough for the mohawk to show off. As an option - to lay her hair in a classic style. For family celebrations or school holidays is the best choice.

Fashionable hair "Canadian" is suitable for boys of all ages, ranging from 7-12 years old and older. In 2017, younger students can afford it. If the length of the hair allows you to have a haircut that way, why not take a chance.

Incredibly stylish looks "Canadian" with curly hair. The photo shows the guys with the "Canadian", whose hair is curled by nature. When the guy grows up, he will be able to curl his own hair to look even more attractive. Girls especially like curly boys.

Full curls in the "Canadian" remain in the upper part. On the sides of the strands are removed. Of the benefits - hair for a long time retains its shape. They definitely won't crumble.

Hairstyles with shaved lines

Shaved lines like everything from young to old. In school yards, you can often see guys with shaved temples or whole compositions. The administration, as a rule, has nothing against such haircuts. If you are not sure how a teacher will react to a child, ask a representative of the school administration.

Sometimes hairdressers resort to asymmetry. In this case, only one side is shortened, where the drawing is made.

Especially the boy will like the shaved symbol on his head, owned by a football club, for which he is a fan.

How to choose a haircut for a child

There are several rules that help to choose a hairstyle for a boy:

  1. Bangs should be short so as not to interfere with play, do not climb into the eyes. If the child wants to leave a long bang, then he needs to explain why this can not be done. If the hair will constantly climb into the eyes or close the horizon, then over time, diseases associated with the visual apparatus will settle in the fragile children's organism.
  2. Laying should emphasize the personal data of the child. Trim the hair should be given the shape of the face, the individual characteristics of the structure of the head. When shaping the hairstyle, the hairdresser must take into account the hair structure.
  3. The main rule on which it is necessary to rely when choosing a hairstyle is interest. Haircut should be like a child, otherwise it will not cause joy. If the child is proud of his hairstyle, it gives him confidence.

Recommendations for choosing a fashionable haircut for boys:

  • focus on the age of the boy - for the youngest the best option is the most simple, classic haircut. Hair should be short. Excessive long strands can fall on the eyes, interfere with the game and even lead to a deterioration of vision, which is still formed at a young age. For older children, you can choose models with varying degrees of length, asymmetry. Such haircuts emphasize the style and personality of the child,

  • If the hairstyle involves the presence of bangs, then you should choose models of short length. Such a haircut will not create interference during study and reading. Long bangs can cause diseases of the visual apparatus,
  • the boy’s personal data should also be taken into account - the shape of the face, the structure of the hair,
  • pay attention to the child's tastes - he should be proud of his haircut, and not “wear” what the parents have chosen,
  • Modern fashionable hairdressing trend is the choice of hairstyle with a visual separation of the side and top parts. Such hairstyles differ shortened temples with a long crown.

Canadian - leading in popularity haircut

Young boys tend to imitate adults in everything. Hair is no exception. Canadian allows you to create almost any design where you can choose both classic models and haircuts with Iroquois. It looks especially stylish on curly hair, although it looks immaculate on straight strands.

The hairstyle keeps its shape well and does not crumble. The secret is that in the upper part of the head the curls are not cut, thanks to which full curls remain. But in the lower part of the hair is removed. Therefore, the hairstyle retains an intricate shape, and not “crumbles”, as happens in the case of cutting a curl in half.

No less popular version of the Canadian is hairy whiff. The second name of the haircut is "false mohawk". The peculiarity of the model is that the strands are purposely laid up, and the shortened neck and temples emphasize the contrast of length.

This model enjoys enviable popularity due to its versatility. It is suitable for any type of face and hair structure. Top haircut creates the illusion of volume. It looks good even on rare strands. However, it is worth remembering about the hair color, which in the case of brunettes emphasizes the transition length. On light and fair-haired strands, the Canadian does not look so contrasted.

Models with shaved temples

Baby haircuts for boys with an emphasis on whiskey touched all ages - from kids to schoolchildren. This model allows you to emphasize the originality and select the child from the crowd, as the number of shaved shapes and figures has dozens of options. Here and classically stripes, and lightning, and zigzags, and double geometric shapes.

The stylist can give free rein to the fantasy by creating a real hairdresser's masterpiece. The temples may have shaved the emblem of a superhero or the silhouette of an animal. According to its texture, the haircut resembles a Canadian - a high top with short temples and a nape. The fashion trend of 2016 is asymmetry, when only one part of the temple is shortened.

This haircut allows you to create a unique styling, making out in detail the forehead of the child. It is recommended to remove the main part of the strands on its side, focusing on the figured design of the temples.

A variation of the model is the shaved back of the head, where the uniform design of the lower part is provided, asymmetry is not welcome here. A zone for creativity is all space, except the crown. Such models are recommended for older boys from 12 years. The hairstyle is very comfortable, it does not need additional styling, while increased attention is guaranteed.

Halfbox - non-replaceable classic

Fans of a more restrained and conservative style can also remain in trend this year, since the halfboxing hairstyle does not leave its well-deserved fashion pedestal.The structure of the hairstyle is quite simple - elongated strands from the forehead to the top of the head are combined with short hair at the temples.

Stylists recommend supplementing the haircut with proper styling. To do this, make a deep side parting. But pull the waves, on the contrary, should not be. Easy negligence gives the hairstyle a special charm.

A half-box is a rather short haircut, which is why adherents of convenience in style love it. The classic model is also universal, it looks advantageous on both wavy and straight curls.

Children's haircuts for boys in a classic style are presented and hairstyle hair. The model provides for longer strands in the center of the head. The length of the temples is regulated by the client's request. Haircut looks great and without the presence of styling, but removing the hair a little up and to the side, you will give the image of the child a special highlight.

Win-win options for boys haircuts:

  1. cap - hairstyle is more suitable for owners of wavy hair, although it shines perfectly on obedient straight strands. The model creates a bright contrast between the length of the curls at the top and bottom of the head,
  2. casual - hairstyle for elongated hair, which neatly draws the back of the head. Hairstyle is popular due to the fact that it remains very stylish with all its simplicity. The haircut is characterized by disheveled strands, which are so appropriate to the word "childhood". Everyday haircut is designed for babies whose hair can curl depending on the weather. The crumbly texture allows you to hide a slight mess
  3. highlighted strands - a kind of everyday haircut, where emphasis is put on some areas of hair. An example of a successful haircut in this style is gavrosh with styling forward. Haircut is a compromise between the formal school requirements for appearance and the active character of the boy,
  4. bob hairstyle - the model has elongated temples and fluffy bangs. The hairstyle is suitable for the majority of ovals of the person, is among universal.

In the sport - only boys

Young age is a time of activity and entertainment, so the hairstyle should correspond to the enthusiasm of the restless. One of the "sport" models is cascade. Children's haircuts for boys provide a multi-level structure, creating a free and at the same time stylish image.

Curls have the appearance of steps, look good in the folded state, does not spoil the hair and the light mess that is formed during the games. Especially popular this year is the variation with oblique bangs. The hairstyle creates a dynamic image, fits well on any hair structure and is very popular with children.

Double quads - Another haircut that belongs to the category of "sports". The model is more suitable for owners of straight and docile hair. Haircut is often chosen by famous footballers whom children so eagerly imitate.

Caesar hairstyle also popular this year. It provides for short hair, no longer than 2 cm and a short bang. As a styling, it is necessary to gently comb the curls forward using fixation tools.

Pot - simple, but at the same time stylish haircut for a boy. It is recommended to choose a model for owners of straight hair, well-supported form.

Other sports variations:

  • beaver - hair is shortly removed from the neck and temporal lobes, while the top of the head remains more elongated. Hair is cut short, do not need styling,
  • Hedgehog - perhaps the most relevant and practical hairstyle for a baby, but to create it you must have a skull of the correct shape, otherwise the model may look ridiculous. Also, the hairstyle needs regular updating, otherwise the regrown strands will look sloppy,
  • tennis - a combination of elongated curls with a "hedgehog" in the remaining parts of the head.

Tip: children's haircuts for boys should correspond to the fashion trends of the current season, namely: strands lifted from the roots, bangs laid up, side parting, imitation of vortices.

Baby haircuts for boys at home

Hairstyles under the machine are simple and practical design of hair by hand. Such a haircut will reduce the number of visits to the hairdresser, perfectly suited for restless boys. In addition, many children do not like visits to salons, but the creation of hair in a homely atmosphere among loved ones will only bring pleasure.

  1. select the length of the hairstyle and, based on this, set the nozzle on the machine,
  2. creating a haircut begins with the frontal zone, move the stripes. The first stroke is recommended to make along the contour of the head, then the movements are carried out along the left edge, then - the transition to the right. After each movement of the machine should be slightly combed curls in the direction of their growth,
  3. clipping of the occipital zone should be done very carefully so as not to damage the auricle. It is recommended to hold them with your free hand, protecting them from potential threats.
  4. bangs, temples and neck need to create a border. Remove the teeth from the machine and walk through the hair, it will give the locks the desired shape. The preferred options for the season 2016 are round and triangular
  5. View the result. Make sure that there are no “antennas” on the hair. If the strands are still knocked out of the overall picture, they must be cut with scissors.

Classic hairstyle do it yourself

The classics is relevant for all ages, in addition, this hairstyle is very easy to perform and will be “in the teeth” even for moms with minimal barber experience:

  • sprinkle the strands with water and comb in the direction of growth,
  • We use the technique of information "to no" when cutting the temporal and occipital parts. As a result, we get long curls at the top,
  • create the edging of the head,
  • we cut the upper part of the head - we make the central parting, select the control curls and cut them to the desired length,
  • focusing on the control strands, cut off the remaining hair,
  • curls must be cut at an angle to achieve the effect of a soft transition,
  • The final stage is the thinning of the surface of the hair.

Children's haircuts for boys are colorful and varied. You can confidently choose the model that will fit the character and lifestyle of your child.

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