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How Heparin Wrinkle Ointment is Used

Before you decide to use heparin ointment in the fight against wrinkles, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the drug and find out what it is intended for.

Active ingredients of the drug:

As auxiliary substances ointment contains:

  • paraffin,
  • oil (sunflower or peach),
  • glycerol,
  • stearic acid,
  • propyl parahydro-xibenzoate,
  • emulsifier No. 1,
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate,
  • purified water.

Included in the preparation of additional components may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Pharmacological properties

Heparin ointment is ranked as a group of anticoagulants - drugs that reduce blood clotting and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Active ingredients:

  • blocking inflammatory processes,
  • provide antithrombotic effect
  • expand the surface vessels (which increases the absorbability of active substances),
  • reduce blood clotting,
  • smooth pain.

Indications and Contraindications

The ointment is used for external use in the treatment of:

  • postinjection and postinfusion phlebitis,
  • external hemorrhoids and inflammations of postpartum hemorrhoids,
  • elephant hair
  • thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins (including for the prevention of disease),
  • lymphangitis,
  • localized edema
  • injuries and bruises, subcutaneous hematoma,
  • superficial mastitis
  • periflebity,
  • trophic ulcers of the leg.

To resort to drug therapy is not recommended for:

  • individual intolerance,
  • skin lesions
  • ulcerative-necrotic processes.

The simultaneous use of ointment with tetracyclines, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines is prohibited.

Position of supporters of the method

Sources recommending the use of ointment in the fight against wrinkles do not provide conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of the remedy. It is said only that due to the blood thinning and expansion of the surface vessels, the nourishment of skin cells is enhanced and the regeneration processes are accelerated. But how does this help smooth out wrinkles?

Supporters of the ointment make special emphasis on the action of the excipients contained in the product: glycerin and peach oil. Yes, these components can really prevent dry skin and saturate the epidermis with vitamins, but their concentration in the composition of the drug is negligible. Is it not better to buy a bottle of peach oil and use it in its pure form?

Opinion beauticians

According to cosmetologists, the use of heparin ointment in the fight against wrinkles can be not only meaningless, but also dangerous. Below are the arguments of experts.

  • The drug is not intended for facial skin. Having a dense texture, the ointment clogs the pores, its use can cause black spots - comedones.
  • The use of the drug can make the walls of the vessels of the face more thin and fragile and lead to the development of rosacea.
  • The substances contained in the ointment, can not smooth out wrinkles.

The method of application of heparin ointment against wrinkles from the standpoint of common sense

Supporters of the method recommend applying ointment on the face 1-2 times per day. The frequency of use and duration of use are not specified. Someone writes that during the month she uses the ointment, someone puts it only from time to time, as necessary. To any sensible person this will seem rather doubtful:

  • according to the instructions, therapy with heparin ointment should not exceed 5–7 days, after which you should consult with your doctor (not to mention the fact that prolonged application of body ointment to the face may adversely affect the condition of the skin),
  • the effectiveness of the periodic use of the drug also does not inspire confidence because it contains no components that can smooth wrinkles.

However, even those sources that position heparin ointment as an “affordable, effective and easy-to-use anti-wrinkle remedy,” recommend using an allergic test before use. Apply a little of the drug on the elbow bend and wait a day: undesirable manifestations (dryness, irritation, burning, etc.) should not be, otherwise the use of the product should be abandoned.

Heparin ointment smeared on wrinkles. Horror! All red face bakes terribly, the effect is zero!

a guest

The girls came up with themselves that the ointment perfectly helps to cope with facial wrinkles, namely in the area under the eyes. This myth and goes on the Internet. I do not know who is writing laudatory reviews about the ointment in this particular direction. So I can not say anything good, because the ointment is not intended to remove wrinkles, and do not need to apply it in this industry. Ointment in this case can only harm. Under the eyes, the skin is very delicate, because even many creams are contraindicated for application under the eyes. And what can we say about the ointment, which expands the vessels and penetrates the skin, anesthetizes. These are not the effects that are needed to remove wrinkles. I still ventured to apply ointment under the eyes. The benefit caused very little money. Immediately felt like the skin begins to pinch a little and even burn. After that went irritation, redness. I realized that something was wrong, because I immediately went to wash to wash the ointment. But it was not so easy. Ointment did not want to wash off and the redness did not pass. I had only to endure until such an effect passes. This lasted for about 15–20 minutes, then gradually the reaction passed. Anointed the area under the eyes with a baby cream to remove redness. The next morning, everything went, to my great happiness. I didn’t try to apply Heparin ointment under my eyes again, as it was enough once.


How to deal with wrinkles, everyone chooses. However, when deciding to use hemorrhoids and thrombophlebitis ointment in facial care, you need to be aware of the risks to the health and beauty of the skin.

Features of Heparin Wrinkle Ointment

Heparin wrinkle ointment is a natural remedy that has a complex effect on the skin cells. The drug is therapeutic, included in the group of anticoagulants that contribute to the rapid resorption of bruises, hematomas, blood clots, vascular "stars" and "nets." Due to its properties, wrinkles on the skin, if not smoothed, then become less noticeable.

You can apply even during pregnancy, but it is important to observe the dosage, and the course is only 5 days, while for women outside the position it is 10 days.

What helps, how does heparin from wrinkles

Heparin ointment helps solve the following problems:

  • swelling of the subcutaneous and soft tissues,
  • slow metabolism and regeneration,
  • insufficient supply of derma cells with oxygen, nutrients,
  • slow blood circulation through the vessels
  • the presence of blood clots or a high probability of their formation.

Additionally, the drug has an unexpressed analgesic effect and anti-inflammatory. If we consider the effect of heparin against wrinkles, then the following properties stand out:

  • dilation of blood vessels - blood circulation is improved in small capillaries,
  • activation of the regeneration and metabolic process at the cellular level,
  • elimination of puffiness and bruises around the eyes,
  • inhibition of the aging process.

Due to the fact that the composition of the drug has glycerin, there is a deep hydration of the skin. This directly affects the number and depth of wrinkles, the elasticity and firmness of the dermis.

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Pros and cons of applying wrinkles under the eyes

The use of heparin from wrinkles under the eyes has its drawbacks - allergy symptoms may appear (the skin around the eyes is overly sensitive), the probability of the formation of strong edema specifically on the eyelids. But there are much more advantages from such a rejuvenation procedure:

  • high efficiency - it is considered that in order to get positive results it is enough to treat the skin with an ointment for 10 days,
  • parallel to the rejuvenation, the color of the epidermis is restored - pigment spots, "bruises" under the eyes will become less pronounced or completely invisible,
  • small wrinkles (“crows feet”) disappear, deep folds become less noticeable.

How to apply anti-wrinkle

Proper use of the anti-wrinkle drug is a guarantee of success in the process of rejuvenation, and it should be started with a simple test for sensitivity to Eparin ointment: apply a minimum amount of the product onto the skin from the inside of the wrist or elbow bend and wait 5-15 minutes. If there is a growing burning sensation, redness of the dermis, small rashes and / or itching, then you will need to refuse to use the product in cosmetology.

If the test is negative, then further actions on the application of wrinkles should correspond to the algorithm:

  1. To clear face skin from decorative cosmetics, dust and dirt. This can be done by washing with soap / gel, cosmetic milk or micellar water.
  2. Heparin ointment in the amount of pea applied to the fingertips, slightly distributed over them. Apply the ointment to the skin of the face with gentle patting movements, you can slightly rub it into the epidermis, but without application of force. At this stage takes 3-5 minutes.
  3. A thin layer of ointment remains on the face until completely absorbed. After 10-15 minutes, the excess is removed with a napkin.

Is it always possible to smear the face

It is not always and not all possible to smear the face with Heparin ointment, there are a number of contraindications to the use of this drug:

  • violations in the blood clotting system,
  • excessive sensitivity or intolerance ointment, the individual components of its composition,
  • any wounds / damages on the face - scratches, abrasions, opened and unhealed acne.

To avoid unpleasant consequences after conducting a course of anti-aging procedures with Heparin ointment, it is highly advisable to consult about the feasibility of manipulations with a cosmetologist or a dermatologist.

See this video on how to apply Heparin ointment to the eye area from wrinkles:

Features of use for eyelids

Cosmetologists categorically do not recommend the use of Heparin ointment for the eyelids, because it can lead to the formation of strong edema, the development of allergic conjunctivitis. And it is necessary to process the area around the eyes only along the eye line. If the skin in this place is overly sensitive, then it is necessary to dilute the drug with the usual eye cream or moisturizing in a ratio of 1: 3, respectively.

Side Effects of Heparin Facial Ointment

The use of Heparin ointment for the face can cause side effects:

  • reduction in the sensitivity of the epidermis,
  • itch
  • burning,
  • classic manifestations of allergies - small rashes, redness of the skin.
Hyperemia and itching around the eyes

If at least one of the signs takes place, then you need to stop the procedure and seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist. The doctor is likely to prescribe antihistamine drugs to quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms and select a more suitable drug for rejuvenation.

Why sting your face

The face is stinging after applying Heparin ointment because the epidermis is affected by the ester of nicotinic acid and benzyl alcohol. These components are actively used in cosmetology, they maximally dilate small blood vessels and significantly accelerate blood flow in them.

Such a reaction of the body is natural, disappears literally 1-2 minutes after applying the drug. If the burning sensation persists for a longer time, then this is a pronounced side effect - you need to stop the procedure.

Other uses of Heparin ointment in cosmetology

Heparin ointment in cosmetology is used not only for rejuvenation and not always in a “pure” form. Experts recommend using it:

  • eliminate swelling and bruising
  • solve acne problem
  • prepare multi-component masks to improve skin elasticity and elasticity.

When to use as a cosmetic

Heparin ointment as a cosmetic can be used for any dermatological problems that are associated with age-related changes. Carry out caring manipulations regularly, you can get rid of:

  • overly extended pores
  • enhanced pigmentation (dotted or extensive),
  • grayish skin on the face,
  • mimic wrinkles.

But cosmetologists warn that the drug in question will help only if the listed problems are not of a pathological nature - pigmentation is associated only with the woman’s age, an unpleasant color - with the extinction of metabolic and regenerative processes, and so on.

Instructions for use for the face

If Heparin ointment is used to eliminate the wrinkles on the face, then you need to follow the instructions:

  • the preparation is applied only on cleansed skin,
  • per day you need to make 2 application - in the morning and in the evening,
  • it is necessary to wait until the ointment is completely absorbed, it may take 10-20 minutes,
  • "Heparink" is applied with a thin layer, it is better to do it with light tapping and rubbing with the tips of your fingers.

From bruises, edemas

For bruises and edemas Heparin ointment is used only once a day, and it is better to do it in the evening. Apply the product locally - specifically to those places where there are problems. Most often this is the area around the eyes, so you need to remember about the inadmissibility of the drug on the eyelids and mucous membranes.

The treatment will require the minimum amount of ointment - the size of a pea, which is distributed over the surface of the thinnest layer. If the procedure is performed against edemas and bruises, then it is not necessary to drive in or rub down the “heparink” - it is enough to perform several stroking movements.

The first positive results of the manipulation can be assessed only after 5 days of regular holding, but after 2-5 days you need to take a break for 1 month.

Heparic acid does not cure swelling and bruising, it only makes them less visible. If a similar cosmetic problem is associated with pathologies of internal organs and systems (kidney, cardiovascular), then full therapy cannot be done.

Apply the drug directly on a pimple or acne, a day you need to perform 3-5 such manipulations, the layer becomes thin. First, the problem area will acquire a healthy color - the inflammatory process is stopped, the redness will disappear. Then the pimple / eel will begin to dry out, a small crust may form on it - it cannot be removed forcibly, just in a day there will be no trace of it.

The whole process can take 5-7 days - the problem will disappear, there will be no scar or scar on the spot of the pimple / eel.

Heparin ointment can be used against acne and acne, but only if it is an exclusively dermatological problem. If the rash is the result of progressive diseases of the liver, kidneys, organs of the gastrointestinal tract or hormonal disorders, even temporarily hide them will not succeed.

Mask for the face

Face masks with Heparin ointment are used for rejuvenation:

  • With cottage cheese. Low-fat cottage cheese and “heparink” are mixed in the same quantities, pounded until the lumps disappear.The mask is applied to the skin with a thin layer and remains there for 20 minutes. Then you need to wash everything off with warm water without using soap and blot with a towel.
  • This mask can be used on a daily basis, it makes the skin deeply moisturized and is suitable even for an overly sensitive dermis with scaling, a tendency to inflammation, rashes.
  • With moisturizer. In 1 teaspoon of the usual moisturizer need to add ¼ teaspoon of the drug, mix everything thoroughly. Use this mass in the usual way - it can be applied in the morning and evening, but it should be borne in mind that it will take more time to fully absorb the cream.

If for rejuvenation Heparin ointment is used as one of the components of the mask, then the care can be carried out continuously, without interruption for a month. For a dry type of derma, 2-3 drops of cosmetic peach oil can be added to the masks, which will soothe the skin, make it more moisturized, and eliminate peeling.

How to apply Heparin Cream

Heparin cream is applied with your fingertips, because you need to slightly “drive” the drug into the epidermis. If you use a mask of cottage cheese with ointment in the treatment, you can use the spatula, because to achieve the desired result, simply put the mass on the previously cleansed skin.

What do doctors and cosmetologists think

Doctors and cosmetologists are skeptical about the use of drugs "not on purpose", although they do not deny the effectiveness of Heparin ointment against wrinkles. They give the following recommendations:

  • Before starting a course of rejuvenation, consult a doctor and get information about the condition of the skin, the feasibility of such manipulations,
  • in parallel with the procedures, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes - the effectiveness of “heparinka” will increase many times,
  • categorically prevent the drug from getting on the mucous membranes - the rapid development of inflammatory processes (for example, conjunctivitis on the eyes) is possible,
  • after each application of the ointment, assess your sensations and the appearance of the dermis — reddening, burning, itching that is suddenly indicative of the onset of allergy.

Alternative ointment for wrinkles under the eyes

From wrinkles under the eyes, you can use not only Heparin ointment, but also other, alternative means:

  • Hepatrombin - sold in the form of cream and gel, has the same effect, but its value is many times more,
  • Lioton - gel, the concentration of heparin is many times greater, can be used against wrinkles, but only with the obligatory consultation of a cosmetologist-dermatologist,
  • Heparin 1000 - there are practically no contraindications, it can be used at any age and condition (pregnancy, breastfeeding), it helps especially well in the fight against edema and bruises under the eyes.

And here more about how to choose a cream of rosacea.

Heparin ointment costs only 30 rubles, but can provide excellent results as a cosmetic. If you apply it in courses and with a preliminary check on the adequacy of perception by the body, then side effects can be avoided and at the same time suspend the aging process.

Beautician Reviews

Cosmeticians, paying tribute to the healing properties of heparin ointment, as a rule, have a negative attitude to the use of this tool for cosmetic purposes.

Christina: “Do not try to save on your appearance. Heparin ointment is a good remedy for bruises, but trying to get rid of wrinkles with it is still not worth it. ”

Alina: “If heparin ointment really smoothed the skin and improved the complexion, there would be no peelings, no fillers, or botulinum toxin injections. In fact, this tool can only help to remove the bruise under the eye. "

Oleg: “The effect of the use of heparin ointment in the form of skin irritation seems to me very doubtful. If you want to achieve a really noticeable result - contact a professional cosmetologist and use cosmetics, rather than cheap ointment for varicose veins. ”

Recipe 1 (with anti-aging cream)

For 1 dessert spoon of your usual anti-aging cream take quite a bit of heparin ointment: no more than a pea. Mix these ingredients and gently rub the resulting mass into the skin of the face. After 15 minutes, remove the rest of the cream with a paper napkin.

According to this recipe, heparin ointment is applied for a week, then a week-long break is taken, after which the treatment is repeated.

Recipe 2 (from dark circles around the eyes)

Treat the upper and lower eyelids with any alcohol-free lotion and apply a very thin layer of heparin ointment on them. Half an hour later, gently wash the ointment with a cotton pad moistened with warm water.

The procedure is carried out at night for 2-3 weeks.

Squeeze a heparin ointment into the faience bowl - no larger pea. Mix with 1 drop of peach oil or grape seed oil and apply on wrinkled skin under the eyes. 5-10 minutes later, wash everything off.

Perform this procedure 2 times a week.

All these recipes have been tested several times and gave an excellent result.

What to do if your face turns red

Occasionally, during treatment with heparin ointment, a negative reaction may occur from the body, expressed as redness and a strong burning sensation. In this case, the use of the drug should immediately stop, wash it off with a soft sponge and soap (it best cleans the skin from ointment residues), and then rinse thoroughly with plenty of cool water. Alcohol containing preparations are not used to neutralize the effect of the ointment!

If after 4-6 hours the discomfort and redness do not become less, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

How to remove redness from heparin ointment

Redness that has occurred during the use of heparin ointment can be removed by taking tablets of antihistamines, as well as local effects - for example, decoction of medicinal plants (chamomile, calendula).

In the case of a severe allergic reaction, it may be necessary to use injectable desensitizing drugs and glucocorticoids.

The best ointment for wrinkles under the eyes

With the help of heparin ointment, you can quickly get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. To do this, use the so-called heparin compress.

Cut a cotton pad in half, apply a thin layer of heparin ointment to each half, apply to the skin under the eyes and hold for 15 to 20 minutes.

Continue the treatment for a week, then take a 30-day break and, if necessary, repeat the treatment. It is not recommended to use the drug without interruption, as this may cause increased edema, irritation and allergies.

Contraindications to heparin ointment for use on the face

Heparin ointment, like all drugs, has a number of contraindications. Fortunately, there are not many of them, and they are far from all.

This remedy is contraindicated if a person has:

  • low platelet count
  • reduced blood clotting,
  • allergy to components of heparin ointment,
  • open face wounds,
  • purulent processes.

Do not use the drug in the following cases:

  • while taking blood thinners and vasodilators,
  • if you are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • if you are undergoing antimicrobial treatment,
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • during menstruation,
  • with rosacea.

In addition, you should pay attention to the side effects of this drug: itching, urticaria and dermatitis. If during the application of heparin ointment you encounter one of these phenomena, immediately rinse the preparation with a large amount of water and soap and then refuse to use it.

If heparin ointment caused you an allergic reaction, it is dangerous to use it for your health. In this case, it is recommended to consult with a cosmetologist about the replacement of this drug with the same.

Heparin ointment can be replaced by one of the following means:

Before you apply one of these tools, be sure to check if you have an allergic reaction to them. If the sample is positive, it is recommended to refrain from using these drugs.

Having chosen heparin ointment as a cosmetic against wrinkles, do not overdo it! After a week of use, be sure to take a break, then this tool will really benefit you.

What is the purpose of heparin ointment

Heparin ointment or simply heparink, like any drug, has its intended purpose. Prescribed ointment for the treatment of bruises, bruises, resorption of hematomas, healing after injury, getting rid of varicose "stars" and hemorrhoids.

The drug is available as an ointment for external use in tubes of 10, 20, 25, 30 and 50 grams, depending on the manufacturer and dosage.

The main function of the ointment is an effective effect on blood clots, which are soon absorbed due to the influence of the components of the tool, allowing you to soothe the pain and eliminate external manifestations of injury or illness.

How to help wrinkles

As you know, the normal work of the cardiovascular system plays one of the important roles in preventing premature aging, which is why heparin ointment is actively used in the fight against wrinkles, as it positively affects the skin of the face:

  • Expansion of blood vessels - activation of blood circulation.
  • Acceleration of metabolism.
  • Active cell regeneration - skin renewal.
  • Giving elasticity and elasticity.
  • Improve skin color and tone alignment.
  • Getting rid of puffiness and bruises under the eyes.
  • Rendering anti-inflammatory action.
  • Smoothing wrinkles.
  • Align the contour of the face.
  • Slowing down the aging process.

Opinion of doctors and cosmetologists

Opinions of specialists in the field of medicine differ, as some believe that it is extremely undesirable to use a drug for other purposes, while others note that the ointment can really help in the fight against wrinkles, since problems with blood circulation and metabolism most often become the cause of their appearance. .

The ointment is not a cosmetic, so you need to use it with extreme caution.

Cosmetologists, in turn, argue that the use of only one heparin anti-wrinkle ointment is insufficient, since the tool cannot completely replace professional creams and masks. Therefore, the use of heparin will be effective only in combination with other cosmetics and procedures.

How to apply to face

It is necessary to apply heparin anti-wrinkle ointment during the week, morning and evening, preferably at lunchtime, applying a thin layer of product to the surface of the face to allow the skin to breathe.

  1. Consultation and test. Before you start using heparinka on the skin of your face, you should consult with your doctor about the state of your health and the possibility of using this drug. As a supplement, a test should be performed by smearing a thin layer of ointment on the wrist and following the response of the body. If a burning sensation has started, then the remedy should be immediately washed away, and its use in cosmetology should be discarded. If the conclusion of the doctor is positive, and there is no allergic reaction to the ointment, but you can proceed to the procedure.
  2. Cleansing. Wash off cosmetics, dirt and dust from the further treated skin area and wipe with a towel.
  3. Application We distribute a small amount of ointment (about a pea) on palms and light pats and apply to the surface of the face, periodically rubbing the product into the skin. Remove excess with a tissue.

Attention: it is forbidden to apply heparin ointment for ever - only skin around the eye line should be treated.

Tip: Especially for sensitive skin, you can prepare a mixture of conventional anti-aging cream and heparinka by mixing 1-2 tablespoons of cosmetic with one pea ointment. Such a mixture facilitates the effect of heparin ointment and reduces the risk of irritation of the skin.

Contraindications for use in cosmetology

Heparin ointment has a sufficiently intensive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, therefore it is contraindicated in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • Individual intolerance to individual components of the tool.
  • Diseases that are accompanied by poor blood clotting.
  • Bleeding
  • Scratches, wounds, ulcers, abrasions, cuts on the surface of the treated area.
  • Incompatibility with drugs taken in parallel.

Women reviews

He mixed heparin ointment with his eye cream (1: 3) and applied, as usual, in the morning and evening. After a week, fine wrinkles almost disappeared.


Bruises under the eyes became less, but this ointment did not work on wrinkles.


A little bit tingled and passed. It happens that the eye cream harness stronger. An hour later, severe edema slept noticeably, but did not pass at all. Since then, I have been safely using heparin ointment if swelling occurs on my face, 1-2 times a month.


They began to clog pores, black spots appeared, acne, like a teenager. I did not expect such a rejuvenation effect.


The use of medicinal ointments is not for their intended purpose - the question is quite controversial and does not have a clear answer. But it should be remembered that the use of any means - cosmetic or not - on the problem skin requires careful preliminary study, familiarization and testing, as well as following all the rules of application.

About the properties of miracle ointment

This drug is used exclusively externally. In medicine, heparin ointment is used to treat thrombophlebitis, thrombotic spasms, and inflammation of hemorrhoidal vessels. In other words, with the help of this ointment, hemorrhoids are perfectly treated.

What is heparin ointment in general, and how can it be used to combat wrinkles? We will try to answer all questions concerning women.

Heparin ointment is an anti-inflammatory agent that also has anticoagulant and antithrombotic action. It contains in its composition and natural anesthetics that help reduce pain during therapy. As for the cost, it is quite acceptable, and everyone can buy this tool in any pharmacy and without a prescription.

Indications for use of heparin ointment:

  • diseases of the vascular system (thickening of the blood in the large superficial veins),
  • reduction of symptoms in blockage of blood vessels (ointment is actively used for varicose veins).

When using the drug should not be absorbed "without residue", since the active ingredients - including petroleum jelly - are dense and not too well "absorbed" by the skin. The main substance that just "works" is heparin. It is in itself a very powerful anticoagulant, which is widely used in the treatment of various diseases involving thrombosis. Heparin will help reduce inflammation, relieve pain.

Also, the composition of heparin ointment includes benzyl ester of nicotinic acid and benzyl nicotinate - these funds contribute to the expansion of blood vessels. Taken together, these substances help each other — heparin enters the bloodstream faster and begins to have a healing effect.

The painless effect is provided by a substance called benzocaine. With it, heparin ointment relieves discomfort during the period of treatment and healing.

Heparin ointment in cosmetology: method of application

Every woman will certainly be interested in the question: how are hemorrhoids ointment and treatment of facial wrinkles related? And they will be right. The fact is that the unique composition of the ointment helps not only in the treatment of thrombosis and acute inflammation of the skin.

Heparin ointment also works well with bruises, quickly heals wounds, resolves seals and heals postoperative scars. The ointment increases blood circulation and is therefore able to relieve swelling. Women recommend the ointment to those who often stay up at night so that in the morning you can easily remove the puffiness of tired eyes.

In the area under the eyes and on the eyelids, heparin ointment will help smooth out wrinkles and make the skin more elastic. Increased blood circulation in these areas and at the same time a light tonic effect will make your skin fresher and remove signs of fatigue.

However, one should not forget that the ointment is not completely absorbed, and therefore it cannot be asserted that this remedy can ideally replace other cosmetic preparations of special action. Do not neglect the use of anti-aging cosmetics. Let heparin ointment be just a good addition to the complex of face skin care.

With careful and careful use of heparin ointment will also help get rid of acne, blackheads and age spots.

On the beneficial properties of heparin ointment and side effects

So, besides other beneficial effects, heparin ointment helps get rid of wrinkles. The softening and moisturizing effect of the ointment can be explained by the presence of peach oil in it.

Heparin ointment will be effective as a cosmetic mask. To do this, first add a few drops of essential oil to the ointment, apply the product to the skin of the face and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Be sure to note the contraindications to use if you are going to use heparin ointment or any other therapeutic agent for cosmetic purposes.

There may be several contraindications for the use of heparin ointment:

  • Allergic reactions, personal intolerance to the drug. It may appear as a rash, itching and mild swelling. If you find any of these symptoms after applying the ointment, stop use immediately.
  • Blood clotting In people with poor blood clotting, heparin can cause bleeding. Therefore, be extremely careful.
  • Do not use ointment during pregnancy. The reason is the same - the possible development of bleeding.
  • Sores, cuts and abrasions on the skin, scratches and ulcers too deep.

As a rule, when using the drug to reduce wrinkles and accelerate the healing of bruises, no negative effects are observed. But, of course, the main purpose of heparin ointment is treatment, not cosmetic facial treatment. Therefore, use the tool carefully and very carefully - it should not be used too often.

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