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Wheat Germ Oil for Hair

Strengthen weakened, brittle hair at home helps nourishing masks from natural ingredients. Wheat germ oil contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements needed to restore frozen bulbs and prevent dry strands from falling out. Regular use of this product protects the tips from the section, eliminates the symptoms of seborrhea, pruritus, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, exfoliation of dead cells.

Useful properties of wheat germ oil

Cosmetic means are made by a method of a cold extraction of the sprouted grains. It has a high nutritional and biological value, has a balanced composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, has a high content of vitamin E. Tocopherol has a pronounced antioxidant effect, improves blood circulation in the deep layers of the dermis, reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing, stimulates lipid and water metabolism.

Also, wheat germ oil contains β-carotene, which enhances local immunity, nourishes the scalp, slows down the aging process and the appearance of premature gray hair. B vitamins strengthen the structure and stimulate hair growth. Cholecalciferol protects the epidermis from fungal diseases, seborrhea, folliculitis, inflammation and irritation.

Nicotinic acid activates redox reactions at the cellular level, acts directly on the follicles, stimulating their growth, awakens frozen hair follicles. In the germ there is vitamin PP, which promotes cell renewal, slows down the aging process, increases the production of melanin - a pigment that gives color, shine to hair, prevents the appearance of gray hair.

Wheat oil contains a plant antioxidant, squalene, which has fungicidal, wound healing, antibacterial and immunomodulatory properties. The product is rich in macro and micronutrients, which are beneficial for nourishing hair, follicles and epidermis of the head.

Indications for use of wheat germ oil:

  • seborrhea,
  • dry, brittle, sparse hair,
  • split ends,
  • irritation, itchy skin,
  • hair restoration after drug therapy,
  • slow growth of strands
  • dull, lifeless curls,
  • protection from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays,
  • early appearance of gray hair.

Wheat germ oil for hair is used to restore the strands after dyeing, return shine and silkiness, eliminate the cut ends, as part of complex therapy for various forms of seborrhea. Contraindications to the use of cosmetics is individual intolerance to the active ingredients and the period of menstruation.

How to use oil at home?

The product has a very thick, viscous consistency, so it is not applied in its pure form. Most often it is diluted with other, lighter in composition natural oils. For example, wheat essential oil can be diluted with apricot, almond (about the properties and benefits of almond extract, read here), peach, lavender, grape seed, jojoba or orange.

The prepared composition is applied to washed, damp hair, starting from the roots. A few minutes massage the skin at the roots, then the mixture is spread over the entire length of the curls with a fine comb. Cover the head with a film and a towel, hold for 20-30 minutes, then thoroughly washed with shampoo under running water.

You can dilute the cosmetic with store hair masks at the rate of 100 ml of detergent product per 10 ml of oil. During treatment, shampoos containing silicone cannot be used for washing the head; this substance forms a film on the skin surface and makes it difficult for vitamins and useful components to penetrate.

Pure oil is used only to treat areas of redness, inflammation and flaking of the skin. To do this, do 2-3 times a day lotion to the affected area, hold a compress for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and soap.

Recipes for homemade hair care masks

1. Effective way to strengthen the dropout curls: dilute 1 teaspoon of wheat oil with the same amount of jojoba oil and add a few drops of orange essential product. The composition is rubbed into the roots 20 minutes before washing the head, the procedure is repeated 1–2 times a week, the course of treatment is 2–3 weeks. The mixture should be applied warm.

2. You can make masks with wheat germ concentrate, this tool is sold in a pharmacy, has the form of disposable capsules. It does not need to be diluted, it is enough to open the shell and apply the contents to the hair roots, gently rub in with massage movements and hold for 30 minutes.

3. Recipe for dandruff hair mask: prepare 0.5 liters of chamomile decoction with a string, add a teaspoon of wheat oil, ½ tsp. dry yeast and as much lemon juice. To distribute the composition on the curls, rub into the scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Therapy is repeated once a week for a month.

4. Mask recipe for treating split ends: a tablespoon of wheat germ oil,
2 tsp. eucalyptus and lavender, 1 tsp. liquid honey. The ingredients are heated on a steam bath and placed on damaged areas, held for 30–40 minutes, then washed off with warm water and shampoo. It is necessary to apply means once a week during a month.

5. Recipe masks for hair oily type: 2 tablespoons of yogurt, ½ tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. wheat germ oil. Regular use of such a composition normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, removes excess luster strands, making them light and voluminous. It is enough to carry out the procedure 1 time in 7 days.

6. Good reviews use a mask prescription to accelerate hair growth. For its preparation will require in equal proportions wheat germ oil, castor oil (more about its benefits in the article Use castor oil to improve the condition of the hair), almond. The ingredients are distributed on the strands in the form of heat, wrapped with a film and wrapped with a towel, left for 30-60 minutes. Use the composition at home twice a week to improve the state of curls. Preventive procedures can be done 2-3 times a year.

Home masks deeply nourish the scalp, stimulate metabolic processes, blood flow to the hair follicles, and normalize the production of sebum. Thanks to these properties, the curls become silky, shiny, their fragility stops and growth accelerates, the chipped tips disappear. It is possible to use a cosmetic product both for the treatment of damaged strands, seborrhea, and for the prevention of loss and strengthening of the follicles.

Reviews on the results of the use of wheat oil

“After taking antibiotics, my hair began to pour heavily. I tried many different shampoos and balms, there was no effect until I bought natural wheat oil. I learned about him from a friend who constantly uses it. At home she made masks with the addition of other useful ingredients for a month. As a result, the strands look much better, the fallout has stopped. ”

Oksana, Nizhny Novgorod.

“In winter, my curls dull, become brittle and require care. It is not always possible to visit a beauty salon, so I often use folk remedies. My favorite product is wheat germ concentrate, I dilute it with orange oil and add some lemon juice, I make masks 1-2 times a week. Very pleased with the result, the strands are shiny and silky, the girlfriends are jealous. ”

“And I treated dandruff, I read about its benefits on the Internet, many women leave good reviews about hair oil from wheat germ. She used several recipes, added honey, sour milk and other essential preparations. I want to say this is a great way to cure damaged strands, split ends at home and get rid of seborrhea symptoms. ”

“After the birth of my child, my hair began to fall out strongly, I did not have time to visit salons, so I decided to resort to folk remedies. My friends advised me to try wheat hair oil. I read a lot of reviews and interesting articles about its benefits. At home I used a recipe with the addition of castor and lavender oil, the procedure was done 2 times a week. After a month of use, my hair has become stronger and no longer falls. ”

“With age, I began to appear gray and fall curls. A familiar hairdresser advised me to undergo a restorative course using nourishing hair oil. I prepared masks with wheat, adding almond and burdock. Strands look more alive, do not fall out, now I use this medicine all the time and advise friends. ”

“I have heard many good reviews about the benefits of wheat germ extracts for strengthening and growing hair, so I decided to try this tool myself. Of all the recipes, I chose the most suitable and performed the procedures 2 times a week. A positive result was noticeable after 2 applications, and a month later my strands were not recognized. ”

The effectiveness of hair oil from wheat germ is confirmed by many reviews of women who managed to cure damaged hair, get rid of dandruff, cut ends, accelerate the growth of weakened strands. This universal cosmetic product can be purchased at any pharmacy and perform recovery procedures at home, without wasting time on expensive beauty salons.

Benefit and composition

Wheat germ oil (sprouts) contains:

  • vitamins A, E, PP and group B ,,
  • sulfur, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, selenium,
  • tryptophan, leucine, methionine,
  • unsaturated acids omega-3 and so on.

Getting into the bulbs, these components actively nourish the hair, regenerate the keratin layer, and also improve the blood microcirculation in the scalp and normalize the sebaceous glands.
With the regular application of wheat oil:

  • the curls become stronger, shiny, moisturized and resilient, and also grow faster,
  • split ends are restored,
  • dandruff and tendency to fat content disappear.

Wheat oil is an ideal cosmetic product for girls with brittle hair. For their transformation it is enough to apply it once a week in the winter, and once every two weeks - in the summer.

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In pure form

Wheat germ oil has a viscous consistency, therefore to use it in its pure form is difficult. For ease of application and rinsing it costs combine with lighter texture components. But if desired, the extract can be applied by itself.
There are several ways:

  1. A small amount of oil must be heated in a water bath to a warm state, rubbed into the scalp, and then distributed over the entire length of the curls. Next, you need to wear a polyethylene hat and a towel on your head. After 40 minutes, the mask should be removed. To get rid of stickiness you will need a few flushes with shampoo.
  2. In the warm oil should dip the tips of the fingers and make a neat head massage for 5-7 minutes. Then the hair must be wrapped, and after 20-30 minutes to wash.
  3. 30-40 minutes before bathing, apply oil on the ends of the curls and carefully comb them.

The last two methods of using wheat oil make the rinsing process simpler.. But their efficiency is very high - strands become more “alive”, silky, docile and durable.

Before applying any concentrated cosmetics, an allergy test should be performed - lubricate the back of the wrist with a substance and observe the reaction for 30-40 minutes.

How to apply oil on hair?

This oily natural product in its original form is quite thick, so before using it it is worth heating it in a microwave or in a water bath. But then the oil can be applied in this form:

  • composition of healing masks,
  • Enrich with oil shampoo or favorite balm conditioner,
  • add to a variety of infusions, decoctions for rinsing.

You can also apply without mixing, just rub into the hair roots. To make the oil better perceived when applied, it is recommended to mix it with lighter oils (avocado, shea, almond, etc.), and also to apply it on lightly dried hair after washing.

For split ends

As part of the oil there are special active ingredients, namely vitamin beauty - E. With it, you can solve the problem of split ends and prevent their appearance. To do this, it is better to take oil as the basis of the mask or to combine with similar ones containing rich vitamin complexes.

Recipe 1. Combine wheat germ oil and olives, jojoba 1 tbsp. spoon, add two yolks, 10 drops of lavender ether and 1 tsp. ricinus oil (popular name - castorca). It is recommended to apply on dry strands, avoiding the root zone and cover with a warm turban, hold for 20 minutes. To wash hair. Strongly split ends require regular repetition of the procedure.

Recipe 2. 1 tbsp. l combine natural honey in liquid form with wheat germ oil of the same amount, then coconut, with 2 spoons of carrot juice. Apply on dried curls, hold for 30 minutes and wash off. After washing your head, rinse with a decoction of burdock with drops of lavender oil.

For dry and damaged hair

Excessively brittle and dryish strand tips are often the result of dry scalp. In this case, relevant nutritional mixtures that are effective in the form of masks. Wheat oil extract as a component of homemade masks suitable for systematic care (at least 2 months of the course with the frequency of use once a week). Natural antioxidants in wheat germ oil give hair a healthy shine, give elasticity to dried brittle strands. The main thing - to choose the right recipe for a medical mask and make a cosmetic procedure.

Photo before and after using a mask for dry hair

Recipe 1. 1 st. spoon of burdock oil, coconut, wheatgrass combine with two yolks, pour a spoonful of rosehip extract. Make such an oil wrap better for wet hair, hold for 30 minutes. Wash off.

Recipe 2. Half cup of warm kefir (fatter) mixed with 1 tbsp. A spoonful of wheat germ oil, olive, castor oil. Add half a banana, chopped into mush. Warm up the whole mixture in the microwave or in a water bath. Mask evenly spread on the head of hair, wrap first with polyethylene, then with a warm towel. Keep half an hour and rinse with shampoo, in which 6 drops of lavender ether are added.

For greasy hair

Oil mixtures are not recommended for use in the presence of fatty strands on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the mask should be created with the maximum number of useful components, but with a minimum of oils.

Recipe 1. In 2 tbsp. spoon aloe juice (or cucumber) topped up with a spoonful of lemon juice, wheat germ extract, 5 drops of tea tree ether and lavender. Hold for about half an hour, you can rinse without the use of detergent cosmetics.

Recipe 2. Half a cup of mint infusion supplement with 5 drops of orange or grapefruit ether, a spoonful of wheat germ extract, lime juice and a teaspoon of sea salt. Mixing all the components well, put this liquid substance on the dry strands of the root zone and distribute the comb further into curls. Hold at least 15 minutes, rinse with just warm water.

Hair growth wraps

Good, full growth of hair is possible if the roots are made strong and hair follicles are given high-quality nutrition. Such tasks perfectly solves the wheat germ oil in tandem with equally useful components for wrapping.

Hair growth wrapping

Recipe 1. Taking 1 tbsp. l Almond, olive, castor, burdock, you need to add a little (about 1 tsp.) Pepper tincture. You can replace the pepper mustard powder. Add 5 drops of vit to this slush. A. Mix the ingredients applied to the root zone. Wrap in polyethylene, towel. After 15-20 minutes of aging, rinse with shampoo, to which a few drops of orange oil are added.

Recipe 2. Half a cup of broth nettle or burdock to enrich with oils of rose, lavender, grapefruit, cedar (5 drops), also add 1 tbsp. spoon of oil extract of wheat germ, coconut. Distribute slush on wet curls. Make a light massage of the head, wrap for an hour. Wash your hair, rinse it with burdock extract.

Against hair loss

Vegetable oils, primarily from wheat germ, will help strengthen the hair follicles and the structure of each hair. By making the roots strong and resistant to environmental influences, hair loss can be stopped and you can’t lose the fluffiness of the hair.

Photo before and after using a mask against hair loss

Recipe 1. Take the base of the mask 2 tbsp. l wheat oil, add a spoonful of castor oil, olive oil and burdock, apple cider vinegar, two yolks, mix well. Distribute on dried strands, pay special attention to the root zone. Hold the floor for an hour and wash your hair with shampoo. For the best effect, after washing the head, you can do a rinse with a decoction of oak bark.

Recipe 2. Mix 2 tbsp. l wheat germ oil, concentrated infusion of burdock leaves, sesame oil, add a spoonful of castor oil, shea butter. Drip 5 drops of mint and orange ether. Heat slurry so that all oils mix well with each other. Apply, carefully rubbing the mask in the roots. Hold on the hair for half an hour.

Wheat Dandruff Masks

To get rid of annoying dandruff, it is recommended to make masks periodically and without gaps - once a week for at least a month.

Recipe 1. For the mask you need to take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of warm wheat germ oil, as much lemon juice, chamomile and sage broth. Add 7 drops of tea tree ether, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and fir to the slush. It is necessary to put a mask only on the root zone, it is not necessary to distribute it through the hair. Wrap hair in polyethylene, hold the mask for half an hour and rinse. After shampooing, you can rinse with a decoction of chamomile.

Recipe 2. Mix in equal parts wheat germ oil and castor oil, dilute the tandem with a decoction of chamomile and nettle. After each washing of the head for 10 minutes, it is necessary to apply such a mask and wash it off with shampoo. It is recommended to rinse with mint infusion.

Hair shine masks

To give curls a seductive shine is available to make a simple mask, her recipe is as follows: take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of wheat germ oil, shea, castor oil, avocado, add 5 drops of lavender and orange ether. Mix everything well, apply dried clean hair, hold for 20 minutes and rinse. For a quicker effect, the mask can be warmed up in a water bath or microwave.

Photo before and after using the mask for shine hair

Also this option is also suitable: add 1 tbsp of 2 yolks. l wheat germ oil and as much castor oil. Mask is better to warm and apply to damp hair. Hold for 15 minutes and rinse with shampoo. After the procedure, it is important to make aromatic combing with lavender (put 5 drops of lavender ether on the wooden comb and comb your hair slowly).

Add shampoo oil

Express method of applying wheat germ oil - add to shampoo.
Do not pour it into the bottle with the tool.

It is better to drip immediately before use in a single dose.

Proportions are selected individually.

The best option - 1 small spoonful of butter for 3 large spoons of shampoo. If the hair is prone to fat, the amount of the extract can be reduced, to dryness - to increase.

The prepared mass should be applied to wet strands and massage the head for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Every day, this procedure is not worth doing, 2 times a week is enough.

Reviews about this way of using wheat oil is ambiguous. Some girls note the improvement in the condition of the hair - they become soft and shiny. Others talk about the weighting of the hair, its rapid pollution and the absence of a result.

When adding oil to shampoo, it is important not to overdo it with its quantity and not to leave the product on the hair for more than 5 minutes.

For dry curls

Hair, which is naturally dry or damaged by coloring agents and thermocracks, needs intensive moisturizing and nutrition.

Masks with wheat germ oil are ideal for this purpose.
Here are some recipes.

With banana

1 banana + 50 ml kefir + 2 tablespoons of oil.

Smash the banana in a blender and add the rest of the ingredients to it. Lubricate the hair and wrap them. Wash off after 20 minutes.

With the composition of oils

Castor + almond + wheat butter 1 tablespoon.

All substances combine and warm. Apply only to the roots and ends. Warm the head or wrap with foil. To enhance the effect, you can blow it with warm air for 10-15 minutes with a hair dryer. Wash off after 1-3 hours.

Saturate the hair with useful substances obtained with the help of a night mask from wheat extract. Oil must be heated and lubricate their hair. You can only apply it on the skin and / or ends. Next, the head should be wrapped in a towel. In the morning, the mask should be thoroughly rinsed with shampoo. After this procedure, the smoothness of the curls and easy combing provided.

1 teaspoon of oil - olive, wheat germ and castor + 1 yolk + 1 teaspoon of honey + 2 teaspoons of mustard powder.

Mix the oils and warm slightly, add the yolk, honey and mustard to them. After thorough mixing, rub the mass into the roots, warm the head and wait 40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo.

Judging by the reviews The combination of mustard powder with a warming effect and the nutritional components of wheat oil gives a very good result. Thanks to this mask, some girls managed to grow curls by 5-6 cm in 2 months.
In addition, they became thicker due to the appearance of new hairs. By the way, mustard and honey contribute to weight loss. How to make honey mustard wrap at home.
Among the disadvantages ladies' masks mark a burning sensation, the appearance of allergies and difficulty with flushing.

Recipes for other masks

All described masks are prepared by thoroughly mixing the components. Then they are applied to dry hair - to the roots and the entire length, and the head is warmed with a towel.

Important nuances:

  • recommended for connecting components use non-metallic utensils,
  • the effect of the funds will be more pronounced if heat them up in a microwave or steam bath before applying,
  • essential oils are added after heat treatment,
  • the presence of lemon in the mask can lead to a slight clarification.


  1. Wheat extract + cranberry juice + olive oil (1 tablespoon) + 1 chicken egg + 5 drops of frankincense ester. Time - 1.5 hours.
  2. 1 egg yolk + 1 big spoon of butter. Time - 1 hour.
  3. 50 ml of low-fat yogurt + 1 teaspoon of wheat germ extract + juice of 1 lemon. Time - 1 hour.

Utility pantry

Insensible grass is extremely common on Earth and forms the basis of the power of many nations. But not only flour found its place in human life. When a grain of wheat begins to germinate, oil is obtained from small embryos by cold pressing. This extract is a storehouse of useful elements for a future strong plant.

An interesting fact confirming the value of wheat derivative: for the manufacture of 100 g of oil will need about half a ton of grain.

Nutrition and recovery drop by drop - Garnier hair oil.

The composition of a pale yellow liquid cannot be compared with any other substance. Here are the main components of the essence, which determine its properties:

  • vitamins - A, group B, D, E, PP,
  • trace elements - Fe, selenium, potassium, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus,
  • fatty acids - linoleic (Omega-6), linolenic (Omega-3), oleic (Omega-9), palmitic, stearic,
  • antioxidants - squalene, octacosanol,
  • amino acids - leucine, valine, methionine, tryptophan and other compounds.

Such a rich set of biochemical elements has a beneficial effect on the entire body, including the cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive, muscular system. In addition, the composition stimulates metabolic processes, improves immunity, reduces inflammation, strengthens blood vessels and normalizes skin condition.

Find out what indelible hair oil is here. And premium care will be provided by Kerastaz hair oil.

Indications for use

The spectrum of the effects of oil can be described infinitely long, no wonder its use is justified in gynecology, and even during rehabilitation after chemotherapy.

A considerable distribution was received by the extract in cosmetology as a way to get rid of mimic wrinkles or as an aid in the fight against cellulite. The influence of embryos on the strands is no less favorable.

What happens to curls with regular use? First of all, the metabolism and microcirculation of blood in the epidermis are activated. As a result, more useful compounds and oxygen are supplied to the bulbs from inside, the hair structure is strengthened, its growth is stimulated, fragility and loss are minimized.

Essence is allowed for use even during pregnancy and lactation. There are only two contraindications - individual allergy and with caution in urinary and gallstone diseases. In the second case, prior consultation with a doctor is necessary.

The next step is the normalization of sebum secretion. In case of excessive dryness or increased fat content, both of these problems are negated. In addition, the oil is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for dandruff. Finally, due to its own content of vitamins and elements, the substance externally nourishes the curls, moisturizes them, gives softness and shine.

Such a complex effect is useful for any type of strand. But most often, sprout extract is recommended for restoring brittle, dry or damaged hair. It is in this case that its influence on the state of the head is revealed fully.

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Principles of application

The consistency of the natural product is very thick, making it difficult to use in its pure form. This option is acceptable locally, for example, you can lubricate a small flaky or inflamed area.

Wheat substance is produced not only in liquid form, but also in capsules. Often, ingestion and application of the outside combine.

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Therefore, germ extract is almost always used in combination with other components, for which there are several ways:

  • Together with cosmetic shampoo. Twice a week when washing the head in a standard portion of the purchased product you can add a few drops of wheat product. The mixture is applied to wet curls with massaging movements and washed off after 2 minutes,
  • Wraps It is necessary to mix in equal proportions the essence with other basic compounds (jojoba, almond, burdock, castor) and heat it in a water bath. The finished mixture is spread on the hair and skin, after which the head must be wrapped with plastic and a towel and left for 40 minutes. You can wash it off with plain water, decoction of herbs or use shampoo,
  • Masks. Perhaps the most effective and versatile way to influence curls. There are many recipes based on essences with the addition of esters, dairy products, fruits and other substances. Methods of application are also varied, for example, exposure under heat wrapping or applying overnight. The main thing that unites them - the frequency of use, making masks more than 2 times a week is not worth it.

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Mask Therapy

Due to the diversity of compositions and methods of use, hair masks deserve special attention. Wheat sprouts are perfectly combined with the usual cosmetic products, allowing them and themselves to show beneficial properties. We give three examples of mixtures to solve actual problems of hair.

An open bottle should be stored in the refrigerator or in another dark place at temperatures below 15 degrees.

Find out how to choose oil for dry hair ends here.

For dry strands. Half of the banana should be carefully kneaded or skipped through a blender. Add 2 tablespoons to mush. spoons of wheat mix and 2 times more nonfat yogurt. The composition is applied to the roots, and then distributed over the entire length. After 30 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water.

For fat type. The structure includes a quarter cup of kefir, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice and an extract of wheat germ. All ingredients are mixed to a state of homogeneous mass, which is applied for half an hour.

To accelerate growth. For the mixture you will need: the yolk, 1 tsp of honey, olive, castor and wheat oils, 2 tsp of mustard powder. Extracts are slightly heated in a water bath, and then mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Exposure time with warming (cap + towel) - 40 minutes.

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Finished products

Nutritional compositions for hair can not only create their own, but also to buy in the store. Cosmetic companies often include germinal essence in masks, thereby giving them a complex of new properties.

So if you are too lazy to prepare a mixture each time, you can purchase a product with a long shelf life. There are many examples of industrial cosmetics, but we chose the most significant of them, including it in an improvised TOP-5:

  1. Nua Moisturizing with germ oil and wheat protein. The Italian composition restores the structure of the rods, strengthens and makes them obedient.
  2. Salon professional Deep recovery wheat germ / keratin for long and split hair. Professional Ukrainian tool meets the highest quality criteria.
  3. Belita Vitex restoring henna + wheat germ. The mask is suitable for brittle and lifeless strands, returning them strength and elasticity.
  4. KAPOUS with wheat and bamboo extract. The tool is ideally suited for maintaining the state of healthy strands, and for recovery after chemical procedures.
  5. Stotrav Honey "Hair Growth" on Napar 7 herbs with argan oil, walnut oil, germ extracts and propolis. Domestic product, proven to be rich in natural composition.

Price and Value

Despite certain production difficulties, vegetable oil is an inexpensive product in itself, especially since it is consumed very economically. But the cost of industrial products may vary depending on other ingredients and even the brand itself.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, wheat germ.

Aspera PK with antioxidant vitamin complex 30 ml

Ingredients: wheat germ, vitamin C (fat-soluble form), an antioxidant based on rosemary extract.

Beauty Farm Kefir Mask with wheat germ essence 200 ml

KAPOUS nourishing restoring mask with bamboo and wheat extract series CARING LINE 500 ml

However, when buying, you need to understand that there is a whole complex of substances in the bottle, which can provide not only a solution to the strands, but also support to the whole body.

Vegetable squeeze is able to protect from the negative effects of sunlight. If translated into modern language, the sun protection factor (SPF) of this substance is about 10–20.

The effectiveness of its direct appointment is confirmed by the reviews:

  • Moon Maiden: “Oil is universal and very effective! I recommend to everyone without exception! ”
  • Sonyabeauty: "The hair after it is shiny, smooth, flowing, moisturized, voluminous and the tips are very soft."
    Do-Re-Mi: “The hair is soft and soft. All day went, felt. I advise.

Brilliant, thick curls - one of those indicators of beauty that will never lose its relevance. And even if genetics and lifestyle do not allow you to have luxurious hair, you can create them with the help of wheat germ oil. Golden ears have everything you need to achieve this goal.

Healing properties of wheat germ oil

Cosmetic wheat germ oil is obtained by cold pressing. It has high biological and nutritional value due to its unique composition. It combines the most important for our health trace elements and vitamins. Also in the oil contains valuable amino acids that the human body itself can not develop. It:

  • leucine and isoleucine,
  • tryptophan,
  • methionine
  • valine and others.

Wheat oil also contains useful fatty acids (for example, Omega-3), vitamins A, B, E, as well as many micro and macro elements: potassium, iodine, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and others.

Squalene, an antioxidant that has immunostimulant, bactericidal and antifungal properties, is part of the oil. The effectiveness of the means is also due to the fact that this oil is able to penetrate directly to the hair follicles, it increases blood flow, saturates the cells with oxygen and promotes regeneration at deep levels. Apply this tool without fear can be on any type of hair: dry and oily, light, dark, dyed and gray. He has no contraindications, even allergy is extremely rare. So that This tool is truly unique.

With regular use, wheat germ oil can cope with such tasks:

  • moisturize dry and fluffy hair,
  • stop falling out
  • accelerate and strengthen growth, strengthen hair, give volume,
  • restore hair structure after dyeing, chemistry or adverse conditions,
  • normalize sebum secretion and maintain a healthy scalp,
  • prevent the development of diseases: fat, dandruff, seborrhea,
  • remove toxins and pollution from the scalp,
  • heal split ends
  • restore normal, healthy shine, make hair silky and docile.

It is best to use the tool in a complex way: on the hair, in pure form or as a mask, and inside. Then the firming effect will spread to the entire body: the skin, nails, and the growth and strength of hair. But before consuming the oil inside, you should consult a doctor. There are contraindications: urolithiasis and gallstone disease.

How to apply pure hair oil - instructions

If the hair is very dry, brittle, or the ends are in terrible condition, the applied oil can be left overnight. You will need to put an old knitted hat on your head so that bed linen will not be affected by the product. After a night mask, your hair will soften, become less confused and acquire a healthy shine. But, if the chemistry was recently made, it is undesirable to leave an oil mask for the night: the hair can become heavy, and the chemistry can develop.

Wheat germ oil can be used frequently, up to three times a week before shampooing. It is also advisable to take the oil inside, 1 tsp. 3 times a day. This will help strengthen the hair and reduce their loss.

Applications as part of masks

Hair masks with wheat germ oil are easy to make at home, and they often help to shop better. Here are some recipes:

  1. Mask to strengthen and shine hair. Ingredients: 3-4 drops of wheat germ oil, the same amount of jojoba oil and 1 drop of essential oils of citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon), ginger, and anything coniferous (fir, cedar, pine, eucalyptus). You can add other small - depending on what kind of problem with hair you want to solve. Mix oils and apply on hair, starting from the roots. Important: the composition can be kept on the head no more than 20 minutes, the insulation is not necessary. Then the hair must be rinsed well with shampoo.
  2. Mask to moisturize dry hair. Ingredients: 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil, 4 tbsp. low-fat yogurt or kefir, half a banana. You can also add a couple of almond oil to the mix. Mash a banana into porridge, mix with yogurt. Then pour in the oil, stir to a uniform consistency. The mask should be applied to the hair, to warm the head and hold for 30 minutes. Wash off with the use of shampoo and moisturizing balm.
  3. Mask for greasy hair. Ingredients: 3 tbsp. kefir, 1 tsp wheat germ oil and the same amount of lemon juice (it is best to squeeze the lemon yourself). The mixture is applied to the head for 20-25 minutes, washed off with shampoo. With a freshly washed head for greater efficiency of the mask it is worth rinsing with a decoction of chamomile (it is worth considering that it has a weak coloring effect).
  4. Mask for dry tips. Ingredients: 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil, 1 tbsp. honey Heat the honey in a water bath until completely dissolved, mix with oil. The resulting mixture is distributed over the entire length of the hair, starting from the tips and paying them special attention. To sustain an hour (for greater effect it is worth wrapping up the head), rinse with a small amount of shampoo.

Head massage

Beauticians often use wheat germ oil to massage the head:

  1. Firming massage. Apply a few drops to the tips of the fingers and start rubbing into the scalp. Movement should be cautious, circular or from the temples to the center of the head. Massage is performed for 10-20 minutes before washing the head. If you do it regularly, it will restore damaged skin, will help to overcome the feeling of dryness. After the massage, you need to thoroughly wash and rinse your hair
  2. Massage with strong hair loss. For him, wheat oil need a little warm. Then gently rub it into the scalp for 20 minutes. The movements are smooth, wavy, so as not to further damage the hair. With such a massage, the hair follicles self-purify, the blood circulation and the supply of nutrients increase. If you hold a course of massage every other day, then after a few weeks changes for the better will be noticeable.

Where to buy oil?

One of the advantages of wheat oil is its general availability. You can buy it in any pharmacy or online store. But its cost cannot be low: a lot of wheat is spent for production (about 1 ton of grain for 250 grams of oil).

The best manufacturers of funds are companies:

  1. Asper. Sold in bottles of 30 ml. This is 100% wheat germ oil.
  2. Biask Also packaged in bottles of 30 ml, 100% oil. Its price is slightly lower than that of Aspera.
  3. Camellia. Available in bottles of 50 and 100 ml sold in pharmacies. In the composition, except for wheat, there is soybean oil, but, according to consumer reviews, the tool works very well.

Oil does not like sunlight and heat. Therefore, it should be sold in opaque bottles and stored in the refrigerator.

That's all the basic information about this valuable cosmetic product. Wheat germ oil is one of the best choices for hair, along with coconut and avocado oil. Using it regularly, you will achieve thick, shiny and healthy curls, and this effect will last for a long time!

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