Electrolysis - smooth skin forever

Electric way of dealing with unwanted vegetation has existed for over 125 years. During this time, he proved himself very well.

Equipment for electrolysis has reached a high level of quality, the range of programs has expanded, the intensity of exposure has increased. Experts have gained extensive knowledge, skills and experience.

Therefore, it is surprising to us that this procedure is still surrounded by such a large number of errors.

Is electroepilation as scary as it is written on the Internet?

It is doubly strange that these erroneous judgments often come from the lips of the experts themselves: professionals and doctors. This not only undermines the credibility of the treatment itself, but also deprives many people of the ability to cope with excess hair forever.

Let's highlight the most popular myths and debunk them.

Feels like the impact of the device is comparable to a slight heating or insect bite. However, many areas, such as the legs or forearms, are quite easily tolerated by most people.

In addition, modern devices are equipped with a large number of programs to reduce discomfort and speed up the procedure itself.

However, there are areas where sensitivity is naturally increased. For example, a bikini area, armpits, and also a face. Let's not forget about people with a low threshold of pain sensitivity and / or nervousness. In such cases, help competent application of anesthesia.

In our practice, there are cases when clients sleep on procedures of electrolysis. Therefore, you should not pre-tune yourself to pain and negative. Most likely, everything will not be as scary as you think.

With proper combination of methods of anesthesia, exposure time and program parameters, electrolysis will be quite comfortable.

The treatment is long and tedious

The specialist handles each hair. Therefore, depending on the size of the hair removal area, the type and thickness of the vegetation, the time to achieve the final result (without hair forever) can vary greatly.

But not everything depends on the master or the degree of hair distribution - a lot depends on the person himself. Some people set a goal and go to it: they regularly go to the procedures, follow the schedule of “collections” and do not miss the sessions.

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Others go from time to time, taking breaks for half a year or more, shaving their hair or removing it in other ways between sessions. This is strictly prohibited because it knocks down the whole process.

Such people write reviews on the Internet that electrolysis is a very long and ineffective method.

Yes, electrolysis will have to spend time. A full cycle to the final result will take an average of 1.5 years. This is due to the feature of hair growth.

But this does not mean that you will go on electrolysis constantly: first you do the zone 1 time in 1.5-2 months, then 1 time in 3-4 months. The remaining single hairs are selected every six months, until they stop growing at all. And here it is - the long-awaited freedom from hair for the rest of your life!

Without a doubt, it is much longer than holding a razor on the surface of the legs. But on a lifetime scale, this is a very insignificant investment of time. Which pays off by the fact that a well-performed procedure will save you from hair and unnecessary expenses forever.

Regular visits for a year and a half and strict adherence to the recommendations of the master mean that you will never have to worry about this problem again.

Only suitable for small areas

In reality, this technology is equally suitable for restricted areas as well as for large areas. For electrolysis suitable hair of any color, thickness and quality, located anywhere in the human body.

Since the hair is removed one by one, no body bending will interfere with this process. A specialist armed with magnifying glasses will see hair of any color on any skin type, and the electric impulse is always equally effective for all hair.

Expensive relative to other methods of hair removal

For the final result requires 5-6 sessions of "collections" due to the cyclical growth of hair. But in the future you will be spared from any costs of combating vegetation.

We conducted a study and estimated the relationship between the cost of electrolysis and shugaring. For example, you can permanently remove hair in the zone of a classic bikini by electrolysis method or for the same money for 2-3 years from time to time to do sugar depilation of the same zone.

What to choose - you decide.

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Laser and IPL are more efficient.

Recently, there has been a great deal of confusion in determining the effectiveness of lighting technologies. Even cosmetologists themselves often consider laser technology to be a permanent method, while this method only contributes to the reduction of hair growth, but in no way does it stop.

The only FDA approved method of permanently removing cover today is electrolysis.

The reason for this difference lies in the final "target" of the compared techniques: a laser or IPL is aimed only at the hair pigment, and the electrical impulse works with the growth zone, "cementing" (coagulating) it completely.

Scars and burns after the procedure

These complications are completely excluded when properly performed the procedure with experienced hands of a qualified master. After it, only the red spots remain, which disappear within 2-4 weeks (remember that sunbathing at this time is strictly prohibited, otherwise pigmentation may remain).

Nevertheless, as in any sphere, in the beauty industry one should beware of false services performed by people without proper experience and education.

It is important for the master to be able to use the device for hair removal, set the correct intensity parameters on it and control the exposure time.

Therefore, you should thoroughly examine the clinic, which you are going to trust: make sure that she has a medical license and experienced specialists.

Electrolysis and similar types of electrical methods have been known for over 125 years.

Over time, the procedure was gradually modernized, the devices were equipped with an ever wider choice of programs and parameters, reaching heights of efficiency and comfort. And, most importantly, safety proven in practice. And this is your life and health.

Modern devices, such as Depilplus 13MHz and Depilplus 3, allow specialists to carry out procedures with a minimum level of pain in a short time. And, as mentioned above, this is still the only proven permanent method (the hair will disappear forever).

Home appliances are equally effective compared to salon treatment.

The market was filled with a variety of devices for home care. Advertising actively convinces us of amazing results that are comparable to the salon procedure.

But this is another myth, since the parameters of these devices are not so intense in comparison with professional equipment. The electrical impulse in them is not strong enough for the death of hair follicles.

Think for yourself: could the manufacturers put in them a sufficient level of intensity? After all, an inexperienced person can easily get a severe burn, and then sue the company that issued the device.

According to US research, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) did not approve these methods as the ultimate hair removal method.

The same hair must be removed several times

Unfortunately, this is a very common misconception. Many forums are full of questions and messages that people go to electrolysis for years. And every time they are told that a couple more collections, and the amount of hair will finally begin to decline.

This myth appeared because of inept masters who only twitch hair with tweezers, incorrectly inserting a needle or setting the wrong parameters. In this case, you can really remove hair for years and never get a result.

Remember that there are 5-6 collections for each zone, after which highly sparse or isolated hairs remain. And after the first selection, about 30% of hair goes away (that is, 30% of hair is no longer guaranteed to grow from the first time). Consider if this did not happen.

An accurate hit to the follicle and a correctly selected current intensity cope with the work from the first time.

Temporary methods are preferred and safer.

Depilatory creams include chemicals with irritating and allergenic components, so they often have the opposite effect. Preparations for lightening hair can not only cause a violation of the color of the skin itself, but also provoke dermatitis.

Home epilators contribute to ingrown hairs, especially in sensitive areas of bikini and underarms, which sometimes even requires surgery.

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Waxing is a rather painful method, and in home use it takes a lot of time and is laborious.

All temporary methods remove fluff hair, which eventually degenerates into dark and hard.

We calculated how many years you can shugaring money spent on electro-epilation. On average, the ratio is 2-3 years per zone. That is, you can remove all hair permanently or during these 2-3 years to remove hair by shugaring. From our point of view, you want to be beautiful a little longer :)

After a thorough analysis of most misconceptions, it is easy to see that electrolysis is still the only method that guarantees complete disposal of unwanted vegetation.

She has a century and a quarter of proven safety and effectiveness in the battle with unwanted hair.

Electrolysis: techniques

The term "electrolysis" itself combines several methods of the procedure, differing in technique and apparatus used.

Thermolysis - epilation using high-frequency periodic current supplied to the hair follicle with the help of the thinnest needle. Due to the local temperature increase, the follicle "burns", which leads to its complete destruction.

The disadvantages of this procedure for hair removal include a rather high degree of soreness of the procedure, as well as a low processing speed - the needle is fed to each hair individually. It takes two to three seconds to process each hair. For an hour this way you can make hair removal of one armpit. In addition, local heating may cause small scars or septic manifestations. Only a highly qualified specialist can minimize all unpleasant consequences.

Electrolysis - epilation, based on the electrochemical action of the galvanic current. During epilation, the patient holds a neutral electrode in his hand, and a thin needle of the active electrode is inserted by a specialist in the area of ​​the hair follicle. When electric current is supplied, hydrochloric acid is formed, which destroys the follicle. In modern beauty salons, using electrolysis for epilation using insulated teflon or ceramics needles. This minimizes trauma to the tissues surrounding the follicles.

The disadvantages of this method of electrolysis can be attributed to the low speed of processing a large surface of the skin, even when using multi-needle systems.

The remaining electrolysis techniques, such as the Blend method or the flash method, are advanced thermolysis and electrolysis.

Electrolysis: who to trust?

Epilation using electric current is a procedure that requires a certain skill and experience. That is why, choosing electrolysis, as a way to remove unwanted vegetation, you need to find an experienced master who is able to carry out the procedure at a high level of quality.

To find a suitable wizard, the easiest way to use the recommendations of friends who have already undergone hair removal If there are no such acquaintances, ask the master for the coordinates of his clients and communicate with them - such reviews will allow you to form your opinion about the master. Remember, psychological comfort when dealing with a master of hair removal is extremely important.

When you first contact, be sure to ask about the presence of a license and certificate. If the master, for whatever reason, cannot demonstrate these documents, it is better to leave this institution. You should also ask how the equipment is used by a specialist in electrolysis. And remember - electrolysis should be done only with disposable needles.

Pay attention to the decor in the cabin, as well as the appearance of the staff - in respectable salons everything is done in the same style and pleases the eye with cleanliness and order. The tidy appearance of the master, compliance with the rules of asepsis and antiseptics during the procedure - all this minimizes the possibility of complications after epilation.

Electrolysis: contraindications

In some cases, hair removal using electric current is unacceptable. Contraindications to electrolysis of any type are:

  • Skin diseases, both acute and chronic.
  • Diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation.
  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Hypertensive heart disease and CHD.
  • Feverish conditions, as well as diseases of infectious etiology.
  • Keloid disease
  • Hepatitis.
  • Nickel intolerance or (if golden needles are used) gold.
  • Implanted pacemaker.
  • Dental pins.
  • Endoprostheses.
  • The presence of intrauterine device.
  • Implanted frame of gold threads.
  • Neoplasms of any localization.

It is undesirable to do electrolysis during critical days, as well as during pregnancy.

The efficiency of electrolysis becomes apparent after three to four procedures, although in some cases a larger number of procedures may be required. The end result depends on several factors: hormonal levels, the area covered by unwanted vegetation, as well as the thickness and thickness of hair. However, by accurately following the recommendations of an electrolysis specialist, you can achieve the perfect result - your skin will eventually become perfectly smooth and silky.

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Contraindications for electrolysis:

- chronic and acute skin diseases,

- decompensated phase of diabetes,

- varicose disease (at the site of the procedure),

- severe forms of coronary heart disease and hypertension,

- keloid disease, - infectious diseases,

- malignant neoplasms on the skin,

- Pregnancy is a relative contraindication.

Electrolysis methods:

There are various methods of electrolysis. In our beauty center using the method of thermolysis.

Thermolysis - a method in which hairs are thermally destroyed, as a result of sudden heating with the help of high-frequency current (from 9 to 14 MHz), before electrocoagulation of cells in the hair follicle. This method spends a minimum amount of time, about 1-2 seconds per hair. In addition to performance, the price of the procedure will be pleasantly pleased.

Smooth skin forever what else is needed. ))))

I do electrolysis "deep bikini" about five years.

But my torment is almost over)


- acute and chronic skin diseases

- decompensated stages of diabetes

- varicose disease (at the place of the procedure)

- severe forms of hypertension and coronary heart disease

- malignant skin neoplasms

- relative contraindication is pregnancy.

How the procedure looks like:

Come to the reception, as much as possible to grow hair (preferably).

Under the foot, such an iron wire is placed in the hand or taken in, so that the current is drawn out.

Then icebreaker injections are put, for me it was the most painful. Because about thirty injections can be sustained for one procedure more (but this is not the 30 ampoules, just punctures)

When the anesthetic acts, the master takes the needle into the hair follicles and discharges the current, and the dead hair is removed with forceps, it is easily removed.

How the procedure is done can also be viewed on YouTube.

The painkiller shots are made only in the bikini and armpits area. No injections are placed on the feet, and the anesthetic gel EMLA is applied. Such a gel costs 1500 rubles for five tubes, one tube is enough for one leg. The bikini line and armpits are considered the most sensitive places, and the gel does not really help in these places.

How to treat the skin after the procedure:

Wetted cotton swab in chlorhexidine. And that's all. Nothing else, no healing ointments, no oils, no bapentenom.

The master immediately told me to process chlorhexidine, and do not laugh = baby powder, so as not to get wet, and it dries out and heals faster.

But I am not an experimenter, I was advised by Vitaon oil that it treats burns well. I then smeared it after the procedure, after it I had been healing for a very long time and as a result kelloid scars were formed. And imagine on the pis is not very much, they are bulging, ugliness in general. Then I went to a plastic surgeon for a year, I was given Kenalog injections in the scars once a month. Everything resolved.

My impressions:

I have enough dark hair in a bikini, I could only use a depilatory cream. Shaving, wax, electric epilator all delivered irritation.

At first, I signed up for the procedure for three hours, during which time a third of the bikini line was removed. Breaks two three weeks, one part heals, the other I do. I did it in the summer too, if the swimsuit is not thong the red is not visible. Over time, the procedure reduced. And two years later, in two hours of the procedure, I removed all my hair at a time (let me remind you that the first procedures in three hours managed to remove only a third of the bikini).

Since the beginning of the site of epilation swells, especially the labia. The tumor subsides on the third day approximately, the red dots become brighter every day (though it heals, and it looks every day more terrible and worse)) And everything else, on the third day of the procedure, when it begins to heal, everything itches, it itches, that you wake up in the middle of the night))) Then the crusts fall away. It heals in about two weeks. Spots of red where there were crusts remain, but over time they pass. Led podshety at cost today for less than five years gave 80 thousand.

And yet that is important enough, over time, as the hair grows a little and they are randomly distributed, the shots are placed less, and you have to endure the pain, but of course everything is tolerable. Although if it is unbearable you can put in each separately growing hair anesthetic, it is not contraindicated.

Now I have smooth skin, fluffy hair grows, they are not visible (as if on a peach if to compare), but I finish them off by electrolysis. Last year I go once every three months for forty minutes. You can not imagine what happiness it is after all, no wax will give such smoothness. No need to think about growing hair, irritation.

What is a plus in electrolysis is that you can remove light fluff hair. I went to a consultation in an enklinik, found out about the Qool-epilation procedure, I wanted to do it with my armpits, and so there they said that the hair is not cleaned. So if you do Qool epilation, you still have to then finish off the vellus hair with electroepilation like nikruti.

I am afraid to do photo epilation, because this is a photo, you never know what kind of sleeping sores will come out. I don’t really believe the laser either, although these procedures are less painful in comparison with electro. I trust electro epilation, it is made over a hundred years.

In the fall I will go to do electro-epilation with my armpits (in the summer you don’t do it yourself)

Of course, I would also like my legs, but as I have already said, I have hormonal disorders, and since I was 22 years old, I have been drinking hormonal pills in an obligatory manner, and in three years I started to get varicose veins. You can’t do anything, this is a contraindication for electrolysis in the procedure check procedure.

I do not regret how much electrolysis was done, although I had to suffer. I advise this procedure.

What is the essence of electrolysis, what is it

The method of hair removal is the destruction of the follicles. (hair follicles) by the action of electric current through a very thin needle electrode or micro forceps.

The method of removing hairs is the destruction of the follicles (hair follicles) by the action of an electric current through a very thin needle-electrode or micro-tongs.

After this procedure, the hair follicle is not restored, and the ability to grow hair is lost forever.

But you should know that human hair goes through several stages:

  • growth stage
  • regression period
  • resting state.

The special feature of electrolysis is that hairs can be permanently removed only during their active growth. There is no likelihood that at the time of the procedure all the hairs were in this stage.

The special feature of electrolysis is that hairs can be permanently removed only during the period of their active growth.

Therefore, to completely get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body, you need to undergo at least 5 or 6 treatments. Customers in reviews advised to do between sessions of 1 month break.

How hair removal happens

Removal of undesirable hairs during electrolysis may be performed. two ways:

  • using tweezers,
  • when using the needle.

In the case of tweezers, the electrode is made in the form of micro-tongs, allowing for the grabbing of individual hairs.

In the first case, the electrode is made in the form of micro-tongs, allowing for the grabbing of individual hairs. With the needle method, the electric current flows to the hair follicle through the thinnest needle.

Electrolysis with a needle-electrode can be carried out in such ways.

The hair follicle is burned by strong heating with high-frequency alternating current. This method is used if the hair should be removed from a large area of ​​the body in a short time period.

The hair follicle is burned by strong heating with high-frequency alternating current.

The peculiarity of this procedure is also in its pain and the need for painkillers. But This type of electrolysis is carried out only by experienced professionals.. It often depends on this whether electrolysis is permanent or not.

Customer reviews indicate that inexperienced professionals cannot achieve maximum efficiency, and there is also the risk of leaving scars at the needle insertion sites.


Provides alkaline hair removal under the influence of direct current. This method takes a longer time.

Electrolysis involves the removal of hair by alkaline reaction under the influence of direct current.

It may take a few seconds to remove one hair. But at the same time electrolysis is less traumatic than thermolysis.

Blend method

The use of alternating and permanent electric current. The positive effect is guaranteed by double impact on the follicle. This method removes those hairs that grow at an angle.

Identical to thermolysis. The needle is isolated, and the high-frequency electric current is fed only to the needle tip. Painful enough low.

But such a procedure is not used on the bikini area and on the face.

The choice of electrolysis method is carried out by specialists-cosmetologists on the basis of some factors.

The choice of electrolysis method is carried out by specialists-cosmetologists. on the basis of factors such as the length and thickness of the hair to be removed, the individual propensity of the skin to scar and the patient’s perception of pain.

In what areas of the body can it be performed?

Electrolysis can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair on the hands, feet, face, or other parts of the body. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the method.

Electrolysis can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair on the hands, feet, face, or other parts of the body. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the method.

However, reviews of specialists are reduced to the fact that it is undesirable to use it for the armpits. In this place the lymph nodes are located very close to the surface. Therefore, there is a likelihood of the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Contraindications to the procedure

Electrolysis is not suitable for everyone to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. Such a procedure clearly can not be used for patients who have some health problems and features of the body.

Such a procedure clearly can not be used for patients who have some health problems and features of the body, as well as during pregnancy.

So, Contraindications include:

  • dermatological diseases and other injuries of the skin,
  • the presence of tumors in a patient, including benign ones,
  • diabetes,
  • predisposition of the skin to the formation of scars,
  • lactation and prenatal childbearing,
  • dilated blood vessels at the site of electrolysis,
  • problems with blood clotting,
  • any heart disease, as well as the presence of a pacemaker in a patient,
  • if the patient has an intrauterine device, then such epilation in the bikini area is not performed,
  • after holding the skin tightening on the face with reinforced threads,
  • neurological problems
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage,
  • hormonal imbalance.

Be careful! Special care is required when applying electrolysis to those who suffer from various manifestations of allergic reactions of the body.

Master Qualification

The main condition for proper hair removal using electric current - highly qualified specialists.

The main condition for proper hair removal using electric current - highly qualified specialists.

If the master’s experience is insufficient, then after epilation such complications may appear:

  • if the needle was inserted into a blood vessel, a hematoma will appear,
  • after electrolysis hairs may grow into the body,
  • with an incorrect calculation of the current strength, microburns and scars appear,
  • infection of the skin.

therefore the choice of a specialist should be approached with responsibility. Usually masters with many years of experience work in specialized clinics.


If a patient has a low pain threshold, then anesthesia is indispensable.

If a patient has a low pain threshold, then anesthesia is indispensable.

For this The following types of anesthesia are used:

  • in the form of injections “Lidocaine” or “Ultracain” (the injection is made before the procedure in sensitive areas - armpits, abdomen, hips, bikini area),
  • treatment of zones with lidocaine spray (suitable for anesthesia during electrolysis of hands and feet). Apply 2-3 hours before the procedure. In order not to evaporate the active ingredients, the treated areas are covered with plastic wrap until epilation,
  • anesthesia anesthetic cream. It is usually used to remove hair from the face, neck and chest. The zone is processed half an hour before the procedure.

The question of anesthesia must be discussed with a specialist. before the procedure.

The choice of needles for the procedure is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

The choice of needles for the procedure is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Needles can be made from these types of metals and alloys:

  • from medsplav used for patients with low pain sensitivity,
  • gold dusting suitable for people who are allergic to the presence of nickel in appliances,
  • Teflon shells on needles are acceptable when electrolysis people with very low pain threshold.

Duration of the procedure

The time of one procedure varies from the thickness of the scalpintended to be removed. The more hairs grow on the treated area of ​​the skin, the longer the procedure lasts.

The duration of a procedure varies from the thickness of the hair integument to be removed.

For example, for a foot area, it can last about 3 hours.

Also The duration of electrolysis depends on the skill of the specialist. As a rule, the master processes the area of ​​10x10 cm for about 1 hour.

How to care for your skin after electrolysis

To avoid the penetration of infections, after the procedure for hair removal is recommended to hold special events. Usually some swelling persists in the first hours of the hair removal area and a feeling of warmth.

But, in the case of pathologies in this place, swelling may persist for more than 2 days, and purulent crusts may form at the site of needle insertion. Wherein It is recommended to lubricate such zones with “Panthenol”.

In the case of pathologies in this place, swelling may persist for more than 2 days, and purulent crusts may form at the site of needle insertion. It is recommended to lubricate such zones "Panthenol".

At home, it is important to take care of the skin, avoiding the infection of wounds, to protect it from any kind of heating and to carry out procedures for its moisturizing.

In the first days you should not visit the pool or swim in open water. Clothing should be free from natural fabrics.

To maintain normal skin moisture should drink plenty of water, and alcohol should be abandoned.

It is important to know! In the first two days after electrolysis should avoid contact with the skin of direct sunlight.

To maintain normal skin moisture should drink plenty of water, and alcohol should be abandoned.

Do not touch the treated skin with unwashed hands and do not take a hot shower. Better at this time completely eliminate the ingress of moisture on the skin.

Places subjected to electrolysis procedure in the first days do not need to be treated with deodorants, lotions and other cosmetics, including wet wipes with fragrances.

Twice a day, these areas are treated with aloe vera juice or antiseptics. For normal skin, the above procedures are sufficient.

Twice a day, epilated areas are treated with aloe vera or antiseptics. For normal skin, the above procedures are sufficient.

But For problematic skin, additional care products are used:

  • ointment "rescuer" or "panthenol" to relieve the inflammatory process. They are applied twice a day with a thin layer on the skin treated with antiseptic,
  • weeping wounds are smeared with a mixture of calendula tincture with baby powder,
  • pustular sores are smeared with Levomekol ointment,
  • in the case of scarring, use of the ointment "Kontratubeks".Remember that scars can form if a dried crust was broken prematurely.

Pustular sores if they appear. lubricated with ointment "Levomekol"

If you have doubts that electrolysis will work forever or not, read the patient reviews. They show that after the first procedures only a small amount of hairs grow, which can be shaved or cut off with scissors, but in no case should you pull out.

Effects of electrolysis

Electric shock may cause microburns. In some patients, red spots remain on the treated areas for a week or more.

Improper skin care after the electrolysis procedure can lead to scarring. This result may also be due to an incorrect calculation of the current intensity during the procedure, or due to the susceptibility of the skin to scarring. In this case, electrolysis is contraindicated for use for hair removal.

You can permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body by using other salon methods or alternative methods.

You can permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body by using other salon methods or alternative methods. If you can not visit the salon, you can try folk remedies. Feedback about them is often positive.

Patients often complain of itchy treated areas. But scratching them categorically is not recommended. At the same time, crusts can be peeled off, which increases the healing time, and scars can form at such places.

Is it possible to cancel hair growth by electrolysis?

Of the many ways to remove unwanted hair, electrolysis is the most popular. This method is used for almost 100 years.

Clients are inclined to think that body hair can be completely eliminated in a few sessions.

Customer confidence in this procedure is quite high. Want to clarify for yourself whether electrolysis is possible forever, or not, read the reviews of those who used this method of getting rid of unwanted hairs.

They are inclined to believe that body hair can be completely eliminated after several sessions.

The cosmetologist processes an area of ​​about 10x10 cm for 1 hour. Therefore, large areas can be subjected to electrolysis for only a few sessions.

After hair regrowth, which was inactive growth during the procedure, additional sessions are required. Usually 5-6 procedures are enough to completely remove the vegetation.

After hair regrowth, which was inactive growth during the procedure, additional sessions are required. Usually 5-6 procedures are enough to completely remove the vegetation. 100% hair removal can be achieved in approximately 6-12 sessions.

From this video you will learn about the procedure of electrolysis.

This video will tell you about the method of electrolysis, as well as the duration of its effect.

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