Hair care

Modern tools and folk methods for hair density

Despite the huge range of cosmetic products on the market, modern beauties do not stop using folk remedies for hair growth. Only with them can you be sure of 100% naturalness and freshness of the product. It has been proven and tested by experience that a competent combination of even simple, everyday products can increase the length of curls in a short time. We will teach you to do it right, so that the final result will please and exceed your wildest expectations.

Pros of folk remedies

The effect of aggressive chemical components during coloring, regular washing with sulphate shampoos, poor nutrition of vitamins, poor ecology, antibiotics and stress are the main culprits of slow growth of curls. Preserve their natural beauty, increase the length without synthetic additives, preservatives and parabens under the power of homemade masks with honey, kefir, vitamin sprays and rinsing with decoction of herbs.

In the care of curls natural cosmetics, prepared according to popular recipes, plays an important role and has many advantages:

  • has a multifaceted effect: strengthens, nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates internal processes,
  • does not cause a side effect if you follow the recommendations and use high-quality, fresh ingredients,
  • they use simple products for cooking, they can be found in almost every kitchen,
  • You can adjust the formulation depending on the type of hair and scalp,
  • has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance,
  • home masks, infusions are allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation, for children and adults,
  • at the price of effective folk remedies to improve hair growth available to everyone, in contrast to the expensive drugs of famous brands.

Folk remedies have the only drawback for the density and growth of the hair - do not expect a high effect after a single use, it will take more time and effort.

To make hair grow faster, to be strong and silky, add the following ingredients to the composition of masks, tonics:

  • onions, cinnamon, mustard, pepper, bodyagu or brandy - they have a high irritant effect, stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the replenishment of the missing nutrients in the follicles, scalp,
  • honey, cottage cheese, fish oil, herbs, or ginger — they are necessary for nourishing and revitalizing curls along the entire length,
  • cucumber, nettle, kefir, apples, burdock oil with pee-up tone and moisturize the scalp, fill it with life-giving energy and vitamins, minerals,
  • birch tar, tar soap - inhibit the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, fight dandruff and dermatological diseases of the skin,
  • gelatin - gives the strands the effect of lamination, making them strong, silky.

Note! Using folk remedies to strengthen and stimulate hair growth, strictly adhere to the recipe means, use high-quality, fresh raw materials. An important role in the quick result is played by the regularity of procedures, the rejection of bad habits, unhealthy foods.

We have prepared for you the best folk remedies for hair growth. In each article you will find details of the use of the product, effective recipes for masks, sprays, shampoos for hair, the duration of the treatment course.

Peculiarities of home hair care

It is important to remember that to achieve this goal is only possible with regular and proper hair care. All cosmetics and homemade masks should be ideally suited for a particular type of hair and help solve existing problems.

How to wash your hair?

Much depends on washing and daily care. To make hair thick and restore natural strength to them, it is not necessary to use some expensive professional cosmetics.

One of the main problems that provoke the weakening of the strands and the loss of their vitality, elasticity and luster is the use of irregular shampoos, balms, masks and conditioners that are not suitable for a particular type of hair and scalp.

The best choice would be shampoo, which contains the minimum number of various chemical additives, because they can cause serious harm to the health of hair. First of all, it refers to various color dyes, fragrances and nacre. These components do not have any impact on the quality of hair washing, as this is only an advertising move for manufacturers who are trying to attract more attention to their products. It is necessary to stop the choice on transparent shampoos, which have a natural and not too bright shade, without additional perfumery fragrances.

It is necessary to use only the shampoo that suits a particular type of hair. No shampoo is able to make thick and voluminous thin hair, but at the same time it can add shine and brightness to color.

You should not use too often various balsams and masks designed for hair care. It is important to apply masks with balms on the main length of hair, but you should try not to touch the roots, of course, if the means used is not designed to care for the scalp.

All modern shampoos, on the surface of the hair leave the thinnest film, which consists of chemical compounds and after each wash tends to thicken. It is best to choose two shampoos that have similar qualities and use them alternately.

Hair restoration

To give weakened and thinned hair additional volume, it is necessary to conduct a full course of their recovery. First of all, special professional masks and other means, wrappings, as well as folk techniques are used.

Modern cosmetic masks have a fairly high degree of impact, while an experienced master will help to choose them correctly. All masks, designed for long-term exposure, must be applied to the entire length of hair, carefully promayvaya each strand. Then the curls are covered with a layer of polyethylene film and left for about half an hour, after the expiration of which are washed with plenty of warm water.

Professional masters can apply techniques such as glazing and lamination, which help to make hair more thick and healthy.

Folk techniques for hair density

Modern cosmetic procedures give almost instant results, but if you have free time and the desire to use only natural remedies, you should stop the choice on effective folk techniques. But in order for the hair to become thicker and restore vitality, the use of such masks and balms should be regular.

    Henna. It is henna that is considered one of the most powerful and effective means for hair restoration. Before using henna, it must be remembered that it may not give the strands the most beautiful shade, so you need to stop the choice on a colorless product. After 3–4 uses of colorless henna, the hair becomes thicker, additional volume and beautiful shine appear, the natural shade becomes brighter, and the structure of the strands is restored from the inside.

Decoctions of herbs. After each hair wash it is necessary to rinse them with a decoction of herbs. This procedure should become a daily habit. Chamomile is ideal for fair-haired girls, which gives the strands a light sparkling shade. For dark hair is recommended to use a decoction of nettle, which gives strength and a brighter shade. For red hair is best to brew calendula. To prepare such a rinse, it is recommended to pour 1 liter of boiling water over the grass and boil it for 20 minutes over minimal heat. Then the decoction is necessarily filtered and left for a while until it cools, then it can be used to rinse the strands after each wash.

Tincture of pepper. This is an excellent tool to enhance the blood circulation of hair follicles. The finished tincture of chilli pepper is rubbed directly into the hair roots, and the head is wrapped with a warm towel. The mask is left exactly 30 minutes. Due to the regular use of this procedure, the work of small capillaries is normalized, the exchange in the hair follicles is enhanced. The result is complete nutrition of the hair and saturation with all the necessary substances.

Masks with burdock oil, mayonnaise and egg yolk. This is an ideal tool to improve the overall condition of the hair. All components are thoroughly mixed, the resulting composition is evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair. After 30 minutes, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with any soft shampoo.

  • Mask with honey and egg yolk. To obtain such a means, you must first mix the mask ingredients. Then the resulting composition is rubbed into the hair roots and left for 15 minutes. After the specified time, the head is thoroughly washed with warm water and any shampoo. This mask is ideal for the care of weak and thin hair, giving it volume and returning density.
  • The use of modern means for the volume of hair

    Today, manufacturers of firms widely advertise a variety of products designed for hair care after washing. But because of the large number of different drugs, sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice. You can buy a very cheap or expensive tool or several at once and apply them every day.

    Additional hair care products do not need short hair, so that they become thicker and thicker. To do this, it is enough to monitor the cleanliness of the curls and during hairdryer styling, slightly raise the strands at the roots, giving the hairstyle an extra volume. In case of heat exposure, it is necessary to use thermal protective agents - mousses, foams and sprays to protect the hair from the negative effects of hot air.

    More capricious are the hair of medium length and in this case, you need to more carefully choose the means to care for them. The fact is that the ends of the hair become thinner and dry. Also, hair often suffers from hot styling, including dyeing, chemical straightening and curling. To preserve the health of medium-length hair and give it extra volume, you must:

      to choose the right shampoo for daily care

    after each shampooing, it is necessary to rinse hair with acidified and cool water, thereby smoothing all the scales and strands become perfectly smooth, while avoiding the problem of split ends,

    To care for loose hair ends, it is necessary to regularly use special serums, drip and liquid fluids that seal the hair,

  • You can use almost any hair styling products, but they must be rinsed off before bedtime.

  • Long hair needs more careful care. It is important during the selection of a cosmetic product to preserve the density of the strands, always consider the following nuances:

      At the tips, the hair is always drier, while the roots can be oily, dry and normal.

    If the hair at the roots is greasy, before you start washing your hair, you need to apply a small amount of special protective oils on the ends and comb your hair well. You need to choose a shampoo for dry ends and greasy hair roots.

    To care for dry and normal hair at the roots, you need to pick up shampoo, taking into account the condition of the skin of the head.

    Shampoo should be applied only on the skin area, while the ends can not be washed too hard, it will be enough to get a small amount of the product during the rinse.

    After the completion of shampooing, the balm should be applied only on the tips and try not to touch the roots, because as a result of such actions the pores of the skin are blocked, and full and proper breathing of the hair follicles becomes impossible. In this case, the strands become heavier, and the natural pomp of the hair is removed.

    On the dry ends of the hair, it is imperative to apply special serums and fluids in a drip form.

    When exposed to dry air and in the case of a long stay in the sun, the hair is drying out. To avoid the problem of increased fragility of the strands, it is recommended to use a variety of moisturizing sprays designed for repeated and daily use.

  • Do not use hot styling for long hair too often. However, in case of the urgent need for such a procedure, it is mandatory to apply a special thermal protective agent to the curls - for example, mousses, serums, sprays, etc.

  • In order to return natural density and volume to hair, it is necessary not only to regularly use a variety of cosmetics, but also not to forget about the benefits of daily and proper care. Instead of modern sprays and lotions, it is best to stop the selection on folk recipes and use only natural ingredients for their preparation.

    More secrets of hair density in this video:

    The use of masks for hair density

    Causes of dissatisfaction with their hair can be different. Some people have thin hair by nature, the other suffers from falling out or ruining their hair, having dried them. The result is one - liquid, brittle, dull strands that do not hold the volume. These problems can be fixed. It is enough to use masks from available and useful components, which are divided into:

    • warming - increase blood microcirculation,
    • yeast - give shine and nourish, stimulate growth,
    • protein - restore the structure,
    • oil - give the volume of hair and nourish the skin,
    • herbal - prevent loss, strengthen and saturate with vitamins.

    The components are selected so as to affect the scalp, stimulating the blood supply and the growth of new hair. For these purposes, suitable mask with 2-3 ingredients that enhance and complement the properties of each other.

    Rules of application

    Medical masks are applied 1-2 times a week, a course of 10-15 procedures and a break of 1 month. You can combine several compositions, alternating warming pepper and light herbal masks.

    There are simple rules, respecting which mask for thick hair will benefit and quick results:

    • Apply oil formulations, products with coffee, dairy products, honey, pepper, cinnamon, mustard, garlic and onions before washing your hair. They need to be washed off with shampoo to wash the small particles and remove the unpleasant smell.
    • Gelatin, yeast, and herbal masks are applied on a clean head.
    • If there are oils among the components, they should be introduced into the composition heated in a water bath.
    • To increase the impact of the product, the head is covered with a plastic cap or film, and wrapped with a towel.
    • If the composition is honey and pepper, then it is useful to test for allergies. Prepare a small portion and apply on the skin. If redness appears - discard this recipe.

    It has a positive effect on microcirculation and stimulates the work of hair follicles.

    Self-made masks are good because you can choose an individual, suitable for your problem, composition. Below are the most popular and proven recipes means making hair thicker and more magnificent.

    Yeast with chamomile for growth and density

    Excellent tool for the rapid growth of strands, nourishing the skin and roots. Brewer's yeast is suitable in briquette, dry or in tablets.

    Dissolve the yeast in water and leave in a warm place. Make an infusion of dried chamomile flowers and mix with yeast. Add the whipped yolk. Spin by strand put the composition on the head. Warm up and wait 15-30 min.

    Burdock for density and volume

    Traditional means for growth and strengthening of hair, feeds and prevents loss.

    Heat a bottle of oil in hot water. Pour the product into the palm and rub into the skin. Spread the oil from root to tip with a comb. Warm the head and keep the tool not less than an hour. Wash off with plenty of shampoo.

    Kefir-castor for growth and density

    After castorca, the hair becomes silky, docile and thick. Kefir strengthens and nourishes the strands, so that they grow faster.

    Heat the kefir and pour oil into it, mix. Apply to the roots, cover with film and leave on 30 min. Wash off with herbal decoction (chamomile, oak, linden).

    Cognac with egg

    It makes the hairstyle thick, strengthens and restores, reduces the loss.

    • Cognac 1 tbsp. l
    • Yolk.
    • Honey 1 tsp.

    In a deep bowl, combine the heated honey, warm brandy and whipped yolk. Apply the mask strand by strand over the entire head, tie it with a film and a towel. Hold on 15-30 min.then rinse.

    Actively stimulates the growth of new hair, making it thick and silky.

    • Red pepper - 1 tbsp. l
    • Honey - 4 tbsp. l

    Melt the honey in a water bath. Add pepper and mix thoroughly. Put on gloves and apply the product with massage movements. Warm your head and keep the mixture 30 min. If you feel a strong burning sensation, wash off the product.

    Categorically can not use the tool if the skin has ulcers, wounds, lesions and scratches.

    Stimulates hair growth and increases blood flow. Strands become thicker and stronger. Can be applied to dirty hair.

    • Mustard powder - 2 tbsp. l
    • Sugar (increases the burning sensation) - 2 tbsp. l

    Mix mustard and sugar, dissolve with hot water to a liquid state. Apply on the skin with massaging movements. Wear a warming cap for 30 minutes A slight tingling and burning sensation is allowed. Wash off with shampoo and apply balm.


    The task of this composition is to nourish the hair follicles with vitamins necessary for growth and to restore the damaged structure of the strands.

    • Oil vitamins B6, B12, 3 ampoules.
    • Yolk.
    • Shampoo - 1 tbsp. l

    Combine the yolk, vitamins in a homogeneous mass. Coat the strands and hold 40-60 min. Rinse thoroughly.

    Gelatin for rare hair

    Gelatin saturates with proteins and makes hair supple, shiny, voluminous and thick. It closes the "scales" and hair less to push.

    • Warm water - 3 tbsp. l
    • Gelatin - 1 tbsp. l
    • Balsam - 0.5 st. l

    Soak dry gelatin in warm water. When it swell connect with balm. Spread on the strands, not applied to the skin and roots. Cover with polyethylene and heat with air from a hairdryer. Leave on 30-40 min. Then rinse with water.


    Homemade cosmetics can cause allergies if there is an individual intolerance to one of the ingredients of the composition. The most dangerous are masks with peppers and mustard. They are very irritating, warm the skin and can not be used for any, even minimal, skin damage.

    Rinse and wipe the hair will have to gently, so that not a single drop of the mask fell on the mucous membranes. The same applies to alcohol formulations.

    Before use, test for sensitivity. Prepare a small portion and apply on your wrist. Wash and check the skin reaction.

    The most neutral are considered oil masks, which rarely cause allergies.

    Using these recipes, you can keep your hair healthy and thick for a long time. Refuse at the time of treatment of hair dryers, irons and hair spray. Then achieve the desired will be easier and faster.

    Folk remedies for hair: what is the difference from purchased

    Home remedies prepared according to popular recipes can not only supplement industrial preparations, but also completely replace them. Among the advantages of homemade hair cosmetics:

    • Availability of ingredients. Most of the components can be found in your own refrigerator or purchased at your nearest pharmacy. Ingredients are inexpensive, moreover, they are very economical.
    • Unconditional freshness of the product. Masks, shampoos and rinses are not prepared for future use, they are mixed immediately prior to use.
    • Efficiency. After the first procedure, the hair will look more well-groomed, acquire shine and elasticity. After 2-3 weeks, brittleness and loss will stop, and in another month hair growth will be noticeable.

    Despite its high efficacy, traditional drugs have some drawbacks. They are not recommended for people suffering from allergies.

    What is suitable for hair growth

    Folk remedies for strengthening and growth of hair are homemade shampoos, masks, wraps, rinsing, medical lotions. They can be used both individually and in combination.

    The ideal schedule to accelerate growth implies wash with homemade shampoo 1-3 times a week.

    1-2 times becomes a nourishing, moisturizing or cleansing mask, after which the hair is rinsed with herbal decoction or water with special additives.

    Between masks and washing it is useful to do herbal lotionstimulating the activity of the hair follicles.

    Useful and Massage with base or essential oilsregulating water-lipid balance and preventing dandruff. Improve the growth of oily hair will help homemade peeling on the basis of common or sea salt. It cleanses the skin and roots, eliminating excess sebaceous secretion and awakening dormant hair follicles.

    Decoctions and infusions

    Folk remedies for hair growth - it’s also decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbswhich are widely used in the modern world. Prepare the infusion can be, Bay 2 tbsp. spoons of dry or fresh raw materials 2 cups of boiling water.

    After that, the mixture is infused in a thermos or under a lid for at least half an hour, filtered and used to prepare rinses, masks, balms or lotions.

    Broths are prepared in the same proportions, but after mixing, they are heated in a water bath for 5-7 minutes, not boiling. Hot liquid insist under the cover and filter.

    Herbs are selected depending on the type of hair and scalp:

    • For fatty strands, nettle, birch buds and leaves, sage, calendula, eucalyptus, rosemary, wormwood, oak and willow bark are suitable.
    • Pharmacy chamomile, lavender, coltsfoot, yarrow, lime blossom will help to stimulate the growth of dry strands.

    Oils, base and essential

    Oils are widely used to stimulate hair growth. For dry scalp, basic variants obtained from the pits and seeds of various plants are suitable: soybean, olive, burdock, almond, macedamia, argan, coconut, and carite.

    These preparations can be used in pure form, mixed or incorporated into the composition of masks and wraps along with other components. Base oils are best combined with eggs, herbal extracts, yogurt.

    Enhance growth, return strands natural shine and bright color warm wraps will help. In a separate container, soybean, almond, burdock and coconut oils are mixed in equal parts. The mixture is heated in a water bath and distributed over the strands using a flat synthetic brush. The remains are carefully rubbed into the roots.

    The head should be massaged until it feels pleasantly warm. The hair is closed with a plastic shower cap and wrapped with a towel for half an hour. Wash off the mask should be warm water with baby shampoo. Such wrap done 1 time per week for 2 months.

    To stimulate hair follicles essential oils are widely used. Natural esters of lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, rosemary, geranium, chamomile, sandalwood, lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange will help to improve the growth of strands, prevent fragility and delamination. Essential oils are added to masks and rinse water, they can be used in mixtures. For one procedure, 5-10 drops is enough.

    Essential and essential oils are effective for body wraps and massages. In a separate container mixes 1-2 tbsp. spoons of soybean oil or almond, they are added 3 drops of lemon ether, the same amount of orange and cedar oil. The mixture is carefully rubbed into the roots, it does not need to be washed off.

    Hair masks

    To wake up hair follicles, to accelerate growth and prevent brittleness will help such folk remedies for hair growth as a variety of masks.

    For dry hair, suitable compositions with whole eggs or chicken yolks, honey, gelatin, berry, vegetable and fruit juices.

    Strengthen fatty strands will help low-fat dairy products, rye bread, beaten egg white, fruit vinegar, blue or green clay, mustard powder.

    Masks do 1-2 times a week in courses for 2-3 months.

    It is advisable to alternate formulations, this will help enhance the effect.. The composition is applied for 30-40 minutes and washed off with warm water and a mild shampoo.

    Mustard hair mask recipes also:

    For oily hair suitable mask with aloe. This plant not only stimulates the hair follicles, but also heals the scalp, relieves irritation, heals cuts. With regular use strands become stronger and more elastic, the rods no longer stratify and break off. 3-4 sheets of aloe are placed in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

    Then they are passed through a blender, the juice is squeezed in gauze and mixed with 1 tbsp. with a spoon of vodka. After washing the hair, the preparation is thoroughly rubbed into the roots, the head is wrapped with a towel for 30-40 minutes. The mask is washed off with lukewarm water and then rinsed with herbal decoction.

    No less effective mask with mustard. It is suitable for stimulating the growth of normal or overdried strands. The mixture restores the hair well, damaged by frequent straightening, bleaching or staining.

    Egg yolk is carefully pounded with 1 tbsp. with a spoon of dry mustard powder, 1 tsp of liquid honey and the same amount of almond oil.

    5 drops of rosemary oil are added to the emulsion. The mask is distributed through the hair and carefully rubbed into the roots.

    The head is wrapped with a thick terry towel, to enhance the impact, you can slightly treat it with a hairdryer, which is switched on in the warm air mode.

    After washing, rinse hair with acidified water. During the procedure, the skin may tingle slightly.

    And here is another mask recipe for accelerating hair growth based on eggs and honey, see:

    Natural Rinses

    Stimulate hair follicles, restore the acid-base balance, to give the strands elasticity and shine will help homemade rinses. The simplest and most effective option is acidified water.

    It smoothes the hair scales, gives the strands softness, keeps the scalp fresh. In the cool water is added a few drops of natural apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice or a pinch of citric acid crystals.

    Good effect is given by such folk remedies for rapid hair growth as herbal decoction rinses. They give the head of hair a pleasant aroma, reduce fat content, relieve flaking, soothe.

    Such rinses are especially important when using hard chlorinated water, which causes increased fragility and delamination of the hair shafts.

    The choice of composition depends on the skin type and color of the curls. Blondes fit rinse decoction of chamomile, brunettes should try an infusion of hop cones or strong black tea.

    Broth-colored decoctions will help improve the condition of dry hair, and nettle will have a particularly beneficial effect on oily hair.

    Universal option for any type of hair is prepared from fresh or dried birch leaves. They are rich in ascorbic acid, normalize the water-lipid balance, prevent the appearance of dandruff. Regular rinsing with birch water gives hair strength, thickness and growth; it stops breaking off.

    Prepare a natural rinse simply. A handful of raw materials are poured with a liter of boiling water, heated at a slow fire for 5-7 minutes and infused for half an hour. After straining, the concentrated liquid is diluted with 3 parts of pure water.

    Such a procedure can be carried out after each wash; home remedies will successfully replace purchased balms and conditioners.

    It is more difficult to prepare household formulations than to use ready-made products bought in a store. However, the result is worth the effort. The reward will be strong, healthy, fast-growing hair, easy to fit any hairstyle.

    Masks for hair density and growth (16 recipes).

    Kefir-bread mask with henna for all hair types.
    It gives hair volume, visually making it thicker, returns shine, makes it soft and docile.

    Kefir - 200 ml.
    Henna - 1 tsp.
    Rye bread - two pieces of crumb.

    In henna add kefir and bread. The mixture is left to stand for five minutes, and then apply on the scalp and the entire length of pre-washed and dried hair. Mask hold for half an hour under the film and a towel. Rinse with warm water with apple cider vinegar (per liter of water 1 tsp. Vinegar). In order to avoid changing the hair color, blondes are recommended to do this mask without adding henna.

    Oil-lemon mask for oily hair.
    Makes hair thicker, nourishes, cleans, gives shine.

    Burdock oil - 2 tbsp. l
    Castor oil - 2 tbsp. l
    Lemon juice - 4 tsp.

    Mix oils, heat in a water bath, remove and add lemon juice. Apply to clean and dry hair, massaging the scalp. Mask to keep under the film and a towel for half an hour, and then wash off with shampoo.

    Honey-salt mask with brandy for all hair types.
    The mask makes hair thicker, shiny.

    Cognac or vodka - 0.75 cup.
    Liquid honey - 1 tbsp. l
    Sea salt -1 tbsp. l

    Combine all the ingredients and insist under cover in a dark and cool place for fourteen days. The resulting composition is applied with slow massaging movements into the scalp. Soak the mask under the film and a hot towel for an hour. The procedure is done on unwashed hair. Wash off the mask with warm water using a mild shampoo.

    Yolk mask with pepper for all hair types.
    The mask enhances blood circulation in the scalp, stimulates growth, gives the hair density, shine, significantly improving their appearance and condition.

    Egg yolks - 2 pcs. (with medium hair length, the amount can be increased or decreased).
    Red pepper powder or tincture - 1 tbsp. l

    Components to connect and rub into the scalp. Wrap the top of the film and wrap a hot towel. Wash off the composition after forty-five minutes with a mild shampoo (you can take the baby). If the mask is strong oven flush without delay. Next time, take a little less pepper, or use mustard.

    Egg-lemon mask with cognac and olive oil for all hair types.
    Stimulates hair growth, gives it thickness and shine, perfectly nourishes the skin and hair roots.

    Olive oil - 4 tbsp. l
    Cognac - 200 ml.
    Egg yolk - 1 pc.
    Lemon juice is one medium lemon.

    The components are mixed into a homogeneous mixture and rub into the scalp, the remnants are distributed through the hair. From above, as usual, wrap with a wrap and wrap with a towel. After forty minutes, wash off the mask. If necessary, use shampoo twice.

    Burdock mask for all hair types.
    Restores, nourishes, gives thickness and shine, prevents loss.

    Burdock oil - 2 tbsp. l

    Heat burdock oil in a water bath, rub into scalp and distribute through hair.Wrap the top with a film and a towel, hold for an hour.
    Rinse with shampoo.

    Egg and oil mask for all hair types.
    It nourishes, gives shine, makes hair thicker and more voluminous.

    Burdock oil - 2 tbsp. l
    Liquid honey - 1 tsp.
    Cognac - 1 tsp.
    Egg yolk - 1 pc.

    Heat the oil and add the rest of the ingredients. The composition is applied to the skin, rubbing into the roots, and then along the entire length of the hair, paying attention to the tips. Composition to keep under the film and a towel and a half hours. After a specified time, wash your hair with shampoo.

    Hair mask with dimexidum.
    Stimulates growth, increases thickness, adds shine, vitaminizes and restores metabolic processes in the scalp.

    Burdock oil - 2 tbsp. l
    Oil solution of vitamin E - 2 tsp.
    Oil solution of vitamin A - 2 tsp.
    Lemon juice - 1 tsp.
    Dimexidum solution - 1 tsp.

    Burdock oil is heated in a water bath. Add vitamins, lemon juice to warm oil, mix everything up and inject Dimexidum solution. Mask with Dimexide hold under the film and a towel for an hour, then wash off with shampoo.

    Egg-herbal mask for thick hair.
    Depending on the type of hair, we choose the right grass: for light ones - chamomile, for dark ones - nettle or St. John's wort, for red ones - calendula. The mask gives volume and thickness to hair, cleanses the skin, returns smoothness and shine.

    Decoction suitable for your hair hair - 2 tbsp. l
    Egg yolk - 1 pc.

    First, you need to prepare a decoction, the recipe is usually listed on the box. If not, then: 2 tbsp. l herbs pour boiling water, hold in a water bath for ten minutes, remove and insist to cool, drain. Infusion combined with egg yolk and apply on the scalp and the entire length of clean and dry hair, wrap with a film and a towel. After forty minutes, wash off the mask with running warm water.

    Honey-herbal mask for hair density.
    Depending on the type of hair, choose the appropriate grass: for light - chamomile, for dark - nettle or St. John's wort, for red - calendula. The mask gives volume and thickness to hair, cleanses the skin, returns smoothness and shine.

    Decoction suitable for your hair hair - 2 tbsp. l
    Liquid honey - 1 tbsp. l

    First, you need to prepare a decoction, the recipe is usually listed on the box. If not, then: 2 tbsp. l herbs pour boiling water, hold in a water bath for ten minutes, remove and insist to cool, drain. Combine the infusion with honey and apply on the scalp and the entire length of clean and dry hair, wrap with foil and a towel. After forty minutes, wash off the mask with warm water.

    Yeast mask for all hair types.
    Makes hair thicker, nourishes, gives shine. Depending on the type of hair, choose the appropriate grass: for light - chamomile, for dark - nettle or St. John's wort, for red - calendula.

    Baker's yeast - 1 tbsp. l
    Decoction suitable for your hair hair - 2 tbsp. l
    Egg yolk - 1 pc.
    Burdock (or almond) oil - 2 tbsp. l

    First, you need to prepare a decoction, the recipe is usually listed on the box. If not, then: 2 tbsp. l herbs pour boiling water, hold in a water bath for ten minutes, remove and insist to cool, drain. In the infusion add chopped yeast and whipped yolk. Mix everything and leave in a warm place for forty minutes. Then add oil to the composition. Massage into scalp and spread over the entire length of hair. Cover with plastic wrap and wrap with a towel. After forty minutes, rinse the head with warm water, if necessary, use shampoo. As a conditioner it is effective to use ready herbal decoction.

    Cocoa mask for all hair types.
    It nourishes, gives shine and volume, makes it thicker, emphasizes dark hair color,

    Cocoa powder - 1 tsp.
    Egg yolk - 1 pc.
    Kefir - ½ cup.

    The components of the mask mix and use in three approaches. Visually split the mixture into three parts. Apply the first part of the composition to the scalp and let dry, then the second, and then the third. After that, wrap your head with a wrap and a towel. After forty minutes, wash off the mask with warm water.
    Hair should be dry and clean.

    Oil-alcohol mask for growth and density for all types of hair.
    Strengthens, heals the scalp, makes it thicker.

    Castor oil - 2 tbsp. l
    Alcohol - 2 tbsp. l

    Connect the components, rub the mixture into the roots twice a week. Hold for thirty minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo. Rinse with warm water, acidified with lemon juice and vinegar (per liter of water - the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of vinegar).

    Oil mask with essential oils for all hair types.
    Strengthen hair, disinfect the scalp, give shine, make it thick and docile. For the density preference should be given to the essential oils of mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, basil.

    Jojoba oil (or burdock, castor) - 2 tbsp. l
    Mint essential oil - 3 drops.
    Lavender essential oil - 5 drops.

    Jojoba oil is heated and combined with essential oils. Rub the composition into the roots and spread over the entire length of the hair using a wooden comb. From above it is possible to wear a shower cap for convenience. Wash off the mask with shampoo in an hour.

    Nut mask for all hair types.
    It gives thickness and shine to hair, cleanses, stimulates the growth of new hair, the follicles of which are at rest.

    Pine nuts - 1 handful.
    Some warm water.

    Pound the nuts with a pestle in a mush, in the process of adding a little water. When you get porridge, put it in the oven, heated to 150 degrees, for half an hour. There should be a mass resembling milk. This milk should be daily rubbed into the roots and scalp. The course of treatment is two months. Then the same break, and again the course.

    Almond mask for all hair types.
    Stimulates hair follicles and hair growth, gives volume and density.

    Peeled almonds - a handful.
    Warm water (some).

    Nuts pound in mush, adding water to the process. A creamy mass should be formed. To apply structure on hair and to sustain an hour. Rinse with running water.

    To increase the effectiveness of the mask for the density of hair-based oils (burdock, castor, almond, jojoba), you can add three drops of essential oil of cedar.

    Why they do not grow

    Faced with the problem of slow hair growth, first of all, you need to make an analysis of their lifestyle and health status.

    Very often the reason is hidden there.

    Hair can stop growing because:

    • you have dandruff. It clogs the skin pores, preventing the access of air and nutrients to the bulbs, as a result, the hair stops growing and begins to "crumble"
    • you are often nervous. Because of the stress, the blood vessels in the head are narrowed, which leads to increased hair loss,
    • do you take medicinein which selenium is included. It slows down hair growth,
    • your body lacks vitamins. Vitamins A, B and C are necessary for hair growth, if they are in short supply in the body, it is almost useless to use external agents,
    • you often do a perm or use a hair dryer and curling iron. All these tools have a destructive effect on the hair, depriving them of their vitality,
    • you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sport is useful not only for the figure. During classes, the blood accelerates, enriching the entire body, including the hair follicles.

    Do you know how to make a facial scrub at home? The best folk recipes can be studied after the link.

    To learn the popular recipe for body coffee scrub, read this material.

    For any type of hair

    1. Sit on a chair and lower your head. as low as possible to ensure a rush of blood.
    2. Throw a hard towel over your head. and use it to massage the skin at the roots of the hair for 15 to 20 minutes.
    3. Need to. how to warm it up to a slight burning sensation.

    At first, you will notice that after the procedure, a large amount of lost hair remains on the towel.

    Afraid of this is not worth it, this hair was still doomedthey are weak and lifeless. Soon, in their place will grow new, strong and healthy.

    You can do the procedure often, it is completely harmless. A good effect will be from daily massage. Even better - 2 times a day, morning and evening.

    For greasy hair

    For this procedure, you will need regular cooking or sea salt. Soak it a little, then take it in your hand and rub it into the scalp with effort.

    This will cause a rush of blood to the hair. And, besides, the salt in this procedure will act as a scrub.

    It will remove all dead cells that prevent access of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, and dry the hair a little.

    After the procedure, the head should be thoroughly washed using household detergents. What can wash your hair instead of shampoo is written on this page. It is necessary to spend it not so often, a maximum, twice a week.

    For dry hair

    For this procedure should take castor or burdock oil. They will strengthen the roots and moisturize the hair.

    The technique is the same: plentifully wet your fingers with oil, then tilt your head and massage carefully for 15 to 20 minutes.

    After that, to enhance the effect, the hair can be removed under a plastic cap and wound with a towel, allowing the oils to have an additional effect on the hair.

    Do you know which hair removal cream in intimate places is the best? Read reviews about them in a useful article.

    About how to remove facial hair from women is written in an article at this address.

    From mustard

    1. Dry mustard diluted with warm water to a mushy state.
    2. Important, so that it is quite thick and does not flow.
    3. Apply the mixture at the hair roots,
      cover with polyethylene
      wrap a towel.
    4. Suffer for 15 minutes, and thoroughly wash the mustard with water and shampoo.

    To the nutritional mask, you can add ingredients that soften a little bit of burning, but will have an additional beneficial effect:

    • kefir is suitable for greasy hair,
    • for dry - you can add castor or olive oil,
    • for normal ones, raw egg yolk will be a good remedy.

    Pepper tincture

    Tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy or cook yourself. For this you need:

    • chop 2-3 hot pepper pods finely,
    • pour them a glass of vodka
    • for two weeks in a dark place.

    For the mask you will need one spoonful of tincture and the same amount of vegetable oil. It is better to take castor or burdock.

    • They are mixed and rubbed into the scalp.
    • Then the hair is removed under the polyethylene, and a towel is put on top.
    • It is possible to wash off in 1 - 2 hours.

    Onion mask

    This is a very effective tool.. But he has a serious flaw: the smell. Hair is well absorbed not very pleasant aromas of onions.

    For this mask, you will need to grind one large onion into gruel, add a tablespoon of honey to it and mix thoroughly.

    Apply the mixture on the scalp, evenly distributing it between the hair, wrap the head with polyethylene, wrap with a towel on top and leave for an hour.

    Flush it with water only. without using shampoo.

    This mask can be done twice a week. After a month, the effect should be noticeable.

    The remedy causes the least discomfort, burning will not be as strong as from onions, pepper or mustard.

    In addition, cinnamon has a pleasant spicy smell, which, to a small extent, will be transmitted to the hair.

    In order to prepare a mask, in equal parts take:

    • cinnamon and colorless henna,
    • mix them and dilute with water to the consistency of thick cream.

    This tool is applied first to the scalp, and then spread over the entire length of the hair.

    It will have an additional effect on their entire structure. Then the hair is removed under the plastic wrap and wrapped with a towel.

    An hour later, the mask can be washed off.

    Burdock root decoction for all types

    Burdock root It is considered the most effective tool for hair growth.

    To "take" from him all the useful substances:

    • root need to grind,
    • take about 2 tablespoons of raw materials,
    • pour a glass of water and bring to a boil
    • reduce heat to low and simmer for about 15 minutes.

    Cool the broth, dilute with a liter of water and rinse their hair.

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