We learn how to use the cream for depilation

There are many different means to get rid of unnecessary hair. The presence of a huge number of positive feedback from users suggests that the depilatory cream is rightfully included among these tools as one of the most common.

Before using it, many people have natural questions about the safety of the product and the principle of depilation cream. Understanding how depilatory cream works will help in choosing this product and prevent negative consequences when using it.

What is it needed for

Hair removal with depilation cream is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair for both women and men.

Answering the question, what is the depilation cream for, you need to emphasize its versatility and the possibility of acquiring smooth and delicate skin on any part of the body, regardless of its phototype or hair color.

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Taking into account the sensitivity of a particular treated area, the chemical product is divided into the following types:

  • universal - the most widely used option. It is suitable for all skin types and is applicable to any part of the body. However, for male hair, it is not effective enough
  • Facial depilation - a chemical means for removing unwanted hair is used on the most sensitive areas of the body without damaging the epidermis. The natural extracts contained in them protect the skin and make the process as safe as possible,
  • saturated - to remove hard hair. This product is used by men or women with a dense hair structure. It is intended for the area of ​​the legs and underarms, however, it is prohibited to use the product on tender areas,
  • for use in the bikini area - this tool has a very delicate composition, in fact does not cause allergic reactions, nourishes and moisturizes the skin,
  • hypoallergenic - a chemical product used by men and women with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. This depilatory cream contains aloe and chamomile extract or other skin softening ingredients.
  • for men - a tool that can get rid of hair with a very tough structure, which is typical for the male half of the population. It is used to remove vegetation on the chest, shoulders, back and in intimate areas.

On the modern market there are a lot of depilating agents for all parts of the body - Red Line, Batist, Velvet, Byly, VEET, Sally Hansen, Avon, Cliven, Caramel.

In order to understand how depilation cream works, you need to figure out What is the composition of the active ingredients should be in the tool for removing unwanted hair:

  • calcium and potassium thioglycolate destroys disulfide bridges,
  • alkalis such as slaked lime and caustic soda soften the hair and make it possible to effectively penetrate thioglycolate,
  • Tsetearet-20 emulsifier and stabilizer enhances the process of hair wetting and removes sebum, which also contributes to the penetration of thioglycolate,
  • additives that increase shelf life, create a pleasant smell and aesthetic appearance of the drug, moisturizing or waterproof components, and so on.

Operating principle

The principle of how depilatory cream works is to quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair from the skin.

Chemical processes consist in the destruction of keratin protein, which structures the hair shaft. Keratin contains a large number of disulfide bridges formed by sulfur-containing aminocarboxylic acid cysteine, which, in turn, gives elasticity and strength to keratin by constant thermally stable intermolecular interactions.

Strong disulfide covalent bonds are virtually indestructible. They can be destroyed only by temperature increase, redox or electrolytic dissociation.

Unfortunately, keratin is also contained in the skin, but in smaller quantities, therefore, when the hairline is destroyed, the effect on the epidermis is inevitable. Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients help to neutralize the action of aggressive chemical elements.

It should be noted that the depilatory cream chemical elements that are included in its composition, do not fall into the hair follicle, so the bulbous apparatus is not exposed to damage.

Is there any harm from the cream

If we talk about the harm, we should mention the contraindications to the use of a chemical product, which makes the depilation cream a very individual means that requires a special correct approach to its selection.

There are such prohibitions on use:

  • Do not apply the product in the eye area (eyelids and eyebrows), in the ears, nose, mucous membranes and nipples,
  • do not put on the place of mechanical damage to the skin (scratches, abrasions, cuts),
  • Do not wash off the cream with soap, as it also contains sodium hydroxide and other substances that can react with the depilatory components,
  • refrain from use during pregnancy and lactation,
  • dermatological skin problems (psoriasis, rash, acne, eczema, boils) are contraindications,
  • benign lesions (birthmarks, fibromas, warts, lipomas, papillomas) also do not allow the use of the cream for its intended purpose,
  • It is forbidden to apply a depilator in the presence of malignant tumors,
  • idiosyncrasy can also be a barrier to the use of the cream,
  • do not use the drug expired.

General tips and recommendations for use

Before you use the depilation cream, you need to hold an allergotest by applying a product that removes the hair on the back of the wrist for a few minutes. If there are no reactions in the form of redness or burning, then the depilator can be used as intended.

General instructions on how the depilatory cream works during use:

  • First you need to choose a remedy for the part of the body that needs to be cleaned of hair,
  • carefully read the instructions, because depending on the manufacturer and the application of the concentration of chemicals may vary,
  • On the eve of the procedure, it is necessary to steam the body well and to deeply clean the skin using scrubbing and peeling agents. This will help avoid further hair ingrowth,
  • cream is applied to clean skin, so be sure to take a shower with gels before use, because soap has a drying effect,
  • Apply the depilator with a scapula, completely covering the hairs in the treatment area. The thickness of the chemical agent must comply with the instructions in the instructions.
  • after the period specified by the manufacturer, it is necessary to remove the cream with a scraper,

  • carefully remove the depilator residues from the skin, rinsing it with warm water,
  • apply care products to the clean and dry surface, as well as drugs that slow down hair growth. The maximum effect can be achieved using depilating and stopping the growth of a cream of one manufacturer.
After the procedure is necessary:

  • monitor the condition of the skin. If redness does not go away after 5 hours after use, it is necessary to consult a doctor,
  • during the day it is forbidden to use any kind of cosmetics in the treatment area (deodorants, perfumes and so on), sunbathing and swimming in the ponds,
  • the first day is better to wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics, which does not create friction in places where the cream is applied,
  • carry out the shaving procedure no earlier than 3 days after using the depilator.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

There are both advantages and disadvantages of the process, which is valid when applying depilatory cream on the hair.

The advantages include:

  • reasonable price for quality products,
  • ease of use and the availability of step-by-step instructions for use,
  • very rare occurrence of allergic reactions,
  • moisturizing and nourishing the skin,
  • no probability of violation of the integrity of the skin,
  • application in hard to reach places
  • painless and complete lack of discomfort during the application of funds,
  • relatively short duration of the procedure - no more than 20 minutes,
  • removal of vegetation of any length.

Disadvantages of depilatory creams:

  • If you do not follow the instructions and ignore the pre-test for skin sensitivity, an allergic reaction may occur,
  • with frequent use there is a risk of the organism getting used to the components of the drug and reducing its effectiveness,
  • short period of validity of the cream - no more than 7 days,
  • use of the cream on the site with a rigid hair structure leads to the need to use the most aggressive chemical agents and increase the amount of funds on the skin. This can cause dryness of the epidermis and burns.

Properly chosen tool with proper use quite easily and painlessly relieves any skin from unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure

For a start, let's understand the concepts of "hair removal" and "depilation."

In the first case, hair removal occurs completely, that is, with the root, while in the second variant only its upper part is removed, due to which the smoothness effect is preserved for a smaller amount of time.

Of course, based on the name of the depilation cream, it cannot permanently save you from the problem of unwanted hair, but, despite this, it can destroy part of the hair to a depth of 1 mm under the skin.

It is for this reason that the effect lasts less than after full hair removal, but longer than after traditional shaving in intimate places, on the legs or even on the face.

The principle of depilation cream is based on the chemical destruction of keratin - One of the main components of the hair. This is facilitated by the alkaline substances that make up the product, whose strength is not enough to damage the skin, but is enough to destroy the base of the hair.

How to use depilatory cream

There is nothing difficult to use the described means, but before figuring out how to properly use the mentioned cream, you need to learn and how to choose the best quality tool for depilation.

So, in any of them are contained emollients - substances aimed at smoothing the aggressive effects of certain componentsbut these are far from the only components.

Watch the video about the advantages and disadvantages of depilation cream:

Cream selection

Of course, in the modern market there is a large selection of the most diverse products, but There are several basic criteria.that will help you find the best option for yourself.

  • The composition of the selected means. Depilatory cream that provides the most effective result from the application, must necessarily contain the nutrients (vitamins) to enrich and soften the skin.
  • Product cost. Despite the fact that the price is not always an indicator of quality, grabbing the first available cheap cream in the store, you may be disappointed in all of these tools.
  • Manufacturer. Not all branded products cost a lot of money, so if you do not want to experiment with your skin, it is better to give preference to proven companies that have earned a good reputation.
  • The individual characteristics of a particular skin type. The end result depends not only on the depilation cream and methods of its use, but also on personal factors. For example, if you have already noticed allergic reactions of your skin to any component of such products, it means that you just need to pick up a product without them.
  • Specific place of use of the drug. In the question of the effectiveness of any depilatory composition plays an important role area of ​​its application. Since in intimate areas (bikinis) the skin is more delicate and sensitive, then the cream chosen should be as delicate as possible.

Surely many of you wondered: wouldn’t I choose the advertised tool, not paying attention to a more inconspicuous option?

But here it is also worth remembering that each person is an individual, and what suits one may be absolutely contraindicated to another.

However, numerous consumer reviews still allow you to select a group of the most well-known depilatory creams, to which is attached almost identical instructions for use.

  • Veet - deserved universal recognition precisely because of the ease of use and the rapidity of exposure to active ingredients. It is delivered in the form of a 150 ml cream spray with a spatula for application.
  • Velvet - is distinguished by its gentle impact on the delicate skin, which is why it is often used in the bikini area and in the armpit and is practically not suitable for removing hard hair. This is a more budget option, which can be found in almost any store.
  • Eveline - characterized by quick action and allows you to complete the procedure in just five minutes. With regular use, the skin will keep its smooth and well-groomed appearance for a long time. In addition, there is a cream in the line of these products that is suitable for performing depilation in the deep bikini zone: no irritations.
  • Cliven - has a very pleasant aroma with the same high efficiency.
  • Sally hansen - not cheap, but an effective tool that permanently saves the result.
  • Silium - Great for use on sensitive skin.
  • Shary - A good solution for hard and thick hair, but it will have to be used in two stages.

Skin preparation

Before you figure out how to use hair depilation cream on your legs, face, underarm area, or on your hands (suppose you already have “Vit” or any other composition), it's time to pay attention to the instructions attached to the product, and to prepare the skin for the procedure.

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Firstly test for the possibility of an allergic reaction. To do this, a small amount of the composition is applied to the elbow bend and, after several hours, the result of its impact is evaluated. If there is no redness on the skin, it does not itch, and there are no signs of irritation, then you can safely use the hair remover on the rest of the areas.

Before using the selected depilation cream, wash your skin thoroughly with soap and dry it well.

For very sensitive skin, especially with a low pain threshold, you can use special anesthetic ointment (for example, Emla, developed for the bikini zone) or regular lidocaine (10%) in the form of a spray or aqueous solution.

If applied simultaneously with prilocaine, a long-term analgesic effect can be achieved.

A few days before the depilation, as well as approximately the same time after it, it is useful to use a mild cleansing scrub that will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Cream application

As soon as you have completed the preparatory activities and are ready to proceed with the use of the product itself, you need to understand that you can only apply the depilation cream correctly using a special sponge or spatula (usually included in the kit itself).

Step by step execution of this task looks in the following way:

  • squeeze a small amount of cream on the scapula or palm,
  • we spread them a zone, which we are going to get rid of hairs (the required layer of the product varies within 1-3 mm, which depends on the manufacturer).

Applying the cream should be done very carefully, avoiding contact with the mucous areas, as this can cause irritation.

How much to keep the cream

Of course, the choice of a suitable composition and features of its application play an important role in the success of the case, but it is equally important to know how much hair should be kept on the skin for depilation. In each case, this value will be different, since it depends on the composition (active ingredients) of the product.

On average, 5–15 minutes is enough.But prolonged exposure to active substances can trigger allergic reactions or even burns.

How to clean the skin from the depilator

After the specified time, you need to decide how to remove the depilator, that is, to clean the skin from the applied composition (using a depilatory cream is not always pleasant from an aesthetic point of view).

Most often, the manufacturer thinks through all the nuances in advance and adds a special paddle to the preparation itself.

Ideally, it should be in each package, because with its help the cream is applied.

The tool that was applied by her in the course of hair growth, simply brushed off in the opposite direction, which contributes to a more complete removal of hairs and prevents their ingrowth.

Once the entire cream (along with the vegetation) is removed, its the remains are washed off with warm water, and skin is soothed by applying body lotion or a special lotion.

How often can I use a depilatory cream

Many women, accustomed to using the described means to rid their body of unwanted vegetation, repeat the procedure immediately after the next hair growth on the treated area. However, it is important not only to know how much depilatory cream to keep on the skin, but also how much it should “rest” from it.

If you have been using such drugs for a long time, you probably already noticed that they dry the skin very much, and their regular use without moisturizing cosmetics causes a feeling of tightness and general discomfort. That is why experts advised to take breaks between procedures for at least 76 hours.

Step-by-step instructions for use

On how to properly use the selected cream for depilation, you will tell any packaging with a quality product (in some cases, such important information is indicated on the leaflet).

However, if you are only going to purchase the described tool, but want to know in advance about all stages of its use, then the following information is for you.

Sequencing when performing this procedure the following:

  • taking a shower, thoroughly clean the treated area of ​​the skin with a washcloth, removing grease and any other contaminants that can reduce the effectiveness of the cream,
  • wipe the skin well and wipe it again with a clean, dry towel
  • apply the cream in the direction of hair growth in an even layer and leave for the time indicated in the instructions,
  • remove the applied composition, which is included in the kit with a curved spatula (it should be kept against hair growth, which will help to remove more of them),
  • wash the remnants of the cream with warm water, after which it is advisable to use any cleansing agent (for example, a gentle lotion or a refreshing shower gel).

There is nothing difficult in this process, and it is identical for cleansing almost all parts of the body. However, its nuances are also available, which is important to consider before applying depilatory cream.

Depilation features

Not all parts of our body’s skin has the same structure, so the manufacturers of hair removal products have developed different formulations for the most gentle impact on it.

Unlike standard preparations, face creams contain a smaller amount of active substances, which is explained by the smaller thickness of the skin in this place.

They usually include keratin, sodium compounds, potassium and calcium thioglycolate, as well as plant extracts, essential oils and extracts.

While the first three components are aimed at hair removal, the rest contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin.

As in other cases, it is not difficult to do depilation with cream correctly and regularly: it is applied to well-cleansed skin, specifically to the place from which you want to remove excess hair (for example, above the upper lip or closer to the temporal part) and after The required time of exposure to the hair bulb is removed using a special spatula or sponge.

The scapula attached to the depilatory cream removes not only it, but also those hairs that have not yet had time to separate from the surface.

After the end of the procedure and exposure to depilation the skin on the face becomes very sensitive, so you it is necessary not only to clean it well, but also to calm it downfeeding on nutrients. For these purposes, apply tonic and apply a nourishing cream.

On arms and legs

In these places, the procedure is easiest, and usually the means for such depilation is used once a week. The cream is applied with a thick layer on dry and clean skin, then removed with a spatula along with hairs.

The duration of exposure of the drug on the surface of the body should not exceed 20-30 minutes. It seems everything is as usual, but as for the hands, the features of applying the cream appear more likely after the procedure, as often chemical agents cause irritation on this part of the body.

To avoid this, buy only depilators containing herbal ingredients. At first, it is necessary to protect the skin of the hands from direct sunlight, in order to avoid ugly pigment spots.

As for the legs, it is much easier to take care of them, and with a similar method of carrying out the procedure, negative effects are practically not observed.

In the bikini area

No matter how you decide to use depilatory cream, you should always take into account the susceptibility of the skin, which is especially true of the so-called “bikini zone”. It is no secret that in this very place hair removal is most painful using wax epilation or other similar methods, therefore, when removing the depilation cream, try not to scratch the skin with a spatula.

Besides, make sure that the chemical composition does not get on the mucous membrane between the labiaotherwise, a burning sensation and irritation are guaranteed. The only exception is the use of special tools for depilation of the deep bikini zone, because the components they contain have a more gentle effect on the skin.

In the armpit

Like the bikini zone, underarm area is considered a very sensitive area.therefore, it is necessary to choose options for products specifically for such cases, but otherwise, you can use hair removal cream as described above: apply, wait 10-15 minutes (sometimes longer, depending on the level of exposure), remove with a spatula and wash off the remnants of water .

If you have black and thick hair, then the duration of the procedure will be quite limited and armpit hairs will seem much faster than in other places.

In the presence of light hair, you can forget about unwanted vegetation up to a week.

Why depilatory cream does not remove hair

Usually the most effective depilatory remedy allows you to get rid of hair for 10-15 days, although more specific numbers depend on skin type. In addition, there are cases when the cream has practically nothing removed, and it is logical that a woman has a question: why?

First of all, it is worth making sure that you waited for the time specified by the manufacturer and did not remove the tool before. If this is all right, the variant of the hormonal features of the organism is not excluded (for example, there are cases when the cause of low effectiveness of the funds becomes the menstruation period).

Rapid hair re-growth is sometimes explained by the presence of other health problems, so if you notice that the vegetation on the body appears very quickly, you should consult a doctor for advice.

And, of course, do not exclude the possibility of poor quality products.

Contraindications to the procedure

So, how to use the depilatory cream correctly, we figured it out, now let's talk about situations when this should not be done. So, means cannot be used, if a:

  • mechanical damage (wounds, scratches, etc.) or allergic reactions appeared on the treated part of the body,
  • a woman is carrying a baby or breastfeeding a baby (if it is impossible to do without the use of a remedy, you need to choose the most delicate option),
  • You visited the solarium or the beach for three days before depilation,
  • the previous procedure was performed less than 2-3 days ago,
  • there was a manifestation of allergic reactions in the past (or just try to choose the most delicate composition),
  • the presence of chronic skin diseases.

In all other cases, having carefully figured out how to properly apply a depilatory cream, you can safely use this particular option of dealing with unwanted vegetation on the body.

Active ingredient for depilation cream

Modern depilatory creams can effectively remove hairs anywhere on the body. This is achieved thanks to the special composition of the product.

The destruction of the hair during depilation cream occurs due to calcium salt - calcium thioglycolate. This component acts on the keratin that makes up the hair and destroys its cutaneous part. The peculiarity of such depilation is that the hair root remains intact.

Instead of calcium thioglycolate, other high alkaline components with similar effects can be used.

One of the important ingredients A cream is a substance that is responsible for the even distribution of the product through the hair. It is better if it is emulsion wax. Due to the uniform distribution of the hairs do not break off in the middle and are completely removed.

If the cream contains paraffin, with this tool it is difficult to achieve the perfect removal of unwanted vegetation.

The cream has an aggressive chemical composition, which can be neutralized by moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. They are also included in the composition of the funds. To depilation cream does not harm the skin, use it according to the requirements of the instructions. It is also important to conduct a sensitivity test., which will show whether you can apply the selected tool.

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How to use - instruction

If, after testing the funds on the skin do not appear redness and other negative changes, you can begin to use it.
There is a general instruction depilatory cream:

  1. Select the right tool for the part of the body where you will apply it,
  2. Carefully read the instructions for using a particular cream that you purchased. Each manufacturer specifies the features of the use of his cream, since the concentration of the active substance may vary,
  3. On the eve of depilation, peel the skin to avoid the problem of ingrown hair,
  4. Apply cream to clean and dry skin. Wash your skin before depilation with better shower gel., as the soap is very dry it. The thickness of the layer should be the same as indicated in the instructions.
  5. The duration of the cream also indicates the manufacturer. Follow the instructions in this question. Do not hold the cream for longer than the prescribed time. You are dealing with a chemical, so follow the rules carefully.
  6. Remove the cream with a scraper. He usually has in every package means
  7. Wash the skin with warm water to remove any cream residue. If some hairs are not removed, remove them with a razor.

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In conclusion, be sure to apply a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol and acid. You can also use the tool to slow hair growth. Many manufacturers of depilatory creams produce a line of such products.

To achieve maximum effect, both creams must be of the same manufacturer.

Repeated procedure of depilation can be carried out in 72 hours. Not recommended during the day active sun exposure to the skin on which the tool was applied.

Errors - why it does not always work

If the depilatory cream does not work, you are faced with one of the following. problems:

  • wrong choice of means. The selected cream should target the area of ​​the body where you plan to do depilation. For example, the facial cleaner will not be able to remove the hairs on the legs, as it has a very delicate effect,
  • expiration date - if the cream is expired, it is ineffective and may even harm the health. For example, cause dermatitis,
  • a cheap product whose components are not capable of high-quality hair removal does not give the expected effect.

Video about the advantages and disadvantages of funds

Advantages and disadvantages

Depilatory cream has such advantages:

  • simplicity and accessibility - the tool is easy to use, it has an affordable price,
  • the use of the cream does not cause pain, unlike waxing, and eliminates the need to use external anesthetics,
  • cream does not injure the skin, unlike a razor,
  • effectiveness - the tool quickly removes hairs from a large surface of the skin,
  • comfort - some creams can be used in the shower, while the removed hairs do not need to be removed with a spatula. They are enough to wash off with a stream of water
  • after applying the product, the hair does not become more rigid,
  • the cream does not cause irritation on the legs after shaving,
  • cream can be used on any skin areas.

Disadvantages means are as follows:

  • cream may cause allergies. To avoid it, you need to adhere to two rules - to make a test for sensitivity and strictly follow the instructions for use,
  • depilation cream has a short period of action. Some girls have new hairs on the body on the second day after depilation,
  • the tool can leave hairs that need to be removed with a razor,
  • improper use of the cream can cause a chemical burn. The product contains pH12that is 2 times the normal level of acidity of the skin. Therefore, strictly observe the time of exposure of the cream, so as not to damage the dermal layer,
  • after depilation, ingrown hairs often appear,
  • after the procedure, black spots may remain on the skin that does not look very aesthetically pleasing,
  • depilation must be carried out with gloves, it is unacceptable to hit the cream on the mucous membranes, nails,
  • The cream needs to be stored at certain temperatures. If you do not follow this rule, the effectiveness of the tool is reduced,
  • after depilation, the skin acquires an unpleasant smell that lasts for about a day.

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Contraindications and possible consequences

Use depilatory cream not in such cases:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • skin damage,
  • birthmarks and other benign growths,
  • dermatitis,
  • oncology,
  • If you are applying a brand new cream, be sure to do a sensitivity test. Each manufacturer uses a unique recipe to create products, so the effect of each tool must be tested.

Depilation cream is not suitable for deep bikini. When working with an intimate area, proceed with caution, it is impossible that the cream fell on the mucous membrane.

If during depilation you feel itching or burning, the cream should be washed off immediately, without waiting for the full time of its impact.

Do not sunbathe 3 days before depilation. The skin should not be under stress.

Do it yourself cream

There are lots of homemade depilation recipes that give effect with constant use.

One of them is a cream based on honey and lemon juice.
Recipe. Mix 2 tbsp. honey and 2 tsp lemon juice. Use a tampon on the skin, move in the direction of hair growth. Rinse the mixture after 15 minutes.

Do the procedure 2 times a week during the month. Such cream suitable for depilation on the legs and arms.

If you decide to try in depilation cream, when choosing it, pay attention to such features - scope, shelf life, composition.
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How to choose a tool

The important point is the correct selection of tools, as a poor-quality cream can lead not only to allergies, irritations, but also cause more painful consequences. The first thing that is required is to carefully read the composition, study all contraindications and check the expiration date.

Women need to be very careful about the time for which the cream removes hair. The smaller it is, the more it contains chemical substances.

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